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Omen Reading

[11:16] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) calms the verr, it is as if it feels what will happen
[11:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the verr at the leash and pulls it close to the altar
[11:17] Nina (lildevilsnina) look quiet what to happen
[11:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) kicks a bucket to Nina "pick it up and come close"
[11:18] Nina (lildevilsnina): yes my Master
[11:19] Nina (lildevilsnina) walks to my Master and take the bucket in my hands
[11:19] Hawke (pegasus.firehawk) is online.
[11:20] Nara Zsun: Tal Mistress
[11:20] Hakimba Oakleaf: Tal Sir... the Haruspex is just beginning the omen reading
[11:20] Nina (lildevilsnina): Greetings Mistress
[11:20] Nina (lildevilsnina): Greetings Master
[11:20] Nara Zsun: Tal Master...smiles at the green arriving for the reading
[11:20] Hakimba Oakleaf: greetings Mistress
[11:21] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the ritual quiva he has in front of his white robe which he took from an initiate he did not like at all
[11:22] Alecto Orli (dikori) smiles "Tal Free and sweet nadi" trying to catch his breath after his short run to reach them in time...
[11:22] Nara Zsun: smiles up at the Master....sitting quietly as the Haruspex begins his reading
[11:23] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) holds the throat of the verr above the bucket Nina is holding, he then slits the throat of the sturdy hairy animal and makes sure the blood stream lands in the correct place, not being spoiled over the Plains grass
[11:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lifts up the heavy verr, and feels his stomach boiling of the just had copious meal. He lasy the beast at the monolith of the altar and makes an incision in the belly trying to avoid bloods plashes at the white long tunic
[11:26] Nina (lildevilsnina) looks the blood and keep the bucket under the stream to catch it all
[11:26] Nara Zsun: gags smelling the hot blood spurt from the beast, covering her mouth an nose with her hands quickly
[11:27] Hakimba Oakleaf wonders what the girls would do in a battlefield
[11:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sleeveless arms disappears in the animals belly and search for the liver, he removes some entrails and a kidney before finding the blood red purifying organ
[11:29] Nina (lildevilsnina) watch how my Master catch the liver of the verr and sees how he get dirty of all the blood
[11:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lays the liver at the big stone plate of the altar, next to the ancient Etruscan instruction stone, in which the wisdom of millenia is gathered
[11:30] Alecto Orli (dikori) watches the way the Haruspex works silently ......
[11:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) studies the stone and sees a lot of small red spots on it, further inspection shows that these are fresh spots. He goes in a meditation trance and becomes one with the open sky.
[11:31] Nara Zsun: silently moves to the Haruspex side...waiting to offer the verminium oiled water to wash his hands.
[11:32] Nara Zsun: holds the rep cloth in her lap, making sure it is not soiled by the ground beneath her
[11:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) spirit fleis over the wild plains, an dhe notices small groups of young bosk bulls every where, fighting in a playfull, but also serious, way by ramming the heads against another end trying to use their still short horns to bring the opponent out of balance
[11:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) breaks his trance, he knows enough. He bends to Nadi with the bowl of oiled water and cleans his blood and intestine splattered under arms
[11:34] Hakimba Oakleaf still keeps silence waiting for the interpretation of the omen
[11:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at the people of the tribes "it's a good omen, but it also means a challenge for us. I saw manu red spots at the liver and also young bosk bulls in the trance. Both stand for the new outriders which arrived her at the warriors camp. This is a joyfull thing, new fresh blood fills the tribes and we can start attacking our ennemies, so they will fear the strength of the wagon peoples
[11:36] Nara Zsun: hands him the fluffly rep cloth...and moves back to her Masters boot, dumping the water into the grass, sets again her attention to the Haruspex wise words
[11:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): what is the challenge
[11:38] Nara Zsun: leans forward, waiting for his answer...her amethyst eyes wide with expectation
[11:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): young bosks are wild and impatient. This means our Oralus Ruffus has a heavy task.Unfortunate he is some where at the planet, out of our sight , Hopefully not taken by enemies or wild animals. This means that we must organize and train the troops.
[11:38] Nina (lildevilsnina) watch it all silent every thing is new for me
[11:38] Hakimba Oakleaf *s eyes are stuck at the Haruspexe's lips
[11:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): My advise is to plan every week at least 1-2 training hours so that every outrider knows when he is expected for duty. After the training we can make military plans for raidng our enemies. I myself already started forming a network of spies to find the city vermins weak spots
[11:40] Nara Zsun: looks from one outrider to the next. The challenge has been set down by the Haruspex's words...
[11:40] Alecto Orli (dikori) stands erect listening intently
[11:41] Hakimba Oakleaf nods... we will be successful then!
[11:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thats in our own hands