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Tabuk-Herb soupe

Kutai frees his slave Safi with Lady Apris as a witness

[9:46]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov: will you make her manumission papers Aphris?
[9:46]  Aphris Myoo: hehe, i will but in return I want some of the tabuk meat you shot last saturday, the Kataii need a variation in the diet
[9:47]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov: thats fair, I will give you one leg with hoof to make soup of, and one big hindleg to roast it above a fire
[9:47]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov: You can find the meat in the chilla next to the tavern

---- Kutai brings freed Safi away to return later ----------

[10:59]  Aphris Myoo: Kutai can you bring me the promised meat for the manumission papers, now you are back from delivering Safi
[11:01]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov stands up and walks to the cool box where he has stored the catch of last week, a big fat tabuk, He opens the box and takes out a leg complete with hoof and one hintleg ham. He closes the box again and brings the meat back to the yearkeeper
[11:01]  Hakimba Oakleaf: ah Lady Aphris is hungry
[11:01]  Aphris Myoo: Hakimba can you poke up te fire a bit
[11:02]  Aphris Myoo: No Hakimba, this is food for the Kataii tribe, for Lady Katatoki
[11:02]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov: What you gonna cook Aphris
[11:02]  Aphris Myoo: Herb soup based on Tabuk bouillon
[11:03]  Hakimba Oakleaf blows the fire with a board and pokes the glow
[11:03]  Aphris Myoo: Get me some herbs from the public slave wagon will you
[11:03]  Hakimba Oakleaf: ah ok
[11:04]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov stands again up and walks to the named wagon, he seeks in the stuff where normally kajirae prepare thier meals
[11:05]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov: He finds some parsley, thym and basil, with which he returns to Aphris
[11:07]  Aphris Myoo takes a quiva and starts seperating the hoof from the leg, after some sawing she manages and throws the hoof to Kutai "here, your slave can suck at it, maybe there is some bone marrow in"
[11:07]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov catches the hoof and throws it i the kennel wagon
[11:08]  Aphris Myoo: Fill a kettle with water Hakimba
[11:08]  Hakimba Oakleaf hopps on the dais with the kettle full of water
[11:09]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov: "shall I cut the meat Aphris" he takes the ham and starts rapidly with a quiva cutting it to small pieces "if I must let you do that, we will sit here for hours"
[11:09]  Hakimba Oakleaf reaches the plate with the boullion and a spoon to Aphris
[11:11]  Hakimba Oakleaf: our slaves are all lazy sleeping girls
[11:11]  Aphris Myoo: Takes the kettle from Hakimba and throws the leg in it, then she hangs the jkettle above the fire so the bone can give it ingredients to the water
[11:14]  Aphris Myoo takes the meat and the herbs of kutai and closes them in a sacket. the bone must be 20 ahn above the fire. Then I will come back and add the flesh and herbs.
[11:14]  Aphris Myoo walks to teh chilla and puts the ingredients awat
[11:14]  Hakimba Oakleaf: then the boullion will be really good
[11:15]  Aphris Myoo: i will return to morrow
[11:18]  Hakimba Oakleaf: safe paths Lady Aphris

--------- 24 hours later ---------------------------

[11:36]  Aphris Myoo gets the tabuk meat and herbs from the chilla and walks to the cooking pot where the tabukbones has been giving the bouillon her taste for 24 hours now
[11:38]  Aphris Myoo: Tal Dajanira
[11:38]  Dajanira Oakleaf: Tal Aphris
[11:39]  Aphris Myoo: I am making a soup of the tabuk meat Kutai and Hakimba shot last weekend
[11:40]  Dajanira Oakleaf: what kind of meat is it
[11:40]  Aphris Myoo takes the herbs and throws some of the basil in the cooking pot
[11:41]  Dajanira Oakleaf: hmmm i like the scent of basil
[11:41]  Aphris Myoo: "its tabuk meat" Aphris gives the chopped meat to dajanira "can you but salt and spices on it before putting it in the pot? "
[11:44]  Dajanira Oakleaf takes the meat spread some salt pepper and spices over it and puts it into the pot
[11:45]  Aphris Myoo looks how the hot water begins to sputter and how the meat quickly changes color
[11:45]  Dajanira Oakleaf: the water boils up when the meat falls into it
[11:46]  Aphris Myoo: I think the meat must be in the cooking water for several hours so its very thin and eatible
[11:46]  Dajanira Oakleaf: yes there are some parts which are not really tender
[11:47]  Aphris Myoo grabs the herbs and seperates a little bit of thyme on a small spoon which she spreads over the steaming soup
[11:49]  Dajanira Oakleaf: but we will get a good meal when it is good cooked
[11:50]  Aphris Myoo: yes, and we can send a lot ot Kataii too, Katatoki is injured so she can not cook, since Kutai shot that tabuk boc we can let them share in our luck
[11:51]  Aphris Myoo smells the delicious odeur of the soup
[11:52]  Aphris Myoo: "can you get some sa-tarna flour Daja, to make the soup thicker
[11:52]  Dajanira Oakleaf: yes i look in the slaves wagon
[11:52]  NPC Axman listens to the music.
[11:53]  Dajanira Oakleaf: got some
[11:55]  Aphris Myoo: ok, distribute it equally through the soupe, but stir it good or it concentrates to much. It must be fullly spread and absorbed through the liquid
[11:55]  Dajanira Oakleaf poors the flour slowly into the soup while she moves it with a spoon
[11:55]  Aphris Myoo: good
[11:55]  Dajanira Oakleaf: yes now the consistance seems to be good
[11:56]  Dajanira Oakleaf takes some from the soup with the spoon and tastes it
[11:56]  Dajanira Oakleaf: hmmmm
[11:56]  Dajanira Oakleaf: it is well spices
[11:56]  Aphris Myoo: shall we add 2 vulo eggs too?
[11:57]  Dajanira Oakleaf: hmmm
[11:57]  Dajanira Oakleaf: eggs
[11:57]  Dajanira Oakleaf: yes we schould but be careful
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[11:57]  Dajanira Oakleaf: first mix the eggs with some bosk milk
[11:58]  Dajanira Oakleaf: then we dont get clots
[11:58]  Aphris Myoo: ok
[11:58]  Aphris Myoo: yes, thats the danger with the flour too
[11:58]  Dajanira Oakleaf: clots i dont like
[11:59]  Dajanira Oakleaf: brrrrrrrrr
[11:59]  Aphris Myoo: Neither do I
[11:59]  Dajanira Oakleaf shivers when thinking of those white clots
[12:00]  Aphris Myoo: If the Kataii find clots our reputaton of cooks is gone
[12:00]  Aphris Myoo: so mix it well
[12:01]  Dajanira Oakleaf takes a cup half filled with bosk milk and breaks two vulo eggs into the milk
[12:01]  Dajanira Oakleaf mixes the egss and the milk till it is a homogene fluid
[12:02]  Aphris Myoo: This becomes a good soup, delicious
[12:02]  Dajanira Oakleaf: now
[12:02]  Dajanira Oakleaf pours the milk with the eggs into the soup while mixing with a big spoon
[12:02]  Aphris Myoo takes a parsley ast and cuts it in very small pieces with her quiva, she shoves them from the plate in the soup
[12:03]  Aphris Myoo: mmmmmm
[12:04]  Dajanira Oakleaf: Aphris i think now we may leave the soup for a while
[12:04]  Aphris Myoo: yes, lets get back in a couple of hours

----- several hours later ------------------
[13:46]  Aphris Myoo takes the pot with soup from the fire
[13:47]  Aphris Myoo with a big soup spoon she hovels a part to a small pot and puts that in the chilla for Kutai and his people
[13:50]  Aphris Myoo takes the rest of the soup with her to the Kataii
[13:50]  Teleport completed from
[13:51]  Aphris Myoo: Greetings Kataii
[13:51]  Cross101 Avro chuckles
[13:51]  Pieter Demina: Aphris!
[13:51]  Roc Furse: Tal, Aphris!
[13:51]  Cross101 Avro: Come Mine...Tal Aph
[13:52]  Roc Furse: Good to see you here
[13:52]  Pieter Demina: that is long time no see yes
[13:52]  Indreju Dalglish: Greetings Mistress long time....
[13:52]  Pieter Demina: greetings yes
[13:52]  Indreju Dalglish: well wishes ...... turns and runs
[13:52]  Zari Starsider: greetings Mistress
[13:52]  Aphris Myoo: I have made a pan with soup
[13:52]  Aphris Myoo: for variation of our diet
[13:52]  Pieter Demina: i hope i say nothing wrong to Cross yes))
[13:53]  Roc Furse: Ah! The famous Tabuk soup!
[13:53]  Pieter Demina: Tabuk soup..., mmm, me not had taste of it
[13:53]  Aphris Myoo hangs the soup above the fire to get it warm again
[13:54]  Pieter Demina look at fire place...
[13:54]  Aphris Myoo: Well, who is hungry can take a cup


Another cooking but then at Kataii Wagon Camp

[08:44]  Cross nods my head and rises aye...that she was. I will return shrotly there is a tabuk out there I need kill. so we have meat for the night
[08:45]  Nied Wildrose: Nods to cross and whispers Ka Dish Dah
[08:45]  Shaylon: aye love..."
[08:47]  Cross walks out onto the plains...adjusting themuted brown cloak I slide my bow free an dkniotch an arrow as I study the ground loookin gfor spoor of the tabuk herd
[08:48]  Cross muttering under my breath about hte wet chilly mornings that are coming with the winters procmise on them I sigh as I find faint least a day old , and head out to follow them, hopin ghte Bosk have not trampled the remains of the sign
[08:49]  Cross looking about ocasionly not wanting to stumple into a wild sleen having seen on near the base of the mountains I check and rechek my position on the dangers lands that are the plains
[08:50]  Cross Avro not having any tension on the bow string I wander the lands that havebeen myhome for the last 5 centuries my mid wanders a bit to my life but for the most part stays focused as I hunt for the game that will feed my people
[08:51]  Cross spottin gsome still steaming dung on the ground I smile and look around, desptite the chill in the wet mrning air I sweat under the layers of leather and linen as I lok abou the rolling lands for theherd that is close
[08:53]  Cross spotting the herd I lower myslef into the green and brown grasses, and beging the slow slow movments that will tak eme close to them, ensuring a good celan shot that will garuntee the meat we need for the night
[08:54]  Cross literaly crawling on my belly and inch at a time, I pause everyso often and look up..slowly so as not to scare the herd for if they srat I would never find them
[08:54]  Cross seeing they still graze on the long grasses I lower my head and continue the sliding movments that keep me hidden in the long grasses
[08:55]  Cross looking back up I smile behind the maks that hides my face as I see I am within fifteen yards of a large buck I had not seen behind a small rise in teh lands
[08:55]  Cross slowly pullin gmy bow string taught I rise in a smooth clena motion to my knees, takin gaim at the beasta heart I let fly the shaft just as he looks up and spots me
[08:56]  Cross tense I watch the arrow fly, straight and true, but to me it seems slow as it strike the beast. his body jerks as if he is to run...the rest of the herd starts and takes flight, but He..the large Tabuk Buck falls to the ground, my shot true...and meat found for the Kataii to eat for the day
[08:58]  Cross rising to my full seven plus foot stature I lookaround theplains that this Old Tuchuk calls home and I raise my voice in ashout of joy and victory at the claiming of the hunt and meat for my people. Today the kataii eat, tommorow the dance of life will repeat itself I tell myslef as I sheath my bow and draw my balde and set to gutiing the beast.
[08:58]  Cross once that task i sdone and the entrails buried deep I lift the anilam to my shoulders and behing trekking the pasangs back to the wagons of the katai..humming a bwady tune I learned in the north

[09:18]  Aphris hears Cross has shot a tabuk and she decides to make a meal for the Kataii of it. She stands up and walks to the rack where the animal is hanging. She takes her sharp razored quiva and starts cutting one leg off, only 1 leg, because she knows the other free women might want to make a delicious meal too of the fine meat of this quick soft animal which is normally food for tarns, but now for the main predators on the Plains, the Kataii
[09:20]  Aphris: After 15 minutes sawing and cutting at the animal she frees the leg and brings it to the kitchen, she has seen Cross removed the guts, the entraills and all the other inner organs, which she pities because entrails she normally uses for sausages and other inner remants mix very well with slave gruel, which is therefor a nuitritious add-on for the kajirae
[09:24]  Aphris takes two pans from the shelf and fills one full with water, the other half. She starts removing the flesh of the leg bone and cuts the meat and tendons in small pieces. The meat she throws in the pan half filled with water. She add some herbs and put that pan at the fire. She knows it must cook now for at least 3 horus before the meat is ready.
[09:25]  Aphris: The other pan full with water, she throws the tabuk bone in, she puts that at very low fire, just to keep it cooking for a day or so. She knows the inner marrow of the leg bone will make an excellent bouillon for the outriders which often suffer of salt deficit after long travels over the plains when then loose a lot of sweat.
[09:27]  Aphris goes after 3 hours of cooking the meat, to the pan and takes that of the fire, she stores the meat in a cool room, so the meat will stay fresh, even that its cooked. The other pan she will take off the next day. Then she will mix the contents of both pans to makea great tabuk herb soupe which will strengthen the outriders before they go on a raid.
[09:28]  Aphris goes back to her wagon for a nap, after making sure the fire can not set the kitchen wagon aflame, she has to wait for 24 hours now, before she can finish the meal and serve it to the Kataii
[09:29]  Aphris sniffs at the pan of bouillon and likes the odeur, she knows for sure the tribe will appreciate her cooking

21 hours later

[06:17]  Aphris walks to the servery wagon and looks at the bouillon which now has been on small fire for about 21 hours, she takes it off and makes sure the fire is extinguished since she does not want fire in the wagons. She walks to the cold store and takes the tabuk-meat pan out, she slowly transports the tabuk bone bouillon into the tabuk-herb pan. With a big wooden spoon she mixes the contents of both pans. After the mixing she stores the pan with content back in the cold room. The used pan she throws to be cleaned at the dish and pan staple which must be washed by the kitchen slave of duty.