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Bazi tea ceremony

Nadi does a Bazi tea ceremony for Lady Kai, after Kutai told the story of Olaf the Peacock

[11:51] Hakimba Oakleaf lifts his arm .. after a short break  my girl nadi will do a bazi ceremony for the females.. in between you may i enjoy your drinks
[11:51] nadi (nara.zsun): For the Free Mistress only My Master
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) stands to stretch his legs and to give Nadi space to serve the tea to Lady Kai
[11:52] Hakimba Oakleaf: ohh yes you are right nadi .. sorry for this mistake
[11:52] nadi (nara.zsun): (( May I preface this by saying I understand that this ceremony is not written about in the books ....but is used in many cases as rp on gorean sims))
[11:52]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) looks arund , clap my hands " Aaa tea ceremony " knowing it a different in a pani tea ceremony
[11:53] nadi (nara.zsun): For the Mistress's Past, Present and Future
[11:53] silvia Swords: lächelt zu nadi und schaut interresiert zu
[11:53] Hakimba Oakleaf: sorry i cant stay longer  i wish you a nice evening and sky blessings
[11:54] silvia Swords: i wish you well master
[11:54] nadi (nara.zsun): I wish you warm furs and deep sleep My Master
[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes of course it's only for free women, which self respected man drinks tea instead of paga
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[11:54]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) note To Hakimba " sky blessings Sir " looking adfter nadi
[11:54] nadi (nara.zsun) rising  walks harta to the kitchen.  Going to the hearth... checks to make sure there is enough hot water in the copper kettle to fill a teapot.
[11:55] nadi (nara.zsun) standing on her tiny toes... reaches to the top shelf  taking down a lovely  teapot decorated with tiny colorful flowers. Setting it on a silver tray on the counter.  Searches the shelves for a pretty cup, finds three small cups that match the teapot. Inspects the rims with her finger to insure no chips. Polishes all three with a clean cloth setting them on a silver tray.
[11:55]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai): 7me moans a litte as the baby inside my stomach begins do kick game, i looks at kutai the father of my child , then on Nadi " Nadi,.. i am looking forover for the tea... " I caress my belly to calm the bady down
[11:56] nadi (nara.zsun)   From jars on the counter, In one bowl  pours white sugar. In another adds yellow sugar. From the basket of fruits, selects a ripe tospit. Opening the drawer takes out her ulo an begins to slice the tospit.  Putting several slices in a 3rd bowl.  In a drawer nadi removes 3 small silver spoons and lays them on top of a folded rep cloth beside the cups on the silver tray.
[11:56]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) looks over to the kitchen, my eyes is follow Nadi , as i Whisper " I think we have Some good Bazi tea ,Kutai i have hear the herbal beverage and it very aromatic " I smiles as i am more talking to myself in Nadi, sure she know all abourt the tea, so well
[11:57] nadi (nara.zsun) picks up the teapot and an turns to the hearth.  Pouring some of the hot water in the pot, swirls it to warm the pot, then dumps it in the waste bucket.   Turning goes to the shelves where the beans and tea are kept and searches for the wooden box with the Black Bazi tea. Filling the teapot 2/3 full with hot water adds 3 pinches of the leaves and puts the lid back on so it may seep. Picking up the tray carefully goes back and kneels at the Mistress's skirts.
[11:58]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) petie pani nose wigger as i can smell the aromatic tea brewed fresh from Bazi leaves, as Nadi get back , i lover tea, as i have get tea in with my breast milk " ”Serve me tea Nadi ” i with a soft said., then i cup my hands infront of my mouth when I look at kutai in my pani eyes longe nose
[11:59] nadi (nara.zsun)  soft thighs pressed tightly together, sets the tray down to the side of the Mistress.  Placing the rep cloth on the Mistress's skirt to assure she doesn't soil her lovely dress. With a small silver spoon adds some white sugar. Pours the rich aromatic Black Bazi Tea into the first small cup.
[12:00] nadi (nara.zsun) Taking the cup to her heart she offers 1.) "a wish for the Mistress's past." Corners of her crimson lips curl in a smile, lifts the pretty decorated cup to her cheek checking the heat not wanting to burn Mistress's soft lips, lowers her eyes and whispers...."May this rich Black Bazi Tea warm your heart and be found pleasing Mistress. After Mistress drinks the small cup, nadi takes it again in her hands to set it upside down on the tray.
[12:00]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) dark pani eyes flash. I bend a litte forover with my head and back and hold the position.. as i carefull take the first glass of the signifies the bitter first fruits of life, i small moving and a elegant showly cirkler , i lift the yellow tea glass " For life " i smiles as i am showing no emote in my face, then i take a nipe of the tea , hoping i am doing rigth as i am more use to the pani way
[12:01] nadi (nara.zsun) with the second silver spoon adds white sugar and pours the second small cup of tea not stirring. Speaks softly saying, 2.)"This represents the Mistress's present, the sweetness and happiness of middle age." Holds the small cup to her heart with wishes for the Mistress's present, lowering her head offers the cup.
After the tea is drank, takes the cup and places it upside down on the tray.
[12:02] nadi (nara.zsun) with the third silver spoon, adds one scoop of white and one of yellow sugar to the third cup, then pours the tea. Speaking softly 3.)"Good wishes for the Mistress's future and the contentment and wisdom of old age." Offers it silently to the Mistress eyes cast down.  When the Mistress has handed back the empty cup, sets it upside down on the tray. Smiles up to the Mistress, taking the silver tray moves back and waits to be sent to the kitchen to wash the cups and spoons.
[12:02]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) take carefull in Respet the second cup " For adulthood. or middle age . " then brought the cup to my pink lips letting , a soft moan left my lips, hoping my uborn child will grow up to be healthy, get a longer life , i raised my arms in my gratitude forto Hakimba leting his slave servering me tea
[12:03] nadi (nara.zsun): I hope I have pleased you with my serve Mistress and you find the ceremony pleasant
[12:04]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) rises elegantly my hands to take the third small cup of sweet tea,, happy it alwy small grasss ,,, i have become offer of Nadi, the beautiful girl in omen valley , i looks at all " For experience and old age. " the i am closs to spirt the tea out, as the uborn child is kicking like a wild of all the suger, my eyes get big as teacups " Aaa .. " i returns the Nadi " Nadi your service honors your home and your Master Thank you,, little Nadi . You are released from my service with my thanks again.
[12:05] silvia Swords: smiles to nadi this was very nice
[12:05] nadi (nara.zsun): Yes Mistress.....picks up the tray and moves harta to the kitchen to wash and replace the vessels
[12:05] nadi (nara.zsun): thank you smiles and nods
[12:06]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) gasper as the unborn child have get to much suger ,,
[12:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, an excellent serve
[12:08] nadi (nara.zsun): Empties the bazi tea leaves into the garbage bucket and sets the soiled cups, teapot and spoons in the basin of warm water....washing them throughly. With a clean rep cloth dries and replaces everything to it's proper place.
[12:08] nadi (nara.zsun): Thank you Haruspex ....a slight blush covering her round cheeks
[12:08] Gireaux: She has performed the ceremony really extraordinarily good
[12:09] nadi (nara.zsun): smiles and lowers her eyes.
[12:09] Gireaux nods admiring
[12:09]  Kai  ΠυδŧαŋǤ (candykai) note " Nadi alway server good

[12:09] nadi (nara.zsun): Thank you I am glad I was able to be found pleasing