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Omen 2016

Kuati did an omen reading on midnight, the start of the Barbarian new years. he killed a young verr, and saw a good blooded liver without evil darks pots, which seems promising for the new year. after that he lit some fireworks to chas away the evil spirits of 2015.

Few days later Kutai did an omen for the Barbarian slaves

[10:42] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) smiles to the assembled " are  you Sir is good to meet you ..."
[10:43] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): I am well
[10:43] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) moved before the Master and knelt, "May I offer serve to you Master?" she smile politely
[10:43] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) smiles to nadi and and the new girl he ses in the camp .."
[10:44] nadi (Nara Zsun): Master may I bring you a mug of bosk milk?
[10:45] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) turns to nadi and grins and nods"Yes ..that will be wonderful.."
[10:46] nadi (Nara Zsun): Yes Master heated with some honey or just cool from the chill box?
[10:46] nadi (Nara Zsun): sets aside her sponge and glass.  And waits the Masters wished
[10:46] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) turns to look at the new girl and smiles to her "Nadi knows my tastes..."
[10:46] Alex Frost (dikori Resident): I will have it warm
[10:47] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) nods, "Yes Master, of course," she says then moved back to the Haruspex boot
[10:47] nadi (Nara Zsun): Yes Master harta warm bosk milk with a touch of honey.
[10:48] nadi (Nara Zsun): Reaches up on the shelf to remove a tray.  Setting it on the counter searches for a stout mug.  Sets it on the tray and turns to the chill box
[10:49] nadi (Nara Zsun): removing the small pitcher of fresh bosk milk walks back to the hearth and pours the milk into a small copper pot.
[10:50] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) tensed up after hearing a loud insect sound and assumed it was a cicada. She checked her back as one never knows what creatures lurked in the open plains at night.
[10:51] nadi (Nara Zsun): taking a dowel from the jar of honey drizzles it into the milk and stirs until it is dissolved. Watching the pot closely so as not to get the milk to hot.
[10:52] nadi (Nara Zsun): picks up the pot at the first sign of a bubble.  Pours it into the mug and sits it on the tray. Turning on her heel moves to the Masters boot.
[10:53] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) smiled as highly skilled nadi makes a return. She inhaled the milk with honey, having not seen the two things mixed before.
[10:53] nadi (Nara Zsun): falling softly to her knees.  offers up the mug,  Your warmed bosk milk with a touch of honey Master
[10:53] Hakimba Oakleaf greets all "Tallies, how are you?"
[10:53] nadi (Nara Zsun): remains in position waiting to greet her Master.
[10:54] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): Tal Hakimba, I have decided to do the omen reading now, the weather is good for it
[10:54] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) watches Nadi  as she briskly walks towards him and drops down on knees to serve him the warm milk"Thanks Nadi "he whispers as he takes the cup from her
[10:55] nadi (Nara Zsun): Is my pleasure to serve you Master
[10:55] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) nods and smiles warmly to her
[10:55] nadi (Nara Zsun): sets the tray beside the firepit and runs to her Master's boot
[10:55] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) smiled, "Greetings Master," she said to Master H while also trying to get a look at the blended milk. She would try those ingredients herself too as it was a new recipe she had just learned today.
[10:56] Hakimba Oakleaf hugs his good girl
[10:56] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) smiles to her master as he greets his girl"Tal  Sir"
[10:56] nadi (Nara Zsun): grins snuggling into her Masters hug. Falls to her knees beside his thigh
[10:56] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles tal Alex
[10:58] nadi (Nara Zsun): turns quickly so her back it to no Free to wait in silence for the Omen Reading.
[10:58] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): well, if we have done the cuddling, I suggest we go to the altar
[10:59] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) whispers: to Haruspex, "Master, I can offer assistance if you need it," she smiled then quieted
[11:00] nadi (Nara Zsun): settles excitedly  at her Master's boot .  Wide eyed waiting for the Haruspex words.
[11:00] Hakimba Oakleaf keeps silence
[11:01] Hakimba Oakleaf beds down to nadi and whispers "what Omen is the haruspex going to read?"
[11:01] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) looks around over a green, well flowered grassland, the plains are in full summer "Welcome Goreans, despite we don't see any snow" he makes a wide gesture over the jade pastures, we still celebrate a new year at this moment. Not the new year of the Tuchuk, nor the Kataii, Paravaci or Kassar. Not even that of the vermins living in cities. No we celebrate the new year of the Barbarians among us. So many are here nowadays in our mids, serving as slutty slave meat. Thats why I have decided, to make them feel more at home at our area, to do an omen reading in honor of their new year.
[11:01] nadi (Nara Zsun): looks up at her Master.  I don't know Master but I know it will be wise
[11:02] Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[11:02] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) claps her hands quietly but with joy to his words.
[11:03] nadi (Nara Zsun): grins at the joy in oria's movements
[11:03] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "i want every kajira here among us, which is born as a Barbarian, line up for the altar, line up I mean, sitting in the position of the pleasure kajira, in Nadu". "Kutai continues: "If there are any Free man of Earth birth, I would like them behind those sluts standing, over seeing, making them clear that all me, even those of Earth, are Masters for them" Kutai does not name the many Barbarian kajiri, the male slaves, for him, they just don't count, being only useful for herding bosks, and collecting dung, a substance of about the same social level as themselves.
[11:04] faida Resident is offline.
[11:04] faida Resident is online.
[11:05] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) stood up after hearing him say 'line up' but then hurriedly knelt in nadu with a giggle. She was so happy to know New Year could be celebrated in Gor too, but she would not dare call herself a 'Slut' on Earth
[11:06] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) walks to the monolithic altar, where a bound verr lamb lays. Normally Kutai leads a verr, to the altar, but because this is an omen for Barbarians, a bound exemplar is the right animal. Kutai takes a rusty quiva, a good one is not needed in this case and holds it against the light of the 3 moons of Gor. By coincidence the 3 moons are all up, in different phases, he wonders how this will effect the women present. Normally he hold his omens at daylight so even for him this reading under the moons is new.
[11:08] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): He kills the verr swiftly letting the blood stream over the old stone of the altar. Kutai slits open the belly of the killed beast and takes out the still warm and vibrating liver. He lays the braun-red organ at the cold, now blooded stone of the monolith and studies it with care. Even an omen done for sluts must be done right, after all was bringing such women to repetitive slave orgasms also a task of care and precision. The priest scratch his head when he says certain patterns in the flesh before him.
[11:10] nadi (Nara Zsun): swoons as the smell of fresh blood.  Steadies herself against her Master's strong leg
[11:10] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) covered her eyes, not wanting to see the animal killed. She could not pray for it as it died since slave prayer was against the rules of the wagons. Instead she inhaled deeply.
[11:11] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) listens solemnly to the words of the wise Haruspex  and observes his actions carefully in silence
[11:11] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov) sees a pattern in the form of a blackish O, an open circle, he recognizes it as resembling the bond circle drawn in Torvaldsland and a symbol of bondage. He smiles broadly that the Open Sky gives such a clear answer. Logical of course, this omen was even for laymen to read, but sometimes things are so obvious and normal, that people don't see it. Desperately seeking for some hidden reason behind an all to obvious solution.
[11:13] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) crossed her fingers hoping he would see her finding her parents again...perhaps on Earth. Also another wish she had was to go on some more adventures
[11:14] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): Kutai sees a second, now phallus like pattern at the liver, this omen is obvious enough for him too. He does not even go into his normal meditation, but lifts his eyes to the dark sky and the stars of the Boskmilky Way above the Eastern Plains, and does a short prayer as a thankful to his God for re-estating the present situation an d the status of the social stratification in Gor.
[11:15] Hakimba Oakleaf follows the Omen with great interest
[11:16] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[11:16] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) looked at the bottom part of the alter, watching some blood of the animal drip to the ground and shivered, then watched him look at the sky.. She thought to speak but remain silent to learn what the Master might know
[11:18] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) almost gasped as she thought of another wish she had hoped for in the future. She always loved children and hoped to have a few some day...but not really as a slave.
[11:18] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): The Priest starts to speak "the omen this year is clear, 2016 Anno Domini, as in the words of the ancient language Latin, the same language the original haruspices spoke" This was not entirely true, since the Etruscans invented the position of the liver omen readers, but knowledge of that language was lost, even on Earth. The status of you sluts of Earth, where ever that region may be, will not change. Your bondage is endless like the bondscircle has no end. It goes round and round and round, as go the years of your slavery.
[11:21] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) looked at him almost with a depleted excitement. She did not smile but listened. She did not clap, but left her hands on her thighs. She would not dare sigh as it might get her in trouble. Instead, she managed a smile, "Thank you....Master, for your wise....reading. As it is a privilege to serve free people...for the rest of my life...," she paused almost about to ask.."Umm Master, was there nothing else...if I may ask without punishment?"
[11:22] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): "Curiosity is not becoming"  he says to the slave who dares speak during an omen reading
[11:23] nadi (Nara Zsun): looking at oria, recognized the disappointment in her eyes.  Settles back on her heels wishing she could give oria a hug.
[11:23] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) quickly closed her mouth and lowered her eyes, "Please forgiveness Master," she said and looked at the blush on her thighs as it seemed night was about to turn into morning.
[11:24] Kutai (Kutaituchik Kroitschov): The O pattern  saw in the liver shows that. The O symbolizes also the Collar, the O-ring of steel around your pretty necks. So slavery will be your fate, endlessness but fulfilling your lowly slave needs. The phallus shows that only Gorean Masters can fulfill your slave needs, nothing else. So accept your bondage, and be happy in it. He then take a bottle of wine from the Champagne region, lets the cork splash out and sprays the magical beverage over the kneeling slaves as if they are cum-bathed by their Masters.
[11:25] Hakimba Oakleaf grins broadly
[11:25] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) smiles as he watches intently
[11:26] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) felt the splash of liquid to her skin as it dripped down her nose and did not taste it. it soaked her hair and clad kajir but did not entirely seep through the fabric
[11:26] nadi (Nara Zsun): smiles at oria watching the champagne drip from her hair down on her flushed cheeks and over her body
[11:27] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident): "Yes Master," she said then tried to sniff the wine to learn the aroma

[11:29] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) listened to Master H. and di as instructed. "Yes Master" She had no cup, so licked some of the wine from her arm, causing her to press her lips together. It had been a long time since she had drunken alcohol
[11:29] nadi (Nara Zsun): OOOO gasps looking up
[11:30] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) smiled after seeing the Fireworks..."Yayyyyyy"
[11:31] Alex Frost (dikori Resident) turns around startled and watches the show in awe
[11:33] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident) looked at the skilled people working the fireworks
[11:33] ŐℜİA (0Subira Resident): "Great job," she smiled having not know it was possible in Gor
[11:33] nadi (Nara Zsun): watches the bosk to make sure there is no stampede ....
[11:27] Hakimba Oakleaf: you should drink it  it is sweet