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Kutai and Hakimba visit Salernum, a city threatened by a huricane



[11:26] Dracaena looks curiously at the two men stepping on the docks
[11:26] Kutaituchik ooks around the quai, whic is quite empty for such a merchant town
[11:26] Hakimba: we are here to visit this city
[11:27] Dracaena nods softly " can i help you maybe, Masters?"
[11:27] Kutaituchik: I know the way, last time I cam e for the blacksmith, that Torvie brute, but he seems to have moved long ago
[11:28] Hakimba: you could show us the way to the tavern and hmmm maybe i would like to drink something
[11:28] Dracaena smiles "yes, Masters" rises elegantly and motions with her hand to follow her" this way please, Masters!"
[11:28] Hakimba: or shall we first look around kutai?
[11:28] Kutaituchik The tavern is at the other side of the city, you must have Korsakov, last time you were drinking paga there with a dancer at your lap
[11:29] Hakimba: hmmmm
[11:29] Dracaena pauses her walk when the man start to talk to each other, chuckling softly at the comment
[11:29] Hakimba: Korsakow i hope you are not right
[11:30] Kutaituchik: I like to look around, and quick, violent tempests are developing, sucha mega storm can easily hit the coast here, and the i want be safe back in the plains
[11:30] Hakimba: sure you are right Kutai
[11:31] Dracaena: i need to go, rl is calling, sorry about that, will be back later!!))
[11:31] Kutaituchik throwsa last glimpse at the splendid build kajira, but he has o lust in slave meat today, so he start moving towards the city
[11:31] Hakimba: save paths girl
[11:32] Dracaena: i wish you well, Masters
[11:32] Kutaituchik: come nephew
[11:33] Hakimba: then we go
[11:41] Hakimba: greetings girl
[11:41] Kutaituchik smells some soft scent of perfume and turns around "greetings, kajira"
[11:42] Flame comes too a top at the corner as she notices too men stood before her... slowly slipping too her knees before them.. her hands gently rested against her parted thighs... her soft blue eyes lifted as she smiles and offers her greetins "Tal Masters"
[11:44] Kutaituchik eyes go over the redhead, dressed in a simple camisk and smiles at what he sees "I see so few people here, little tasta, are all praying to the priest kings at this time? "
[11:44] Hakimba nods
[11:45] Flame chuckles a little at his comment her gaze flickering over the very quiet streets almost as if she can see dustballs rolling down the sidewalks... her lips twitch slightly before she responds.. "must be Master, it is rather quiet day today indeed" lightly her tongue flickers over her lower lip before she asks "can i help you at all today Master's?"
[11:47] Kutaituchik hears the words of the girl, and his yes wander the empty streets, and he sees the dust, which remind s him, his nephew Hakimba was thirsty aftera long travel over the Thassa "yes, kajira, we would like to consum e some paga, to refresh our throats which are salty from the strong Thassa winds'
[11:48] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles because of the good proposal
[11:48] Flame nods her soft fire hair bouncing around her shoulders as her gaze flickers over too one side.. then her blue eyes flicker back as she smiles and utters the words.. "aye Master then you need the tavern. I can show you the way if you wish Master?"
[11:50] Kutaituchik nods when he hears f the tavern "that seems an excellent place, we were there before, good paga and wanton dancing slaves" he smiles broadly "yes , we had a good time there once"
[11:50] Hakimba nods, "yes girl that would be fine"
[11:51] Hakimba coughs
[11:52] Flame grins and nods softly.. her soft fingers gently run along her silken thighs before she speaks.. "aye Master we have some wonderful slaves here and some amazing dancers too" winking slightly at them both with a cheeky grin teasing her lips she speaks again.. "may i lead you there now Masters" slowly rising too her feet as she speaks
[11:53] Kutaituchik: "you may lead us to the horn of plenty paga"
[11:53] Hakimba: yes girl we will follow you
[11:54] Flame nods and begins walking in the direction of the tavern calling over her shoulder.. "follow me Masters"
[11:56] Kutaituchik walks to the grassy fileds which he has seen before, he wonders aout the many banners of the players caste and asks for information "is there a tournament of Kaiassa in this city luscious one? "
[11:56] Flame slowly makes her way across the grass.. the soft blades tickling her feet.. smiling as she comes too a stop before the tavern doors she gently pushes it open... slowly drifting inside hips wiggle seductively with each move she makes... gracefully but also with a little sass she falls too her knees again.. wiggling her ass against her ankles before speaking softly.. "this is the tavern Masters.. would you prefer too sit inside or outside?"
[11:57] Hakimba: i would prefer to sit inside
[11:58] Hakimba looks around " it is really a nice tavern here"
[11:58] Kutaituchik sees a cushion in the red-golden collors of the players, sinc ehim self pays ZAR too, he jumps at the nearest and stretches his legs
[11:59] Hakimba falls on a cushion
[12:00] Flame nods softly at both men.. gestureing too the cushions layed across the floor she smiles saying.. "please have seats Masters"... then nibbling lightly on her lips at the question about kassai tournaments.. "i'm unsure on that one Masters, maybe someone else might answer that question for you when they arrive"
[12:00] Hakimba: excuse me i was thinking loudly
[12:01] Flame lips twitch slightly at his words.. nodding she speaks "of course Master" then flickering her gaze too the second man she speaks softly.. "paga then Master, how would you like it?"
[12:01] Hakimba: i need some fresh air
[12:01] Hakimba steps outside
[12:03] Kutaituchik greets Hakimba who had to leave so quickly, then he turns to the slave girl "I like my paga chilled" he stretches his legs, not having the intention to leave soon
[12:03] Dracaena swings the door open of the tavern and steps inside of the cosy space, smiling around "Tal Master, tal Flame!"
[12:05] Kutaituchik feels the cold air coming in, not mindng it because this city was much warmer then the windy plains he himslef lived on. He turns his head and sees the little tasta he admired before at the docks "tal again, kajira"
[12:05] Flame eyes flicker behind her at the greeting of sana.. smiling back she throws a little wink in her direction "Tal Sana" then turning her attention back too him as she speaks softly.. "aye Master, paga coming right up".. quickly she slips too her feet and makes her way into the small kitchen
[12:08] Dracaena watches the girl step towards to the kitchen, quietly she stands up and moves outside, grabbing a broom standing against the wall and starts to sweep the wooden porch
[12:08] Kajira chores broom fluistert: Greetings, Dracaena! Use this broom to remove all those leaves on the ground. Visit Tala Nagy's store to get broomable leaves and many other items
[12:09] Kutaituchik feels in his pockets and seek some dark grassy package, he smiles when he finds it and takes it out carefully. He looks at the kanda block and takes a quiva from his belt, a quiva, razorsharp because he wets it every evening, witha quick movement he cuts of a piece f the chewwing drug and puts that in his right mouth corner and starts chewing
[12:09] Flame quickly scans her eyes over the shelves looking for a clean bowl too use... lifting up high on her heels she tugs the bowl down too her chest.. quickly she swipes the cloth through it then lifting too the light too check for any other imperefections.. smiling she places this down.. taking the bota of paga that is left hanging by the shelves she slings that over her shoulder... then taking the bowl and the bota she makes her way back across too him
[12:11] Kutaituchik chews at the kanda and gives himself over to the relaxing influence of it. H  s ees how the fiery one returns with a bota over her shoulder and smiles
[12:12] Flame carefully falls too her knees beside him.. balacing the bowl between her thighs as she lifts the bota too her lips... carefully popping the cork free.. the smell of paga now wafting too her noise she wrinkles it slightly too remove the smell from her nostrils... licking her lips she carefully pours the liquid into the bowl watching as it splashes and stains against the sides... popping the cork back into the bota she moves it back onto her back... then carefully lifting the bowl she wiggles her hips slightly getting a little more comfy on her knees... lifting the bowl too her lips she presses a soft but slightly sensual kiss too the side just below the rim.. smiling she speaks softly as she lifts the bowl towards him.. "Master your paga, i hope it refreshes you"
[12:13] Kutaituchik spits a side, some brown fluid form the kanda block, mixed with his saliva, then he takes the cup with the cold liquid from the girls hands and brings it to his lips. He prays short to the open sky, which he can not see in between these closed wall, he drinks while cursing Hakimba who preferred to sit inside, the fool, as if wagonpeople like to sit inside.
[12:14] Dracaena sets the broom back against the wall after she is finished and steps of the porch, making her way back to the city
[12:17] Flame eyes lift slightly as she watches him spit too the side... her lips part a little in disgust before she turns her gaze elsewhere.. listening too him grumble under his breath she speaks softly.. "is something amiss Master?"
[12:18] Kutaituchik lets the chilled fluid flow to his stomach, refreshing his throat and warming his scarred body. Like a good Tuchuk he likes his paga sometimes to much, but since he has no plans he drins queietly and enjoys. His eyes wander over the kajira again and wonders if she isa public paga girls, but he doubts that since he met her outside the tavern at the quai “I gess you are a privately owned kajria, girl? "
[12:20] Flame gaze flickers slightly.. her soft sooty lashes flutter a little at his question.. lightly tugging on her lower lip too keep her thoughts too this moment and not back too her owner.. even though her lips do twitch slightly.. "oh aye Master i am owned private yes"
[12:23] Kutaituchik nods “as I expected”, he guised right she is a beautiful girl, and such often quickly are collared for private use by masters. He drinks again from the paga, a bit disappointed the use of the girl is not included in the price of the paga, but he thinks there will be others, soon enough.
[12:25] Flame eyes slip down slightly.. as she wonders what she did too displease him.. her head tilting up again noticing the look of disapointment on his face.. lightly tugging on her lower lips as she asks softly.. "did i displease you is someway, you look rather disapointed Master"
[12:30] Kutaituchik hears the question “its nothing, kajira, so far you are very pleasing” he sighs “I first was looking for a public paga slut, for more in-depth use, but actually I like my rest now and prefer sitting here quietly and drink my paga”
[12:33] Flame giggles a little at his words.. then smiles sweetly.. her body lightly teasing closer too his as she utters the words.. "i am glad you are pleased Master, i am sure some paga sluts should come soon if you wish though Master. Though if you prefer the quiet talk is also good" grinning slightly
[12:37] Kutaituchik leans backward and grinses evily "actually, i must confess I just took a free companion and I have not tasted her yet. That’s why I safe some energy, its always a pleasant thing to get a free woman into the state of yielding like a slut and begging for her release. But it costs more effort then at a slave girl of course “I suspect, that your master does not have to go into the depth of his skills to get you hot”
[12:39] Flame laughs softly at the comment of a FW and FC.. her lips curled into a slight cheeky smile as she utters softly.. "aye Master i bet alot of work is required for a frigid free woman" giggling slightly but then a blush rising on her cheeks at your final comment.. glancing down at her knees a slight smile playing on her lips as she murmers "no Master, he does not"
[12:43] Kutaituchik “well I don’t worry about my today free companion, she seems have been a slave girl in the past, but f course there is a risk her slave fires are not awakened yet. Some masters have not the ability to achieve that. I wonder why they don’t love that sport, its no better exercise then slowly changing some frigid free woman into a begging slut which howls during her orgasm" he looks at the girl befoe him "but maybe you were such a cold creature, too once, once in another live, inan era before your st
[12:47] Flame bites her lips as her mind drifts back too when she was captured and brought too this world... a little shudder too her body as she remembers that awful man as he pulled her and pushed at her then drugging her.. she can still to this day smell the grease on his body... gagging slightly breaths through her noise hoping it will pass she then answer your question.. "i would not know of Master who cannot open slaves properally Master, my own Master was my first.. i was from what is called earth. A very different place from here indeed"
[12:50] Kutaituchik recognizes now the barbaric accent “I know Earth, I have been there, even that I am born as a Tuchuk at the plains” he smiles in himself, not telling the women of his voyages of acquisition in the Kurii space ships which travels between Earth, the slave planet, and Gor the planet of the masters
[12:53] Flame grins softly then nods at him as she realises that he knows earth.. tugging on her lower lip before she asks softly.. "do you think like most Masters that earth girls make perfect slaves?. I have been told so many times that a barbarian can be molded into the perfect slave with the proper training though i am not quite sure what that means" laughing slightly
[12:57] Kutaituchik: “I know what it means, a good training awakens the female desires in your belly, your desire to men, it changes you from a cold statue into a wriggling hot slave. Slave trainers se special programs for that, to let a woman become aware of the ower and attraction of men. But barbarians like you often don’t need to be awakened, they are natural sluts, which drip at the first touch of a gorean master “ he softly touches her arm.
[12:59] Flame listens carefully too your words.. her head bouncing every so often as she listens carefully.. though her brow furrors at the mention of special programs.. opening her lips too ask before she feels your hand gently caress along the top of her skin... feeling slight goosebumps raise she glances down then back up at you.. a delicious shiver rolling it's way down her back
[13:01] Kutaituchik sees how the woman reacts at even the slightest touch “see your own reactions, they betray the natural slave in you. Never should one like you be freed, the collar brand and the touch of a master suits you”. He retreats his hand keeping her in a certain condition of uneasiness, some helplessness which are the first steps for a total slave yielding.
[13:06] Flame feels the goosebumps on her flesh rise even higher.. her teeth gently now tugging on her lower lip as she gazes into your eyes almost like she is in a trance... her nipple pebble beneath the material of her camisk.. teasing slowly as her breath becomes a little short
[13:09] Kutaituchik notices the nipple appearing above the textile, he decides to get her into a more helpless status, so she would become wanton and beg her master for his touch when he comes later this evening “that’s a nice rose button, little tasta” he touches the point of her pretty breast teasingly and strokes a few times with his finger over it. His keen eyes watch her face, eager to see her expressions during a male touching.
[13:11] Flame gasps softly.. her body straining foreward under the teasing stroke of your fingers.. her nipple peaks harder and fills with blood as you caress and pinch it softly.. her thighs quiver slightly almost as if she wishes too clench them together.. licking her lips as she stutters out softly.. "yes Master, thank you"
[13:15] Kutaituchik: “you are hot now, kajira? “ he smiles at his question of which he already knows the answer. He retreats his hand “wait for your master now girl, stay hot, like you are now, and show him that you want him, that you want to please him in perfection”
[13:19] Flame licks her lips at your words... her breath still quite short as she hold back from begging... lightly pressing her thighs together almost as if too ease the ache before quickly parting them again she nods and speaks.. "aye Master i will"
[13:22] Kutaituchik decides that’s time to move back to the his ship. He is on a long journey now, visiting several places in the north on his route to the life stock fair at Skjern “I must go further, litte vulo” he stands up and throws a tarskbit at the table as payment for the drink “thanks for the paga”.
[13:24] Flame eyes flicker up as she watches you slip too your feet.. smiling at your words she nods and speaks softly.. "aye Master, safe travels" then turning she collects the coin from the table moving over too the coin box in the corner flicking it inside
[13:26] Kutaituchik: "keep on your training, slave girl, I wonder if I see progress next time i see you"he grinses and sees that she is only in the earlier stages of slave hood not yet is she begging for his touch, like some girls do, shameless at any men, rubbing the iron of their kennels with their eat, clawing with their fngers after a mans'cloak
[13:30] Flame grins a little.. her head boucing as she speaks softly.. "aye Master i will" then giggling slightly at his last words she ponders speaking too her owner about slave training and barbarians
[13:30] Kutaituchik: I wish you well, luscious one"
[13:31] Sabriel: Greetings stranger
[13:31] Kutaituchik nods freindly to the man and the 2 girls "Tal, sir"
[13:32] Tara peers to her right and lifts her chin, then smiles , " Tal, Master"
[13:32] Kutaituchik: "the paga is excellent in this city, but now, its tie to travel further, i wish you well"
[13:32] Dracaena turns slightly and looks into the direction of the man "Tal Master!"
[13:32] Dracaena: i wish you welll, Master