Omen Valley
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Omen Raven

[22:50] Kutaituchik: Tal Raven
[22:50] Calais: greetings, Master
[22:50] Lollee smiles to the pretty kajira
[22:51] Raven watches as the beast settles
[22:51] Raven: greetings girl
[22:51] Calais: greetings, kajira *returning the warm smile to her*
[22:51] Kutaituchik: Behold our new location, the bosks have much grass here, the grow quickly and their milk is plentifull
[22:51] Hakimba: Tal all
[22:51] Raven: a lot of pasture
[22:52] Raven: Tal Sir
[22:52] Kutaituchik: Tal hakimba
[22:52] Hakimba: as Kutai said
[22:52] Hakimba: i am Hakimba
[22:52] Calais offers a warm smile in greeting to the approaching Master, lowering her eyes again hurriedly.
[22:52] Raven: I see
[22:52] Raven: I an Raven of the Tuchuks
[22:52] Raven: well met Hakimba
[22:53] Hakimba: well met Raven
[22:53] Hakimba: greetings girl
[22:53] Kutaituchik: I found a scroll at a box that you wanted an omen read, Raven
[22:53] Raven: yes just let me chain this beast and we shall go
[22:54] Raven reaches to his belt and removes a chain then places it in her collar
[22:54] Raven: I would like very much the reading
[22:55] Kutaituchik: lets go to the altar then, its further oon the plains
[22:55] Raven: yes indeed
[22:55] Hakimba: well
[22:56] Raven watches
[22:56] Raven: The bird?
[22:57] Raven: that is an omen in itself
[22:57] Kutaituchik walks to the holy altar of the omen valley, the place where the omens are read by the chief haruspices of all four tribes, the religious center of the wagonpeople
[22:58] Hakimba stands in awe
[22:58] Kutaituchik chases away the picking crow which eats from the blooded liver which is left behind from a former omen reading
[22:58] Raven watches and wishes he had brought his kaiila
[22:59] Kutaituchik looks at uaber Raven and ask"s "for which event you need an omen read , my friend? "
[22:59] Raven: For the travel of the wagons to Kargash
[23:00] Raven: the pastures are light with snow there and my friends are in need of us
[23:01] Kutaituchik frowns "Kargash" he thinks a moment "in the past that city had an evil Ubara, but I heard they chased her away. Since then none has heard of her, she is probably in someone's collar now" he grinses "which suits her since she had hidden slave fires in her belly"
[23:02] Raven nods
[23:02] Hakimba grins
[23:02] Raven: the steel is probably upon her
[23:02] Kutaituchik looks at Hakimba "you must know her too, Yanina"
[23:02] Hakimba: yes i remember her
[23:03] Raven: Kargash was raised to the ground I is now being rebuilt
[23:03] Kutaituchik speaks "lets read an omen "you have some sacrifice animal Raven, or should i read the birds again, last omen taht was succesfull"
[23:04] Raven: the birds have been kind to me
[23:05] Kutaituchik: "yes thats true" he searches in his pocket for some food, he finds some dried bosk meat and takes and lays that at the altar"
[23:06] Kutaituchik Kroitschov takes his quiva from the belt and starts cutting the biltong into small pieces"
[23:06] Calais watching that piece of meat her soft pink tongue licking ripe lips as the glossed finish shimmers in the light.. watching on intently in silence.
[23:07] Raven watches intently hoping of a good outcome
[23:07] Raven places his hand on aya's head
[23:07] Kutaituchik looks at the ravens hopping around the altar, the holy birds from the shamans from all mongolic people from which the Tuchuk descend long ago
[23:08] Raven smiles
[23:09] Kutaituchik throws a handfull of the dried bosk meat pieces at the monolithic stone of the great altar of the Tuchuk, his keen eyes now fixed at the birds, wondering what the will do
[23:09] Raven holds his hand firm in her hair tense in anticipation
[23:09] Calais narrowed her eyes envious of the birds whom were offered such a tasty looking morsel of bosk meat.
[23:10] Kutaituchik sees how one raven circles above the altar and then suddenly dives to the meat, followed by another
[23:12] Kutaituchik sees the slave girl which was accompanied by a tribesman, now sleeping in the inn, and sees how she eagerly looks at the meat "are you hungry, little tasta? "
[23:13] Calais: "yes Master! but i think those ravens have first offerings of such a treat, i dare not disturb them!"
[23:14] Raven tightens his grip in her hair wondering what the omen shall be
[23:14] Hakimba: maybe she can get one after the omen reading
[23:14] Kutaituchik nods at the smart words of the dark skinned woman, he wonders if she has some Kataii heritage like Hakimba. He concentrates at the birds again and see that they eat eagerly which satisfy him, because if they would have been reluctant the omen would have come out bad
[23:14] Lollee Sweetwater feels the tension of her Masters grasp and rises up slightly off her small knees to release some pain
[23:15] Calais Pearl smiles and so very discretely pulls from her Taharian garb a koora, kept from her days of the Kattai, she binds it around her head to keep her hair from her face
[23:17] Kutaituchik sees how the ravens have finished the meal and fly up to the open sky , searching for new food "the omen is good Ubar, the birds were eager and are fed now"
[23:18] Raven releases her hair and slaps his knee a broad smile comes upon his face
[23:18] Raven: again your readings are pleasing Haruspex my friend
[23:19] Kutaituchik: "i think you can go to Kargash" he thinks a moment "but I would keep your quiva's sharp, since they are city folks and there for not reliable"
[23:19] Raven: The wagons will move now on the new year and we will be there and ready before the season of little grass
[23:20] Calais smiling broadly hearing the reading bought happiness to the Master.
[23:20] Hakimba: in the cities we nomads always need to be careful
[23:20] Raven: you see aya I knew it was right
[23:20] Kutaituchik nods "the wagons will always move, untill eternity"