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Tuchuk Plains

Dew = Deugniet, Sana = Draceana

[08:15]  Kutai: these look good bosks to me
[08:15]  Kutai: strong short legs
[08:16]  Hakimba: yes they seem to be very good for the plains
[08:17]  Kutai sees a sleen and keeps it at distance with his long kaiila lance of the plains
[08:17]  Hakimba Oakleaf: sure these animals cant be attacked by a sleen
[08:17]  Kutai: its a herdsleen
[08:17]  Kutai: it will have been trained at kajirae only

[08:18]  Kutai: nice public slave wagon
[08:18]  Hakimba: yes
[08:19]  dew turns to Mistress how...
[08:19]  Hakimba: Tal Tuchuk
[08:19]  dew: greetings Mistress
[08:20]  Gennah smiles 'Tal..' as she looks around and spies that the wagon has been left a bit in state, as she tuts and goes to sort it out. Watching over her shoulder, as the strangers approach the camp.
[08:20]  sana watches two men approaching, she takes them in with alert eyes. She glances at Junta for a moment, waiting what his reaction will be at the strangers before she greets them.
[08:20]  Junta looks to the men. 'Tal', he says carefully.
[08:20]  Alexander puts his awe of his uncle to one side as the men talk, he stands there silently wishing that they were not between himself and his weapons
[08:20]  Kutai looks around with his ild but stil sharp eyes, he notices some outriders and some slave girls, he decides to greet "Greetings all"
[08:20]  sana murmurs a suspecious "Tal Masters."
[08:21]  dew: greetings MAsters
[08:22]  Kutai hears a familiar voice, the voice of a pretty slave which happened to beat him once at the game of Zar, some time ago in the arena of the city of Turia, he looks at her and smiles
[08:22]  Alexander just nods at the men, his body language tense
[08:24]  sana her smile broadens when she recognizes the man dressed in red jacket, she chuckles softly and relaxes immediately, she shifts a bit on her heels being more at ease with the presence of the two men.
[08:24]  Kutai hand goes over his scarred face, the scars of courage and some others, won in long forgotten events. He whipes the sweat from his skin and continues his greeting "my name is Kutai, I am a Tuchuk haruspex"
[08:25]  Hakimba nods looking around "my name is Hakimba i am livving at Omen valley too.. i am half a kataii and half a Tuchuk because my mother was a Tuchuk too"
[08:25]  Junta quietly rubs the full set of scars on one of his own cheeks. 'I am Junta', he says quietly. 'Of the Tuchuks.' He looks to the man who has spoken. 'Spent some time in Omen Valley, I imagine.'
[08:26]  Junta looks to Hakimba. 'Your name is known, Hakimba. Aphris mentioned you once.'
[08:27]  Hakimba: ah yes Aphris is living too at the Omen valley she is one of our elders
[08:28]  Kutai hears the man named Junta speaking "wel met Junta, I indeed am often in Omen Valley, where my wagon stands and i read the omens from our altar"
[08:29]  Alexander relaxes his stance slightly, he remains silent though
[08:30]  Junta gestures to the stew simmering in one of the cooking pots. 'It's a long way from Omen Valley to the Cartius, where we are now', he says. 'If you wish food, the slave will serve you.' He points to sana.
[08:30]  Hakimba accompanies our haruspex because it is better not to travel alone out of the camp
[08:31]  sana glances up at Alexander and whispers "May i see to the men, Master?"
[08:31]  Junta then relaxes on his haunches before the fire, rubbing his hands and holding them up to it. He turns to sana and says 'Yes, sana, you may.'
[08:31]  Alexander nods "of course"
[08:31]  Hakimba nods "you are right.. it was along way and we would be thankful for a drink and something to eat"
[08:32]  Gennah sighs as she finishes tidying and walks over to the fire and rests on the cushions, patting her stomach softly. She watches the men carefully as she sits close to her companion.
[08:32]  Alexander turns to Dew "you should go serve too"
[08:33]  dew: yes Master
[08:33]  sana hops athletic on her feet, with a fast pace she moves to the kitchen wagon, the skirt of her tunic sways lightly around her warm thighs, her dark choatic curls flutter around her delicate shoulders as she goes.
[08:33]  Kutai hears the offer of Junta and smiles friendly, glad he can have some meal, the travel indeed was long but at the kailla it stil went quick. Kaila they have freed at the surrounding plains so they can catch game for feeding. He seeks a cushion and sits on it, waiting for on of the pretty kajirae to serve him the meal.
[08:34]  Hakimba sits down close to the warming fire
[08:35]  Alexander settles himself into the position he was before Junta arrived "please forgive Dew here, she is in training but will serve you to the best of her abilities"
[08:35]  dew: may this girl please offer you something to drink Masters?
[08:36]  Hakimba: oh yes girl i would like a good chilled paga
[08:36]  deugniet Batista: yes Master
[08:38]  Kutai notices the clear voice of the kajira he did not meant before, and hear her saying the offer of some paga. Since he only drink some water on the travel, water from springs, and from the shallow rivers on the plains, his face splits in a broad smile “tats an excellent idea, slave girl, I would like to have some cold paga, refreshing in this warm spring afternoon
[08:39]  sana grabs two plates from the shelf, then steps quietly tot he kettle on the fire, she scoops up the stew and fills the two plates with the delicious food, tiny clouds of moisture waft up to the blue sky from the stew that is filled with tiny pieces of grilled bosk meat. She turns and walks with the two plates, each in one hand to the guests, her hips sway seductively. She lowers elegantly on her knees, opening her thighs widely. A flirtatious smile adorns her face.
[08:40]  sana offers the plates and smiles "Please enjoy, Masters."
[08:41]  Alexander watches the girls serve, and sits in silence not daring to open his mouth and say the wrong thing, knowing his youth would work against him
[08:42]  Hakimba looks glad seeing the rich meal and the drinks. "thank you for your friendly hospitality "

[08:42]  dew turns on her heels and hurries over to the wagon, looking at Sana and smiles
[08:43]  Kutai looks at the raven haired kajira, his eyes notices her fair skin, hardly hidden by the brief camisk, which almost shows all of her full almost white skinned breasts. He licks his lips, not even knowing t was because of the girl, which is owned as far as he knows, or for the delicious meal she has served him. He decides to go for the meal since that’s the first need, after his thirst for paga, which must be fulfilled. He gives Sana a smile and takes the plate from the plains grass, starting to feed himself with the edge of his saddle knife, the sharp quiva.
[08:45]  dew reaches out to get a goblet from the shelve and inspects it from bruises and cleans it with a clean rep, turns to one of the barrels and pours in the paga
[08:45]  dew holds the vessel close to her as she hurries back to the Master realising it took quite some time...
[08:46]  dew kneels down beside the MAster, offering him the chilled paga
[08:46]  dew: your paga Master i hope you will enjoy it
[08:46]  sana slips her empty palms on her parted thigh, with a satisfied glance in her midnight eyes she looks at the me eatig the stew, obvious they were ejoying the taste, she shuffles a bit back, making space for the blonde kajira that arrived with the paga.
[08:47]  Hakimba first takes his plate cuts a piece of the meat and starts eating "it is delicious especially after such a long jpourney " then he drinks a big sip of the good chilled paga
[08:48]  Kutai puts some of the fresh made stew at the point of his quiva, and brings it to his mouth. He eats it with taste, partly because its made well, partly with only eaten some dried bosk meat on the road, any warm meal would taste like 3 star meal from the best cook of Ar.
[08:50] sana leans towards the man and whispers inquiring "May i see to the other free, Master?"
[08:51]  Hakimba: yes girl you may
[08:51]  dew peeks up to Master Kutai
[08:52]  sana nods lightly her head "Thank you, Master." She rises fluidly and walks with a supple stride to Junta, lowers on her knees near him and speaks softly "Can i serve you anything, Master?"
[08:52]  dew: may i please look after the other free as well MAster?
[08:52]  Hakimba smiles contently "I am satisfied for now, the meat is delicious and the paga is just as i like it"
[08:52]  Kutai looks over his shoulder to the blond haired girl, her camisk is less brief then that of Sana, but the blond hair falls nicely over one of her eyes, giving her an mysterious glance. He reaches ut for the paga the girl holds in her slender hands
[08:53]  Kutai says when he takes the paga "yes beautifull girl, you may continue serving the otehr free"
[08:53]  dew smiles
[08:53]  dew: thank you Master
[08:54]  dew rises and kneels by the other Master asking politely
[08:55]  dew: may i offer you something to drink Master?
[08:56]  Junta shakes his head to sana. 'No, sana, I am fine.'
[08:57]  Gennah smiles softly as she hears the men enjoying their food 'Fresh Bosk stew is delicious, we certainly know how to cook out here...'
[08:59]  Alexander nods in agreement with Gennas words "it doesnt help having slaves who are constantly offering their services" he gives a lopsided grin
[08:59]  sana "Yes, Master." she whispers, she pushes herself noiseless on her feet and patters to the free woman, kneels next to her and squeezing her thighs against eachother. "Can i serve you anything, Mistress?"
[08:59]  Kutai smiles at the free woman, giving her the credits of the meal, since at the wagon people it are the free women which do the cooking, He waits till he has swallowed some meat pieces and answers “I can only say Lady, that you, or your tribe sister, are a excellent cook. He continuous eating with taste.
[09:00]  Junta grins. 'Gennah does know how to cook.'
[09:01]  Hakimba turns his head to the girl behind him "may you serve me one more paga girl i am really thirsty"
[09:01]  dew: yes Master
[09:01]  Kutai: “then thank you Lady Genna” saying this he tastes the cold paga, refreshing after his long travel.
[09:02]  Gennah nods 'You are most welcome, glad to see people enjoying the good food...'
[09:03]  sana whispers "Mistress, may i be excused."
[09:03]  Hakimba nods "your cooking could make me addicted.. be careful i could visit you too often"
[09:04]  dew stands up and walks over to the wagon, trying to find a vessel that finds a vessel, gets it off the shelve and polishes it till it shines, inspects it for imperfections. finds it is perfect, turns to the barrel knowing it contains the cool paga
[09:05]  Gennah nods 'Of course, if everyone has been seen to Sana..'
[09:06]  dew pours it in and turns around holding the vessel close to her tummy as she rushes back, making sure not to spill a drop
[09:06]  sana "Thank you, Mistress, i wish you well Masters and Mistress." she says, then stands up and dissapears into the distance, she was on her way to herd the flock of bosks just outside the camp.
[09:07]  dew holds up the vessel offering it to MAster
[09:07]  dew: your paga Master i hope you will enjoy the drink
[09:08]  Hakimba looks at the ptreety girl in front of him "thank you for the drink "takes the vessel from her sniffs the scent "it seems to be a really good page" drinks abig sip
[09:09]  Junta idly sharpens and polishes a quiva as he watches the men eat, remaining silent as they obviously enjoy a hot meal. He periodically replaces a sharpened and polished quiva back in its sheath, then picks out another one. His movements are slow and deliberate, as if indicating that he's only interested in the task at hand rather than attempting to convey any sort of message. 'So, what news from Omen Valley?', he asks finally.
[09:10]  Kutai looks at the slave serving Hakimba, he is glad that she does not made the mistake a slave made recently at him, the mistake of praying to the priest kings, a woman praying, and then to some gods of city people, that in front of the haruspex. Enjoying the last remnants of his meal he leans backward satisfied by the good service of his fellow Tuchuks
[09:12]  Kutai hears Junta’s words and starts to talk “In valley of the omens, nothing changed much. However at the local Tuchuks much changed, the self entitled ubar Frosk has disappeared, he failed miserably since he could not control the free women of his tribe, He walked away in the fogs of time. The new leader is named Tlaj, he is a much better man”
[09:14]  Alexander sits silently listening intently realising that he could learn alot from the older men about his new home and neighbours
[09:14]  Junta nods. 'This man was among us some weeks ago', he says. 'Before he took charge of the group over there.'
[09:14]  Hakimba grins "well the only we are believing in is the Open Sky"
[09:17]  Hakimba empties the paga and gives the vessel back to the girl "this was a really good drink just as i like it"
[09:17]  dew opens her hands and takes the vessel
[09:18]  dew: i'm happy you liked it MAster
[09:18]  Junta says 'I knew little of Frost, but the new man, as I said, came here once. I am glad to hear he is in control of his women.'
[09:19]  Kutai hears Hakimba speaking about the Open Sky and that reminds him of the goal of their visit “hm, yes the Open Sky” he turns towards Junta, who seems to be the leader of this little tribe “I told you folks I am a haruspex” he waits a few seconds before continuing his speech “we are here to check if al is well in this laager , and if there is need for religious support. If the later is the case, I would gladly offer my services, since we are all Tuchuks under the Open Sky of the plains”
[09:19]  Hakimba turns to the girl "for now i am stiasfied you may serve thr other free girl"
[09:19]  dew: yes MAster
[09:22]  dew rises and hurries back to the wagon cleaning the vessel drying it and replaces it on the spot where she got it from, hurries back and kneels down at MAster Alexanders feet
[09:23]  deugniet Batista: may i get you anything MAster?
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[09:25]  Junta (Junta Kuhr) thinks on his response, scratching his chin and looking to the sky. 'We currently lack any spiritual presence, so that would of course be welcome', he says finally. 'However, nothing at the moment is specifically wrong here. We have the sky, we have the Land of the Wagon People to roam in, and we of course have the bosk.'
[09:25]  Alexander Geordie shakes his head at the girl, deciding to follow Juntas suit by staying clear headed
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[09:25]  Hakimba Oakleaf raises to his feet "i need to retire thank you for your hospitality"
[09:26]  Kutai hears Junta's words and answers "then we can go home after this meal in happiness. If you are in need for some omen reading in the future, don't hesitate to sent an errand to Omen Valley"
[09:27]  Junta nods. 'We shall. Of course if something of significance happens there, please send word.'
[09:28]  Gennah nods 'Indeed, it is always better to be prepared...'

[09:28]  Junta rises. 'If you'll excuse me, I must rest for a time. I am glad you had good refreshment before your journey back. I wish you well.' With that he heads toward his wagon with a wave.
[09:28]  Kutai: "we will, its good to have contact with othr Tuchuks, or other tribes like the Kataii and Paravaci" He does not mention Kassar since these seldom seem to appaer at omen readings lately.
[09:29]  Gennah nods 'Indeed, contact is very important...'
[09:30]  Alexander nods slowly at the men "travel safe"
[09:30]  dew: well wishes MAsters
[09:31]  Kutai stands up and intends the walk to his kaiila "I wish you all well, and thanks for the meal and paga" he gives a beaming smile to Lady Gennah
[09:31]  Gennah nods 'You are most welcome, I wish you safe and well paths...' as she nods. Moving a little on her own cushion.