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Arian whipping

In a slaver house a kajira gets her welcome whipping

[09:19] Kutai looks at the low building in front of which he sees a man with a slavers mantle holding a whip. Kutai thinks he will discipline the slender blond girl in whipping position before him. He looks interested but keeps a distance because none interferes with a master punishing a slave girl.
[09:20] Nomeda laughs, and shakes his head; "'tis not paga I want right now, girl - I am looking to buy a kajira." He raises his voice for this last part sufficiently that even the slave being trained should be able to hear it. Then he drops his voice again to a reasonable level; "Not that your offer is disagreeable."
[09:20] Hannah lifts up her head and lets out a pained yell as the whipe slashes into her buttocks. "Two!" she screams loudly before her head collapses forward, sweat pouring down her face and stoinging her eyes as she kneels waiting, praying that the punishment has ended.
[09:21] Ursula looks up at the northman hearing of a man looking to buy a slave, she passes her tongue over her lips and eagerly waits for the disciplining to be over
[09:22] Rosemary smiles. and blushes prettily. she knows she would be as for sale as any other girl if a man offered the right price to her owner, "as ya please then, master." she pauses a moment, and then cant her head, "ya like a wee bit o company while ya watch? a slut ta warm yer feet?" she asks with a wink. "tis quiet in the tavern just now." and she didn't want to wander too far from it and get lost.
[09:23] Kutai hears a whip crack and a yelp of pain, completely used to this sound in his own wagon camp, his face stays immobile at the suffering of the punished slut. He admires the skill with which the slaver handles the instrument of discipline but actually all Goreans would handle such with great skill.
[09:23] Prithan strikes again, not willing to waste time, and waits for her to count.
[09:25] Nomeda shrugs; "You can clean my boots, and I'll even give you a tarsk bit for the pleasure, to take home to your Master's tavern. Just don't distract me. I wish to learn as much as anything else." He says, turning back to the teaching, a thoughtful and interested expression on his face - not taking delight in the pain of the girl, but interested as to the reasoning behind it.
[09:27] Hannah squals in pain as the whipe once again strikes her rear and unable to help herslef she collapses to the floor rolling around in agony, her sobs loud. Slowly she gets back up into her position and speaks softly, her voice hoarse. "Three!"
[09:29] Rosemary nodded and moves in closer to him, settling at his feet. she was above all things a very sensible girl and without hesitation she pulled off her little rag and set about polishing his boots, it might not have been as sexy as the girls she had seen rubbing their cunts on filthy leather, but she had never once gotten an infection from cleaning a mans boots, which was more than she could say for the heated girls. She worked diligently and did her work well, and quietly. but she flinched every time she heard the snap of the whip. a little shiver running along her naked skin.
[09:30] Kutai notices the slave still has breath enough to count, maybe the hipping hurts, but the slaver seems gentle and does not smash the air out of her lungs which would be done at a real heavy punishment. But why should he, he must keep his sales ware in good condition. Kutai’s epicanthic eyes now speed over the other slaves present, admiring their lusty curves
[09:31] Prithan continues to strike, again and again, the five leather blades hurting the sensitive skin of her back, buttocks and thighs, until he hears her husky voice utter a pityful and helpless "Fifteen !", ending the count of his welcoming gift to new slaves in his pens. "Welcome in Ar", he states folding the five blades of his kurt. "The pleasure racks of the Street of Brands are a popular attraction."
[09:32] Nomeda hand drops to his belt, and goes instinctively to his heavy and bloated money pouch. But instead, his fingers navigate round to a significantly smaller cloth bundle, from which he draws out a small tarsk bit, which he holds in his palm. Seeing the Slaver appear to finish his current task, he calls out to him; "Hai! Sir, might I talk with you?" Though he doesn't move, unwilling to disturb the girl at work on his boot.
[09:32] Ursula scans the plaza and notices the number of people starting to raise slowly, she holds her body more beautifully, back straight, a smile appearing on her face as the northman ends the punishment
[09:33] Kutai grins when he hears the remark of the slaver about the pleasure racks, he makes a mental note to take a look at it after his business matters, maybe one of the sluts would be more worth then just looking at
[09:33] Muffin Piek lips pressed tightly together that the blood was squeezed out of them giving them the pale color of the rest of her frame, and she does not release them until the punishment was over, the smack of leather was to be heard a last time, and a last whimper rolled over the other slaves tongue, finally she exhales with relief but still does not dare to look back at the new slavegirl, fearing to see the horrible look of fear mingled with shock within her eyes
[09:34] Lilith Shamrock looks around the city with the burning glow of something not quite right in her eyes. Her heart broke with every step as she looked around to see the tyrant's banners everywhere. She sneers, her mood worsening as she noted the beauty of the rebuilt city...Once filled with the noble Cosians, now disgraced with the putrid existence of Arians. She mutters to herself in a disjointed and sinister way to herself. "Strike the family, strike the heart." She repeated it over and over in her grief induced craze that was eating at her tearing away the sanity.
[09:34] Hannah lies writhing around on the ground, unable to hold her position by the seventh blow, her back and rear throbbing and stinging in agony. Hearing the slaver's announcement of where she is and realzing she is nowhere near her home she begins to sob even more loudly. "Please... Master, I beg you to let me go home, I am not suitable for such pleasure racks, please I have not a slave's mind or heart!"
[09:35] Rosemary spit on her rage when she needs to to make his boot shine and as the whipping comes to an end she relaxes visibly, and presses her body against the back of his leg while she rubs at the toe of his boot, her cheek pressed against his muscular thigh.
[09:36] Prithan turns to the voice that just seemed to call him, and snaps his fingers, issuing a stern "kneel !" command to the disciplined slave. He then answers to the man, "Tal Sir. How may I help you ?"
[09:36] Kutai laughs hard when he hears the girls desperate begging to go home, he grins evily knowing the woman does not know full slavery yet,. Kutai thinks that it will be an extra pleasure to teach a woman fresh in the chains what her lace in Gor now is, at the feet of men, pleasing them in perfection, his keen eyes go over the sluts body.
[09:38] Arealius walks up seeing a fellow traveller. He watches the proceedings for a bit to get his bearings.
[09:38] Nomeda smiles; "I'd assume you a Slaver, Sir - though if you aren't, I shall change my speech to a fine congratulations on your number of kajirae." He grins good-naturedly, and shakes his head; "But either way, I am looking to buy a kajira - preferably glana, ah - is it... white silk, you say here? I have been out of cities and camps for a time. But that doesn't matter too much. Is there at all the chance that I might view your wares?" he says, putting nothing into the speech but amicable honesty and a smile with the twists of those strange scars.
[09:38] Hannah slowly rises, until she is sitting upon her heels, every movement causing her to wince with pain. She sits with her back straight and chest trhust out as she had been trained. Placing her trembling hands on her thighs she slowly spreads her legs, taking the position of a pleasure slave. She drops her head and closes her eyes in shame.
[09:41] Rosemary looks up curiously as the man who's boots she is cleaning asks for a white silk girl, her mind whirling with the reasons a man would want one. most dont. the reasons she comes up with are . .. .. .cruelty . .. . and for a companion. she shifts to his other boot without a sound, and turns her eyes back to her work. his right boot gleams as she starts on his left.
[09:41] Ursula stays under the protection of the roof above her head, not wishing to kneel under the bright sun. She moves closer to her Jarl, crawling on hands and knees yet still fairly distant from the shadow line on the cobblestones of the street
[09:42] Prithan: "I am a Slaver, indeed." he answers with a smile. "Unfortunately all the girls in my pens have been opened.The owner of the Silver Chain Tavern, though, which is also of the Slavers, has a few White Silk slave girls, you might be more lucky with him."
[09:42] Kutai: Me looks again at the slave, with the perfect breasts, now closing her eyes in shame. Pfaah, shame, something a kajira is not allowed to have, his eyes turn to slits and he decides to show her that shame does not exist for a slave girl, for that he has his methods at the pleasure rack
[09:43] Prithan notes for himself to stop opening virgins, since there seems to be a market for them in Ar finally.
[09:43] Arealius clears his throat, "Slaver," looks toward the man in green, then looks back at the slaver, "sir where is this tavern run by the slavers, I am new in your city? Is it to the north or west from here?"
[09:45] Prithan: "Allow one of my slaves to show you the way, Sir", he answers, snapping his fingers behind his back, glad to send potential customers to one of his partners in trade.
[09:46] Arealius: "That would be most appreciated sir."