Omen Valley
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Clean wagon

[20:07]  Nadi waking, sits up stretching her willowy arms high above her head. Standing she sashays to the cupboard. Yawning she takes out her wooden box of soap chips, a large rep cloth, an a sponge. Turning nadi walks to the pond.

[20:07]  Nadi gliding to her knees, opening the wooden box, she takes a pinch of the soap an fills the sponge with them. Standing she dips a toe into the water, a chill runs over her, her body covers goose bumps, her nipples turn to hard rose buds.

[20:08]  Nadi thinking to herself, just jump in at once, she splashs into the water. Shivering, she starts to wash, moving the sponge over the mountains an valleys of her sun kissed torso.

[20:08]  Nadi quickly leaves the pond. Drying herself with the rep cloth. Enjoys the warmth of the sun on her skin. Picking up her things, nadi returns to the Master''s wagon. Opening a cupboard she sorts through the rags an camisk's finding some material quickly ties it around her breasts and over her neck. Then ties the bottom piece on her hip.

[20:08]  Nadi rolls up the furs on the floor. Going outside she shakes them, laying them out in the grass. Walks to the corner of the wagon, finds the bucket going outside she fills it with water dipped from the pond. In the Master's wagon she finds a jar of disinfecting soap pouring an amount into the bucket. Reaches up an takes the mop an begins to mop the floor of the wagon.

[20:09]  Nadi going to the door of the wagon, throws the bucket of dirty water, in the grass. Walking to the cupboard, opens a bottle of cleaning soap mixed with alcohol, takes a rep cloth wetting it with soap, starts to wipe down the bed, bookcase and table. Careful not to get Master's scrolls an books wet nadi replaces each one to it's place.

[20:09]  Nadi goes back outside rolling the furs, brings them back into the wagon. Laying each fur gently in it's place, uses a brush to rack through pile making them look like fresh new furs. Standing back a smile curls her pink lips as she checks to make sure she has not forgotten anything.

[20:09]  Nadi strolls outside through the field, she picks several talender, some verminium and takes them to the wagon to put in a vase on the table. The sweet smell fills the wagon. Smiles knowing her Master will be pleased, she walks into the camp to see if she can be of service.