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Hunting Days

 The opening - Omen reading


 [10:21]  Nara Zsun: I believe the Haruspex would like it at the altar Jarl...we will ask him smiles
[10:22]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) smiles as she sees the Haruspex return, shifting her weight from one hip to the other offering a rather cheeky smile
[10:23]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): as i said the quiva's are sharp, but I already see a sacrifice animal
[10:24]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): ai
[10:24]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): where vbe the alter
[10:24]  Hakimba Oakleaf: Tal free greetings mine
[10:24]  Nara Zsun: smiles up with a fond greeting to her Master
[10:24]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Hakimba
[10:25]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) hears footsteps in the tall grass to her left, turning to see another familar face, smile brightly, green eyes twinkling excitedly
[10:25]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): My slut you may greet
[10:25]  Nara Zsun: jumps into his arms holding him tightly
[10:26]  Hakimba Oakleaf: greetings shakti
[10:26]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) takes a deep breath, smiling appreciatively....thank you, my Jarl....flashing hersmile back on the haruspex....Greetings, Master.!
[10:27]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) skirt swishing as she turns and grins at the Outrider...greetings, Master
[10:27]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods to the slave, seeing she is under strong disciplie, as it should be with helpless creatures like Shakti
[10:28]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych): greetings nura, smiling warly to the girl at the Outriders feet...remembering her from a past visit
[10:28]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear) yanks hr closer to Me
[10:29]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) stumbles under the weight of he pack and bota as she is yanked closer to her Jarl, grinning up at HIm as she almost bumps Him...ooops!
[10:30]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) remembers he has not introduced himslef to the man "I am Kutai, i am the haruspex which will perform the reading"
[10:31]  Hakimba Oakleaf nods.. the main person for omen reading... chuckles
[10:31]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the main person is the Open Sky
[10:31]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): without him, i am helpless as Shakti in the furs
[10:31]  Hakimba Oakleaf nods .. yes true
[10:32]  Hakimba Oakleaf chuckles
[10:32]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): I am Primal Half Tuchuk half torvie
[10:32]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): or Nadi, he looks at the imp
[10:33]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ah Primal, i have heard your name befoe, named asa Tuchuk"he looks at Hakimba "your ex slave, I forgot the wenches name, mentioned him once"
[10:33]  Nara Zsun: grins coyly around her Masters cloak
[10:34]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "she was abit afraid f you, thats only good, slaves must be fearfull for men"
[10:34]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): ah what was the first letter of the beasts name
[10:34]  Hakimba Oakleaf wonders from where kutai got his knowledges.. hmm it must be from the opne sky
[10:36]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Belle was the name of the slut
[10:37]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): oh her
[10:37]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yea, she ran away, but disappaered, i think sleen got her
[10:38]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): ai
[10:38]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): so the reaading starts?
[10:39]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, lets start
[10:39]  Hakimba Oakleaf: ok
[10:39]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): follow me to the Altar
[10:39]  Hakimba Oakleaf: we follow you
[10:40]  Hakimba Oakleaf steps little back from the Altar
[10:41]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to teh altar and watches Nadi with teh bucket. The animal Primal brought is already dead, we don't need the bucket to ctach the blood
[10:41]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): Ah yes
[10:41]  Hakimba Oakleaf nods..
[10:42]  Nara Zsun: yes Harupex....smiles an backs way to the boot of her Master setting the bucket beside her
[10:43]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear) puts down the animal as genty as a baby
[10:43]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) stands quietly beside her Jarl waiting excitiedly for the reading to begin, wiggling her toes a she notices a column of tiny insects marching through the grass at he feet
[10:43]  Nara Zsun: smiles seeing the familiar Mistress .....happy to see her rocks back on her heels
[10:44]  Nara Zsun: nods acknowledging the kajira at the Mistress's hems
[10:44]  Hakimba Oakleaf: greetings lady delilah
[10:44]  Kamini (catalina.staheli) peers around Mistress's hems at the others, azure gaze taking it all in as thighs spread wide with the Masters present.
[10:45]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees how the deer is laid at the altar, and looks at it in appreciation , Its a fine animal, pefect fr the reading of the hunts
[10:45]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) watches as her Jarl hefts the tabuk carefully on the alter, remembering how bloody the carcas was before
[10:45]  Kamini (catalina.staheli) flinches at the sharp jab and peeks up at her Mistress as she closes those legs, ocean depths almost apologetic as she looks mournfully at the Masters.
[10:45]   Ðɛɭɩɭɑɦ  (eminencegrise) smiles "It's good to be back. I'm glad I made the pilgramage. Igot to see my granddaughter as well."
[10:46]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear) without a word sna;s My fingers and pints o the ground with 2 fingers apart
[10:47]  Kamini (catalina.staheli) just allows slender fingers to dance across sensitive flesh as she squirms a bit behind Mistress.
[10:47]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) turns to see the FW, smiles warily...gretings, Mistrss
[10:47]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes his scared quiva, one he acquiered some weeks ago in Port Kargsh and lays the deer at it's back. He looks at Primal "i will open your gift naimal now"

[10:48]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) watches
[10:48]  Hakimba Oakleaf: i hope it will not smell such horrible
[10:48]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear) nods
[10:49]  Nara Zsun: moist sultry lips part in awe watching the Haurpex, deep lavender eyes wide still amazed at the ceremony and wisdom of the Haruspex
[10:49]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) watches with facination as she drops lightly to her knees beside her Jarl, eyes locked upon the Haruspex as she slips the bota and pack from her back
[10:49]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lloks disturbed at Hakimba "it will not smell like the corpses of the Turians we slew at the battle field and which rottened days in the sun"
[10:49]  Kamini (catalina.staheli) blinks, eyes opening wide.
[10:50]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) cuts open the belly of the deer and and glides with his hands in
[10:50]  Hakimba Oakleaf smiles... yes you may be right... that was un surpassable
[10:50]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): except the farting of a flatulant tharlarion, thats the way Initiates read omens
[10:51]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) searches for the liver, a nasty job, but less nasty the sticking ones nose half in the arse of a tharlarion
[10:51]   Ðɛɭɩɭɑɦ  (eminencegrise) sucks her lips in, to keep from snickering.
[10:51]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) green eyes watch with morbid interest cringing as she watches he Haruspex slice easily hrough the animals stomach.....bites her lip to hold back a giggle at the flatulant tharlarion comment
[10:51]  Nara Zsun: lowers her head trying not to snicker to loudly, her fingers quickly to her lips hearing the Haruspex words
[10:52]  Hakimba Oakleaf pinches nadis earlobe
[10:52]  Nara Zsun: yipes jumps being caught by her Master....slides under his cloak hiding.
[10:53]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finds the liver and takes it out carefully, its a clean liver one can see that this animal has lived in the wild, much unlike the verr he usually sees at the altar
[10:54]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) holds the liver to the Sky, then lays it at the monolith
[10:55]  Nara Zsun: gulps sucking in air....trying to hold her breath. The pungent aroma of blood an entrails carried on the breeze assaults her flared nostrils....
[10:55]   Ðɛɭɩɭɑɦ  (eminencegrise) wrinkes her nose...keeps not disturb the Harudspex.
[10:56]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) eyes glued on the glistening liver in the hands of the haruspex, watching as he holds it up to the sky, hearing th wet plop as he lays it on the stone....wonders if you can make pate out of tabuk liver
[10:56]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) studies the bloodred liver and sees mny small black spots, and one big one
[10:57]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) goes in a trance to the Open Sky
[10:57]  Nara Zsun: holding tightly on her Master's thigh....rises slightly to peer from his cloak trying to see what the Haruspex has found.
[10:58]   Ðɛɭɩɭɑɦ  (eminencegrise) signals with her left hand for her girl to come closer.
[10:58]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) fidgets, reaching back to scratch her toe swearing something just bit her, eyes intent on the Haruspex waiting with held breath to hear what he sees
[10:58]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear) looks Around swondering why are cringing at the sme when they should be givi g respct to the brave beast who gave it';s love so this could be done and food could be ate
[10:59]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear): love =life
[10:59]  Kamini (catalina.staheli) steps closer and eyes the goings on with a wary gaze, the Torvie having no idea what was going on.
[10:59]  Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[10:59]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the meaning in the deers liver. He glances at the beast, which has fallen for the religious purpses of the Tuchuk and the Kataii. Then he starts speaking to the public
[11:00]  Hakimba Oakleaf listens
[11:00]  PrimalRage (primal.bigbear) lisends carfully
[11:00]   Ðɛɭɩɭɑɦ  (eminencegrise) uneasily steps from her left foot to her right, pulling her sleeves down as the wind whips at her.
[11:01]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the many small spots resemble many small animals we will catch, its still spring so the larger ones are in wintersleep partially. We will catch many birds, vulo's tiumits, hare, tabuks
[11:02]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) follows the Haruspex with her eyes, staring with great intent, jumping slightly as he finally speaks....
[11:03]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the big spot i see, means we will catch at least one major animal, what it will be, i don't know: a tarsks, a larl, tharlarion, the future will show us
[11:04]  Nara Zsun: 's lips curl at the corners....a bright smile crossing her delicate features hearing the Haruspex's good news. Rocks back on her slender ankles, nuzzling next to her Master's strong thigh.
[11:04]  Hakimba Oakleaf: or maybe a sleen
[11:04]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): sleen i don't see as a big animal
[11:05]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, unless its a male prairie sleen
[11:05]   Ðɛɭɩɭɑɦ  (eminencegrise): sea sleen?
[11:05]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): that i would not apporach without a lance
[11:05]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): we have no sea sleen at the south
[11:05]  Hakimba Oakleaf: ahhh well
[11:06]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): besides, those are not very large, i have hunted them when i was up north
[11:06]   Ðɛɭɩɭɑɦ  (eminencegrise): I have heard stories of them..from the girl. Perhaps she exagerated.
[11:07]  Kamini (catalina.staheli) blinks and looks up.
[11:07]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well there are big animals in the North at Torvaldsland
[11:07]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I remember friends at Skjern catched a Hunjer Whale
[11:07]  Hakimba Oakleaf: formerly we hunted some sleen here... one or two of hem were rather big
[11:08]   Ðɛɭɩɭɑɦ  (eminencegrise): Maybe that was it.
[11:08]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): don't sepak of them"he rubs his leg where a sleen got him
[11:08]  shakti (thyme.lordenwych) smiles glad to hear the good tidings of plenty of food through spring and summer, scooting a little closer to her Jarl, her hand finding the hem of his kilt, looking proudly upon the alter at the gift of tabuk He brought to camp



-------------------------------- The Honey Badger ------------------------------


 -------------------------- The hunter ------------------

 [02:14]  Kutai: tal hunter, I am glad you came
[02:15]  Fenrir: i heard you had a badger to kill, what kind of animal is that, we don't have such in Torvaldsland
[02:17]  Kutai: An omnivor, its ferocious, i think it's an animal from Earth, not unlike a prairie sleen
[02:18]  Fenrir studies the hole of the badger and let his eyes speed around "this will be difficult, the hole has at least 4 entrances, you need to close those first"
[02:18]  Kutai: 4 entrances?
[02:20]  Fenrir: yes, you need to use thralls to close them. Place spears, or close them with heavy rock, After that you must dig out the main entrance and uses lances to keep the badger imprisoned"
[02:21]  Kutai feels his chin "first we need thralls then" he thinks " or free men who are not lazy"
[02:22]  Fenrir: "free men will do of course too, but then you must give them a part of your share in the hunt"
[02:22]  Kutai nods " I will see, i don't really need my share, so if that makes things easier, so be it"
[02:23]  Fenrir looks in the hole and sees some pairs of snapping teeth "the animal seems to havea good fur, and since its exotic, we might get a very good price for it"
[02:25]  Fenrir breakes some sticks from the brushes and adds textile to them. After that he places the sticks at the entrances he has found
[02:25]  Kutai watches the hunter "I will make work of closing them"
[02:26]  Fenrir: don't close all, otherwise we have to dig even more, or the beast escapes for making a new entrance of which we have no knowledge
[02:26]  Kutai: i will see to that
[02:27]  Fenrir Flow whistles his tarn and leaves "i will return later"

--------------------------- Slaves at work --------------------

[07:43]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): follow me slave
[07:45]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) points at the badger hole
[07:45]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I payed a hunter to help me catch the badger
[07:47]  Qion Hifeng: he seems to have left him in his den
[07:48]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): He searched the entrances of the animals living castle
[07:48]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) chuckles at his slave remark " yes , he left, leaving instructions behind for us"
[07:50]  Qion Hifeng: I have heard that it is dangerous to disturb a badger in his's a good thing you are a fierce and powerful warrior, Master
[07:52]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "yes, I heard that too. Thats why i hired a professional hunter. And he advised not to do alone"
[07:53]  Qion Hifeng looks at you sideways...wondering if you consider haviing me here not doing it alone...
[07:54]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The hunter found the entrances of the badgers lair. He advised me to block all entances except one
[07:55]  Qion Hifeng nods..following you so far
[07:56]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The hunter had no lust to block the entrances him self, he said that was carrying heavy stonees, logs and shoveling sand, no work for a free, but for a thrall
[08:09]  Qion Hifeng: Hello, dana!
[08:09]  destinydare: Greetings Master
[08:09]  destinydare: greetings ushi
[08:09]  Qion Hifeng: Nice to see you again..I haven't seen you in forever
[08:09]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Dana
[08:09]  destinydare: me either all are aleep or gone when i come
[08:10]  destinydare: have you seen my Master? Master?
[08:10]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Ramchak? No I have not seen him, but I guess he will come at the Tumit hunt
[08:12]  destinydare: I miss him so much
[08:12]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I was just explaining to Ushi that we have work to do for slaves
[08:13]  destinydare: Yes Master skinning tanning processing meat and cleaning the bones to make tools
[08:14]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I ment for the hunting days
[08:14]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): watch that animal, be carefull
[08:15]  destinydare: Oooo
[08:15]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Its hole has 4 known entrances
[08:15]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): i want close one now
[08:16]  destinydare: an animal with 4 entrances?
[08:16]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): no, its hole
[08:16]  Qion Hifeng: the den has 4 enterences, dana
[08:17]  destinydare: ohhh
[08:17]  destinydare: hehe
[08:17]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the den yes
[08:17]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): were you already jealous Dana?
[08:17]  Qion Hifeng giggles behind her hand
[08:19]  destinydare: HUH?
[08:19]  destinydare: of what Master?
[08:19]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): That an animal had 4 entrance to be filled and you only 3
[08:19]  destinydare: to be filled?
[08:19]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, with cock
[08:20]  destinydare: ohhh hahahahaah Master that is funny joke
[08:20]  destinydare: I wouldn't know Master I have not been with my Mastewr that way but one time
[08:21]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): anyway you are restricted, so i wil not bind you at the pleasure rack, like i will do with Ushi
[08:21]  destinydare: I am not used
[08:21]  destinydare: pleasure rack?
[08:22]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I show you later, first work to do
[08:22]  destinydare: yes Master
[08:23]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to a part of the den were a twig is placed with small stripe of repcloth on it. He looks in the hole and pokes with his scimitar but nothing happens
[08:25]  John Doe (emerald.verlaine) is Online
[08:25]  destinydare: I heard a noise inside Master
[08:25]  destinydare: the hole growled
[08:28]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, we better shut this part before it attacks us. He looks around and sees a middle big rock
[08:29]  destinydare: yes Master
[08:29]  destinydare: those things have sharp teeth
[08:30]  Qion Hifeng walks over to the rock and tugs at it...until she...grunting with effort...pulls it up on it's side...
[08:31]  Qion Hifeng then rolls it slowly over to the hole...struggling to keep it up...moving slow step by slow step..trying not to roll the rock back onto her toes...or break her nails...
[08:31]  Qion Hifeng rolls it to the right of the hole then pulls the rock to the right and stands back and lets it drop down onto the hole...
[08:31]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) helps his slave a hand, so she does not loose balance
[08:32]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Good work Ushi, now you and Dana fill the rest of the gap with sand and gravel
[08:32]  destinydare: yes Master
[08:33]  destinydare: goes over to the entrance and helps ushi as Master has ordered toi fill in the hole with dirt and gravel
[08:34]  Qion Hifeng: Yes, Master..good thing this isn't the plains...
[08:35]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): isn't the plains?
[08:35]  destinydare: Why ,ushi?
[08:35]  destinydare: thought we were in the plains
[08:35]  destinydare: higher up
[08:36]  Qion Hifeng goes to the nearest rock outface and taking her skirt..she holds it against the rock and sweeps up sand and pebbles onto it...and carries it to the rock...dumping it against the stone
[08:36]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): help her Dana
[08:36]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): or i still bind you at the rack
[08:37]  Qion Hifeng: This would be only get gysers lava pools on volcanic land...not on plains...the plains like our are rare
[08:37]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ((black ills belong to the plains also, there were rocks here and there))
[08:37]  destinydare: I I sccop up the dirt and gravel and move it into the hole aginst the rock
[08:38]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) grins when he sees ana become very active now
[08:38]  Qion Hifeng: (by definition..if it's's not plains)
[08:39]  sa-fora (nonya.markova) is Offline
[08:40]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at the entrance now " thats sealed"
[08:41]  Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Good work sluts, lets return to camp

------- Butchering meat ----------- 

[19:21] Nara Zsun: yes precious sister in bondage grins....please scrap this hide I have to removed from the tabuk. You can help me string it on the rack.
[19:22] Angel Firehawk [AngelMistress Boa] watches the girls doing their work, making sure its done right.
[19:22] Qion Hifeng looks amazed at the vigor at which I'm working...figures it must be the presence of the Mistress encouraging me to do my best
[19:25] Nara Zsun going to the back of her Master's wagon, nadi searches for a empty barrel. Finding one she quickly rolls it back to the kitchen area.
[19:25] Qion Hifeng looks at the slow pace that nadi is working at and looks smug
[19:25] Nara Zsun at the fire pit wraps her hand in a rep cloth, takes the kettle an pours hot water into the barrel. With a tarsk bristle brush scrubs the barrel clean. Dumping the water into the pond. Gathering some dried tall grass...scatters it in the bottom of the barrel. Walking to the rack where she earlier with the help of Kamini a visiting slave, she hung the Tabuk carcass removing the heart for the visiting Jarl who gave the gift of the tabuk for the Omen Reading.
[19:26] Nara Zsun with a knife given to her for her use by the Haruspex, nadi slowly an carefully begins to remove the hide.
[19:27] Nara Zsun smiles at ushi helping her to stretch the hide on the rack. "Does this look right Mistress....having never done this before.
[19:27] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa) nods "yes it is"
[19:29] Qion Hifeng scrapes off the inner layers of the skin...making the hide as thin and flexiable as possible, so it will tan and dry properly...working the sharp stone up and down over the inside of the hide to clean it slowly but surely..layer after layer...
[19:29] Nara Zsun: thank you for directing nadi. I am fearful using this big knife the Haruspex allowed is so sharp an I hope I am cutting the roasts correctly. Careful Mistress I would hate to get blood on your pretty dress
[19:30] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa) takes a step back and says "Looks like you are doing a fine job Nadi"
[19:32] Nara Zsun: cuts a huge slab of the tabuk meat dropping it into the barrel. "thank you Mistress, I am so glad you were here to assist nadi."
[19:32] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa): I am glad I could help.
[19:34] Nara Zsun: does the hide look well cleaned Mistress, how does ushi do.....I have the barrel of salt to prepare the roasts now if she is ready
[19:34] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa) walks over to the skin and inspects it carefully and says "Aye, it looks done"
[19:34] Qion Hifeng takes a handful of brains boiled in water and fat and rubs it into the hide....smearing it on both sides...
[19:35] Nara Zsun: oh the smell of this hot blood an meat makes this slave swoon...
[19:36] Qion Hifeng works the brains into the hide using the scraper and her hands...making sure she gets every inch of both sides of the hide
[19:37] Nara Zsun: slices several more roasts....setting them on top of the barrel decided to slice them into large steaks. "I think the outriders would surely enjoy some large steaks too smiles. And I will dry some spicy jerky for them to carry in their pouches when they travel
[19:38] Qion Hifeng then spinkles the hide with warm water and unties it from the frame and rolls it up to have the brains start the tanning process over night...
[19:40] Qion Hifeng takes the hide that Nadi just finished cutting off her theTabuk and tosses it in the lake to soak for 3 days and nights before the scraping process can begin...
[19:40] Qion Hifeng: It was a pleasure to see you, Mistress
[19:40] Nara Zsun: watches ushi not sure of the process, is happy for her teaching me how to tan skins. I am sure the outriders will like the skin for shields an we may even sew some new pants or vests for them.
[19:40] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa): *smiles* Was a pleasure to see you too Ushi, stay well nadi.
[19:41] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa): Will go rest in my wagon *smiles
[19:41] Nara Zsun: rest well Mistress....thank you for your help. I would have been lost without you. smiles
[19:41] Qion Hifeng: I hope you have a good night and maybe you will be able to attend the feast tomorrow
[19:41] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa): *smiles* You are both welcome and I hope I can Ushi
[19:41] Qion Hifeng: It will be our loss if you are not here
[19:41] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa): *smiles* you are too kind Ushi
[19:42] Angel Firehawk (angelmistress.boa): be well girls and serve with fire.
[19:42] Qion Hifeng: Be well, Mistress
[19:42] Nara Zsun: waves a bloody hand at the Mistress smiling watching her stroll to her wagon.
[19:42] Qion Hifeng washes her hands to get the brains and blood of them....
[19:43] Qion Hifeng starts to use some of the salt we mine to season the meat for tomorrow's feast....
[19:44] Nara Zsun: watches as ushi rubs the salt into the large pieces of roast. "I had no idea a tabuk had so much meat. It will last us for many meals."
[19:44] Qion Hifeng: I guess that depends on how many people come tomorrow...
[19:45] Qion Hifeng: but it will feed many mouths, you are right, Nadi
[19:46] Nara Zsun: true there may be many hungry outriders to feed.
[19:47] Qion Hifeng: and many visitors left hungry for many things after they see you dance...but they will just have to be satisfied with meat.
[19:50] Qion Hifeng carries the roasts to the cold box so they can marinate in their dry rub til it is time to cook them tomorrow...
[19:50] Nara Zsun: laughs oh ushi your so funny. But yes we always feed our people well. We will have to bake bread early in the morning. I checked our supply of ale, mead, paga and arkhi. They will drink themselves happy. With hot slaves, good food an a successful hunt.
[19:53] Nara Zsun: yes an the rest I have covered in grass in this barrel. My Master has dug a large hole in the ground to bury the barrel. It will keep the meat cool. Until we are ready to cook it or dry it for jerky. 

----------------- Tumit hunt --------------------


 [23:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) feels the snow "thats not a good sign, now the tumits will hide in the bushes"
[23:03] destinydare: may O put on my cape please Master
[23:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, you are allowed, but in the wild you have to remove, it will damaged
[23:04] Hakimba Oakleaf nods... nadi will stay here to prepare the meal for after hunting
[23:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ah ok
[23:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): then Dana has to carry the capped animals
[23:04] destinydare: yes Master i am strong
[23:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): movee
[23:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to the banner of the Kataii, a few months ago he spotted tumit here
[23:07] destinydare: : a tulmit Master ok ..hunches down quietly for him to hunt
[23:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tumits are dangerous birds
[23:08] destinydare: listens carefully
[23:08] destinydare: watches the storm
[23:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): stay away from the tornado
[23:09] destinydare: yes Master
[23:10] destinydare: greetings Master
[23:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) watches the shoreline of the lwly river, seeking for movements of the big predator bird the tumits
[23:12] destinydare: I stay close to Masters knowing they are dangerous
[23:13] destinydare: tonato
[23:14] Hakimba Oakleaf looks around keeping his bow ready
[23:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) tkes his bola
[23:14] destinydare: keeps close to them
[23:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I see a movement, in that brush
[23:14] Hakimba Oakleaf wlaks silently along the shore
[23:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) suspects a tumit is hiding in the brush "Dana move forward and make some noise, immediate return if the tuit shows up"
[23:15] Hakimba Oakleaf: carefully i am try to keep the wind blowing against him
[23:16] destinydare: la la la la laaaa
[23:16] destinydare: it did Master
[23:16] destinydare: it did
[23:16] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) watches the kajira moving and making some noise, he sees some movement in the shrubs now, and a glimp of the tumits beak
[23:17] destinydare: la la laaaa
[23:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): come back Dana, its awake now
[23:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hangs the bola at his side, and gives a signal to Hakimba to keep his bow ready
[23:18] destinydare: yes Master
[23:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): is your bow ready Hakimba?
[23:21] Hakimba Oakleaf: yes... i am ready.. the beast may show up.. i think we are just at the right position.. because the wind is blowing against us so the tumits may not smell our presence
[23:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes his round kaiila shield and sneaks closer to the brushes "fire 3 arrows in the bush"
[23:23] destinydare: I watch the skills of the mighty warroris and hunters and smile proud to be a member of the tribe
[23:24] Hakimba Oakleaf fires three arrows into the bushes ... immediately there is some movement.."i think the beasts will break out suddenly now"
[23:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): fire another arrow where you saw the movements
[23:25] Hakimba Oakleaf fires ... and now a big tumits runs out of the reed
[23:26] destinydare: I watch the men as my eyes are focused on them and their skills
[23:26] Hakimba Oakleaf aims at it ..and continues firing
[23:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears the cry of a hit animal and immediate runs forward, he sees a hit tumit. He smashes the round shield agaist the beak of the animal sot it can not attack him , and quickly twists it's long neck, breaking it, so the bird dies under his hands.
[23:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): GOTCHA
[23:26] destinydare: Yay Master
[23:27] destinydare: congrats Master you got it
[23:27] Hakimba Oakleaf: ohh another one is breaking through it is running against you Kutai take care i cant fire
[23:27] Hakimba Oakleaf: you are standing between me and the beast
[23:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees another tumit in attack position, he crawls back a bit, holding his shiled before him,a nd reaching for his kaiila lance to defend him self "take the second one Hakimba"
[23:28] Hakimba Oakleaf: then a third one more left from the otheres runs from the river.. i aim my bow and shoot
[23:28] destinydare: wooot Yay Master
[23:28] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahh got it
[23:29] destinydare: those things are big
[23:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) holds back the attacking bird till its killed by Hakimba's arrows
[23:30] Hakimba Oakleaf: dana pull the three killed beasts from the shore... i dont want them to get lost
[23:30] destinydare: yes Master
[23:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sheaths his shield and lance, then wipes the sweat of his forehead "this running in techniqyue i should only do when we are sure there is only one tumit, its too dangerous actually
[23:31] destinydare: this thing is beigger then me!! i struggle with it pulling it by the neck as the thing is big and heavy
[23:32] Hakimba Oakleaf nods... luckily we got them all
[23:32] destinydare: O I manage to get the first one out of the watrer
[23:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, i see some nest further on, but don't kill all beasts, or we have none to hunt next year
[23:33] Hakimba Oakleaf: yes... the beasts there are small but i think they are grown enough to survive alone
[23:34] Hakimba Oakleaf: i think each of us will take one of the hunted tumits and we carry them to the camp
[23:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, we can't expect the slave carry all three, that would be to much, and letting them lay to be taken later will make sure we loose the meat sice there are many scavengers here
[23:37] Nara Zsun: tell dana to be of those birds bit off a slaves leg I used to know
[23:37] Hakimba Oakleaf: yes... me puts one of the bigger birds at his shoulder then grabs the hand of nadi heading back to the camp
[23:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a tumit at his shoulder also, cursing that his cloak is now dirt from blood and entrails of the arrow strucken beast
[23:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): lets return to camp
[23:41] destinydare: I drag the smaller one as it is not too heavy
[23:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hangs the animal at a pole
[23:42] destinydare: Woot good hunt as i dump my bird down
[23:43] Nara Zsun: shall we let them bleed out first before plucking them Master
[23:43] destinydare: nowt the fun part
[23:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the tumit from Des and hangs it at a rope around it's neck next to the other beast
[23:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, pflucking and preparing can be done tomorrow
[23:43] Nara Zsun: yes Haruspex...

----------------- Zardari ----------------------

 [00:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): we have a honeybadger den here. And it pests us already for years, yesterday I hired a hunter, and he made aplan
[00:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): we peformed a part of the plan yesterday, and can do the next step now
[00:28] Zardari (mi5t): I can be of assitance..Which way should we go
[00:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): south, but first i have to pick up some things
[00:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) picks up some bamboo poles which are remnents of the build of the pleasure rack. He holds them in his hand and then walks to the badgers's den
[00:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) holds still near the then and watches the animal "we ca not attack it, it will immediate hide in it's hole and escape through on off the other entrances
[00:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): its a dangerous but also smart animal
[00:32] Zardari (mi5t): Maybe we can use some bait to lure him out further?
[00:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to a hole in the ground marked by a twich "we tried that, but it failed. The hunter said we must close the entrances, one by one"
[00:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and then dig the animal out
[00:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) points at the hole "this is one of the entrances, I will block it now"
[00:35] Zardari (mi5t): ok... do you know where the other exit is ? I can go and guard that one...
[00:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): they are marked by twigs, but there are still 3 open
[00:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): if we do silent, it will not run
[00:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): i hope
[00:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) gives him 2 off the bamboo sticks
[00:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes his quiva and starts making a sharp point at the end of the sticks he still carries
[00:38] Zardari (mi5t): where did you learn your hunting skills ?
[00:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I hunting with professional hunters in Torvaldsland
[00:39] Zardari (mi5t) whispers: Looks at the sticks in his hands
[00:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes making the sharp point at one stick, he carefull sneaks to the hole and placesthe stick about half a metr in it the sharp point directed inwards
[00:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): you havea quiva or dagger?
[00:40] Zardari (mi5t): No... I traded all my weapons over my travels...
[00:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) gives him a quiva
[00:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): this is a sadle throwing knife
[00:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) starts pointing the second stick
[00:41] Zardari (mi5t): Do you want these sticks sharpend ?
[00:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, that would speed up the work
[00:42] Zardari (mi5t): Takes the Quiva and starts to point the stick he holds
[00:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes the stick and crawls in the hole on danger that the badger attacks, and places the wood. He retreats fast
[00:45] Zardari (mi5t): Should we go to the other entrance
[00:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): no
[00:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): we only do one entrance today
[00:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): but we need place at least 5 sticks
[00:45] Zardari (mi5t): ok
[00:45] Zardari (mi5t): Let me point another one
[00:46] Zardari (mi5t): Takes the Quiva and starts pointiing another Stick...
[00:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): If you want catcha badger in one day, you need a group of thralls and warriros, the thralls must then start diging at all entrances, while te warriors keep the spears ready
[00:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the fresh pointed stick and places it in the hole
[00:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) makesa point to his third stick
[00:47] Zardari (mi5t): One more to go...
[00:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes
[00:47] Zardari (mi5t): I can Smell the fresh meat cooking in the camp... i am loking forward to the feast
[00:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes his stick with some fast cuts , he sheats his quiva and places the wood
[00:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes the hunt by placing the last stick
[00:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) cuts some thorn bushes with his scimitar and fills the gaps in the hole with it 

-----------------------The free woman -----------------------

[07:34] Aphris looks in the closet in her wagoon, she seeks a long hooded cloak. She can not find what she needs, angrily she throws some clothes at the floor of her wagom, cusing her slaves who has hidden some clothes to wel. After 15 minutes she findss waht she seeks, she pulls out the black furred cload and hood which can hide her face
[07:35] Aphris looks out of her wagon and sees no outriders or slaves near, she sneaks secretly outside the wagon and runs soft but fast through the high grass of the plains springs, she runs bowed so that not even the sharp keen eyes of the guards kan see her
[07:42] Aphris runs to the badgers nest and sees the already 2 entrances are closed by the man. Aphris does not want them to kill the beast so she has decided to chase it away. better be free in nature then as a fur carpet in the bed of Hakimba her tribes man, where de drippings of slave woukd befaul the pelt of the noble animal
[07:43] Aphris takes the small tahrlarion oil lamp and lights a wet repcloth with it, the textile burns soft, not very well, but spreads a thick wet smoke, she quickly throws the burning material deep in the den's entrance. Immediate she hears noices ad she steps back in to the shados of the long grass
[07:51] Aphris sees that the badger crawls out, she hides deeper, The animal sense her and hisses. Then 2 young onescrawl out also, following the mother which moves sothwards, away from the den which was under attack of the hunters. She sneaks back to the wagon, the smoke might have allarmed an outrier, but he would not have recognized her in her black clothes, she takes some leaves and removes her fotprints, she then sneaks to some bosks, which she chases over the place of the den, trapling all what remains of her presence, and which could lead the track to her
[07:52] Aphris goes back to her wagon and removes the the cloak and hood, she throws them in the general washing baskets 

------------------ Hunters meal ------------------------