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A prisoner in Ar

[11:35] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) walks through the streets of Ar and moves through the crowds, he then sees a cage, a iron cage hanging from a wooden gallow. Th e cage contains a naked woman, veiled in pink
[11:36] Prisoner is shivering, miserable.  Her eyes are filled with tears and desperation
[11:36] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) studies the cage, its metal, iron perhaps, at least not steel since its rusty, even has green spots as if it ws in water for a period
[11:38] Prisoner: "Salaam" she says in a Tahari accent, her voice weak, "please don't look"
[11:39] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) hears a female voice, the words are Taharian, since he has desert slaves in his nomadic camp, he recognizes the word Salaam, and the accent of the woman. Despite her request, Kutai looks upp, he is not used to obey women "Tal, woman"
[11:40] Prisoner looks down in shame and she asks, "please Sir.  I can't bear the shame"
[11:42] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) looks more intense now, so far he has only seen her shape. He starts with her well formed feet, without scratches and blisters, so she probably is no slave. Such would have surprised him while slaves are not ashamed being naked in a cage. His eyes go upward along her tanned legs, he sees no brand which supports his conclusion she is a free woman
[11:43] Prisoner turns slightly, revealing a Kef brand.  ((sorry SL error))  She catches his eyes lookimg snd says "It is not what you think... I was attacked."
[11:46] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) looks again and sees a Kef now at her upper leg just under the hip. He looks now more openly at the tanned woman, Tahari, she must be, that explains the darker skin, ark, however not as dark as the Kataii, he knows so well. Hearing her words "attacked,? How is that? And why are you veiled?""
[11:48] Prisoner: "In Lara... a slaver attacked me and tried to make me acslave.  The magistrate said I was safe and was still free... but.. I got scared and ran."
[11:51] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "so you are a free woman, attacked by a slaver of Lara." He makes a wry grin "free women should not travel alone, specially not when they have worn the collar once and have such exquisite body as yours"
[11:57] Prisoner: "Yes.. I was attacked!  And I am not e quisite... please... it is embarassing.  I just want to go home."  She sounded sad, and her veil was hiding the pained expression she carried
[11:57] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) continuous his interrogation "so you fled, but this is Ar, not Lara, and you hang in a iron cage like Jan of Leyden and his fellow conspirators at the tower of Initiates temple"
[11:58] Prisoner "I don't know who that is" she says sadly, "I.. I was just trying to get home, to my child."
[12:00] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "he was just a heretic, sentenced to death by Initiates, but it was such like cage he died in. But tell me, why have the people of this city put you naked in this cage, they must know you are a free woman otherwise,
[12:03] Prisoner: "It is... to give my family a chancw to claim me... to proof I am telling the truth" she looks up in fear, "or I will be collared."
[12:05] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) tries to draw a conclusion from her words "so if I understand well, you are hang here, so that someone might recognize you as family, and you are freed"
[12:08] Prisoner: "Yes" she replies. "I sent word for my sister to bring help... but, I do not know if she will make it."
[12:10] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "thats indeed never sure" he thinks a moment, if he would claim being her family and then when she is free collar her for himself, but he throws away that though since rumors would spread fast he had a Taharian FW as slave"
[12:12] Prisoner: "She will save me" she says, if nothing more than to reassure herself
[12:13] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "till when your sister has time to liberate you from this nasty position? " he says for he might be still in the city when she is auctioned
[12:14] Prisoner: "I only have a few ahns left" she says sadly
[12:17] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "well, I hope she comes in time or that some romantic young men would liberate you"' the later case was not so strange, he remembers his old companion being in the same position as this women, threatened to be sold for her debts, but being rescued by a friend at the very last moment"
[12:18] Prisoner looks up, ponderimg, "know any?" she wonders aloud, "I cook well."
[12:20] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "at my triibe every free woman cooks well. But if you are attractive of being a companion for a young hero...I am not sure, at least you have strong legs, but that would make you more a dancer or a kaiila-bola runner"
[12:23] Prisoner: "I do not dance!" she insists, careful not to say 'any more', "I do not know what the other one is."
[12:25] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) hears the agitation in her voice, wondering why she says such. He studies her body again, trying to remember if he saw her dance some where, but since he can not see her face he gives that up | some free women dance, hm, even I do (for the Open Sky) and a kaiila runner, well, I better not tell that"
[12:28] Prisoner: Well I don't.  Not anymore" she says, a hint of pain in her tone.  Her teeth start to chatter for how cold she was.
[12:32] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "/me grins hearing the "not anymore". His hand reaches out and takes an ankle, feeling it, if there is strength in it "you have nice ankles, fit for a talented dancer, maybe even a trained one" He releases her leg and steps a bit aside now
[12:34] Prisoner tries to pull away with a whimper of a cry.  She tries to protest more but is drained from beimg exposed to the elements
[12:35] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) hears her cry "well, I will leave you in peace now, maybe your family comes in time. If not, I might do a bit at the auction block"
[12:36] Prisoner shivers and looks up and despite her fear says, "please dont go.... talking to people is the only way I know I am still sane."
[12:36] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) hears footsteps behind him, and turns around seeing a scarlet, he nods to him before he leaves the woman in the cage
[12:37] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "this warrior might want to talk to you too"
[12:38] Bayne (Altheus Resident) waking from his rest after the long night at the tavern he walks by the caged female and looks up at her once more as he nodded to the Man saying " Tal Sir, and aye I can talk to the slav.... prisoner " his grin was clear that he enjoyed tormenting the woman and that was ecatly why he had come back to do so again
[12:39] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "well then thats settled then"
[12:40] Prisoner turns her head and sees the man... too tired too arhue and says, "saf3 paths than Sir.. and Salaam"
[12:40] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "Sky blessings woman"