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The Drum


[09:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) was unrested, lately he had some difficulties with his meditations, he could not get very good contact with the spirits of the surrounding nature. He was wondering if he could not consult some guru, or an initiate. The later though he threw away because his experience with Initiates were so that their knowledge of nature and the divine was minimal, probably caused because they worshipped  false Gods, the unknown powerful Priest Kings.
[09:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) was overthinking why this was happening, perhaps he needed to use a slave more regular to get physical and mentally relaxed. Or some good leaves of Kanda, which has the same effect and is usually used as a key to the spiritworld,
[09:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Since Kutai had no kajira, and did not want to use the sluts of his campmen  Hakimba and Scholar, he went to tunnels of the nearby town of Port Turia. The town was destroyed by earlier attacks of the Tuchuk and Kataii, but the tunnels, sewers and mines were still presentan dhe knew often free woman offered their services to men there
[09:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) went down into a dark tunnel, he saw some free woman in rags at the entrance, he studied them and ignored the sluts since they were way ugly, no wonder they were not slaves. Their smell and raw faces were a perfect protection against the collar
[09:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) saw also some slave girls, not unpretty chained to a ring at the concrete floor. He also ignored those, they were probably much used, and he had no lust to go a path where many others had went before
[09:35] Sludmilla hears some noises in the tunnel, a customer, she thinks, she stands up from the crate she was sitting on. To look who was coming
[09:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) saw at one of the deepest pits a woman standing, this one was not unpretty. a free woman of low caste, not uncommon of the she-urts of the wharves in Port Kar. She was dressed a white ragged robe, and had her ravenblack hair put together in a knot. Unlike all the other whore who wore their hair loose, like slaves
[09:40] Sludmilla saw a short but powerful build man, strong like a bosk, she noticed the scars at his face, a man of the wagon people. She frowned because her companion had been killed by the Tuchuk "tal Sir", she said with a professional smile

[09:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) saw the smile of the she-urt and greeted her back "greetings woman, who might you be in this hell hole, dangerous for all men and women?"
[09:45] Sludmilla: The widow answered, being impressed by his strong shape, this was not a weak man seeking some secret pleasure, but one of strength, she wondered what he was looking for here "I am Lady Milla from the dockworkers of Port Turia, and you are?"
[09:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "curio..." he swallowed in the starting sentence, since the woman was a free "my name is not important, i am seeking a woman which can give me full pleasure so that i am totally relaxed, such only could be given by a trained true slave, so i am actually wondering what I am doing here" Kutai really started to think to leave here, but something in the Sky had led him here, something beyond reason and Kutai was used to follow the strange hints given y his God
[09:50] Sludmilla smiled experienced with men as she was, she had seen many, good and even more evil caused by the war "I might not be a slave and i don't have the deep orgasms a slut of a slave goes through, but men who come to visit me, come for my maturity and my ability to give them some thing special, something deeper then the shallow sights of a common slave"
[09:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): /m looked interested, maybe the Open Sky was deeper then he though, getting a meditating dream probably could better be started when he was pleased by a mature woman who knew the depths of live "i think i will use your services, some bread and a flask of bosk milk will do as counter prestation"
[09:56] Sludmilla: "are you fucking nuts" the dock woman showed her background now "a few tarsk is minimal what i demand of a Tuchuk bull bosk" she had seen his epicanthic folds and recognized his tribe
[09:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): 'ts ts, look at yourself, your minimal worth a tarskbit, and some bread is well paid. He then made a threatening step forward "mind that I am a Tuchuk, and remember who i in charge of  this town, not the caste of teh dockworkers!'
[09:59] Sludmilla became afraid now and decided to give in, when she pleased him well, there might be more in it then soome tarskbit of piece of bread "very well sir"
[10:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ---- What services Lady Milla peformed for Kutai will be censored. He who wants know should role play himslef with Milla to experience it ----
[[10:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): After the deed which lasted several intense hours, the Haruspex stood up, the woman had not lied about her capabilities, his mind was now freed of all sorrows and worries and ready for the next step. He picked a ruby from his pocket and threw it to her "here a pebble, as payment for your services. I give you the blessings of the Open Sky"
[10:05] Sludmilla: Lady Milla, exhausted by the way he had put her to use, and still in awe of what he had done to her, catched the jewelstone and could only gasp
[10:05] Sludmilla: ooh thank you sir may the Priest Kings bless you too
[10:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "Don't spoil my good mood by mentioning false Gods" he says jokingly and left without looking, after all she was only a woman
[10:06] Sludmilla: yes sir


[09:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Now the haruspex was totally relaxed he went to his bag of kanda leaves and took some good exemplars out. With these he went to the sweat hut. He undressed and went tp shower first to get the filth and female juices of the low caste dockworker woman off

[09:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): After been washed through he wen in the sweat hut, l etting the heat and steam work on his body. He started chewing on one of the leaves.
[09:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The status of being relaxed and made extra sensitive by the kanda leaves helped the haruspex to enter the spirit or dream world. He stood in a sea of waving grass, lofty hills all around him, it was grass and flowers as far as he could see, it was as if the whole planet of Gor was a bosks Paradise.

[09:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) stood in the grass and listened to the sound of the waving grass blades, of the singing birds and of the crickets working hard for their living. Then he heard the murmur of great wings, his hand went to his recurved bow, was it a tarn attacking, he turned around and saw a big pure white bird, it was a gigantic goose like vulo. Which landed in the vegetation sea around the omen priest.

[09:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) took his hand from the bow, since he had recognized an appearance of the Eternal Open Sky, his God who often presented himself as a giant goose, or swan. He heard an internal voice, almost a command “mount my back”.  Kutai walked to the bird, and climbed on it, like a tarnsman on his bird of prey.
[09:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The mammoth goose lifted up and flew sky high, with its strong wings it flew off, taking the priest with him. Kutai looked down and saw mountain ranges being passed, rivers been crossed, he enjoyed the scattered pattern of fields and woods and lakes below. The landscape changed, no longer it was yellow and green below, but more and more rocks came, he was nearing the Voltai.
[09:16] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The Sky vulo went higher to cross the majestic peaks of the alpine red Mountains of the Voltai range. Kutai saw the grandeur of the rocky and snowy wilderness under him, he awed about the greatness of his home stone planet Gor. He saw glacial valleys, deep crevices, alpine meadows with grazing capricorn verr. And mountain larl preying on them in the sparse woods. After a while the landscape changed again.

[09:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The mountains became lower and soon it were lofty rolling hills on a high plateau, plowed by easy meandering rivers like the Snake and Northern Kaiila river. It was the Barrens, the land of the red Savage tribes, Dust legs, Fleer, Kaiila, Kinyampi Sleen and Yellow Knives. The goose vulo started to fly lower and circled above a herd of kailiuk.
[09:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Kutai heard drums, softly at the background, it gave him a soothing mood, he looked at the kailiuk, he saw a bull, a tatanka in the words of the Red Savages, chasing a pte, a kailiuk cow. The bull was strong and big, twenty-five hands high, over a fourthousand pound heavy. Kutai saw the essence of Gor, the stronger male hunting a female exemplar, mastering it, for the bull caught the fleeing cow and mated with her. The omen priest realized that the Open Sky wanted to show him something special, something essential about the nature of species.
[09:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): He looked further over the herd of stocky shaggy ruminants, He admire their triangle horns, their weapons to defend, the horns of the bulls much bigger than of the cows, of course, this was Gor. And on the background there was constant the intoxicating noise of a tamtam as if a shaman was drumming his meditational music.

[09:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The Open Sky spread her wings again, and up it went, high into the heaven over the Voltai back towards the Thassa. Soon the mountain range was passed and Kutai saw now a dense forest,  jungle full of live, no longer a sea of grass and sand, but an ocean of bush, trees, full of life, animals, plants. The tropical rainforest of the Ua River in the Schendi region.
[09:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The great swan lowered again, and circled above the mammoth hardwood trees of the jungle, and there it was, the drumming, not an Savage tamtam now but the smaller handheld bongo of the Black Slavers of that region, bongo drums, mingled with the heavier sound of Djembe and Ashiko drums. Kutai realized that the drumming must be a vital part of the message the Open Sky had for him. He looked at the big tree ebony wood, and wondered how sturdy wagons he could make of this, or carved furniture or statues, or …..he realized the message now, drums.


[09:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The Blue Sky goose flew South now, on to the Tahari desert, the vegetation disappeared and change to a steppe, and again changed to sandy and rocky hills, the deadly impassable Tahari. Never before had a giant bird flown over this sand ocean for tarns did not visit here, but the Open Sky was the creator of them all, so such limits did not count for him.
[09:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): And again the bird lowered, now it inspected a herd of sand kaiila, a huge stallion and a group of his mares, again the Gor symbolic, the Master and his kajirae. Kutai now hear tambourines, the message of his God was all to clear now. The light brown stud kaiila stood at a dune, guarding the environment, the primary mount and predator of desert wastes.

[09:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): And up again, a total new direction, faster and faster it wet, North North, over Schendi, over the Vosk, the Laura river. Then above the Northern Forest the bird lowered again. Kuati leaned over the neck of the Sky and saw between the trees, Panther Women. He frowned, this was different message then before, women not being controlled, he saw them using war drums, a Dunbhubi. Of course, war, the eternal enemy, the battle  between men and women. Even that men has won in the past, these women showed the last flame of resistance, high in the Northern Woods.
[09:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The Panther woman were hunting an animal, a cat-like predator, a larl Kutai though, but it was smaller, more agile, however still dangerous and in the possession of sharp claws. He saw how the wenches used bola’s at long thin ropes to ensnare the panther. The leopard, feared by many, prey of the wood sluts. Befoe Kutai could decide if he would ensnare a panther girl for his own use, the tarnlike goose moved away again, back in the direction of which they came from.

[09:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): On it’s way back the bird flew twice over a city, once the town of Argentum, and then over Tharna the city of the Silvermasked Women. However no longer silver masked now, but unveiled, face stripped women for all were slaves now at this home stone. Kutai wondered if he must use silver too, for making the instrument which the Open Sky was demanding from him now.

[09:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): After several hours of flight, the Open Sky flew faster then faster then the fastest tarn, they arrived back on the Eastern Plains again. Kutai rejoiced the grass, and enjoyed the sound of their moving in the sturdy dry wind. First he saw was a bosk bull mating a cow, he did laugh, In essence Gor was everywhere the same.

[09:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Then he saw something white at the grass, it was a gigantic goose down feather, he picked it up as a memory, was his dream real, real enough to have a proof of it from the Open Sky

[09:43] Dahija shouts: sorry
[09:45] Dahija shouts: exhuasted she reaches the wagoncamp and she looks around ... the haruspex seems not be there and curious she looks around
[09:47] Dahija shouts: she finds a lake, looks over her shoulder if anyone can see her. she notices nobody but she dont dare to put down her clothes. so she went a bit in the lake to refresh her
[09:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) shout Kutai hears a voice, he decides to look who is there
[09:49] Dahija shouts: then she leaves the cold fresh water to become dry again
[09:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) shouts: ut Kutai puts on a clean trouser, he had laid ready and then immediate gurdles his scimitar, who knows who is entering, it was a woman's voice, but still

[09:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) shouts: Kutai puts on his boots, Torvie fur boots this time, since he plans to visit the Thing in Fensalir
[09:51] Dahija: she wanders curious trough the camp and suddenly she see a man  "haruspex?"  she asks careful
[09:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears the voice of Dahija and wonders how long she has bee luring behind a bush, looking at his nakedness
[09:53] Dahija: she comes closer and smiles wide  "tal haruspex"  she examines him with her eyes
[09:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) puts the rest of his cloths on so he is ready to travel to the land of the Vikings
[09:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Huntress

[09:53] Dahija: "oh, i hope i dont disturb you"
[09:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "no no, i just finished bathing" as a last act, he takes his long lance which he had placed against the sweat hut and places that at his back

[09:57] Dahija: smies  "good ..."  watches him  "you seem ready for a event or something else. a cerenomie!"
[[09:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "I just finished a ceremony, a journey to the spiritworld. And now i am heading for an event, the Thing in the Northern village of Fensalir"


10:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): when Hakimba is there I will tell my dream
[10:18] nadi (nara.zsun): OOOO claps her ands and rocks back on her heels....He should be back from the hunt soon Master
[10:20] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiles, "A dream Master, that sounds really exciting," she smiled then rubbed the chair
[10:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, first i want some food, i bet there are some hard boiled eggs and some roasted vulo legs at te closet
[10:21] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Yes Master," she stood then moved to the area he spoke of
[10:21] nadi (nara.zsun): smiles at the obedient well trained slave girl.  She is a keeper for sure Master winks
[10:21] nadi (nara.zsun): Do you need me to assist you in anyway Oria
[10:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, you can bring me cold paga
[10:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and prepare food for Halimba also
[10:22] ŐℜİA (0subira) shook her head, "No nadi, but thank you.... Umm Master, there is only crates here...I can get some from the kitchen really quickly"
[10:22] nadi (nara.zsun): yes Master....leaning forward on her hands....sticks her firm rounded backside into the air and stands to move to the kitchen area
[10:23] ŐℜİA (0subira) then heard him speak of prepping food...."Nadi you can help if you like, but you do so much already....Please just rest for a moment," she said with concern
[10:26] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked to the Haruspex and felt he was really hungry then hurried to the kitchen to prepare.
[10:28] nadi (nara.zsun): rustles around looking for a good sized platter to prepare some food for her Master upon his arrival....takes a small three footed wooden bowl from the shelf and opens the chill box to remove the bottle of chilled paga.  Fills the bowl and moves to the Masters boot
[10:30] nadi (nara.zsun): settling at his boot....lowers her eyes in respect and proffers up the wooden bowl of chilled liquid.....Master chilled paga to refresh you and delight your palate
[10:30] 0Subira Resident washed her hands in the cool waters as her nostrils inhaled the already cooked vulo legs and boiled eggs, "Smells good," she smiled and prepared two plates. One for the Haruspex and one for Master H
[10:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the paga from Nadi and brings it to his lips "you will kneel at my feet, the moment Hakimba's omes this order is disolved and you can go to him
[10:31] nadi (nara.zsun): Yes Master .....smiles and moves aside for Oria
[10:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees Oria coming to bring him vulo legs and eggs
[10:32] ŐℜİA (0subira) hurried back with the plate steaming vulo legs and boiled eggs. She winked to nadi before placing a rep cloth to the side of the plate
[10:32] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Your yummy food Master," she smiled as her lips watered
[10:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Peel the egg Oria, and keep the shells in your hand to bring away afterwards
[10:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Did you bring salt too? If not let Nadi bring it
[10:34] nadi (nara.zsun): looks to oria for an answer
[10:34] ŐℜİA (0subira) nods, "yes Master," she said and began peeling the egg shell. ..."OOops please forgiveness Master I forgot
[10:35] nadi (nara.zsun): smiles rising runs to the kitchen to retrieve the bowl of salt
[10:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods to Nadi to get the salt "next time you forget, and will let you run 20 times around the lake and use your sweat as salt for my egg"
[10:36] ŐℜİA (0subira) gulped at his words and imagined herself running the laps as punishment... "Yes Master, I won't forget again"
[10:36] nadi (nara.zsun): breathing hard.....offers up the bowl of salt to the Haruspex...
[10:36] nadi (nara.zsun): Your salt Master
[10:37] ŐℜİA (0subira) whispers: Thank you nadi
[10:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Is the egg ready Oria?
[10:37] nadi (nara.zsun): winks at oria...
[10:38] ŐℜİA (0subira) finished peeling the egg, "Yes Master..," she said and lifted it to him
[10:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): then put some salt on it, and make sure it's enough and not too much. Because if it's wrong i put he next egg in your pussy, and keep it there till your master gets it out"
[10:39] ŐℜİA (0subira) mouth dropped open...
[10:39] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Ummm yes Master"
[10:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): hm, you know another good slave training?
[10:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Put an unboiled egg in a kajira's mouth and let her run around the lake, not allowing to break the egg
[10:41] nadi (nara.zsun): listens and looks surprised as oria at the Haruspex's words....
[10:42] ŐℜİA (0subira) took the egg and the salt. She sprinkled a small amount on it to not raise Master's blood pressure.. "Master, I could be punished to eat eggs in various ways.... Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs. Umm, also egg sandwich," she said then stared at his egg before raising it to him
[10:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): that improves her oral pleasing skills, she becomes more softer
[10:43] nadi (nara.zsun): smiles hearing her Master's heavy footsteps ....wheels around an moves to his boot..
[10:43] Hakimba Oakleaf: Tal Haruspex  greetings girls  how are you?
[10:43] nadi (nara.zsun): Greetings My Master
[10:43] ŐℜİA (0subira) looks over seeing the Master and smiles, "Greetings Master," she said then looked back at the Haruspex, hoping he found the egg she had given to him pleasing
[10:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Hakimba
[10:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) eats from the egg and is satisfied
[10:45] ŐℜİA (0subira) exhaled loudly since she was so relieved
[10:45] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Yesssss"
[10:45] Hakimba Oakleaf: me grins  did the volu deliver salty eggs?
[10:46] nadi (nara.zsun): giggles softly trying not to make any noise
[10:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): your vulo did
[10:47] ŐℜİA (0subira) covers her mouth to chuckle discreetly
[10:48] Hakimba Oakleaf: me takes a seat  sighs this pillow is turned the wrong direction
[10:49] Hakimba Oakleaf: oh magically i am rotated
[10:49] nadi (nara.zsun): nestles close to her Master's thigh
[10:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, the haruspex magic
[10:50] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiles
[10:50] ŐℜİA (0subira) covered her mouth again and chuckled quietly
[10:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, now all are hear, it's more serious business, i want to discuss a dream, and listen carefully
[10:51] Hakimba Oakleaf looks at Kutai and listens
[10:51] ŐℜİA (0subira) opens her ears
[10:52] Hakimba Oakleaf pulls nadi closer to him
[10:52] nadi (nara.zsun): leans forward taking a finger to move her thick hair behind her ear to hear every detail
[10:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): about a week ago, i was meditating in teh sweathut and there i had a dream
[10:53] Hakimba Oakleaf looks interested
[10:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I stoood on the grass of a lowly valley some where at the plains, it was very good long grass
[10:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it was silent but then i heard the noise of great wings, like a tarn was flying towards me, i grabbed my composite bow to defend me
[10:56] nadi (nara.zsun): listens trying to picture the words in her mind
[10:57] ŐℜİA (0subira) relaxed while listening to the story and felt her nerves calm.
[10:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it was however not a tarn, but a huge pure white swanlike vulo
[10:58] nadi (nara.zsun): OOO imagines a beautiful white vulo
[10:59] Hakimba Oakleaf: hmmm  was it very big?
[10:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it was an avatar, an appearance of the Open Sky, he flies like a vulo low over the waves of the ocean and the hills of the plains
[10:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): big as atarn
[10:59] Hakimba Oakleaf: ohh i wonder what size its eggs are
[11:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the Open Sky is of course male, he would hardly lay eggs, unlike those Priest Kings
[11:00] nadi (nara.zsun): just hope he doesn't drop an egg flying over the wagons.....could seriously damage someone or somethings
[11:01] Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[11:01] nadi (nara.zsun): aahhh nods smiling....makes more sense
[11:01] ŐℜİA (0subira) listened and would remember each word of his tale so that she might tell people about it once she got super old.
[11:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): even that the vulo swan ahd no tarn saddle, i mounted it, and held my balance by holding the neckfeahers
[11:02] Hakimba Oakleaf: aaahh
[11:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it flew of in great speed, quickly it left the plains, and flew over the high passes of the Voltai
[11:05] Hakimba Oakleaf: did the vulo fly as fast as  a tarn?
[11:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): much faster
[11:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has never heard of the sound barrier, or he would now have been the Gorean Chuck Yeager
[11:06] Hakimba Oakleaf: so it would escape if a tarn would hunt for it
[11:06] nadi (nara.zsun): snickers
[11:07] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles
[11:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): tarns hunt kajirae and tabuk
[11:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it landed in the Barrens, and i saw a big Kailliuk
[11:07] Hakimba Oakleaf: yes  but such a big prey  i guess it would be an interesting food for a tarn
[11:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): When i watched the buffalo like Kailliuk i heard Red Savage drums
[11:09] nadi (nara.zsun): OOOO shivers
[11:09] Hakimba Oakleaf: ooops  i hope they didnt attack you
[11:09] ŐℜİA (0subira): ...The Barrens sounds so...barren... Is that a real place?
[11:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I really wondered what it ws, but the Blue Sky gave me a signal, i had to do something with a kailliuk and with a drum
[11:09] nadi (nara.zsun): hmmmm taps her chin with her finger
[11:10] Hakimba Oakleaf: hmmm
[11:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The Barren is over the Voltai Mountains, it are wild plains like ours, but more dry, more barren. He looks at Oria, something like a area on your planet which are called the Badlands
[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Mind the rain comes from the west, from Thassa
[11:11] Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and the Voltai blocks it, the Barrens are in the rain shadow
[11:12] ŐℜİA (0subira) nodded to his words and tried to think of what a badlands was too, "Yes Master," she said an quieted to hear the story
[11:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Like our own valley is in the rainshadow of the Ta Thassa, so we get less snow in Winter then the lands more South
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The vulo lifted off again, and now flew to the Tahari desert, now i ws sure it was a God, since tarns can't pass the sandy wides of the Tahari
[11:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Something like in the Barrens happened, I saw a huge sand kaiila stallion while i heard the drumming music of  a tambourine
[11:15] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahh
[11:16] nadi (nara.zsun): OOO  listens with interest
[11:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Again the bird flew, now North and crossed our Plains again and flew around a huge ebony tree in the jungle of Ua River
[11:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and i heard the drums of the cannibalistic Mamba's
[11:18] nadi (nara.zsun): OOOO  shivers
[11:18] Hakimba Oakleaf: Ohhh luckily you were flying
[11:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I wanted the Open Sky circled above the Mamba's so i could piss on them, but did not dare to ask
[11:20] Hakimba Oakleaf grins broadly
[11:23] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): anyway, the message of the Open Sky became more clear for me. To improve my meditations, i had to make a ceremonial drum to make music during my contact with the spirit world, like the old Hunic Shamans did, our ancestors
[11:24] Hakimba Oakleaf: me nods... i imagine this  it will be impressing and it will help to get into a trance
[11:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, and the animals and tree are the creatures i must get to make the drum from, the skins of Kailliuk and sand akiila
[11:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): And the ebony tree as the drum basis
[11:25] Hakimba Oakleaf: so we will need to hunt for such animals
[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes
[11:26] nadi (nara.zsun): aahhhh nods listening to his wisdom
[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): but the dream is not finished yet
[11:26] Hakimba Oakleaf: me listens
[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The vulo flew far north to the Woods of the Panther girls
[11:27] nadi (nara.zsun): uh oh
[11:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and i heard their drums
[11:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and i saw below a wild gianni, playing with a rope
[11:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so some body part of the Gianni, i must use to bind all other parts together to make a drum
[11:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Maybe the tendons, or the intestines
[11:28] Hakimba Oakleaf: aaahh
[11:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): or weave a rpe from their long neck hair
[11:29] nadi (nara.zsun): hmmm contemplates the bits and pieces of a giani
[11:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): after the Northern Taiga the vulo flew over Tharna and Argentum, cities rich in silver
[11:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so i must get silver for the ornamentation of the drum
[11:31] nadi (nara.zsun): aahhh  nods
[11:31] Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[11:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): silver threads, or clamps to connect the prepared pelts to the wooden base
[11:31] nadi (nara.zsun): nods
[11:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): In the end the Blue Sky delivered me back in ur valley, and then i was awakened by a woman's voice
[11:33] Hakimba Oakleaf grins  i hope she was a beautiful as the vulo
[11:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): oh yes, she was very pale, a panther woman, wanted some advice
[11:33] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahh that woman who was here some days ago?
[11:33] nadi (nara.zsun): grins aaahhhhh
[11:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, she comes regular, Dahija, of the Valkerie


Kutai meets the Taluma of the Sa Me Aak at the anniversary market in Vier Palmen

[10:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ich werde euch bald beschuchen Ki Moon, ich hab ein Traum gehabt und brauche etwas aus deine Jungle
[10:02] Ki Moon (sabrjina): jederzeit kutai
[10:02] Ki Moon (sabrjina): du weisst ja wo du uns findest
[10:03] Ki Moon (sabrjina): und ch weiss iwr sollten euch besuchen ebenfalls , nur mometan komme ich zu nichts

--- the Sa Me Aak leave

[10:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seht das die Taluna weg sind, aber er wird sie schnell besuchen weil er Holz aus ihren Jungle benötigd

Ki moon returns

[11:03] Ki Moon (sabrjina): lass uns sitzen
[11:04] Ki Moon (sabrjina): it's better sit down to talk
[11:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I bin gewöhnd lange zu stehen
[11:04] Ki Moon (sabrjina): smile
[11:04] Ki Moon (sabrjina): dein traum
[11:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aah den kann ich erklären
[11:06] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt und hört gespannt zu
[11:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ich flog auf ein grosser Vogel, weisser, das Symbol der Offenen Himmel unseren Gott
[11:07] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Erst flog er über den Voltai zum Barrens der roeten wilden
[11:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Dann nach Tahari
[11:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): immer hörte ich Trommeln
[11:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Ich kam zur konklusion das der Blaue Himmel will das ich ein zeremonieler Trommel mache
[11:08] Ki Moon (sabrjina): hmm..
[11:08] Ki Moon (sabrjina): und wie kann ich dir da helfen
[11:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): na den Vogel ging auch zur Ua Fluss wald, und ich sah eingrosser Baum
[11:10] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ich denke den Stamm so einer Baum benutze ich als basis für den Trommel
[11:11] Ki Moon (sabrjina): grosse bäuma hat es viele hier
[11:12] Ki Moon (sabrjina): hmm du willst den grossen baum fällen?
[11:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ja, aber erst muss ich den finden
[11:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): und er soll auch nicht zu gross sein
[11:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): der soll ja mit zu meinen Tal
[11:13] Ki Moon (sabrjina): der muss drüben sein im wald der wakanda
[11:13] Ki Moon (sabrjina): sagt es mal einfach so
[11:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Du kenst diese Tropichen Wälder
[11:13] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:14] Ki Moon (sabrjina): aber die ganz grossen alten bäume sie sind heilig
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Ich kenne nur den Norden, den Rencer Marshes
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Heilige Bäume fälle ich nicht dann wird der Blauen Himmel bäse
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Muss also Exemplar sein das doch sterben wird
[11:14] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ich denke wir werden den schon finden
[11:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Weil ein grosser Baum sie verdrängt
[11:15] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt genau
[11:15] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ausserdem einen der alten grossen den kannst du nicht transportieren
[11:16] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ja, selbst einen Tarn kann den nicht tragen
[11:17] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nein dann musst du dir trommel vor ort machen+
[11:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): nei vorbereiten
[11:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well die Fele vor den Trommel sollen aus den Barrens und der Tahari kommen
[11:18] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aber das wird sich schon lösen
[11:21] Ki Moon (sabrjina): also dann musst du den baum finden
[11:21] Ki Moon (sabrjina): oder noch was aus dem jungle
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): na, ich muss noch Gianni haben, aber die leben in Nördlichen Wälder

[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aber ich kenne Pantehrinnen dort, der werden mir helfen
[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): die Shamanin der Valkerie Torva
[11:26] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ja die valks sind gut
[11:27] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nun wenn du die suche startest sag mir bescheid
[11:27] Ki Moon (sabrjina): wir werden dir helfen
[11:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ich werde coontact mit der machen, erst soll ich die Trommelfellen haben, dann weis ich wie gross eden Baum sein soll
[11:29] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:29] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ich werde meine jäögerinnen aussenden sie sollen die bäume sichten die dafür in frage kommen
[11:22] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ja eher


[11:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): watch out, this is a kaiila, our mounts
[11:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): we ridethem, but they can be agressive
[11:20] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles  but just now it seems to be content because it has eaten
[11:20] moon (lunasomerhalder): ah yes I have heard from it and saw them in a zoo
[11:21] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): this reminds me i must catch a certain Desert Kaiila for my drum
[11:22] moon (lunasomerhalder): hope you find a good one
[11:22] [Now playing: Blackmore's Night - Keeper Of The Flame]
[11:23] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the right one, yea, that will not be easy, the desert is big
[11:23] moon (lunasomerhalder): that is true
[11:24] Hakimba Oakleaf: i think your drum willget a very noisy music instrument
[11:24] moon (lunasomerhalder) smiles
[11:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, that noise will call people to the omen readings
[11:25] moon (lunasomerhalder): so everybody hear can hear it
[11:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): exactly
[11:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): a dream told me


[11:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) travels to the Barrens for his first quest to find the kailiauk he saw in his dream, so far he does not try to cross the Voltai mountains but tries to bypass it by using the Boswell pass in the North. The wilderness of the Voltai is too insecure, specially know the presence of Kurii have been reported
[11:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) arrives at the area which must be the start of the pass, be indeed sees a raod, well more a pad, leading through the hills in the direction he must go. Kutai is however not sure if that road is te pass around the Mountains of Treve

[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has a Gorean compass, but that is not much of help here, in between mountains with valleys and canyons would could lead one to a dead end, and Kutai has no lust to spend weeks in seeking a road in these wild areas, full of predating animals like larl and mountain sleen
[11:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has however hardly a choice, this is the only road, he decides to follow it, the sand pad meanders through the valleys, Kutai sees trails of wagon wheels who have been here before. There must be something at the end of the road, it could be the barrens, but also a hunting camp. End of the road. He studies the signs of the surrounding nature and goes in meditation, something tells him, this is the correct road

[11:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Afer a few hours Kutai arrives at a city wall, this he had not expected, is the pass guarded, would seem logical now Kurii roam the area. He checks his sword and bow, not sure what to expect.
[11:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees a gate in the wall, it is opened. He decides to enter the fortress, or small city
[12:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees a slave walking in the small stone build town, logical they use the rocks and woods of the Trevian mountains to build. She seems in a hurry for she does not stop to greet him, probably under orders of her Master

[12:02] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) nodded..."Im still her and very close to my stand now"  He he said to her, as the man said, do come and join us!"
[12:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) follows the path of the slave girl who walked pass him, and indeed he finds a tavern with people he could consult for the correct road
[12:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) enters the tavern and sees 2 men, a free woman and the kajira wearing a black camisk : greetings, I am a traveler"
[12:04] Vetitum has heard Landers' announcement of his progress and she gives him a knowing smile, aware that this information he would not share with just anyone.  "I would be honored to join you both, but I think you were busy.  What if you show me the kitchen and I might prepare us all something to eat?"  Another's voice that she does not know causes her to look in the direction of the sound.
[12:05] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) looked over at Gaea...."Tal Gaea, what brings you here?"  The he saw and heard the stranger speaker....."Tal, welcome to Boswell"
[12:06] Gaea (astridguillhouf) smiled as she saw Landers and Vetium.. and then her master appeared..She points to him.. " he is what brings me here"
[12:07] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): As long as it doesnt have mushrooms or fish in it Ill likely eat it. *he said with a laugh to Vetti.
[12:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the people have noticed him, the free woman, in greenish cloths, with very thick braided hair, and carrying a wanderstab, maybea  traveler like himself. He hears one of the man speaking, a man dressed in grey, he could not determine his cats "Tal, I am Kutai"

[12:08] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): Walked in and looked around..  He gave a slight nod to Landers...  Hearing Kutai his eyes flick over him..
[12:09] Vetitum hears Landers speak to Gaea and then the girl's voice, and her smiling face turns toward the girl.  She doesn't speak now because she must focus on the numerous voices in order to keep track of their locations and the conversations.  The smile has not left her face and her fingers tug the staff close in to her side to prevent others from stumbling over it.
[12:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) notices another man entering, he looks a bit familiar, maybe he saw him in a tavern, or market befoe, but does not know him, he nods to the newcomer also.
[12:10] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand): "I would love to sample your cooking again Lady Vetiutum, thank you, then he saw Gaea's master arrived and give him a nod...."Welcome also to Bosell Killer !"
[12:11] Gaea (astridguillhouf): " May I get you your drink my master?" she asked, her eyes undressing him in her usual fashion, but she remains where she is for now
[12:11] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "Indeed" He said to Landers.. "I should visit every so often.. least you all think I am dead and celebrate" He said dryly..  Hearing Gaea he inclined his head once he did not elaborate on what he wanted..
[12:11] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): Hail killer. *he had noticed him and stood up * And hail to you.. man wearing red.
[12:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks surprised that the newcomer is of the Black caste, this is not his memory, but of course the dangerous one's go around disguised often
[12:13] Vetitum has not heard the voice of Serpent, but once Gaea addresses him as her master and he speaks, she dips her head in his direction as a polite greeting of respect.  Now that more of the men have arrived, she will use this moment to excuse herself.  "If someone would be so kind as to point me in the direction of the kitchen?" she offers quietly.
[12:14] Gaea (astridguillhouf) moved behind the bar, and began to fix what it was he drank. She would not bore the reader with how it was made, just that it was. After the smell of it would permeate the air in the making of it, she brought back a tall cup just for him.. silently proffering. They both knew what it was he drank, no need for her to tell him, nor for her to wish he liked it.. if he didnt, she would be dead.
[12:15] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "He offered a curt nod to Thorrenn, hearing the woman he inclined his head lower, "Tal Lady a pleasure" he said in his unusual accent, a mix of north and the Alar.  He took the drink from gaea, the black warm drink warming his throat.
[12:16] Gaea (astridguillhouf): " I will take you mistress" Gaea offered knowing the woman was blind, and the build had changed..
[12:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears a third man speaking and explains "I might wear red,, but i am not of the scarlet caste, I am a Tuchuk, and we don't differentiate in castes and colors, we wear what we like, Thats an advantage some times, but makes me less recognizable"he says not realizing how ridiculous it must sound for all could see on his scars where he was from

[12:17] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) turned to Gaea "Perhaps you could serve our visitor Kutai"  He said as he went over to Vetitum, "If you would like to come this way I'll take you to the kitchen
[12:18] Gaea (astridguillhouf) Stabbed Landers with her eyes.. she hated serving..really did.. " sure thing " she said, and turned her eyes onto the tuchuk.. he was much shorter than the Kassar that worked here
[12:18] Vetitum shifts away from the fire that was putting off more heat that she comfortable with and she smiles gratefully toward Gaea.  "Yes, thank you, please."  As she steps forward, a hand is held toward the sound of Gaea and she answers Serpent with a soft, "A pleasure, sir."  Her hand comes to rest on Landers' forearm rather than Gaea's and she nods.  "Of course, sir.  Thank you."  She follows him out of the way of the others business.
[12:19] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): Smirked as they all gave conflicting suggestions as to the woman..  He watched on as he drank almost touching the womans hair as she passed.
[12:20] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "So.. what do they call you?" He said to Thorrenn
[12:20] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): What brings you to boswell then Tuchuck *he said with a nod to Kutai.* not many venture this far into the pass.
[12:20] Gaea (astridguillhouf): " Some curdled milk perhaps, master?" she asked the wagon man
[12:21] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) carefully steered Veti out to the kitchen but he was sure once she was there it would all come back ot her...
[12:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the raven haired kajira in the similar black camisk coming towards him and tells her he would like a cold paga. He heard the command of the other man had given her "a cold paga" . He then answer the question asked by the third guy "I am on my way to the land of the Red Savages, the so called Barrens, the Open Sky , my God, has ordered me in a spiritual dream to seek a certain kailiauk"
[12:22] Vetitum steps into the section of the Inn that felt most like home and she is instantly comfortable.  Her hand slides from Landers' arm and she bows her head to him.  "Thank you.  Are you sure that the Innkeeper will not mind if I make something for us?"
[12:23] Gaea (astridguillhouf): " I have room temperature paga master, will that suffice? Ice is a pricey commodity that the inn doesn't have"
[12:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "paga enchambre will do fine girl, I am so thirsty that i even would drink fermented kaiila piss"
[12:24] Gaea (astridguillhouf): " I think I do have kailla piss on tap if you would prefer" she jested and turned to get him some paga
[12:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) laughs at the joke of the inn girl "well room temp paga will be fine for now"
[12:25] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound) would know the girl spoke wrong.. abotu the ice... as he had a chilled drink just yesterday.. and no coin was needed. " Well best of luck in your travels."
[12:26] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand): "Shock his head...."No, Xan will not mind, I'll see to that."  He said without going into detail and he stepped away so that she could get on and returned to the crowd....
[12:27] Vetitum will first secure her staff with the rune symbols running the length of it and the proceed to familiarize herself with the layout.  After locating the water, she tosses her braids over her shoulders, pushes up her sleeves and scrubs her hands and arms.  Silently she goes to work.
[12:27] Gaea (astridguillhouf) poured the paga into the bowl. No need to wash out a clean bowl off the shelf.. if the slaves that cleaned here put dirty dishes on the shelves that was on them. Gaea wasn't the rubby kind either, a slave would not have put something broken back on the shelf either. Paga in hand in a bowl, she came back to the tuchuck and proffered it again silently, they already knew what the drink was.. not like she was coming back and offering him something he didn't order. Nor would she wish he liked it, he either would or would not.
[12:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the girl coming back with a beverage, she serves him silent, like the bonds of the North as he remembers from his young years studying there runes. He takes the bowl from her slender hands, not thanking her, one does not thank a slave for what she is supposed to do, he only tells her "you were pleasing girl" He then brings the bowl to his lips and drinks.
[12:31] Gaea (astridguillhouf) dips her head to him and returns to Serpent to bask in his coldness..
[12:31] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): Continued to drink in silence,
[12:32] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "What is your name?" He asked Thorrenn.
[12:32] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) returned to the group..."You know Kutai, I am sure we have met before, somewhere else, long ago!"  He said to the new comer.
[12:33] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound) looked to landers.. just because the man was a killer he wouldnt speak freely. he wanted to make sure it was alright to give out information to a man he did not know.
[12:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at Landers and digs in his memory "that could be very possible. I travel a lot of cities, I am often hired as a judge for dance contests, maybe you saw me at the podium of one such events"
[12:35] Gaea (astridguillhouf) frowned some that the one man had yet to answer any of her owners questions.. She just bit her lip and sucked it.. He would get to know Serpent one way or the other.
[12:36] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "Perhaps Landers was dancing.. " He quipped as he drank another generous sip of blackwine.  He watched Thorrenn glance towards Landers.. "Very well I shall come up with a name for you.. If you are shy... " he looked at the lad.. "yes swirly beard will do.. Must take you ahn's a week to maintain such a look.. Truly it is quite interesting, like a map of the sea.. "
[12:36] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) shot Thorroenn an answer the Killer  now look,  before returning his attention to Kutai...."I was a Warrior guarding such events, I think that maybe that is where we met and we drank paga in the tavern I recall. "
[12:36]  ღ Ŋαოϊđα  ღ (abdafina) is offline.
[12:37] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "Ah guard makes more sense.. I doubt silks would suit you Landers" HE said taking another drink.
[12:37] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): I am known as thorrenn.. and it takes me not as long anymore to do my beard... *he said with a laugh* I am quite skilled with a blade.
[12:38] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "Are you now.. Soon we shall see"
[12:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) remembers Landers his face now, as a man who guarded the ubar at one of the events he was hired from "that must be it. I am however now not on a travel for the dance guild, but on a more spiritual quest. The reason why I entered the tavern was not the paga, but the simple question "lay the Barrens at the end of this mountain pass?"
[12:42] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) smiled ignoring the Killers comments  "I remembered the stories you told us of your life in the wagons , they were most entertaining and enlightening and it is good so see once again!" He looked behind hearing some noise..."Are you alright Lady Vetitum, do you need some help?"
[12:42] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): serpent motions Gaea to the kitchen hearing the commotion.
[12:43] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): I doubt it will be any time soon.. *he said with a nod to the killer.* So you search for a specifi kailla? and you got this from your God?
[12:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "a kailiauk, not a kaiila. Yes, i am a haruspex, a priest, and i got this message in a dream when i fell asleep in our sweathut"
[12:45] Gaea (astridguillhouf) moved into the kitchen and asked Veti if there were anything she needed, as Serpent sent her there to help
[12:46] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): Eyes flick to the Cot, he raised his cup in greeting.
[12:46] өвдөлт дамжуулан үнэн (donovan.placebo) went to the Inn to find someone specific. Not seeing him....again...he'd stop and stand near the entrance and listen. Seeing one of the Killers he did know he would offer a subtle nod in return, more interested in the colour worn on the stranger in front of him.
[12:47] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) felt as chill come over him as he saw the newcomer in the arch, he knew who he was and looked away back to the visitor..."Well Kutai I hope you will  join us for a spot of food, Lady Vetitum is the best cook in the whole of Gor!
[12:48] Gaea (astridguillhouf) approached the woman and laid a hand on hers" Is good to see you again as well.. its been awhile.. I wasn't sure you were coming back.. and yes, there is butter.. freshly churned." She opened the churning barrel, and spooned out some butter into a bowl and brought it back to Vet
[12:48] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): OI! I take offence to that i am quiet a good cook too! *he said with a stare to Landers..* you did live after eating my stew after all.
[12:49] Lobo Firehaven (lobothor) is offline.
[12:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) is glad that at least here the free women do the cooking, like among his own people "thats a nice offer, and i can not refuse for i don't want violate the laws of hospitality" such laws are universal, and since Kutai is raised with the images of honor and duty to others, he will never insult a generous host.
[12:52] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "I do believe you have to pay for the meal, unless the men are offering to pay for you" He advised the traveller as he finished his drink. He motioned Gaea over and flicked his fingers towards the torturer in the doorway.
[12:53] Gaea (astridguillhouf): " When you need the meal delivered mistress.. I will come back.. " she told Veti, and seeing her master gesture to serve the clansman, she obeyed.
[12:53] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): All of you free enjoy yourselves.. Im going elsewhere.
[12:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has some coins, he was on a travel, and slept often in inns or taverns "thats no problem at all" He follows the view of the killer and sees another man, one in black and red, waring some strange mask. He nods to this newcomer
[12:54] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand): was going to look  at Thorren and say  "Lady Vetitum is an old and valued member of this community, you however have been here a mere few days!" but he had gone off...
[12:55] Gaea (astridguillhouf): "Anything for you master?" she asked HTNHOT, they knew eachother fairly well.. and Gaea really sucked at formalities anyway.
[12:56] өвдөлт дамжуулан үнэн (donovan.placebo) would smile at Gaea if he didn't have the mask on, he knew her well too. Even if she hated the smell of death that followed him everywhere, he liked her...perhaps just to annoy her even. Reaching his hand out subtly so no one would see him being nice he'd tap her elbow with a finger. "No I'm fine." he said quietly. His attention returning to the visitor again though he still wouldn't speak. As usual his hackles were up.
[12:58] Gaea (astridguillhouf) winked at him, and thought it were a mere finger to her elbow, she would enjoy the touch. It wasn't often she was touched at all.. not like she was poison or anything. She turned swiftly and headed back to the kitchen and Veti and whatever she needed
[12:58] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): he looked to Landers.. "Do not worry, he will enjoy our hospitality soon enough.. His eyes flicked to the clansman."
[13:00] lαηđєяş (landers.firebrand) smirked....he knew what the Killer meant and would have  been quite happy to assist the clansman....
[13:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at the masked man, he could be of the torturers, a clan within the wagonpeople, but since he was masked, he could not see any scars. Kutai feels now how tired he is from the long travel through the mountains and decides to take a seat and rest a bit before starting to use a meal "i will rest a bit before i will try the meal of the distinguished lady"
[13:00] Serpent™ (severus.koskinen): "If you will all excuse me, I have some business to see to. " He inclined his head.

Boswell Pass next morning

[10:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) wakes up from his dose after he drank a paga in the Inn of this village,he does not first reaises where he is then remembers he is in the village of Boswels Pass
[10:57] Dough (mstressmichealis) sauntered to the kitchen and grabbed a pan, eggs and sausage. She quickly heated the pan over the fire before she added the sausage and eggs. She grabbed a few plates and eating utensils. Once the meal was cooked, she plated the eggs and sausage and quickly prepared the toast. Once it was done, she brought both plates, eating utensils and clean reps to both men. "Here you are, Masters." She noted another person in the inn. She turned and gave him a brilliant smile. "Greetings, Master! Can I get you anything?"
[10:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) yawns and stretches his arms, then sees a slave girl waiting for something "Tal kajira"

[10:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears her question then answers "some bread bacon and eggs i could use before i travel, and some information, ,aybe you can help me with that"
[11:00] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound) lets out a loud yawn.. as he digs into his own breakfast.
[11:01] Dough (mstressmichealis) nodded carefully and peeked over her shoulder. "Would you like me to prepare your food first?"
[11:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "yes, bring me the food first, but the information i need is simple. Does the pass on which this village lays, lead to the oteher side of the mountains or is it a dead end, and must i take another road? "
[11:05] Dough (mstressmichealis) clasped her hands in front of her and looked at the man "Boswell Pass leads to the barrens, Master." She stood for a moment, waiting for him to dismiss her so she could prepare his food
[11:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "thats the information I sought, you helped me a lot, you can prepare a dish for me, so i will be strengthened when i travel further"
[11:08] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound) continues eating and chewing his food motioning to Grey who woke up.. and pointed to his plate.
[11:09] Dough (mstressmichealis) gave him a sheepish smile and made her way into the kitchen. She stopped in her tracks and blinked. She called out over her shoulder "Master, how would you like your eggs?"
[11:09] Grey (azaereus) returns from his visit with the priest kings, shaking his head free of the effects of transdimensional travel or however the fuck that works " Apologies... the will of the PRiest Kings cannot be ignored it seems..." His eyes shot to the man in the corner for a moment, but his hands went to his food, resting the kaissa board upon the table between he and thorrenn
[11:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears her voice and yells back "baked, 2 sides, and the bacon should be baked and crumbled too"
[11:12] Dough (mstressmichealis) quickly prepared the mans food, making sure his eggs and bacon were cooked the way he desired. She placed a few slices of bread onto the plate, grabbed an eating utensil and clean rep before going to the mans side. "Can
[11:13] Dough (mstressmichealis) "Can I get you anything else, Master?"
[11:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks up and sees how the girl serves the meal "excellent, yes, some cold bosk milk  would like to have also" He then takes the eating gear and starts eating his breakfast "mmm tasty, they have excellent vulo's and bosk meat here"
[11:17] Dough (mstressmichealis) nodded and made her way to the bar, hoping Grey had heard the mans request for cold bosk milk
[11:17] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): What makes you think I even remember how to play?
[11:20] Grey (azaereus) chuckles litghtly as he motions to the pieces across the board " these numerous pieces are spearmen. They are simple and move one space at a time foreward. These tharlarion can move in any direction one square. The daggers are assassins, whom can move two squares in the eight cardinal directions." explaining the front row. " These end pieces in the back are initiates, and can move diagonally across the board. The ones next to those are builders, and move in straight lines at any range. Beside that are scribes, which can move diagonally across three to four spaces. Next is the tarnsmen, who can move in a large L shape. Then there is the ubar and ubara, whom have high mobility."
[11:21] Grey (azaereus) then points to the stones that sit off to the side of each army. " These are Home Stones. They must be placed within the first ten moves on the back row. the object is to take the enemy Home Stone."
[11:21] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): Uh huh.
[11:21] Dough (mstressmichealis) Cleared her throat slightly. "Master, could you pour a glass of cold bosk milk please?"
[11:23] Grey (azaereus) looked to Dough as he explained The Game, and with lightning reflexes, snatched a cup from beneath the counter, and poured it to the brim with the already out bottle of milk. " Three copper bits." he said simply, reminding the girl of the price for the meal.
[11:25] Dough (mstressmichealis) looked at the Kaissa bored longingly, wishing she could play like she had used to. She picked up the glass of bosk milk and brought it to the man. "The meal will be three copper bits, Master." She gave him her brilliant smile
[11:26] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): No time like the present I suppose.
[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears the bartender telling the girl the price of the meal, he searches his pockets and takes out 3 copper bits, and add 2 extra for the bowl of luke warm paga he got served the evening before, he holds them in his hand when the girl returns
[11:26] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): Do keep a look out for any.. of the black for me will you and give me a look or something.. so i dont forget....
[11:29] Grey (azaereus) nods to Thorrenn and continues to play the game
[11:29] Dough (mstressmichealis) set the milk in front of the man "Here you are, Master. I hope you enjoy your meal and drink."
[11:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods  the meal is very good, but Landers already told me that they made good meals here" he looks past the girl to the innkeeper "and the killer Serpent told me that I had to pay some coin for it" he grins "open your mouth , slave girl"
[11:32] Dough (mstressmichealis) blinked a few times as her cheeks flushed. She opened her mouth, just as the man had ordered.
[11:32] Grey (azaereus) looked up to the man in the corner, taking a moment to inspec him, mostly noting the scars on his cheeks. This he filed away as he kept one eye on the exchange between slave and stranger, and the other on the game before him
[11:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the 5 tarsk bits and puts them in the mouth of the kajira, so her hands don't have to touch money "bring the coins to the proprietor girl and tell him I am pleased with your serve and the meal"
[11:34] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): Well... That was unexpected.
[11:34] Grey (azaereus) brings the white tarnsman down atop the red Home Stone, swapping their position with dexterous fingers. " Well played." He offers. " A good piece of advice is to keep room for your stone to move."
[11:35] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound): I failed to figure in that a bird can fly.. so then the piece could fly over the others.
[11:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the man at the bar looking at him, he however does not say much further, since he already explained the people of this village, including the other man at the bar, that he was on a quest to catch a certain kailiauk in the Barrens. Thats why the route information given by the kajira was so important for him, Kutai had no lust to travel weeks in the Trevian mountains searching a way to the other side.
[11:36] Grey (azaereus) nods " That is what tarnsmen do yes." he quips with a light chuckles, helping reset the board for another game
[11:36] Dough (mstressmichealis) blinked and closed her mouth around the bitter coin. She walked back to the bar and looked to Grey, spitting out the coin onto the bar. "Master." She said simply

[11:38] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound) gets splattered by some spittle.. and glares at the girl. " oi! Watch what your doing."
[11:39] Grey (azaereus) looks to the saliva laden coins gracing his once pristine counter top. He mutters some to himself as he takes a cloth off of his belt and gathers the coins up, cleaning them free of spit before dropping them into the til and using his free hand to write the exchange in the ledger
[11:40] Dough (mstressmichealis) blushed madly and looked to Thorrenn. "Please forgive me, Master. I didn't mean to do that..." She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand
[11:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes his meal and stands up "it's time to travel further, greet my old friend Landers from me, I will go on, through the mountains to the plains of the Barrens, only the Open Sky will know what waits me there. I wish you all well"
[11:42] Dough (mstressmichealis) wiggled her fingers at the man "Safest paths Master."
[11:42] Thorrenn Kane (orionbound) face palms at his dumb move.
[11:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks out the tavern, glad he did not get drained sexually by the local paga sluts such as happened the last time he was with Landers in a tavern.

[11:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) goes out side the tavern, and leaves the gate, following the pass further, it goes higher and higher, but Kutai is a trained warrior and does not get tired. At the moment he thinks he will enter the clouds, the road bends downward. He quickly marches on till he comes to a small river which seeming ly will lead into the Barrens. Kutai books passage at a shipper managing a raft

[11:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) enters the ship and sits at the crates the riverman is carrying back into the Barrens fields. He puts some kanda behind his teeth and chews on it, resting from his long climb through this Pass between the Trevian and Thentis mountain ranges


[02:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) arrives with the boat at a slow flowing river through the hills of the area called the barrens, this part f the semi steppes are not so dry, so he travels through hilly terrain covered with trees. The boat docks at a small landing psot, a trade station probably
[02:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks up a hill and sees a woman guard there with a hairy, seemingly trained animal, a predator thats for sure, a furred kinda sleen, but then with 4 legs, but with fangs the same size as the Gorean hunter  friend. Kutai greets the woman,  who nods back, but seemingly speaks another language since Red Savages do such.

[02:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) uses univeral Gor sign language, he does not use this often snce most Gorean people speak standard Gor, even with an accent like Kutai himslef. The man however seems to understand what he says and answers in broken Gorean "tal, I Kinyampi, name Kanij, you? "
[02:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "i Tuchuk, name Kutai, friend" Kutai answers the woman who belongs to a small village consisting of a campfire and a Red Savages tipi. Kutai looks unruly at the wolf, feeling sorry, he did not take a lance with him, but that weapon seemed unpractical at his long journey through the mountains
[02:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "why come? " the Kinyampi asks. Kutai explains he had a spiritual dream and had to find a sacred kailiauk. The Kinyampi seems to understand this very much, what Kutai does not know is that Red Savage medicine men use the same spiritual meditations techniques as the Tuchuks, including the use of a hot sweathut
[02:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Kanij, the woman with the wolf, explains Kutai the way to the fields were kailiauk graze. The haruspex thanks the man greatly and goes on his way after the exchange of some amulets
[02:24] Kanij : Kutaituchik Kroitschov~ Hou,Ahoa

[02:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) Kutai wlaks through the almost man's high grass of this valley and then hears a sound. He laysthe hand at his scimitar, and then sees a deer. A nice prey, but Kutai decides to leave it in peace, he does not want to rib the Kinyampi of their game, he continues his travel

[02:28] GM 4.51 ~ BLK-LARL hit you with Thalarion Wild R (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct ~
[02:28] GM 4.51 ~ BLK-LARL hit you with Thalarion Wild R (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct ~
[02:28] GM 4.51 ~ BLK-LARL hit you with Thalarion Wild R (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct ~
[02:28] GM 4.51 ~ BLK-LARL hit you with Thalarion Wild R (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct ~
[02:29] GM 4.51 ~ BLK-LARL hit you with Thalarion Wild R (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct ~
[02:29] GM 4.51 ~ BLK-LARL hit you with Thalarion Wild R (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct ~
[02:29] GM 4.51 ~ BLK-LARL hit you with Thalarion Wild R (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct ~
[02:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) suddenly gets attackedby 2 animals, reptiels, small tharlarions
[02:29] GM 4.51 ~ BLK-LARL hit you with Thalarion Wild R (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct ~
[02:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) beats them of with the flat and of his scimitar, again not willing to kill them and goes quickly further, more alert at attacks now
[02:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) having escaped the small tharlarions, Kutai cares for his wounds, taking an antiseptic mean and bandaging his leg where the reptile has bitten him, no deep wound since Kutai wears heavy leather boots, but not to be neglected

[02:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees some kailliauk herd suddenly, at the top of  a hill he using. He sees some old bulls, prime exemplars, but not suitable for his goal, for the hairy fur is hardly usable for a drum, he seeks a younger one

[02:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees a young exemplar with big horns hiding in the grass. Kutai crawls closer, using all his hunting skills to avoid the herd stampeding. When he is in shooting range he takes his recurved bow and lays an arrow on it. Kuati kows he must aim and hit well, he only gets one chance, then the herd will run, or worse, turn against him
[02:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) shoots the arrow at the young bull, he aimed at te bulls eye and hit's it, seeing his arrow fly into the brains of the animal. Kuati makes hard sounds, which cause the herd run away so he can safely approach his target

[02:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees that the shot was a direct hit, tthe young tauros is dead, Kuti, works quickly with his quiva, he removes the fur of the bull kailiauk, and and puts great parts of the meat which ie puts in a sack. The fur he rolls up and binds it at his back as a rucksack with some leathered cords he had taken with him. The pelt i heavy and Kutai is glad he did not took a grown kailliauk for that would be to much for hm to carry.

[02:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) swings the back with meat at his back and returns carefull back to the Kinyami camp, being followed by several predators which were attracted by the kill and the scent of blood of the now dead animal. Smart enough Kutai left a lot of meat behind, including the intestines, so the otehr predators have their share too, and would not attack him
[02:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) arrives back at the Red Savage camp and greets Kanij again, he offers him the eat which is gladly accepted. a few parts of the meat Kutai keeps for himslef as travel nourishment and roast them above a fire. The fur is given to the free women and slaves of this village who do the first preparations like cleaning and scraping of the long kailiauk hairs

[02:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) eats some of the dried pemican the loacls are offering him, they are friendly, normally they attack strangers, but Kutai realises they respect him, because this is a holy spirited quest, something which is common in their own culture also
[02:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) stays some days at the Kinympi, eating their food, using their slaves, he at last leaves these friendly people, leaving some well used kajirae in tears behind, He swings the prepared kailiauk fur at his back and with well filled food and water backs he  leaves the  dear avage people in a canoe, paddling upstream again


[11:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I shot a kailliuk lately, he points at the fur in front of his wagon
[11:10] ŐℜİA (0subira) turns her head and look at the bloody hide, "Yes, I see Master," she said knowing she would have to handle it
[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): It's has already bee pre prepared y a Red Savage kajira, but i want it the smoothest skin for it must serve at the drum
[11:11] ŐℜİA (0subira): "I can wash it in the river Master if you wish, to get the blood off of it," she smiled
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): that is a good idea, and maybe Nadi has other techniques to prepare the hide and make smooth leather of it
[11:16] ŐℜİA (0subira) nods as she listens to his words, "Yes Master," she said and looked at the hide again for a moment..
[11:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): you can carry ot alone?
[11:20] ŐℜİA (0subira) nods, "Yes Master, I am sure i can figure out what to do. I just remember the times when there were other hides and pelts to be prepared"
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): best wash it in the pond, not in the river, there can be Gorean eel
[11:24] ŐℜİA (0subira) picked up the end of the hide and dragged it to the pond. It brought with it some small rocks and a bit of dirt mixed with blood. Carefully, she went a a bit deeper in the water to submerge the entire hide.

[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks how the kajira lays the fur of the animal in the water, he knows this water is more safe then the river, which is also close to the Taluna camp, and not all who visit there are friendly
[11:29] ŐℜİA (0subira) pulled a brush and a piece of soap from her hip pouch, "I will be very careful Master," she said then bent down and did a pre-scrub of the hide to remove clumped grass and rocks.
[11:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) notices the girl uses soap for cleaning the fur, he hope that the soap will be washed away by underground currents or the phospates in the soap will create more algae then wishful
[11:33] ŐℜİA (0subira) saw how some of the blood began to come from the hide. She squinted her eyes then looked to the sky, "It is turning night time Master"
[11:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ypu also must remove the meat remnants, the Red Savage slut has done most but i am sure she has not done all
[11:39] ŐℜİA (0subira) nods, "Yes Master," she said and thought to pull it back out of the water, but the extra wetness would make it too heavy. She brushed off more rocks and felt for meat deposits on the hide
[11:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees she has difficulty to get the wet soaked hide from the water and grabs the rim, and pulls it out, laying it ashore
[11:46] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled, "Thank you Master," she said then moved to the kitchen to grab a knife. After returning she bent to her knees again and proceeded to cut at some of the meats. Pulling them out and placing it to the side

[11:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) think if the meat remnants would be suitable for the slave gruel but decides that the fur is already several days old and the meat not healthy "best throw the remnants in the water to feed the fish"
[11:49] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked up, "Yes Master," she said then grabbed the meats, throwing them into the pond and listened as it made a very loud splash. She put the knife tot he ground and picked up the brush and soap to clean the hide.
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at the dirty work the slave is doing, but it must be done. All meat and fat must be scrapped off
[11:57] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Yes Master," she said then proceeded to scrape the fats from the back, legs, and then finally the head. It grossed her out and the only way that she got through it was to think about other things. The blood splat all over her body
[11:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): when you have remove the meat and fat, we will lay it in a tub with chalc rich water, and let it n some hours, after that we can het the hairs of more easily. Well, not we, you and Nadi
[12:01] ŐℜİA (0subira) moved to the lower portion of the beast hide and cleaned it with the brush. She smiled as it seemed like almost all of the blood was gone, "Yes Master,"
[12:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) inspects the hide and sees the kajira has done good work, it has taken some time, and it must be done again, but the first steps of the cleaning is done
[12:03] ŐℜİA (0subira) paused for a moment and stood after feeling an ache in her back. She stretched out her arms for a moment then knelt back down to work the thing some more.
[12:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees she is almost finished with the hard work
[12:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): When you are ready tell me to pull out the fur
[12:07] ŐℜİA (0subira) cleaned it as much as she could and wiped her forehead with her arm. "Yes Master, almost... Well, this is as good as I can get it," she said with a smile and stood to stretch her limbs.
[12:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) bends over and easily pulls out the heavy fur, he folds it to a ball and lays it in the tub of chalk rich water. He presses hard and lays some heavy rocks on it to keep it under the surface
[12:13] ŐℜİA (0subira) watched as the hide went down into the water.

[08:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) pulls the from meat remnants and fat removed kalliauk fur out of the chalk rich tub, and hangs it at a tanning rack so the kajirae could remove most of the hairs of the fur, and later to tan them. He pulls the tub near the water, after thinking if the chalk in it will polute the pound, he decides it will not, it's even a kinda nourishment for the fisk in it, he then let the water flow into the small lake


[09:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lands in an obscure Vosk port to acquire a pot of tan for the kailliauk hde, he knows he must go to Northern based moderate climate ands for the best tan is made of Oaks
[09:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): From the bast fibres of Northern Gorean Oaks, which do not grow in his own lands
[[09:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees a food market in the small ports center, but he does not need food, but tan, he also sees a wood factory at his right hand near the harbor where wood stems are transported through the river and pulled ashore at the factory. He sees that these are oak stems, the raw structured bark around show that.
[09:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Kutai negotiates with the overseer of the factory and in the end pays 3 copper for a small barrel of tan fluid. Which he brings back to the ship


[11:17] moon (lunasomerhalder): we were just talking about a drum
[11:18] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahhh the drum for the haruspex
[11:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, the drum hide must be fabricated
[11:19] moon (lunasomerhalder): must be alot off work to prepare the hide
[11:19] Hakimba Oakleaf: what are the next things that should be done?
[11:20] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked over at the hide and how it hung.
[11:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): to remove the hairs
[11:21] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): after that it must be tanned to prevent rotting
[11:21] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahhh  i think that will be a difficult work or do you know some tricks?
[11:21] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked to the Haruspex, "Master, would you like me to do it?" she said while eyeing the hide from that distance.
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): you or Nadi
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I can hardly ask Lady Moon such dirty work
[11:23] moon (lunasomerhalder) smiles
[11:23] nadi (nara.zsun): nods to oria
[11:24] ŐℜİA (0subira) stands and stretches her legs before strolling to the hanging hide. She brush back some hair from her shoulder and turns, "Master, should I use a special tool?"
[11:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes
[11:24] Hakimba Oakleaf: the girls could alternate so not only one has to do all the work
[11:25] moon (lunasomerhalder): shall move a little further from the hide not to get the hair on my clothes
[11:25] Hakimba Oakleaf: i see oria makes the beginning
[11:26] Hakimba Oakleaf: i would propose to take a seat .. nadi could serve us some drinks
[11:26] "Moon_Sha" Sitting Trunk: Change animations from menu or with RePag/AvPag
[11:27] Hakimba Oakleaf walks to his favorite log
[11:27] nadi (nara.zsun): what may I bring you My Master
[11:28] Hakimba Oakleaf: i would like a cold ale nadi  please serve the others first
[11:28] nadi (nara.zsun): yes Master a chilled ale as we really don't have the ice to keep it cold My Master...only some chips remain in the Chill Box....
[11:28] Hakimba Oakleaf: ohh its ok
[11:29] nadi (nara.zsun): Haruspex may I bring you a beverage of your choice
[11:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I heard ale mentioned
[11:30] nadi (nara.zsun): nods if you like smiles.
[11:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): i try a cold one
[11:30] nadi (nara.zsun): grins well I may not find the cold....but I can bring a chilled one as our supply of ice is very low...only chips remain
[11:31] nadi (nara.zsun): Mistress May I serve you
[11:31] moon (lunasomerhalder) smiles to nadi :"some fresh juice for me please nadi "
[11:31] ŐℜİA (0subira) gently rubs her hand over the hide for a moment and thinks about that animal it came from. She tried to envision it and hoped it had not suffered. Pulling the small knife from the side of the tanning rack, she began to scrape at the hairs of the hide.
[11:32] nadi (nara.zsun): yes Mistress I think there is a freshly squeezed pitcher of Ramberry juice.
[11:32] moon (lunasomerhalder): just look what there is nadi
[11:32] nadi (nara.zsun): yes Mistress
[11:33] ŐℜİA (0subira) held to the top of the wooden rack for balance while she cut away at the course hairs. The hairs were not as rough when she was washing the thing in the pond and she could only assume that they had some how softened under the chalk.
[11:34] Hakimba Oakleaf: luckily this hide doesnt smell like rotten meat  so we can sit here without being molested
[11:35] nadi (nara.zsun): quickly swishes her fingers through the wash barrel of water...and shakes them off. Taking down a finely crafted wooden tray.  sets it on the counter and stands on her tip toes to take down two horns.  Holds them up in the sunlight checking for any imperfections and satisfied there is none, sets them on the tray.  Turning to the chill box opens the door
[11:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): hides of animals i shoot never smell
[11:36] Hakimba Oakleaf: otherwise there would come lots of blow-flies
[11:36] Hakimba Oakleaf: not  not even before tanning?
[11:37] ŐℜİA (0subira) worked from left to right, slowly, and had to switch hands as the right one started to ache. She noticed the stars coming out and hoped for bright moons to light each pluck. She chuckled lowly as it reminded her of the tedious plucking of hairs when she was on Earth.
[11:37] nadi (nara.zsun): Bends down to take out the pitcher of ramberry juice and fills a small goblet.  Noticing a bowl of tospos adds a slice to the juice. Holding the horns beneath the spigot fills each horn with the golden liquid.
[11:37] nadi (nara.zsun): Picking up the tray returns to Her Master's boot.
[11:38] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles at nadi
[[11:39] nadi (nara.zsun): settling carefully in the grass...places the tray beside her.  taking one of the horns whispers softly.   May this fine ale delight your palate and bring a smile to your face My Master
[11:39] Hakimba Oakleaf takes the horn from nadi's hands spilling some drops and takes a big first sip
[11:40] PHP - horn of ale (wear to drink) whispers: Ale..mmm
[11:40] ŐℜİA (0subira) sliced close enough to the hide to remove the hairs, but was careful to not cut into the hide, knowing that damage would guarantee her a punishment.... shivers..She almost finished the top right portion of the one side, but had a long way to go for that part of the hide.
[11:40] moon (lunasomerhalder) sees how nadi serves the drinks
[11:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes Oria, if you cut the hide, i might cut yors...with the scimitar
[11:40] Hakimba Oakleaf gulps  it is good even with this little remaining ice it is not to warm
[11:41] Hakimba Oakleaf: you may serve the haruspex now
[11:41] nadi (nara.zsun): smiles sweetly to the Master and waits to be released to continue her service
[11:41] nadi (nara.zsun): Yes My Master thank you
[11:41] ŐℜİA (0subira) gulped as she the Haruspex heard her mind, but he was of a spiritual nature so she was not surprised. Her teeth chattered, "Yes. ..Yess Master"
[11:42] ŐℜİA (0subira): *he
[11:42] Hakimba Oakleaf: you are released nadi
[11:43] nadi (nara.zsun): floats down gently,  setting the tray beside her.  Picking up the other horn proffers it up to the Haruspex keeping her eyes lowered in respect whispers,  May this chilled ale refresh you and dance down your tongue and throat to delight you
[11:44] moon (lunasomerhalder) looks to oria if everything is going well "
[11:44] ŐℜİA (0subira) paused and placed her hands to her hip and stretched her back a little. She squinted her eyes as it became much darker outside. "Yes Mistress... I just wish I had a torch," she said and continued to work
[11:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) accepts the ale and drinks of it, remembering his student days at a rune priest "serve Lady Moon"
[11:45] nadi (nara.zsun): Yes Master....smiles and picks up the tray moving to the Mistress's hem
[11:45] Hakimba Oakleaf sips his ale
[11:47] nadi (nara.zsun): slips to the skirt of the Mistress smiling broadly sets down the tray lifting the goblet ....whispers May this fine ramberry juice and tospit refresh you and be found Pleasing Mistress
[11:48] ŐℜİA (0subira) walked over to the fire and pulled out the cool end of a piece of wood then stuck it into the ground next to her so that she might see the work she was doing. Finally she finished the right top side and the bottom side.
[11:48] moon (lunasomerhalder) looks at nadi as she kneels in front of me and smiles to her, and grabs carefully the juice out her hands " ahh thank you nadi this shall taste wonderfull . you are released "
[11:49] moon (lunasomerhalder) take a sip of my juice
[11:49] Hakimba Oakleaf empties his horn and puts it beside
[11:50] nadi (nara.zsun): thank you Mistress was my pleasure to serve you
[11:50] Hakimba Oakleaf winks nadi at his lap
[11:51] ŐℜİA (0subira) hands moved to the top left side and she plucked away at the hairs, much quicker now and with purpose. She tried to imagine the other uses for the hairs as she worked away and hummed lowly to herself.
[11:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears Oria working at the rack nd smiles
[11:54] ŐℜİA (0subira): *She cut them now with her left hand and although her left hand was not used to that kind of work since it was not her main hand for tasks, it did a good job. Momentarily she rubbed the right side to admire the smoothness of her dedication and refocused on the other side.
[11:57] ŐℜİA (0subira) continued for the next ahn on the one side until finally she finished that side of the hide. Most of the hairs were gone and she smiled. "Finally," she laughed then walked to the other side, noting the various hairs. "Take care Master and nadi," she smiled
[12:01] ŐℜİA (0subira) started at the top edge, cutting away the loose hairs on the other side. This part did not have so many since it was the opening area of the animal.
[12:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Mostly furs have only hair at one side, the outer
[12:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): hair protect against weather
[12:02] ŐℜİA (0subira) worked the top, left, right, and bottom edges. "Yes Master, just a little bit more on the outer edge," she said and cut mostly away.
[12:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): inside has fat, but that you removed yesterday
[12:03] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Finished, yayyyy," she laughed and clapped
[12:04] moon (lunasomerhalder) smiles as I hear oria :' you have finish it ? "
[12:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Best go wash your pretty body
[12:05] ŐℜİA (0subira) blush, "Yes Master," she chuckle and looked to Mistress, "Yes Mistress and my arms feel numb now... sorta"


[11:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I still have a chore for you to do
[11:05] ŐℜİA (0subira) followed the Master down the stairs and near the central fire. She observed the hide, stretched.
[11:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): YOu have cleaned and removed all meat ad hair remnants of teh fur
[11:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) places a small barrel which he had brought with him from his wagon, on the grass
[11:06] ŐℜİA (0subira) nods, "Yes Master, I remember doing those things," she looked down at her hands and was glad the aching had ended from the tedious hair pulling of the hide.
[11:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I went up North to the Vosk, where they have huge oak forests. When you remove the bark of oak and soak that in water, you get a tanning fluid, i bought some barrels
[11:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) gives her a big brush
[11:09] ŐℜİA (0subira) stood up and took hold of the brush, "Oh, to the North Master. That trip sounded exciting," she said while approaching the hide
[11:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the hide must be smeared in with the tanning fluid, but be carfullm that it does not touch your skin, it is heavy stuff , a bit acid
[11:11] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked at the fluid, "Yes Master... may I find some gloves to put on my hands Master?"
[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, please do
[11:12] ŐℜİA (0subira) turned then grabbed something to cover her hands with from the kitchen counter and hurried back over to begin the process.
[11:16] ŐℜİA (0subira) bent down and cringed at inhaling the tanning fluid. She dunked the brush into the solution. Some dripped near her toes and she quickly jumped back. Her left hand, she placed to the top left of the hide, and with the right hand she used the brush and slathered the liquid on the hide.
[11:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) watches silent, not wanting to disturb her work which was important
[11:19] ŐℜİA (0subira) watched as the residue liquid ran down the hide. It was a little shiny as it reflected in the glow of the sun light. With the flick of her wrist, some of the fluid hit the skirt of her clad and she shivered. Knowing that the fluid would be toxic to her skin made sweat beads form on her face.
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it does not matter if it's smeared thick, i have enough tanning fluid, better more tanner then that spoiling fungi or so survive on that hide.
[11:24] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked over, "Yes Master," she said and then slowly bent down but this time, she swirled the brush around in the bucket then carefully lifted the large glob of fluid to the hide. She extended her arms, to make sure her body was far enough away and brushed all over the hide.
[11:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods satusfied when he sees the hide gets soaked in the tanning fluid
[11:27] ŐℜİA (0subira) hands moved up and down and left to right. She even made circular patterns in the hide, "Master can this tanning solution be used for other things in camp too?"
[11:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): hm, it can be used for bosk hides also which we use at some wagons
[11:31] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled and nodded then dipped the brush in the bucket again. The liquid was so thick that it weighed down her arm a little while lifting it. She brushed all over the hide some more, several more times until it took on a very wet slipper color.
[11:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it's been enough, now we let it soak in for a couple of days
[11:35] ŐℜİA (0subira) stepped back and placed the brush on the side of the bucket then stepped into the pond to wash her arms and hands, "Yes, Master"
[11:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Good idea to get washed thorough, better get the tanning fluid of your skin, you never know what effect it has, some people are allergic for such things
[11:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): now i could use a cold paga and some backed eggs with bacon
[11:38] ŐℜİA (0subira) nodded, "That water feels so good too Master, and it does not even feel cold," she chuckled.."Right away Master," she hurried to the kitchen


[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to the rack with the kailliauk fur and feels that its dry, he takes the fur of the rack and lays it at the grass, he then places some heavy stones on it to press out the last moist
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) the stones are round, so he can roll them to the fur, but heavy so the haruspex soon swats in the warm autumn sun


[08:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): second task is to find the pelt of the right deert kaiila, a wild one, not a domesticated animal. Such miss the temperament of of the fighting mount. He needs an aggressive exemplar. Kutai there for moves to te Taharai desert, the place for herds of wild kaiila,and ere he could find the right stallion,or maybe mare.
[08:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) arrives with a tarn at the border of the Tahari, in the oasis of Mirage, here he wnts try buy a good mount , preferable 2, one in reserve and to carry extra water bags
[08:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The tarn lands at the sand of the desert, much further it will no fly, Tarns avoid the heat of the barren and sandy wastelands. Kutai dismounts his tarn and looks around. What he sees is not a very wealthy place. The city seems in ruins and almost deserted
[08:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) is worried about the possibilities of the place, he sees some Bedouin tents among the ruins, maybe these pasoral herds,em can sell him some good mounts, but he doubt it, such men need their best animals them selfs to herd their stock of desert verr
[08:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees a big lake, which is the cause of the oasis, he kneels near the shore and takes a handful of water, and drinks. The water is refreshing and cool, so his thirst is diminished, he dinks like Gideons men, from the cup of his hand, like warrior, not like an animal drinking straight from the pool.
[08:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) laughs about this, knowing he let his slaves drink and feed like animal, without using their hands, to state that the are property, not free. That they are cattle to be watered
[08:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) does not see people, the village seems deserted, probably the Bedouins are with their herds, and not in town. Dis appointed Kutai returns to his tarn, he waters it at the oasis pond and then lifts off to a next border town


[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lands his bird at the Oasis of 2 Scimitare, a place he well knows, he searches the market, to find a kaiila trader
[11:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the market is deserted, well, its already starting to evening, so probably the merchants are at diner at home
[11:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): since he knows the sim, hehas a suspicious about the where abouts of the people. He starts walking
[11:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the people are at the temple.listening to an initiate, he sees he has to wait till the people have doe their religious duties
[11:30] connydevil shouts: grüsse herr winkt ihm zu
[11:31] connydevil: zwinkert dem herrn zu
[11:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Grüsse edle Tahari bewohner
[11:31] Ronja (sandra.plassitz): tal kutia und willkommen auf der oase

---- Kutai drinks some paga with the locals

[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Ich suchte eigentlich ein kaiila händler
[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Gibt es welche in der Stadt?
[11:55] Ronja (sandra.plassitz): den kailastall ist leider abgebrannt hier und alle tiere wurden getötet
[11:55] connydevil: schaut zum händler
[11:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aaargh
[11:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Das ist ja eine grosse Schade
[11:56] connydevil: nickt heftigst
[11:56] Ulric Merlin: So haben wir wenigstens genug zuessen
[11:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): gebratennes kaiila fleish
[11:57] connydevil: ja herr mit süsser und scharfer sosse
[11:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aber wie geht mann dann zu andere Oasen, so ohne Kaiila?
[11:58] Ronja (sandra.plassitz): wir haben ne karawane zum glück
[11:58] Ronja (sandra.plassitz): die nicht im stall stand
[11:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aaah, sonst wurdet euch aufgeschlossen sein durch die wüste
[11:59] connydevil: da ist der olle hassan herr der karawanenführer ud hier kommen oft 50 das sind alle finger und zehe auf einmal ganz oft
[12:00] Ulric Merlin: Naja von meinem Handelshaus kommen immer welche vorbei .Also wäre es möglich mit denen zureisen
[12:00] connydevil: nickt
[12:00] Ronja (sandra.plassitz): ja also sind wir nicht von der aussenwelt abgetrennt


[01:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) since the people of 2 Scimitare had no kaiila becaise the stables had been burned, Kutai went to the caravan leader and after long negotiations got a small but strong animal
[01:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): It did cost him 2 silver four times the price of an average but beautiful slave slut, but of course a kaiila was more worthy then female meat
[01:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The haruspex took the road to the Oasis of the Silver Stones, well road, a sandy desert, only the stars in heaven showed th road, luckily it was seldom cloudy in the Tahari at night. In the daytime the priest did not travel for then the heat was to big, and it would drain out his mount and himself even that he had enough water supplies. Now he did hide in the shaow of rocks or caves during the heat of the noon day
[01:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) was satisfied with his small but aggresive kaiila, the beast rode fast even that the derst sand was loose, abd difficult to ride on, but this desert animal had broader paws then the plains species, broeader and more leather at the paw soles to protect against the hot burning sand floor

[01:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) rode through a narrow canyon, some dry trees at the sides which shoed water must e near, not much, but some eep, reachable for the roots of the dry acacia like tree he was passing
[01:21] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sand was blow through the narrownes of the pass, he saw desert vultures preying at him, but Kutai had not decided to feed them with himself or his sturdy kaiila stallion. He ignored the bird scavengers

[01:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) now came at a sandy plain, with loft dunes, he saw a city half hidden in the mountained rocks, that must be the famous oasis of the Stones of Silver, which was founded for its water source, but more for the mining of the material after it was named
[01:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) decided to avoid the city, he did not like walled habitats, but rode over the and dunes to a small village with tents

[01:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) decided to avoid the city, he did not like walled habitats, but rode over the and dunes to a small village with tents
[01:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) rode in the village and saw some shepherd, man women and a young lad. He greeted the people friendly, they looked at him fearfully, but he explained he was a holy man on a mission. H easked them for the where abouts of a herd of wild kaiila since he want to catch and kill one
[01:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): A man said "I know a her, a sturdy stallion and several strong mare, they also have foals and half grown exemplars. But we would not like you to kill the stallion, it would create unrest among the herds and envronment and that would influence the behavior of our desert verr negative"
[01:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) told him he undestood the problem and that he would not kill the Stallion, even that the strength of the animal would be promising for the strength of his drum
[01:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The Bedouin continued "and we also don't want you to kill a mare, for the give milk and new young foal kaiila  and are important for the continuing of the herds"
[01:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) understood all this and promised not to kill a mare, for the circle of life should not be broken. He said "I will kill one of the young stallions, of that nly one will pro created, the strongest. If i take one of those, it will not disturb the balance of the herd"

[01:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The man smiled "if that is a promidse, then my son will lead you to the herd" and he pointed at a young, clever looking lean build man, aged about 17 years of age. The guide lad did not looked very well clothed, he seemed poor but Kutai was a wise man and did not misake by judging a man at his clothes only, he saw the smartness in the sharp facial expression of the youngster, and the intelligence of his eyes "I will follow your advice and let your son lead me" He then flipped some copper tarsks from his puch and gave them to the father as wage for the labor of his son

[01:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) followed the young lad, who moved quick over the desert floor, and that without kaiila. He led him to a small herd which Kutai decided to watch for several hours to find the right animal for his drum

[01:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the young lad rested against a rock , in the shadow of the burning sun till Kutai had made hi choice. The priest pointed a t a you lean fine looking stallion, lean, not as strong as his brother close to him, but fast "I think i pick that lean one, it seems agile, and i like to add the spirit of his swiftness to my drum. The strength is already symbplised by the other side of the drum, the sturdy mighty kailliauk
[01:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The guide agreed to the reasoning of the priest "tahts indeed a fine species, and indeed, not strng enough to win the battle of the mares, so it will die any way without of spring
[01:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) kutai took his bola, and swinged it around, he immediate put his kaiila to a gallop, for the herd was alarmed now, he swinged the stones at the rope above his head and raced to the chosen animal

[01:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the yound lad rested against a rock , in the shadow of the burning sun till Kutai had made hi choice. The priest pointed a t a you lean fine looking stallion, lean, not as strong as his brother close to him, but fast "I think i pick that lean one, it seems agile, and i like to add the spirit of his swiftness to my drum. The strength is already symbplised by the other side of the drum, the sturdy mighty kailliauk
[01:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The guide agreed to the reasoning of the priest "tahts indeed a fine species, and indeed, not strng enough to win the battle of the mares, so it will die any way without of spring
[01:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) kutai took his bola, and swinged it around, he immediate put his kaiila to a gallop, for the herd was alarmed now, he swinged the stones at the rope above his head and raced to the chosen animal
[01:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) saw the herd disperse, running at all sides, but the haruspex had his target and let his mount ran to the yound stallion. Laready his bola flew towards the legs of the young one, and there it already dropped
[01:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sprang of his mount and then landed near the fallen beast. His strong hand immediate broke the neck of the stallion and it died instantly, a swift and clean dead, without wounds to damage the pelt, and no blood even had flow. The young guide gasped in admiration for his village did not know the use of a bola
[01:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) took his ritual quiva and started to skin the kaiila, he removed the need fur quick and clean and then said to the lad "you can take the rest, for meat to eat, for bones to make tools from. Kutai bend over and removed some teeth of the animal "of those i make amulets" he explained the laddy.. Who was working hard at the now dead one
[01:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) now the work was done, Kutai and the boy rode back to the village, Kutai carrying the meat packages the boy had made, Those he gave to the guys father whch was thanked by Kutai for his advice and the favor to let his son guide him. Then Kutai rode of , back to the city of 2 Scimitar whre he had let his tarn behind


[10:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Grüsse Taluna
[10:14] Bʀᴜɴʜɪʟᴅᴇ Vᴀʟᴏᴋɪ (odlp8008qlbo) beobachtet, wie der mann den steg entlang näher kommt und stellt sich ihm in den weg "tal kerl"
[10:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hat die Taluna gerade begrüsst "ich bin Kutai, ein guter Bekannter von die Ki Moon, neben den Eschichten abend heute, nabe ich einige wichtige Sachen mit sie zu besprechen"
[10:17] Bʀᴜɴʜɪʟᴅᴇ Vᴀʟᴏᴋɪ (odlp8008qlbo) überlegt einen moment, als sie ihm zuhört und fängt dann an zu lächeln, als das, was er sagt auch plausibel klingt "oh, schön, dich kennen zu lernen, kutal. in dem fall brauchst du keinen wegzoll zahlen" meint sie grinsend und macht ihm den weg dann wieder frei
[10:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hat schon öfter das Taluna lager besucht und hat nie Zoll bezahlt aber er hat genug Lakritze bei ihn um alle Taluna im Schendi wald zu bestechen "ich danke sie edle Frau"
[10:20] Bʀᴜɴʜɪʟᴅᴇ Vᴀʟᴏᴋɪ (odlp8008qlbo) lehnt sich mit dem po gegen den pfeiler und betrachtet den mann interessiert, als er weiter geht
[10:21] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seht sich ihren netten Po an der gegen den Pfeiler rüstet, dann sc"üttelt er geile Gedanken weg, er ist hier ja um Holz zu finden, nicht um mit Taluna Mädchen zu spielen "ich denke wir werden uns schon später sehen beim Story telling"
[10:23] Bʀᴜɴʜɪʟᴅᴇ Vᴀʟᴏᴋɪ (odlp8008qlbo) nickt leicht "bestimmt" bejat sie ihn und blickt sich dann wieder um. sie muss etwas schmunzeln, schließlich hat sie den blick von ihm auf ihren po gesehen

[10:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks furtehr down the jungle road, crossing a bridge, during his walk he looks eager for the ebony wood tree, the problem is that those trees are not black, because the wood is noir, but the bark has a lighter color
[10:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): After a long walk through the Southern rainforest, Kutai arrives at a high plain, where he sees a rocky fortress, this must be the camp of the taluna of Ki Moon, the Sa Me Aak jungle girls
[10:29] Kool Door Front geöffnet vonLaraBones Resident Ⓜ
[10:30] LaraBones: tal reisender. Was ist dein Begehr?
[10:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seht das die Tür öfnet und eine Taluna raus komt "Tal Jungle Jägerin, ich komme auf Besuch bei die Frau Ki Moon, ich bitte ihre Hilfe in einen heiligen Auftrag den mir durch die Göttern gegeben ist"
[10:32] LaraBones: *betrachtet den unbekannten Mann Argwöhnisch* Na gut, Warte hier. Ich hole sie her. *dreht sich zum Tor um
[10:33] Kool Door Front geöffnet vonLaraBones Resident Ⓜ
[10:34] LaraBones: *tritt erneut durch das Tor* Sie meditiert gerade, aber tritt ein, so lange du frieden hällst
[10:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seht das die Frau zuruck komt, ihr bewundert ihre athletische Figur, das durch das Wald leben perfect geformd ist
[10:35] LaraBones: *öffenet das Tor*
[10:35] Kool Door Front geöffnet vonLaraBones Resident Ⓜ
[10:36] LaraBones: Mach es dir bequem. Es kann sich nur um Minuten handeln.
[10:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seht die Ki Moon in tiefer Meditation, er kann ja warten
[10:37] Bʀᴜɴʜɪʟᴅᴇ Vᴀʟᴏᴋɪ (odlp8008qlbo) lächelt, als sie ebenfalls zum feuer kommt "tal lara" grüßt sie ihre schwester und blickt einen moment zu der meditierenden en. dann legt sich ihr blick wieder einen moment auf den mann und sie betrachtet ihn skeptisch[10:38] LaraBones: tal schwester. Schön dich zu haben

[10:40] Bʀᴜɴʜɪʟᴅᴇ Vᴀʟᴏᴋɪ (odlp8008qlbo) blickt wieder lara an und lächelt wieder etwas "ich komme gleich wieder runter" sagt sie mit warmer stimme und dreht sich dann, um zu ihrer hütte hoch zu gehen
[10:40] LaraBones: Nur Zu
[10:41] Ki Moon (sabrjina): erwacht aus ihren träumen wo sie irgendwie davon träumte ein kerl sei in das lager gekommen, schüttelt leicht den kopf und dreht sich nach rechts
[10:42] Ki Moon (sabrjina): erschrickt dann gewaltig als sie kutai neben sich erblickt
[10:42] Ki Moon (sabrjina): waaaa!!!! wie... wie.... schaut sich dann um. und sieht ihre schwestern.. ah so bist du rein gekommen
[10:42] Ki Moon (sabrjina): muss dann kichern+
[10:42] Ki Moon (sabrjina): tal wie geht es dir
[10:42] LaraBones: *ist erstaunt über KI Moon's schreckhaften Afro*
[10:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seht den Ki Moon erschreckt gucken "sind meine Narben so häslich das ich dich arme Frau erschrecke?"
[10:43] Ki Moon (sabrjina): haha nein kutai, nur dass du hier im lager stehst , das wundert mich ein wenig. aber schon ok
[10:43] Ki Moon (sabrjina): wir kennen uns lange genug und ich weiss du bist ein mann des friedens und würdest unser lager nie verraten
[10:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "na, ein richtiger Mann des Friednes bin ich nicht, ich kämpfe aber gegen die Stadtbewohner, und nicht gegen Taluna, das sind oft unsere Verbundette weil wir einen gemeinsamen Feind haben"
[10:45] Laetitia Radford is online.
[10:48] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt+
[10:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Ich komme aber wegen diesen Traum den ich dir mal erzählt habe, den Traum mit den Trommeln
[10:48] Ki Moon (sabrjina): was führt dich zu uns kutai
[10:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): In diesen Traum, er hat sie schon Ki Moon erzählt, aber die andere Frauen dürfen den auch hören, hat mein Gott mir gesagt einen heiligen Trommel zu machen. Ich hab schon die Felle, um auf zu schlagen. Aber für den Basis der Trommel brauch ich einen Hardwood Boom, Am liebsten Schwarz Holz.
[10:50] Ki Moon (sabrjina): hört gespannt zu
[10:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Also ich suche einen Ebenholz baum, den soll dan umeschlagen wrden müssen mit einen Ax.
[10:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Danach wird t den Baum dann holl gemacht, sonst ist sie zu schwer.

[10:52] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nicht
[10:53] Ki Moon (sabrjina): einen schwarzen baum hier im jungle
[10:53] Ki Moon (sabrjina): den müssen wir aber suchen gehen oder hast du eine ahnung wo wir den finden
[10:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Das problem ist das Ebenholz schon schwarz ist, aber den Baum nicht, Den Bast der Baum hat eine leichtere Farbe
[10:54] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[10:55] Fireplace: A log burns up on the fire.
[10:55] Ki Moon (sabrjina): du möchtest dass wir mit dir zusammen den baum suchen gehen ja?
[10:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Das wäre das Beste, ich kennen dein Wald nicht, und du schon, mit deine Bande Jägerinnen
[10:56] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[10:57] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ich werde  morgen ein paar jägerinnen aussenden sie sollen sich umsehen
[10:57] Ki Moon (sabrjina): heute ist es zu spät und zu dunkel
[10:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Ja, das ist klar, sonst bricht mann etwas im Wald, die Wurzeln stecken ja oben den Bodem
[10:58] Ki Moon (sabrjina): und.... schaut nun ernst
[10:58] Ki Moon (sabrjina): wir werden den baum erst fragen ob er einverstnden ist zu sterben um in einer heiliogen trommel wiedergebohren zu werden
[10:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "Selbstverständlich" Kutai macht sich darüber keine Sorgen weil er mit seine spirituele Kräfte schon den richtigen Baum finden wird, genau wie er schon den richtigen Kailliauk und Kaiila gefunden hat
[10:59] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt dann zu kutai
[11:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Den Baum wird lieber in ein Trommel wieder geboren als sonst wie Brandholz in euren Feuer, oder schlimmer als Holz fur das Bett von den Pasha dort in der Oase, und dann jeden Abend das gestöhnd der alten Kerl mit seinen Kajira anhören soll"


1:20] Ki Moon (sabrjina) shouts: schaut herunter und sieht kutai über die brücke kommen * tal kutai * ruft es laut
[11:20] Maren Kimono is online.
[11:20] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:21] Ki Moon (sabrjina): hmm ich komme runter
[11:21] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) steht hinter ihrer EN und ruft nun ebenfallls  "tal  !"
[11:21] Kool Door Front geöffnet vonSabrjina Resident Ⓜ
[11:21] Ki Moon (sabrjina): tal kutai
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Ki Moon
[11:22] Kool Door Front geöffnet vonzolla349 Resident Ⓜ [Geöffnet: es wird offen stehen bis du die Reichweite verlässt oder nochmals klickst]
[11:22] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): Tal  Kutai  *freundlich grüsst*
[11:22] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nun ich habe meine jägerinnen ausgesandt nach dem baum zu suchen
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Lady
[11:22] Ki Moon (sabrjina): doch leider vergebens , wir müssen selber suchen
[11:22] Ki Moon (sabrjina): hast du eine ahnung wo der wachsen könnte
[11:23] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) steckt den bogen wieder zurück, nachdem sie sich in der umgebung vergewissert hat, dass keine gefahr droht
[11:23] Ki Moon (sabrjina): vielleicht im sumpf gebiet
[11:23] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aah das ist gut, solche Baume sind selbst in Jungle seltsam
[11:23] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): backs up all their weapons and will remain vigilant.
[11:23] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Sumpfe kenne ich, meine ehemalige Partnerin war Rencer
[11:23] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nckt
[11:23] Ki Moon (sabrjina): am hp giebt es ein sumpf gebiet
[11:23] Ki Moon (sabrjina): vielleicht finden wir den dort
[11:24] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) hört aufmerksam zu, ein schwarzer baum denkt sie, muss doch leicht zu finden sein, aber bisher hatten sie kein glück
[11:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Dann gehen wir hin aber vorsicht, die Sumpfe haben andere Gefahre als normales Land
[11:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Baum ist nicht Schwarz, den Bast ist leichter
[11:25] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt ich weiss kutai
[11:25] Ki Moon (sabrjina): und es ist nicht unser stammesgebiet
[11:25] Ki Moon (sabrjina): lass und gehen
[11:25] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) nickt und folgt den beiden, die augen und ohren wachsam geöffnet
[11:26] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): nach euch kutai
[11:26] Ki Moon (sabrjina): hmm wir könnten den berg weg nehmen
[11:26] Ki Moon (sabrjina): der ist sicherer
[11:28] Ki Moon (sabrjina): schaut erst mal die gegend an ob die wakanda nicht zu hause sind
[11:28] Ki Moon (sabrjina): aber es scheint ruhig
[11:28] Ki Moon (sabrjina): gut weiter
[11:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) wartet
[11:28] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) schaut gespannt die gegend an
[11:29] Ki Moon (sabrjina): dadrüben gehen wir durch die höhle da drin ist ein komisches ding es sei von den kuri sagt man aber es lebt nicht
[11:30] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) nimmt ihren bogen doch lieber wieder in die hand
[11:30] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) geht einen Schritt zurück und entspannt sich wieder
[11:30] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): backs up all their weapons and will remain vigilant.
[11:30] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): takes her bow, puts an arrow on the string and stretched them
[11:30] Ki Moon (sabrjina): der ist sicher tot
[11:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): was ist den das?
[11:30] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nur noch knochen die auch zu staub zerfallen
[11:31] Ki Moon (sabrjina): irgend ein ding der kri
[11:31] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): äähhbäähhh   das spinnennetz vorhin war schlimmer
[11:31] Ki Moon (sabrjina): die fliegen damit wie vögel erzählte man mir es sei vom himmel gefallen
[11:31] Ki Moon (sabrjina): die wakanda heben es in die höhle gebracht
[11:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): die liegt hier schon seit die Grundung von Ar
[11:32] Ki Moon (sabrjina): j muss lange her sein
[11:32] Ki Moon (sabrjina): kommt
[11:32] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) mustert das komische zerbrochene ei, stubst es mit dem fuss an und zuckt die schultern
[11:32] Ki Moon (sabrjina): hier beginnt der sumpf

[11:33] Ki Moon (sabrjina): da drüben vielleicht
[11:33] Ki Moon (sabrjina): die gespenster bäume
[11:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seht ein Tumit
[11:33] Ki Moon (sabrjina): denke der tumit wird uns nichts tun
[11:33] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) zuckt zsammen als das wasser an einen felsen schkägt
[11:33] Ki Moon (sabrjina): vordicht
[11:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): nee, die schmecken aber gut
[11:34] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): ganz schön unheimlich hier  *schaut sich um*
[11:34] Ki Moon (sabrjina): mist
[11:34] Ki Moon (sabrjina): das wasser des verschwindens
[11:35] GM 4.51 ~ You are drowning. (5% drowning damage) ~
[11:35] GM 4.51 ~ You are drowning. (5% drowning damage) ~
[11:35] GM 4.51 ~ You are drowning. (5% drowning damage) ~
[11:35] GM 4.51 ~ You are drowning. (5% drowning damage) ~
[11:35] GM 4.51 ~ You are drowning. (5% drowning damage) ~
[11:35] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ich sagte vorsicht
[11:35] Ki Moon (sabrjina): kichert leise
[11:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) greift die Hand von Ki Moon, onst wäre er versaufen
[11:36] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): uuuhh
[11:36] Ki Moon (sabrjina): zieht beide wieder aus den tribe sand
[11:36] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nochmal vorsicht immer nur kleine schritte
[11:36] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) nimmt kis hand und holt tief luft
[11:37] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): danke EN  man das war knapp
[11:37] Ki Moon (sabrjina): vor einer hand ist fast eine grüne hier ertrunken
[11:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ich hatte meine Lanz mit nehmen sollen um den Bodem zu "rüfen

[11:37] Ki Moon (sabrjina): schau mal kutai
[11:37] Ki Moon (sabrjina): dieser baum
[11:38] Ki Moon (sabrjina): er ist dunkel und kann gut sein unter der borke ist er schwarz vom torf hier
[11:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) guckt zum resenbaum
[11:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): von so einen Baum gebrauche ich nur ein Wurzel
[11:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): der ist ja riesig
[11:38] Ki Moon (sabrjina): und hierbräuchtest du nicht den ganzen zu fällen eine dicke eurzel würde reichen
[11:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): eben
[11:38] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:39] Ki Moon (sabrjina): geht sie zum baum
[11:39] Ki Moon (sabrjina): backs up all their weapons and will remain vigilant.
[11:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ich werde mal in meditation gehen und den Geist des Baumes fragen
[11:39] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) schaut sich, immer noch keuchend, um und sieht lauter bäume,   "das ist ein schwarzer baum? "  *kratzt sich nachdenklich am kopf*
[11:39] Ki Moon (sabrjina): und umarmt ihnbaum wir müssen dir ezwas schmerzen bereiten
[11:39] Ki Moon (sabrjina): und etwas borke entfernen
[11:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Schwarz von innen, wie meine Seele
[11:39] Ki Moon (sabrjina): bitte verzeih uns
[11:40] Ki Moon (sabrjina): geht si dann zurück und nickt kutai zu
[11:40] Ki Moon (sabrjina): schau nach kutai
[11:40] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) neigt ihren kopf vor dem baum
[11:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) Geist sricht in den Geisterwelt mit den Baum, der Baum ist ein verstanden das er ein schon etwas kranken Wurzel entfernd
[11:41] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:41] Ki Moon (sabrjina): angel innen ist er schwarz nicht aussen
[11:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) weiss welchen Wurzel er nehmen soll. er nimmt seinen Sattelmeser und entfrernt etwas den Bast, da unter ist tatsächlich schwarzes Holz Ebenholz
[11:41] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) schaut auf und blickt zu Ki. nickt und sieht nach oben..ein wahrer riese von baum
[11:41] Ki Moon (sabrjina): schaut ihm zu und nickt
[11:41] Ki Moon (sabrjina): das muss er sein

[11:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nimmt seinen Kurcrusher Axe und hebt die Hoch "Vorsicht"
[11:42] Ki Moon (sabrjina): gveht etwas zur seite
[11:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) schlagt mit den Ax auf den Wurzel genau oben den Bodem
[11:43] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) versucht mit den augen den nebel auf dem boden zu durchdringen um zu sehen was der haruspex da macht
[11:43] Ki Moon (sabrjina): zuckt zusammen als die axt einschlägt und sie die kraft sieht mit der kutai zuschlagen kann
[11:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) das erste stück geht einfact aber wenn er das schwarze hardwood erreicht geht das hacken sehr mühsam "grr,so ein hartes HOlz"
[11:44] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt und schaut zu wie er die axt bei jedem schlag etwas in einem anderen winkel auf di wurzel prallen lässt
[11:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) geht weiter, er ist ja schwere Arbeit gewönt" Endlich nach 30 Schlagen hat er den Unterseite der Würzel durchbohrt, er fegt das Achweiss von seinen Stirn"
[11:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so jetzt oben
[11:45] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nickt
[11:45] Ki Moon (sabrjina): schaut wieder zum baum der keinen ton von sich gibt
[11:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) denk nach wie gross der Trommel sein soll. etwat 60 cm hoch, er entscheidet einen Meter abzu shlagen
[11:45] Ki Moon (sabrjina): kein ächzen der äste , kein knarren des stammes
[11:45] Ki Moon (sabrjina): totenstille liegt im sumpf nur die dumpfen schläge der axt sind zu hören
[11:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nimmt einen Amulat und hängt das am Baum als Bezahlung fur das nehmen des Holz, dann schlagt er wieder zu
[11:46] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nimmt ohre trommel die sie mitgebracht hat und beginnt zu spielen
[11:46] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) kommen die schläge besonders lut vor, hier in der dunkelheit und der geräuschkulisse des sumpfes
[11:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "Mensch das ist selbst schwere als eine ganze Bande Pantehr ficken"
[11:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) schlagt wieder, und wieder
[11:47] Ki Moon (sabrjina): drumon
[11:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Endlich nach wieder 30 Schlage ist der Wurzel durch bohrt
[11:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hat jezt 1 Meter Holz, er vrsucht es auf seine schulter zu nehmen
[11:48] Ki Moon (sabrjina): schmunzelt, das wird sehr schwer sein
[11:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ist es
[11:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) liegt es wieder nieder, und entfernt den Bast mit seinen Ax und Quiva
[11:48] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) beobachtet interessiert, wie er wohl das holz nach hause bringen woll. so ein grosses stück muss unendlich schwer sein
[11:49] Ki Moon (sabrjina): geht sie nun näher zum baum und trommelt dort
[11:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seht die Zeremonie der Ki Moon und nicht zufrieden, als Haruspex steht er dicht zur natur
[11:50] Ki Moon (sabrjina): drumoff
[11:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hat endlich den bast entfernt "mehr kann ich nicht hier lassen, das wir schwer, aber geht schon"
[11:50] Ki Moon (sabrjina): sie legt die trommel zur seite
[11:50] Ki Moon (sabrjina): bückt sich und greifft tief in den sumpfigen boden
[11:50] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) hebt den blick, senkt ihn wieder und den kopf ebenfalls und sendet ein gebet zu freya
[11:51] Ki Moon (sabrjina): fasst tief unten zu und zieht eine schlammige dunkle masse herauf
[11:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nimmt eine rope und macht eine Trage davon und hiebt das Holz auf seinen Rücken
[11:51] Ki Moon (sabrjina): sie geht zu der abgeschlagenen stelle und reibt sie mit der schlamm masse ein die ebenso dunkel ist wie der baum
[11:51] Ki Moon (sabrjina): die wunden müssen gepflegt werden
[11:51] Ki Moon (sabrjina): damit der baum nicht stirbt
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) macht das Tau fest auf seinen Brust so das das Holz nicht schieben kann, dann esst er etwas Kanda,so das er keine Mühe spürt
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "Drogen" winkt er zu Angel
[11:52] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) nickt als sie sein kauen bemerkt
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) Kräfte nehmen zu
[11:52] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): ihr tut gut daran, haruspex
[11:53] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nimmt nun eine zweite hand voll und reibt auch das untere ende der wurzel ein, die wo in den boden geht, wer weiss vielleicht wächst daraus ein neuer baum* sagt es lächelnd zu den beiden
[11:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ?me geht auch zu eine Gestes zustand, genau wie Berserker aus den Norden, durch Geist ergrösserte Kräfte
[11:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so wird es gehen
[11:53] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) erschrickt leicht als sie seine *verwandlung* bemerkt
[11:53] Ki Moon (sabrjina): steht dann auf mit gesenktem kopf und streicht sanft über den baumstamm
[11:54] Ki Moon (sabrjina): verzeih * flüstert es dem baum zu

[11:54] Ki Moon (sabrjina): lasst uns ein boot nehmen das ist einfacher als tragenda hinten gibt es boote
[11:54] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) hebt den blick zum himmel und verspricht im stillen eine opfergabe an freya...möge sie bei ihnen sein auf dem rückweg und auch den haruspex beschützen
[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) acht ein letzter egen über den Baumstamm "Grüsse den Blauen Himmel von mir, wir sehen ihn nicht, aber du bist zo gross"
[11:54] Ki Moon (sabrjina): warte hier kutai , angel und ich holen zwei boote
[11:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): okidoi
[11:55] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): *nickt und folgt Ki*
[11:55] Ki Moon (sabrjina): komm angel wir schwimmen hin
[11:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) kann im moment nicht schwimmen, das HOlz ist schwerer als Wasser, jedenfalls diesen Holz
[11:57] erika Menna shouts: wer schleicht da in unserem sumpf herum?
[11:57] erika Menna shouts: wenns kein sleen ist, gib dich zu erkennen, oder ich schieße!
[11:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) geht im Canoo
[11:58] Ki Moon (sabrjina) shouts: tal erika wir machen eine rundfahrt
[11:58] Ki Moon (sabrjina) shouts: winkt wie verrückt
[11:58] erika Menna shouts: ach ihr seid das, na seid nächstes mal vorsichtiger
[11:59] erika Menna shouts: sonst färbt sich die thassa blutig
[11:59] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ja danke dir erika für den tip
[11:59] Ki Moon (sabrjina) shouts: ja danke dir erika für den tip
[11:59] Ki Moon (sabrjina): kichert leise
[12:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): zum Gluck habt ihr Canoe, mit den Holz durch den Sumpf schleppen wurde schon sehr schwer sein

[12:02] Ki Moon (sabrjina): aussteigen
[12:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) steigt aus den Canoe
[12:02] Ki Moon (sabrjina): hihi das war knapp
[12:03] shiva Ultsch: tallies
[12:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) geht das Aussteigen schwer, so mit den HOlz auf seinen Rücken
[12:03] Ki Moon (sabrjina): sie hat nicht gemerkt was wir mit genommen haben aus ihrem land
[12:03] shiva Ultsch: grüsse ki
[12:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Gut, aber wir haben den Segen zuruck gelassen, das Gleichgewicht ist in Ordnung
[12:03] Ki Moon (sabrjina): tal shivamach
[12:03] shiva Ultsch: grüsse kutai
[12:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Taluna
[12:04] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ja dem baum geht es gut
[12:04] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): Tal  *grüsst sie nachdem sie endlich aus dem kanu herausgekrabbelt ist))
[12:04] Ki Moon (sabrjina): von dir den segen und von mir die verarztung
[12:04] shiva Ultsch: tal
[12:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lauft zu seinen Tarn und binded das Holz an einer der Pfoten des mächtigen Tieres
[12:04] shiva Ultsch: hab dich lange nicht gesehn kutai
[12:05] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): backs up all their weapons and will remain vigilant.
[12:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Ich war gestern noch hier, aber 2 Monate nicht
[12:05] Ki Moon (sabrjina): ja gestern war doch der geschichten abend bei uns shiva
[12:05] shiva Ultsch: ich glaub das ist jahre her


[10:56] Hakimba Oakleaf puts nadi at her feet  we will retire Kutai
[10:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ok, then i will stat ciseling
[10:57] nadi (nara.zsun): I wish you good progress on your drum Master...I will come and work on your hide later today when my chores for my Master are done
[10:57] Hakimba Oakleaf: i wish you a good evening.. safe paths
[10:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): safe paths
[[11:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to the work bench he acquired from one of the builders in Turia, an old carpenter, or more shrineworker gave him the bench, and some tools to work on the ebony tree trunk
[11:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a saw from the bench and starts sawing the too long tree in the right proportions of a drum about 50-60 centimeters It is tropical hardwood from Schendi so he has a tough job to get trough the black wooden axis of the tree. This in danger the steel saw he has will break.
[11:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) feels sweat drip from his forehead, actually this heavy work should be done at a kajirus, but he does not know a thrall which is a former builder, most were Barbarians, and the rest warriors and mercenaries been imprisoned during th many wars
[11:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) after half an hour sawing he gets through the log, without breaking the saw, he sighs relieved, but still have to saw of the other end of the would be sound box
[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): But Kutai now knows how to deal with the problem and cutting through the wood now last only 20 minute. He could have of course used an axe, but such instrument is not precise

[11:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a small axe from the work bench and starts hacking of the remnants of the bast fibre, he already had removed the most tick parts of it when being in the swamp before transportation to make the log lighter
[11:46] Second Life: You decline '"Moon_Sha" Gorean Saw (Wear)'  ( Pebble (215,181,23) ) from "Moon_Sha" Gorean Sawing Log.
[11:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The removal of the outer layer goes quicker then he initially had anticipated, the fibre is quite loose, thanks for laying days in the sun of course, now only the remnants remain
[11:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a quiva and starts cutting away the remnants, the quiva is a  weapon he know well, so this work is familiar, not s different from cleaning hides f meat remnants and fat clusters
[11:50] Vana (sylvana.zeplin) is online.
[11:52] Kai (candykai) have been walking around stepper for hours.. let the wind mover again my face.. like it was a bath, just a psychological bath.. washing of want happen.. tring to claim down, as i see you.. i walk on at the terrace.. i bow as i looks on you working " Greeting teachers"
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Now only the small pieces of fibre outage are around the log, Kutai cuts them away. Cutting one piece away is easy but it is a big log and this costs the haruspex some time, to get all parts of bast away, specially the underside of the wood, he decides to turn the log around. For this he uses the help of 2 strong thralls which were looking, but were not allowed to help so far
[11:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears the voice of his pupil Lady Kai "Greetings Lady, i am quite busy at moment, i have just removed the bast fibre of this ebony wood log, now i must clean the remnants of it with my saddle knife"
[11:55] Roc (roc.furse) is online.
[11:56] Kai (candykai) see you are absorbed in your work, so sit down... I just smiles as i sit down " Well teachers i can looks on work for house " Then i take my my pani koto. and beging to play as i am smiles very secretive.

[12:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has finished the cutting with the quiva, he now goes to the work bench and takes a piece of sandpaper. He returns to the log and starts working on it with removing the delicate details

[12:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) rubs the sandpaper over the entire log, he already feels his arms after hours of sawing cutting and chiseling and now rubbing the raw paper over the stam. He however sees his reward the log becomes more smooth and the blackness of it is now shining almost undisturbed by brown fibres at moment. Soon this part of the job will be done

[12:06] Kai (candykai) make my finger dance on the Koto so there get a beautiful sounds in the air

[12:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes polishing the wood, he shakes the wood splinters of the sandpaper, then stretches it in its original condition and locks it away in the workbench

[12:12] Kai (candykai) as i can good of it, just looks on you as you wolk with the wood " why not get5 the thrall to do the work " i froce.. hoping one day i can get my finger in the thrall.. tortur him

[12:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a big chisel and a heavy hammer and goes to the top of the log and start cutting the inner wood out to make the tree hollow, he must be careful not to break the outside and he decides to let remain the wood thickness at at least 2-3-4 cm at least

[12:15] Kai (candykai): me swing my arm while over the koto ,,i looks down on it with a dreaming smiles, " bye the way.. when is the thrall.. did he run away
[12:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I can not let an unskilled thrall this precious delicate carpenter work, perhaps when he was of the builders, but we only captured some lousy mercenaries and peasants, all with clumsy hands. The skilled ones never get caught and made thrall. They are of more use free because they can think

[12:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) keeps hammering while he talks to the free woman and listens to her music. Rhythmically he hollows out the future sound box of his ceremonial drum. He however has to bend deeper and deeper because he now reaches the core of the log

[12:21] Kai (candykai) smiles evily.. thinking that i maby can get some revense over want happy yestoday " AA You make carpenter work... ,, strange as you dont like to use your hands "i then glance over your.. your masculine bady as you work.. looking you stand with the back to me.. i begin to mover my finger .. lige a feather... deeply total concentration

[12:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) grins "who says i did not like to work with my hands, we are grown as boys handling weapons and tools, woodwork is our skill, how else must we build and repair or wagons, specially the wheels and axles are a complicated skill. Don't mistake the patience of a Tuchuk for insolence or laziness" he keeps hammering at the inside, and makes good progress being amused by the words of the free woman.

[12:29] Kai (candykai) listen concentrated by what is being said by you " Just like a Pani male " i laugth " as pani woman to,, but we are bette tomake beafull thinks.. and the pani ard of tortur" then i stop talking as playing again on the kota...mising my homeland
[12:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees some light through the whole log, he sees he reaches his goal at last
[12:34] Kai (candykai) stop play, seeing there is no slave arund " Lord.. can i server you somethink to drink "
[[12:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, i can use some paga now, i am thirsty from this tedious work


[09:04] Razi Xaron chuckles looking at sana "of course"
[09:04] sana (oksana.toros): so follow this girl
[09:05] Juicy Bamaisin: Greetings Sir
[09:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Greetings Lady
[09:06] Juicy Bamaisin: I am the Tatrix of Tharna, welcome to our city
[09:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I am a haruspex, and I seek a silver smid for some ornaments
[09:07] Juicy Bamaisin: Well met haruspex
[09:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I heard that the city of Tharna is well known for he silver
[09:07] Juicy Bamaisin: a small bar of silver you mean
[09:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): more a tool a small clamp to connect hides to a piece of wood
[09:08] Juicy Bamaisin: ah i see
[09:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so it must be a skilled smithy to make such
[09:09] Juicy Bamaisin: We have a blacksmith but unfortunately she is not in the city right now
[09:09] Juicy Bamaisin: should i take your details and contact you when she returns?
[09:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Is she putre a blacksmith for weapons or can she do precise silver work also
[09:09] Juicy Bamaisin: She is an expert blacksmith
[09:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): then she might be skilled enough
[09:10] Juicy Bamaisin: I have seen her making jewellery
[09:10] Juicy Bamaisin: i am sure it is similar
[09:11] Juicy Bamaisin holds up her hand and shows the man her signet ring
[09:11] Juicy Bamaisin: she fabricated this ring for me
[09:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): some artwork added to the clamps is  not unwelcome, it is for a ceremonial instrument and will be used for religius purposes, so if its an artform, the believers will admire it more
[09:12] Juicy Bamaisin: that sounds most interesting commission work for her
[09:12] Juicy Bamaisin: i think your ideas on the cl;amps is a very good idea
[09:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the idea came in a dream
[09:13] Juicy Bamaisin: oh goodness, wonderful
[09:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): a spiritual dream I must follow, the instructions were not 100% clear, so some liberty is allowed

[09:13] Juicy Bamaisin: does the object need to be blessed by a white caste?
[09:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so if the clamps, say i need 10, can have artforms of Gorean animals, it would be perfect
[09:14] Juicy Bamaisin: thats briliant i think
[09:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) smiles softly "no, the white catse has no role in it, their religion differs on details"
[09:14] Juicy Bamaisin: ah ok, it was just a thought
[09:14] Juicy Bamaisin: anyway , we have no white caste in the city at the moment
[09:15] Juicy Bamaisin: they were scared off by the potential conflict with kurrii in the woods
[09:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I know, the work an Initiate does, is not so different from my work. We both do omen readings, and I regular have meetings with the White Caste council in the temmple of 2Scimitars
[09:15] Juicy Bamaisin: nods, the meeting must be most helpful
[09:16] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): There are not enough Initiates in Gor at moment, not many feel them self called by the Gods
[09:17] Juicy Bamaisin watches the huntress run in the distance
[09:17] Juicy Bamaisin: oh right
[09:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, your Smith can contact me, my name is Kutai
[09:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and I live in Omen Valley
[09:18] Juicy Bamaisin repeats "kutai"
[09:19] Juicy Bamaisin: ah sorry i was confused earlier i mistakenly though your name was Haruspex
[09:19] Vana (sylvana.zeplin) is online.
[09:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): no
[09:19] Juicy Bamaisin: i understand thats a profession
[09:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I am a haruspex
[09:19] Juicy Bamaisin: nods
[09:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thats a priest of the Wagonpeople
[09:19] Juicy Bamaisin: got it, thank you for explaining that
[09:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods "yu live far North of us, so i understand the confusing
[09:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and like Initiates I do read omens
[09:20] Juicy Bamaisin: yes a little
[09:21] Juicy Bamaisin: we have southern customs though
[09:21] aştriđђ oƒ ђulyă (jane.fetiocci) is offline.
[09:21] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): For e North is all above the jungles of Schendi
[09:21] Juicy Bamaisin Writes down on a scroll with a quill
[09:21] Juicy Bamaisin: this is her name
[09:21] Juicy Bamaisin: "Elissa (elrola)"
[09:22] Juicy Bamaisin: I will pass the message to her
[[09:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the scroll of the Tatrix, he is a Tuchuk, who are mostly illiterate, but Kutai is a studied man and can read
[09:23] Juicy Bamaisin: Very good
[09:23] Juicy Bamaisin: by the way you should get a discount here in our city
[09:23] Juicy Bamaisin: Tharna has The largest silver mines in Gorean lands
[09:24] Juicy Bamaisin: our whole economy is based on silver
[09:24] Juicy Bamaisin: our ladies sometimes wear silver masks
[09:24] Juicy Bamaisin: because silver is in abundance our blacksmith can supply to you at a reduced cost of raw materials
[09:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "thats nice, but money is not the problem" Kutai is a priest and many Ubars are willing to pay coin for a positive outcome of the omen readings, even if they were untrue, but a bad omen could create riots at the mobs
[09:24] Juicy Bamaisin: I hope this will help you in some way
[09:25] Juicy Bamaisin: Ah I understand better, the quality of work would be the most important part of the commission
[09:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I like the best quality of silver, but i know enough of metalwork, that pure silver is not strong enough, but i will follow her judgment in this matter
[09:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, quality is more important then price
[09:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): If i go for a cheapie the Gods will not be pleased at all
[09:26] Juicy Bamaisin: All our silver work is hallmarked
[09:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thats why i come to Tharna
[09:27] Juicy Bamaisin: Our assessors and assay test the purity of silver
[09:27] Juicy Bamaisin: I should just place a warning to you
[09:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and not some obscure silvermine run by a few outlaws
[09:28] Juicy Bamaisin: if we come across a piece of silver which is not pure then we may not return the piece and we would melt it down
[09:28] Juicy Bamaisin: this is to help us keep up the high standards in Tharna as we have a reputation to keep
[09:28] Juicy Bamaisin: we put the Tharna Hallmark on pure silver objects
[09:29] Juicy Bamaisin: the Tharna Hallmark is known throughout the lands
[09:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods "only thinking in profit is the mind of a merchant, so i fully understand that you as Tatrix are for quality and not for easy money"
[09:29] Juicy Bamaisin: nods
[09:30] Juicy Bamaisin: I am sure your clients will be pleased to see our Hallmark on your artefacts
[09:30] Juicy Bamaisin: while you are here, our blacksmith can sharpen your sword as well
[09:31] Juicy Bamaisin: I'm afraid I don't know everything she does but I know she can sharpen swords
[09:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "hmm, most are dumb outriders and never heard of Tharna, but I must confess that I have even done omen readings for the magistrates of major cities like Kasra, Tyros,and Turia
[09:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): They also have lack of Initiates
[09:32] Juicy Bamaisin: I can understand that. Our citizens tend not to travel to other cities. It is only our merchants that tend to visit other cities
[09:32] Juicy Bamaisin: greetings favi
[09:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I understand, I on the contrary travel a lot since I must serve all Wagon People, and even some city ubars
[09:32] favi (mefavi): Tal, Mistress
[09:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal kajira
[09:33] favi (mefavi): Tal, Master
[09:34] Juicy Bamaisin: I wish I could travel too, but unfortunately running the city can be a full-time task and hardly allows time to travel
[09:34] Juicy Bamaisin: I envy your freedom to travel and enjoy a variety of locations
[09:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Apart that a woman in your position would be a wanted prey for ransom hunters
[09:35] Juicy Bamaisin: oh yes that's very true. I would have to bring my guards with me which is a whole exercise in itself
[09:35] Emerald Grun (sonya.sporg) is online.
[09:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and then not hope the political opposition will not take advantage of your absence
[09:36] Juicy Bamaisin: oh yes, The very apt observation you make
[09:36] Juicy Bamaisin: just for your interest Kutai, I mentioned that we are busy rebuilding the city
[09:36] Juicy Bamaisin: so you may find that there are some changes when you next arrive
[09:36] Juicy Bamaisin: I hope you won't be confused
[09:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): As a haruspex, i often must advise magistrates, and not all knowledge is given by the Gods, common sense is a needed skill also
[09:37] Juicy Bamaisin: oh yes very true
[09:37] Juicy Bamaisin: We should have many more buildings and farms
[09:37] Juicy Bamaisin: our yellow caste are busy working on this
[09:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Well, i am a man of the wagons, building i don't memorize, and our wagon camps change all the time
[09:39] Juicy Bamaisin: Do you really move in a home which can move?
[09:39] Juicy Bamaisin: It has wheels?
[09:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, we have wagons which are 2 stores high, dome like, and some are pulled over the Plains by no less then 16 bosks
[09:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the wheels are huge
[09:40] Juicy Bamaisin: goodness me, I have heard that never seen a wagon
[09:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it's not the gipsy wagons of those Alars
[09:40] Juicy Bamaisin: *heard but not seen
[09:40] Juicy Bamaisin: nods

[09:41] favi (mefavi): Tal Master
[09:41] Ki Moon (sabrjina) is online.
[09:41] Juicy Bamaisin: Greetings again Razi
[09:41] Razi Xaron nods "Tal Tatrix, Sir, girl"
[09:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Greetings free
[09:41] Juicy Bamaisin: Razi, I would like you to be introduced to Kutai
[09:41] Razi Xaron: Well met Kutai
[09:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Well, met, Kutai, haruspex
[09:42] Juicy Bamaisin: Kutai is a Harusex, meaning a religious man of the wagon people
[09:42] Juicy Bamaisin: Kutai, meet Razi, our sword of Tharna
[09:42] Juicy Bamaisin: Kutai Is here in Tharna to grant a commission to our blacksmith
[09:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees that the man is quite muscular and seems well trained as a warrior
[09:43] favi (mefavi) smiles and says to herself - a gazer on guts who guesses the future
[09:43] Razi Xaron nods "That will be good"
[09:43] Juicy Bamaisin: He has come to obtain some delicate silver work from our blacksmith Elissa
[09:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yea, and Tharna has the best name for silverwork
[09:45] Juicy Bamaisin: Yes directly from our silver mines surrounding our city
[09:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Are the mines close to the city?
[09:46] Juicy Bamaisin: They are within walking distance
[09:46] Juicy Bamaisin: Kutai, I would usually invite you to join us for a couple of black wine or similar
[09:46] Razi Xaron: ((sorry im silent, working on getting ready to take rl to her appointments))
[09:47] Juicy Bamaisin: unfortunately our yellow caste Are working on everything in the city
[09:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Thats not far, I don't hope the mines will  cause lead poisoning of your water sources
[09:47] Juicy Bamaisin: we get our water from upstream
[09:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ah good
[09:47] Juicy Bamaisin: the mines further downstream so it is not a problem
[09:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "well. i will head to my camp again, I will contact your blacksmilth Lady Elissa in a few days"
[09:49] Juicy Bamaisin: Very good Kutai, I am glad we have been able to offer our services
[09:50] Juicy Bamaisin: I am sure she will be delighted to help you
[09:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Yes, i am glad also
[09:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I wish you all well, and now i head back
[09:50] Juicy Bamaisin: I will wish you a very safe journey
[09:50] Razi Xaron: Stay safe Sir
[09:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): safe as far as possible on Gor
[09:50] Juicy Bamaisin waves to the man
[09:50] Razi Xaron waves in return
[09:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) whisthles his tarnflute and lifts of when the big bird has landed
[09:51] Juicy Bamaisin: thats great


[07:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) let his tarn land again in the silver city of Tharna, and looks for the location of the blacksmith
[07:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seesa lady inclothes of the catse of the metal workers, he assumes it's the Lady Elissa which Tatrix Juicy has advised him
[07:43] Elissa (elrola) rumbles around inside the smithy
[07:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) knocks on the door of the smithery
[07:44] Elissa (elrola) turns her head and call "door is open... i think.."
[07:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) enters the room which is indeed the workplace of a smith, he notices a redhaired woman with a pony tail and clothes of the metalworkers caste "Tal Lady"
[07:47] Elissa (elrola) sets the tools down where they belong. then turns towards the man wiping her forehead. "greetings. do you need something?"
[07:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "My name is Kutai, i am a haruspex, and i am seeking Lady Elissa"
[07:50] Elissa (elrola) nods "thats me. so... since you have my name i guess you need something. what is it?"
[07:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods "I spoke the Tatrix the Lady Juicy, and i told her i was seeking for a silversmith, and she gave me your name"
[07:52] Elissa (elrola) raises a brow. "silversmith... now thats something i don't do often. but i did before."
[07:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "yes, the Tatrix told me you were primarily the black smith but that she expected you could do the job"
[07:54] Elissa (elrola): "i can... probably. if you tell me what you need." smirks
[07:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "well, i can that, and  even very detailed" he coughs before telling his story "I am making a ceremonial drum, which will be used for religious services. As said, i am a haruspex, a priest"
[07:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "that drum has a wooden base of Schendian ebony wood, and we drum on 2 pelts, one of kailliauk hide, and the other the pelt of a young kaiila stallion"
[07:57] Elissa (elrola) nods:nods slowly unknowingly folding her arms "so you need something to attach them to the wood base..."
[07:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "exactly, i need 10 clamps made of silver to attach the furs to the wooden drum case"
[07:59] Elissa (elrola) takes a few steps towards the shelves. "clamps... solely silver? or iron with silver coating?"
[07:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "the clamps need to be about 2 inches wide to make the fit perfectly"
[08:00] Elissa (elrola) nods again. "you want to span the pelts with strings between the clamps?"
[08:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "the best would be as much silver in it as possible, the clamps don't need to be extra strong"

[08:03] Elissa (elrola) takes a few things from boxes and brings them over to the work table.. "with a spring or a screw?"
[08:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "a screw would be best, then i can fine tune the connection"
[08:06] Elissa (elrola) nods again pushing some of the parts to the side. "with a hole on the backside for strings?"
[08:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods "that would be a good solution" Kutai has been thinking of strings, but is not sure yet which material he will use for that"
[08:09] Elissa (elrola) drums on the table looking at her parts. "i can use the back loop of this kind... and the screw is easy.... a wing screw?"
[08:10] Elissa (elrola) whispers: "you wouldn't need tools to open or close the clamps with such screws."
[08:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "i leave that your decision, you are the expert toolmaker, i am just a good willing amateur who mostly admires the work of others"
[08:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "thats best, because we can not make such tools our self, we Tuchuk have no blacksmiths our selves, and we are dependent on cities as Turia"
[08:13] Elissa (elrola) smirks "well i still need a few details. the actual parts biting on the pelts. what do you want them like? narrow or wide? with teeth?" smirks a bit wider "well that certainly means i may get more tuchuk customers buying things here."
[08:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) thinks for a moment and the decides "wide teeth would be best, then it does not cut through the pelt, so thats less damaged"
[08:16] Elissa (elrola) nods "i can make round teeth.. or no teeth at all then the front would be straight."
[08:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "it can well be that more find the way to your shop, in past i bought my ornaments in Salernum and Ar, but Salernum is destroyed by the Kurii, and the citizens of Ar are arrogant to people from outside"
[08:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) listens to the Lady Smith ((hm, funny word coincidence))  and hears she knows her skills
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[08:21] Elissa (elrola) grimaces slightly "tragedy for salernum luck for me.. though its a bitter kind of luck." shakes her head. "however... i have a silver alloy named 'sterling' its stronger than silver alone so it shouldn't bend if you tighten the screw... the screw would be iron.. the outside of the wing nut i can coat with silver. if i did those two in silver they'd wear down pretty fast."
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[08:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) thinks about the suggestions the Lady makes and decides that her solution will suit for what his needs are "I don't know this terminology "sterling" but I take your word for it that it's stronger then pure silver alone"
[08:25] Elissa (elrola) grabs a piece of paper and a pencil from one of the drawer and starts to draft the appearance of the clamps and making a few notes next to it. "wide clamps. rounded teeth. a hole in the back. and a screw and wingnut to tighten it. the clamps from sterling silver... and ten of them... anything else?"
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[08:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "well, i have a maybe to difficult request, and that is if images of Gorean animals can be made on it, the soul of these animals will add to the ceremonial use of the drum"
[08:28] Elissa (elrola) scratches the side of her head. "i could make the clamps longer... then there would be some space for an engraving... i'm not sure if i'm able to make good engravings of animals... do you happen to know someone who could do that?"
[08:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "it will be possible to find such a person" Kutai is a Tuchuk, and in need case he could always kidnap a artist from the city of Turia to force him to such work
[08:33] Elissa (elrola) nods and makes adjustments to the drafts. then does some calculations for the amount of silver and copper needed. "once i have a sheet big enough for the parts i can cut the clamp shapes out and work with them."
[08:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) listens to her, and sees she is already working on it in her mind
[08:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "So i can assume that you will accept the order? About the price we will find an agreement, i am for sure""

[08:37] Elissa (elrola) walks back to the shelves "i will." unerringly opens a box and takes a pair of silver sheets out. "this will work."
[08:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) face smiles, he is glad that this part of the drum making at least goes easy and is not such problematic as the acquirement f the other materials.
[08:40] Elissa (elrola) lays the sheets onto the table and picks her cutting tools and a box of screws from the closer shelf. then takes a steel thorn and a small hammer aswell as some iron clamps to secure the paper on the sheet.
[08:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) watches her work on it, he can only admire her skills, skill he can not find among his own people, but those have other values of course, specially in the field of warfare
[08:41] Elissa (elrola) lays the sheet with the paper flat onto the table and punches the outline of the clamp parts through the paper into the silver
[08:43] Elissa (elrola) removes the paper revealing a dotted outline. she picks her cutting tools and slowly and carefully cuts the shape out.
[08:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks around the well equipped smithery, then views the lady at work again
[08:45] Elissa (elrola) lifts the piece to check it in the light. then she lays it to the side and reattaches the paper to the sheet to punch and cut out the other part of the clamps.
[08:47] Elissa (elrola) checks the second part. then she picks both parts and moves to the other table in the room. the one filled with gold- and silversmith tools.
[08:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) notices that she has the tools to cut the sliver, he had expected a total other approach which only shows that he has hardly knowledge of fine metal work
[08:51] Elissa (elrola) lights the small burner and holds one part over the flame with a small pair of tongs. once it heated enough she moves the part to the small anvil and begins to shape the flat piece of silver into a slightly curved clamp half.
[08:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees her heat the silver he wonders what the melting point of silver is, definitely lower then that of iron or steel as far as he knows
[08:53] Elissa (elrola) lastly picks a round hole punch to add a hole for the screw.
[08:53] Elissa (elrola) sets the finished part to the side and starts a similar process on the other half.
[08:55] Elissa (elrola) punches a round hole into the back of the part and a square one right into the piece below where the hole of the other part will be
[08:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) patiently waits for her to finish the work, he is used to waiting since he has experience in laying in ambushes and wait for hours for a caravan to come
[08:59] Elissa (elrola) puts both parts together and gives a nod. then she puts a clean sheet of paper on the table and starts to cut the teeth into the front with a triangle file.
[09:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) is silent not wanting to disturb her concentration on the precise fine work
[09:02] Elissa (elrola) rounds the tips and edges with a second file catching all the tiny silver scraps on the paper. then she puts them together again and stands up returning to the first table.
[09:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) follows her with his bird of prey sharp eyes, however in admiration of her skill
[09:04] Elissa (elrola) pushes the screw through the clamp, the square shape in front of the dome fitting perfectly into the square hole. then she adds the other half and puts the wing nut on it.

[09:07] Elissa (elrola) turns the clapms to check all sides and tightens and loosens the screw a few times. "okay... this is it. the nut is not silvered but this would be the final shape. the dome here on the back of the screw would lay on the wood so the wing nut can be used easily... this here directly next to the nut should be enough space for the engravings... and the hole here is for the string you span the drum with.
[09:08] Elissa (elrola) offers the clamps for a closer look.
[09:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) steps closer and looks at her work, he sees it's has been a fine job and he is quite satisfied. He views the clamps from all sides and sees no flaws it it "I think they will do very fine Lady Elissa"

[09:11] Elissa (elrola) nods "anything you want to change now that you see the prototype?"
[09:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at the screw and clamp "thats fine for me Lady" he says, already glad some one could do the job so precise and according his wishes

[09:18] Elissa (elrola) takes a deep breath. "good. one finished, nine to go... well... almost finished." starts the whole process again from the beginning but this time cutting out nine of each half of the clamps. this process takes a while and once she cut them all out she stretches her hands and causes the knuckles to crack a few times. then she takes the parts and nine pairs of screws and wingnuts with her to the other table.
[09:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks pleased at the one clamb which has been finished by the Lady Silversmith, he admires what she has made and already looks at the part available for engraving an animal picture

[09:24] Elissa (elrola) first works every part over anvil. then she cuts and roundens the teeth. lastly she puts all parts together with the screw but without the wing nuts. instead she takes a small relatively flat bowl made of fireresistent material and puts it over the flame.
[09:24] Elissa (elrola) adds the silver scraps and a few other leftovers into the bowl and waits for them to melt down
[09:27] Elissa (elrola) takes a long screw and puts one of the nuts on top of it. then she carefully holds the nut into the liquid silver waiting. after a while she takes it out and checks on the silver layer covering only the outside of the nut.
[09:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees she does not spoil any left overs and uses them again, how different from the large factories on the barbarian planet which violate the scarce resources and which according to his information already are exhausting their silver mines

[09:30] Elissa (elrola) removes the nut from the long screw and carefully removes leftover silver with a file again over the paper. then she adds the finished nut to one of the prepared clamps checking it from all sides and tightening and loosening it like before. "now this are the first completely finished clamps." sets them to the side. "eight more to go. and the nut of the one i gave you."

[09:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees she needs her time to finish, so he decides to seek a tavern so she can work undisturbed further on her job
[09:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I will return soon Lady Elissa, I will now bringa  visit to the local tavern

[09:34] Elissa (elrola) looks up to bow her head. "safe paths. this will be finished when you return."

[10:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) comes back from his meal in the local tavern and knocks
[10:39] Elissa (elrola) takes her feet off the table and gives a long yawn as it knocks. then she says: "come in."
[10:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) enters the black smith work place again, satisfied with his copious meal
[10:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Lady Elissa
[10:41] Elissa (elrola) bows her head "i have your clamps finished... and i had a nice rest too."

[10:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "aah thats fine then, please show me the end result of your work"
[10:42] Elissa (elrola) picks the box up she put the clamps into and bringt it to the table with less things on it.
[10:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to her, he has seen the first exemplar and hopes the rest will have the same quality
[10:44] Elissa (elrola) sets it down and lays the clamps on the table piece by piece until all ten clamps lay in two rows of five. the differences between the individual clamps are almost impossible to see with the bare eye.
[10:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees 10 equal clamps, even that he has trained eyes like a herlit or prairie fleer, he does not see difference between the sets "excellent, excellent he says, you are a quality crafts woman"
[10:46] Elissa (elrola) smirks "you could say its in my blood. my father his father and his grandfather were all blackmiths."
[10:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "aaaha, a genetically bias, but a positive one, you indeed inherited their skills" he again admires the work delivered by this fine silversmith
[10:49] Elissa (elrola) grimaces slightly. "the price however is like the quality. pretty high. the silver i used alone weights as much as seven silver tarsks'.
[10:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "yes, such the Tatrix told me, but at least the silver price in Tharna is less then in most other places, and your skil must be rewarded also"

[10:54] Elissa (elrola) nods "true. we have a lot so the silver price is lower than in places we sell it to... for a work like this i usually take 12 silver tarsks."
[10:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks up, her skills are highly priced, but 5 silver tarsks above the cost of 7 for the silver is not small for a days work
[10:57] Elissa (elrola): "i wish i could add the engravings. but i'm not good in pictures of living things. runic patterns and such i can do but on people and animals i never get the proportions right."
[11:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "well, i will find one who can do that, better someone of the Plains does it who is closer to nature then people in the city. He pulls his coin pouch from his clothes and starts counting out the price the free woman has asked. He will earn the price back by charging the ubars, or even the tatrix, when the want an omen reading next time, tey can afford it themselves "1,2, 3.."
[11:05] Elissa (elrola) takes the soft black piece of cloth from the box and starts to wrap the clamps into it so they don't touch each other.
[11:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) counts further 10, 11, 12 "and the dozen is full" he shoves the coins towards the silversmith "i am used to haggle, i ask a large fee myself for my work, and quality must be rewarded"
[11:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) can easily pay because he usually gets bribed by the mighty to give positive omen, for which he can ask high prices, for if an ubar does not pay riots on the mob can be the result when an omen is disastrous for the superstitious plebs

[11:10] Elissa (elrola) smiles as she picks the coins up "very true." sighs "oh i wish you could see my fathers masterpiece. it was a marvelous sword... he sold it for five gold tarns."
[11:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) is as a Tuchuk not such a swordsman, he prefers lance and quiva, but he can appreciate good work in crafting weapons "5 gold tarns is an ubar's ransom"

[11:13] Elissa (elrola) nods "and the ubar who was had ordered it came from far away."
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "yea, and was he the kind oof guy who only shows his weapons, or one like Marlenus who fought in the front f the battle?"
[11:16] Elissa (elrola): "i don't know. but it was the finest sword i ever saw... maybe my childhood eyes made it better than it was. but either in a fullgrown battle or on a parade the sword was made for both."
[11:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "one needs good steel in combat." he picks up the cloth with the clamb and puts it under his clothes "well, i will return to the deep south. I might return when I need a new quiva for my omen readings. I wish you well Lady Elissa"

[11:20] Elissa (elrola) bows her head. "i wish you safe paths. and when you return i would like to see the finished drum."
[11:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to the door "well, the drum will be quite heavy, but maybe you could visit the ceremonial omen reading when i bless it for the Gods"


[10:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): any way we have business in this camp to do, i have stil a Kaiila hide whch must be tanned
[10:45] nadi (nara.zsun): aahhh nods do you have it on a rack already or need one of us to do that Master
[10:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): lays the pelt at the grass "here is the pelt, i will carry it to the basin with tanning fluid i already prepared

[10:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so lets go to the tanning basin
[10:51] nadi (nara.zsun): looks at the vat that has been built curious as to it's use...
[10:51] Hakimba Oakleaf: i must admit i dont know about tanning what is this fluid in the basin?
[10:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thats fluid made of old oak bast and kaiila a nd kajira pee
[10:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tanning fluid
[10:52] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahhh sounds not like a tasty soup
[10:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I bought it in a Vosk river harbor and mixed it with the piss of kaiila and beasts
[10:53] nadi (nara.zsun): sniffs the terrible smelling liquid and looks up at her Master
[10:53] Hakimba Oakleaf: hmmm i hope the leather will not smell forever like pee
[10:54] nadi (nara.zsun): nods in wonderment
[10:54] nadi (nara.zsun): Master what about urine would cure the hides???
[10:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the acid in the tanning fluid and pee kills all little animals and bacils which can make the hide rot
[10:55] Hakimba Oakleaf: i have heard such   it seems a common way to tan hides
[10:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so i need a volunteer and i don't think Hakimba will be that
[10:55] ŐℜİA (0subira) catches up tp the group and kneels near the Haruspex while listening to the instructions about the hide
[10:56] nadi (nara.zsun): giggles covering her mouth....
[10:56] nadi (nara.zsun): How long must the hides stay in the fluid Master.....before tying it to a rack to stretch
[10:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, several days, but it must be pre cleaned and stamped under
[10:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I will give you girls sticks so you don't have to touch the fluid, which could damage your lovely skin

[10:58] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled while listening to his words. "Sticks Master? Oh for the hides. I only heard part of the thing with the urine," she smiled
[10:58] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahh  i bet this is not the most favorite occupation of the girls
[10:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, they are slaves so they have no say
[11:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so if oe of the girls will man the tanning basin and start cleaning
[[11:01] ŐℜİA (0subira) stood up and looked around, "Yes Master," she said then cautiously walked to the hide
[11:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): ((you can sit on it and it strats animation
[11:01] Hakimba Oakleaf looks around .. volunteers first
[11:02] nadi (nara.zsun): looks to her master waiting for his command
[11:04] Hakimba Oakleaf: i smile  at first i prefer oria to do this work because today i dont want you to smell like thgis fluid  grins
[11:04] nadi (nara.zsun): ooo smiles I will make sure to wash and perfume for you My Master
[11:04] Hakimba Oakleaf grins  luckily there is the pond and some soap
[11:04] nadi (nara.zsun): grins I prefer the shower over here by the tree....smiles
[11:06] ŐℜİA (0subira): "I will wash too afterwards especially since my Master hates for me to be dirty," she looked over towards the kennel wagon and did not see any slaves. Oria steadied and went about tanning the hide.
[11:06] Hakimba Oakleaf: well the shower has no fishes  so you will smell even better

[11:08] nadi (nara.zsun): I have a strigil  that will remove the hair at the same time I am pretty sure
[11:09] ŐℜİA (0subira) exhales with each push of the brush and grunts. "This should be tanned by sun down, hopefully," her nose twitched at the scent of the odor.
[11:09] nadi (nara.zsun): if it scrapes the dead skin cells and dirt from a Masters sink I am pretty sure it is gentle enough to work this hide
[11:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the hide must not be damaged, it will be used for my sacred drum

[11:10] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked over hearing nadi and laughed, "Hahahahahhahaha. Yes, Master;s are sometimes dirtier than slaves are," she chuckled and then hoped it was not too bold ot say
[11:10] Hakimba Oakleaf: for a drum you need a strong but thin hide
[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) is curious what Oira does with Scholar when she says such
[11:14] ŐℜİA (0subira) felt sweat drip down the side of her face and was grateful for the enclosed wooden covering above their heads. "It is hotter today... -grunts- Wooo, this is some intense work. Building my muscles'

[11:15] Hakimba Oakleaf: luckily i took my cloak off  i am sweating already by watching
[11:15] nadi (nara.zsun): grins yes .... but we are building strength smiles
[11:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Girls regular put the hide under in the basins to get fresh tanning fluid
[11:15] nadi (nara.zsun): laughs looking back to her Master..
[11:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): use the sticks for that i gave you
[11:15] nadi (nara.zsun): Yes Master
[11:16] nadi (nara.zsun): sets her tool aside and picks up the stick
[11:17] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked over with a smile, "Yes..-exhales- Yes we are," she then observed the liquid running down the hide and into the small pool below. "I wonder why that pool is down there, gathering the urine. I guess it will be used again.."

[11:19] nadi (nara.zsun): takes the stick and starts to stir the liquid holding her breath the smell overwhelming as the fluid ripples over the hides.
[11:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) checks if the hide are under water, and no skin sticks above the surface, he sees one spot and presses it below so that gets soaked with tanning fluid also
[11:20] ŐℜİA (0subira) lifted the very wet hide with the stick and carefully walked over to place it into the basin, "yes Master.... "

[11:23] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) checks the work again "I think it's comlete under now, better you girls shower now with good green soap"

[11:24] nadi (nara.zsun): Yes Master ....lays aside the stick and moves swiftly to the shower...still holding her breath from the racid smell
[11:24] ŐℜİA (0subira) stirred the hide in the solution and tried to hold her nose as she did so, "Oh God... we can do this...."

[11:28] nadi (nara.zsun): aahhh  there My Master all clean and scrubbed ....and oiled with a delightful smelling jasmine oiled soap

[11:29] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles .. hm maybe you should do such work every day  grins
[11:29] nadi (nara.zsun): OOOO looks up at him with concern in her eyes
[11:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, it's good work to let slaves feel their slavery

[11:30] Hakimba Oakleaf turns to         the flowery scent
[11:31] nadi (nara.zsun): smiles and sits up a bit straighter for his inspection
[11:31] nadi (nara.zsun): your good
[11:31] Hakimba Oakleaf bends down to inhale the scent

[11:32] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled hearing the Haruspex and would wait her turn to shower. She noticed nadi was done then ran over to do the same.
[11:32] nadi (nara.zsun): lifts her arms to lift her breasts and lets him inhale her fragrance and femininity

[11:35] Hakimba Oakleaf: MMMMMMMMMm this fragrance is very seductive
[11:37] Hakimba Oakleaf: how long will the hides need to be tanned?
[11:39] ŐℜİA (0subira) shivered slightly as she made her way back, "I feel so clean now and was able to do my laundry at the same time," she giggled
[11:39] nadi (nara.zsun): laughs
[11:39] nadi (nara.zsun): yes it would not please your Master if you ruined your delicate silks
[11:39] ŐℜİA (0subira) winked at clean nadi
[11:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thats his own fault, letting his girl wear silks while he knows there is work todo
[11:40] Hakimba Oakleaf grins  oria has invented a new way to clean laundry  she just wears it when she washes herself
[11:40] nadi (nara.zsun): hee hee
[11:40] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Nope, not at all. Once I had left some on the floor and got scolded for it for many ehns. There is pride in attire"
[11:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): sevral days, when Lady Moon shows up, i will ask her, she seems to have experience in this kin of work

[11:42] Hakimba Oakleaf: i sniff again then i say.. i would propose to move some steps away from this smelling basin
[11:42] Hakimba Oakleaf: probably at the fireplace it will be more comfortable
[11:42] nadi (nara.zsun): grins nodding up to her Master
[11:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well lets go there


[10:45] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled, "How are you doing today Master?" asked while she rested a bit on the fur hide since it was the first time she had knelt down since the wagon ride from the Kassar. Slightly rubbing her back as she shook her head recalling all the bumps of the wagon.
[10:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I am doing fine, i was a bit meditating
[10:47] ŐℜİA (0subira) nods, "Oh please forgive me Master. I did not know," she said while ready to retreat.
[10:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it's ok
[10:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): bring we a cold paga and some bosk cheese, i can eat and then work out my thoughs
[10:50] Kai (candykai) hold my kimono skirt .. i am moved closer to kutai and Oria.. a litte carefull and quiet as i dont want to disturb the, so i just bow to greeting
[10:51] ŐℜİA (0subira) knelt quietly as the water began to dry on her skin and offered a smile. "If you wish Master, I can continue with chores. Yes Master" she said then heard some noise nearby and turned, "Oh Greetings Mistress," she said almost stunned having not heard anyone at first. The slave lifted and moved off to the kitchen.
[10:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): no, i want discuss the thoghs with some people
[10:53] Kai (candykai) smiles as Oria mover over to the kitchen " greeting my teacher... your thoght " then i mover over and sit down
[11:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) wakes up from his meditation and greets back""Tal lady Kai"
[11:02] Kai (candykai) smiles as i over a litte forover to look at you " Your thoght ! ! " i ask with a curious voice
[11:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, I have acquired 10 silver clamps at the blacksmith in Tharna, and she left some space for engravings of animals
[11:03] ŐℜİA (0subira) washed her hands in the cool waters and dried them as she looked over seeing the 3 former Mistresses from earlier. They were still tied to a wagon and she observed one of the Outriders sitting near them now, touching their hair and other parts of their body. Oria felt an ache in her stomach by viewing this so looked away to continue preparing the Haruspex' meal. As she viewed the set up of the kitchen a smile appeared across soft lips since their were no dirty dishes left for her, but it was still early so she might get some later. The slave broke from the oldest and strong smelling piece of cheese she could find and then took a cold paga bowl from the cold box for the Master.
[11:07] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles nadi has found these clothes in a trunk that obviously was formerly owned by a barbarian
[11:08] nadi (nara.zsun): grins stroking the pretty skirt softly
[11:08] Kai (candykai): engravings of animals .. on the silver clamps " i bluch, as know want it get use for to " aa so Teach maby want a bosk engravings on the clamps " then i see Hakimaba arrive,.. i bow to him " Greeting Lord " i smiles again to ORIA AND NADI
[11:08] ŐℜİA (0subira) steadied herself as she walked up to the platform and knelt with cheese in hand. She smiled as she saw nadi and her owner come up to sit and turned to the Haruspex, "Master, your delicious cheese for you and the cold paga,"
[11:09] Hakimba Oakleaf: i think the female part of gorean and earthern people are always same way they love to make themselves pretty
[11:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at Oria which brings him the meal and required beverage and first takes the paga which he drinks then he answers Lady Kai "a bosk will be on one of the engravings I will carve on the silver of the clamps for my drum"
[11:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thos Barbarians give their slaves too much cloths
[11:11] Hakimba Oakleaf: so many that it would be enough for a very numerous chain of girls
[11:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): there is always enough for a chain, in need case all could go naked
[11:12] ŐℜİA (0subira) listened as the free spoke and smiled to nadi as she observed the attire but would not speak as it would break her serve. She lifted her nose towards the cheese and sniffed it from a distance.
[11:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) picks a bosk cheese from the plate and signals Oria to serve the others too "a bosk on the engravings is one, but which animals i should place on the others? "
[11:13] Hakimba Oakleaf: i would think of a tarn
[11:14] nadi (nara.zsun): perhaps one the sleen that The sleen master trains in our camp also Master
[11:14] Hakimba Oakleaf: yes and a Kaiila
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "/me hears the word of his nephew "yes, a tarn must be on it as the biggest bird of prey and warbird of our home stone planet" he chews on the cube of old bosk cheese
[11:14] nadi (nara.zsun): *nods too
[11:14] Kai (candykai) rubbed my hands and i look very curious as i note to kutai , then i lift my head listen to them as there talk of slave " ,, you but your slave in Silk " I am deeply shock as it a very expensive to produce stuff
[11:15] ŐℜİA (0subira) nodded after hearing the Haruspex and stood after seeing he took the piece of cheese. She looked to the Mistress, "How might I serve you Mistress?"
[11:15] Kai (candykai): Mm a verr.. as a victim.. a innocent one ...
[11:15] Hakimba Oakleaf: it is not such expensive if you get it from a raided merchant
[11:16] Hakimba Oakleaf: dont talk about who raided him
[11:16] Kai (candykai) looks at Oria " I dont wish serre ,, "
[11:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears Nadi and then Hakimba "a sleen, yes, that is a wild beast and has the best smell in Gor. The Kailla, hm, some of the pelts is already a kaiila, so i keep that in reserve" He then turns to ay Kai "these silks are not expensive since they were robbed from a caravan, besides price is paid by demand, and we Tuchuk and Katai prefer repclothed camisks for our slaves, so silks rarely will bring a hood price here""
[11:18] Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[11:19] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Very well Mistress," she said with a smile but remained knelling near the Mistress as she looked back over over her shoulder to view the former free women tied to the camp entry wagon. She was glad to see the Outriders had stopped touching them and one stood to the side to smoke some kanda.
[11:21] Kai (candykai) giggled as a light flush of crimson reaches my cheeks.. as i feel like a shoool girl again , mumbles " Pani collar girl use camisks to " then my eyes follow Oria glance, gasper as see the 3 woman tied up.... see there shame.. then i looks away as it not of my business
[11:23] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) ignores the wagon Oria was looking at "so we now have Bosk, Tarn, Sleen, Kaiila, what animals could we have more. It does not need be predators all, so i suggest we take a tabuk for its agility and ability to survive on the plains and avoid tarns and prairie sleen"
[11:25] nadi (nara.zsun): nods at the Haruspex's suggest and smiles broadly
[11:25] ŐℜİA (0subira) listened then smiled, "Oh a tabuk Master? Does that mean the slaves get to tag along during the hunt too???"
[11:26] Kai (candykai) being so surprised that I uttered a shout " no Vulo.. i lover vulo soup " i laugth " aa maby the slave get dress like vulo and man hunt them
[11:27] ŐℜİA (0subira) eyes opened wide as she heard the Mistress and giggled a little and passed nadi a glance and giggled some more quietly
[11:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears Oria mentioning the hunting days "no we will not hunt tabuk nor use them as bait at the Hunting Days, but we will hunt for an Ul, a winged reptile tharlarion like animal. For which the rencers use free women as bait "  he looks at Lady Kai and smiles softly
[11:31] Kai (candykai): use free women as bait * i gasper then i pount over the the wagon with the 3 woman.. " teacher I see you found some... aaaaaa bait
[11:31] ŐℜİA (0subira) nods to the Master, "yes Master," she said and imagined what an  Ul looked like. "Oooh sounds creepy," she whispered and thought of the creature more.
[11:33] nadi (nara.zsun): smiles stroking her Masters thigh gently
[11:33] Hakimba Oakleaf stands up.. sorry i will take nadi tfor practicing dancing
[[11:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "goood evening Hakimba , Nadi"
[11:34] Hakimba Oakleaf: i wish you a nice evening and safe paths  serve with pleasure oria
[11:34] Kai (candykai) bow " Be Well Lord -- : I wish you both a good evening
[11:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Greeting Scholar
[11:35] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Mistress the master's of camp are very skilled at hunting all kinds of creatures. They even hunted a huge thalarion who wanted her baby"
[11:35] Şƈhσℓᾀr Şαηкᾀrα (scholar.kytori): Greetings Free and Oria.
[11:36] ŐℜİA (0subira) hops up seeing her master, "My Master, greetins!!"
[11:36] Kai (candykai) looks over.. seeing with my dark shinny pani eyes Scholar arrive.. and bows to the man.. "Tal lord "
[11:37] Şƈhσℓᾀr Şαηкᾀrα (scholar.kytori): Rise Oria... he turns to the woman in strange clothes.  "Tal"
[11:37] ŐℜİA (0subira) bows in obeisance and her finger tips rub the ends of his boot.
[11:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods remembering the sea tharlarion, but he does not want that huge predator on his engravings, hardly a place fr it on the clamps "Scholar, meet Lady Kai of the Pani, her father did send her here for some special training"
[11:38] Kai (candykai) listen to Oria with big eyes " Aaa thalarion baby " then i smiles a soft pani smiles " Well met Lord Scholar "
[11:39] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiles wide and attempts to hug her Owner before he sat, then moves to the left side and strokes his ar.
[11:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "yes a baby of 3 meters, with fangs, how sweet"
[11:39] Şƈhσℓᾀr Şαηкᾀrα (scholar.kytori): "Well met" he says being a man of few words
[11:41] Kai (candykai) laugth " a baby is a babby.. sure one of your babby will be sweet to .. teacher "
[11:42] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked him up and down to check for new cuts and bruises since she was hopeful for his safety whenever he traveled. She giggled hearing the Mistress... "May I continue to speak my Master?"
[11:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "I want some water animal too , i suggest a gint, thats a fish with lungs and gills, so it can live both under water and on land, of course on land it's vulnerable since it has no legs"
[11:45] ŐℜİA (0subira) blurts out, "So true Master. It is very vulnerable on land.. I think. Maybe it has a shell to protect itself
[11:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) shakes no at Oria's question "no, it has no shell, but another animal has it. Thats called a sorp, much like an oyster, it even delivers pearls, specially the big Vosk sorp"
[11:47] Kai (candykai) note a ok to Oria as a body sign" a gint..... never see one..." i gasper " Do it have a shell...
[11:48] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked to the Haruspex and nods while listening to his words and looked to the Mistress as she spoke. A free hand moved to her Master's back and rubbed it gently
[11:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so 3 animals to go, I think we need a friendly bird too, however not being a vulo, since that to much does think of vulo soup. And i always use vulo's for omen readings. Perhaps the beautiful sangbird the Verminuim? "
[11:52] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled, "That is a pretty name. I bet the bird is colorful," she rubbed her legs while imagining and looked up to the stars for a moment and was glad to not have to be outside of the camp during this time.

[11:54] Kai (candykai) giving a shake of my head, so my dark shinny hair moveas, the i begins to laugth again " aaaa the vulo soup... i did cook vulo soup yestoday " then i pount up at the sky " Want abourt that bird .. it look like a proud one....
[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Not al songbirds have nice colors, but i have never seen a verminium bird, only some blue jay lately, but the song of that one was like the singing of kettle girls
[11:54] Kai (candykai): a beautiful sangbird the Verminuim,,, * i note as i fund that a bette idear
[11:56] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled as she thought about the birds she has to come to her at times. "I would love to see one of those Master," she looks to her Master, "My Master, were you wanting anything to eat and drink?" rubs your arm
[11:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) starts thinking about a completely different animal, of course he does not know that the Priest Kings are insects, so he can not carve them, nor their enemy the Golden Beetle, of which existence he never has heard either "perhaps we can take an Ost, the most venomous snake of Gor? "
[11:59] Şƈhσℓᾀr Şαηкᾀrα (scholar.kytori): "No girl I am fine.   but that does sound good"
[12:00] Kai (candykai) makea disgusted face, " A snake ... I see that is that not a sign of falsehood.. we often says that man.. or woman is like a snake
[12:00] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled, "yes my Master," but then shivered while thinking of an ost and looked to the Haruspex, "An Ost Master.... do free handle it or do slaves have to handle them?"
[12:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "i would never allow a slave ear a poisonous snake, she could use it to murder her master," he thinks now about the last animal "perhaps one of those intelligent spiders near Ar who can speak and are wise?"
[12:03] ŐℜİA (0subira) listened with intrigue and rubbed her face a bit while thinking about the different animals that were spoke of
[12:04] Şƈhσℓᾀr Şαηкᾀrα (scholar.kytori) falls asleep right one the furs with his head in his slave's lap
[12:05] Kai (candykai) bide my lips.. as i am listen to the talking of the poisounous, thinking it will be good to get some to my healer box with herbs
[12:05] ŐℜİA (0subira) sees her Master fall over in her lap asleep then pokes him... :My Master... you okay?" she ask and only heard sleeping noises. She rubs his head and just listens to the free.
[12:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) rejects the idea of the spiders, for those species does not consider it self as animals since they have intelligence, the same for Kurii, who are an alien species. He sees Scholar sleeping and think of the furs "hmm, the last one i add is a Leem, the animal with the finest pelt of the Northern Forests"
[12:09] ŐℜİA (0subira): "All these animals are so interesting Master. I remember going to a Gorean zoo to see some too. Though I do not think the animals are happy in enclosed spaces like that"
[12:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the leem is the last one of the 10, this reminds me that i have some leem pelts which i want show Lady Kai
[12:11] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked to the Mistress and smiled, "Mistress the Haruspex is very skilled at many things and is so wise too. I know you will learn a lot from him"
[12:11] Kai (candykai): the Leem... * i smiles as i have see them " Aaa.. i beliver the red hunter alway hunt then for there pet " i gasper " aa i have coat of leem.. i get from my bro Lord wolf when we leve in the north " i smiles " I have to send my fasther a scroll and send it to me


[11:35] nadi (nara.zsun): yes Master....turns slowly grasping the goblet in her tiny hand....towers before the Mistress and whispers....May this chilled Larma juice dance on your tongue and delight your senses Mistress
[11:37] Kai (candykai) note with a soft smiles on my face as i take the goblet in nadi hands " looking forover it... , " then i drink of it fresh Larma juice so faster that it drip down my kimono top , mumbles " Thanks.. you are released..
[11:38] nadi (nara.zsun): was my Pleasure to serve you Mistress...crawls quickly back to her Master
[11:38] Hakimba Oakleaf winks nadi back at his lap
[11:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes one of the silver clamps and holds i against the light, he grinses to Lady Kai "I will start the engravings today, since I have te best contact with the spirits of animals, i will do the carvings myself" He picks some metal worker tools and starts working
[11:42] nadi (nara.zsun): watches the Haruspex with much curiosity as he begins his work
[11:43] Hakimba Oakleaf: i didnt know you know how to make engravings
[11:43] Hakimba Oakleaf: i am curious to see the results
[11:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "I studied some silversmiths long time, and bought the right hard steel chisels, for fine tuning work"
[11:45] Hakimba Oakleaf: i am sure inspiration will help to do it right
[11:45] Kai (candykai) blush as i see the silver clamps well knowing what it can get use for " my teacher you can engravings . are you a silversmitch... " i am thinking if Kutai is good.. i can let him engravings all my many precious jewels
[11:46] Hakimba Oakleaf: hmmm  i hope there are not some diamonds among your jewels lady  they are to hard to engrave
[11:47] Hakimba Oakleaf tries to turn the rug a bit to see the others better
[11:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) is inspired by the Open Sky himself, and has contact with the spirit world "he takes a Turian steel burin and starts his work "I will make a bosk first"
[11:50] Hakimba Oakleaf nods the bosks are the basis of life for us nomads
[11:51] Kai (candykai): it glod, red rubby and green jade Lord * i laugth " i only want the gold to get engrave with my name" then i mover closs as Kutai work.. lfting my head as you work, asking " Do you need ligth.. i can hold a candle for you.. if you eed to see better
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) uses the burin to make a sharp grave which is the surrounding of the bosks body and head, his tongue sticks a bit outside his lips when he uses his strength but not to much to carve the harder steel through the silver
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): a candle can help
[11:53] Hakimba Oakleaf: well gold is a weak metal  it is easy to engrave.. but because of its worth you should keep the chippings
[11:54] Hakimba Oakleaf puts nadi at her feet and stands up
[11:54] nadi (nara.zsun): I wish you much success with your carving Master.
[11:54] nadi (nara.zsun): I wish you a good evening Mistress
[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Silver is harder then gold, but steel is hard" he says while he now picks an angle tint tool with a curved tip which he uses to make the bowed horns of the animal and the legs
[11:54] Hakimba Oakleaf: we need to retire  i wish you a good evening and good succes with engraving
[11:55] Hakimba Oakleaf: safe paths
[11:55] Kai (candykai): get up. mover over to the desk,, looking for a candle.. as i funt one i lift it.. get back.. and mover the candle cloos to Kutai so he can see bater " aa Be well * i looks over to them
[11:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): sky blessings
[11:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes the work with the angel tinter by adding the tail of the bosk "I shall make a bull bosk so i don't have to crave the udders, which would be very detailed work specially the 4 nipples" he smiles tankfully to Lady Kai which holds the candle
[11:59] Kai (candykai) mover a litte closse to see better on the clamps,, so i get careless with the candle i hold.. ans a litte drop of was driping down your arm, and i smiles back.. as i dont know want happen
[12:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "you clumsy fool, i am not one of your slaves, you could have completely spoiled the engraving when you had dropped the hot wax at my hand when i had the chisel at the silver. And have spoiled all the work, keep your curiosity in line" he snarls to her
[12:05] Kai (candykai) gasper ,, and i get in deep shame ,, i feel so honner less that my eyes get wet " forgive me " i says with a low voice and now holding the candle better i my hand " it will not happen again"

[12:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "you clumsy fool, i am not one of your slaves, you could have completely spoiled the engraving when you had dropped the hot wax at my hand when i had the chisel at the silver. And have spoiled all the work, keep your curiosity in line" he snarls to her
[12:05] Kai (candykai) gasper ,, and i get in deep shame ,, i feel so honner less that my eyes get wet " forgive me " i says with a low voice and now holding the candle better i my hand " it will not happen again
[12:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) growls to her "and you call your self a physician, you can not even control your arms, i pity the patients who have to be operated by your shaking unstable hands"
[12:09] Kai (candykai) is closs to crying .. but i get my self contral back " I am good Physsician .. i know and have been teaches in many many years .. since I was a little girl in pani Acupuncture
[12:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "And i must believe that? " he grumbles and starts working at the bosk engraving again by using a florentine tinter to make multiple small parallel lines which must mimic the long hair of the bosk

[12:14] Kai (candykai) have now full contral over the candle " just let me show you on one of your slave.. or the thrall you blindfoll .. the you will see it " i gasper as i begin to see it a bosk " aa you are good
[12:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) uses the florientine for the bosks body, legs, then he makes the end of the bosk tail thicker to get hair there also. He points at the tail "the tail of the bosk is the best part, our free women make delicious bosk tail soup of it"
[12:19] Kai (candykai): aa * i gasper as see the bosk get more finished, i loks you in the eyes and says with a laugth shine in my eyes " Your boske balls is more famous
[12:21] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "hmm, where your mind goes..." he uses the burin again and makes 2 eyes in the bosk head after he added some parallel lines as hair there also "then he makes a thick strip under the bosk with too thick dots at the base "there are your bosk balls, those are the finishing touch"
[12:25] Kai (candykai): aa My father alway says .. that your woman lover to coock boske balls as there cute them in half and in the same time thinking of there mate " i mover my haed closs to see so my hair touch your face .. like a caress " I like it.. your are a artist .. but maybe you should make ball bigger
[12:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "big is not always what matters" he lays the clamp back in the sachet where he keeps them and drinks from his ale again


[11:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Geetings Lady Kai
[11:52] Kai (candykai) mover over to the fireplace as i see you are herm i bow " greeting Lord Kutai " then i looks arund to see if there is a slave arund, as there is no one " Can i server you a paga.. or .. i need a some water
[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): a paga, chilled, in a bowl will do
[11:55] Kai (candykai): a chilled paga in a bowl is on the way Lord * i smiles.. feeling a litte happy today.. or just relax,, and o mover over to fund a bowl
[11:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the second silver clamp from his pouch and starts working on it, he uses the hard steeled burin to carve the body of the bird of prey
[11:59] Kai (candykai) i take a bowl and get some chilled paga... then i fund a other blow and fill it with water .. i mover showly back.. and carefll with both bowl in my hands i sit down cloos to you " aaa the sencond clamps,, it that a bird " then i hand over your bowl
[12:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) continues the carving first, after the body, he uses same burin for engraving the wings of the war bird, and then the tail. He let you wait till the giant wingspan is fully covering the small end of the clamp, he then accepts the paga bowl of you and drinks silently
[12:05] Kai (candykai) eyes follow your work..i think you are doing a Fantask craftsmanship.. i just note to you as you take the bowl, then i take my bowl and drink on it as i looks out of the lake.. enjouing the evening
[12:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a round graver to make the wings alinement's sharper before he use a florentine tinter to simulate the feathers of the tarn. Kutai has not seen many tarns in his life, at least, not from close distance, mostly the tarns were used by Turian mercenaries, and were kept at a distance by the Wagonpeople arrows, he however reminders that the Oralus Harold owned a tarn which he had robbed from a tarncot in Turia together with his slave slut hereena, the former girl of the first wagon.
[12:11] Kai (candykai): aa.. that is a tarn.. i have see one,.. when i leve in Ravedall.. with my bi´g bro.. there was a tarn tame.... .. * giggles as i have alway wich to ly one... "
[12:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) chuckles "a tarn is never tame, one mistake and it eat it's rider. So normally a man approaches the tarn with care, but one should never show fear or the tarn would see it's rider as prey. Acting like Harold the mad Tuchuks of course was far to lunatic for most. "Harold dropped Hereena to the floor of the roof and strode to the first tarn. I shut my eyes as he vigorously struck it once, authoritatively, across the beak. "I am Harold of the Tuchuks," he said, "I am a skilled tarnsman—I have ridden over a thousand tarns—I have spent more time in the tarn saddle than most men on their feet—I was conceived on tarnback—I was born on tarnback—I eat tarns—fear me! I am Harold of the Tuchuks!" The bird, if such emotions it could have, was looking at him, askance and baffled. Any instant I expected it to pick Harold from the roof with its beak, bite him in two and eat the pieces. But the bird seemed utterly startled, if possible, dumbfounded.
[12:22] Kai (candykai) listen to you with big ears,, then my eyes shine as there storie grab me, then i laugth " Aaa no.. a dumb men..... aa the tran earn him " i slap my hands on my mouth as laugth more" Well i never get closs to the tran.. only the the ownere did it " then canont help my self and mover carefull over your face o each of the hideous marks on your face , i fund them masculine in barbaria way , i ask with a softly way " Do your scard have a a meaning, or is that a significance "
[12:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) uses a knife graver now to make deep cuts for the tans claws and sharp beak, it's weapons often used against warriors to rip them apart. Then there was of course the tarn death for convicts who were bind arms and legs to 2 tarns, which flew in opposite directions.
[12:30] Kai (candykai) loooking into your work.. it like the tran get a soul.... my finger is still on your s marks on your face ,, waitig for your answer
[12:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "the animals I have chosen must add something of their skills to the drum, the tarn it's fighting spirit, it's wildness, and the dominance of the sky. He uses the same knife graver to add the eyes. He then winks to Lady Kai "a tarn does not have balls"
[12:35] Kai (candykai) laughs at my your comment. "you are killing me Lord ." my finger tips fall down from your face.. down over your cheast befor move then back to myself " aa poor tran.. no balls ... so why not make it blue eyes " my eyes get wet of laugth
[12:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) remembers her question about her scars "these are my ceremonial scars, the red one is for courage, thats always the first one, and without it, no man may take a kajira or a conpanion" He uses a mezzotinter to make extra structure in the wing feather paintings of the engraving "so thats finished" and he shows her

[12:42] Kai (candykai) gasper as i mover my finger over the silver clamps " lord.. it is a work of art, the look so live out" i let my fingertip catess the clamps .. ,, no kajira or a conpanion.. but what do a man there dont have the ceremonial scars " i gasper as i have see man here with out it
[12:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Such a "man"can use the slaves from the public slave wagon. or the slaves of his family, or friends. or a hot paga slut in a tavern in Turia"


[11:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) starts with the graving of the third animal, the sex legged lizard like sleen, he walks to Hakimba's cage where he keeps the herd sleen, which is set out each night to prevent slaves from running away
[11:02] Hakimba Oakleaf: Tal Kutai how are you?
[11:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): i am fine, i am engraving a sleen, and i study this exemplar for it
[11:04] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahh i understand
[11:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) Kutai remmbers the story of a guy who was attacked by a sleen and had to use his spear tokill it, luckily this animal was locked safe behind bars by Hakimba "Outlaw of Gor: I had hardly moved another step when, in a flash of lightning, I saw the sleen, this time a fully grown animal, some nineteen or twenty feet long, charging toward me, swiftly, noiselessly, its ears straight against its pointed head, its fur dark, slick with rain, its fangs bared, its wide nocturnal eyes bright with the lust of the kill. "
[11:04] Hakimba Oakleaf: Greetings lady kai
[11:05] Hakimba Oakleaf: aah so probably it was just this sleen
[11:07] Kai (candykai) is like all other woman,, curious as a butcher's dog so i walk cloos, as i see you 2 , then i see the sleen, i gasper ,, I bow To Kutai.. first, then Hakimba " Greeting " my eyes still have eyes contrat the the sleen
[11:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) greets the lady while he keeps studying the herd sleen in the sleen keep "Tal Lady" he tkes the clamp, made of silver from Tharna, a city full of she-sleen as he had heard, and starts his engraving, by using a burin to carve the surroundings of the animal, including the long tail and six legs
[11:09] Hakimba Oakleaf looks interested at the Haruspex and his work
[11:10] Kai (candykai): 7me step carefull closs , standing behind the bale of hay" Is that not number 3.. Lord Kutai... a sleep... why is there are sleep here
[11:12] Hakimba Oakleaf wonders what lady Kai means with sleep?
[11:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "a sleen, dear Pani woman, maybe they don't have such in the Far Islands, but we keep herd sleen to hunt runaway slaves" he takes the mezzotinter to make the hairs of the sleen, it's strang a lizard like animal like the sleen has hairs like a mammal. He wonders if the sleen lays eggs or life young, he watches for nipples, but he does not see such
[11:15] Hakimba Oakleaf: hmm  i never saw how sleen breed
[11:17] Kai (candykai) laugth " dear teacher,, we have sleen in the beautiful beautiful.. but we have then i cages in the slaver house .. outside the cirty.. when slave get train.. or prisoners killed..... the same way as a verr Lord Nakimba
[11:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has to carve many hairs, for its a long animal, difficult to find a place for it at the small silvery end of the drumclamp, he notices the sharp teeth in the terrible sleen fangs and takes a knife graver to make these in the beak of the animal, almost pitying the runaways which ended between the jaws of this terrible beast, almost...since pity with the lesser fortunate persons is seen as a weakness by the Nietschian Gorean people. Even worse, even as unethical,
[11:19] Hakimba Oakleaf: me nods  .. living on Gor is arduous
[11:21] Hakimba Oakleaf: i dont about the regions from where lady kai comes  but probably it is there not much easier
[11:21] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Unethical because when you show pity to an mis-fortunate man, hit by bad luck, you rob him of his last possession, his dignity.  Pity with slaves was a different thing, since then are not allowed proudnes or self esteem, so one can not rob it from them, but pitynes fr a slave only goes as far as the mercy for a house animal which one has in possession for a long time and of which one is a bit fond. He carves the nose holes of the sleen bigger, for the sleen is famous for it's smell,and Kutai wants to express that fact extra

[11:23] Hakimba Oakleaf: i am reqlly curious to see finally the engraved clamp
[11:25] Kai (candykai) listen, and mover on tip tuse ,, to see bette, but still not so closs to the sleen, as i have like like the . animals do not smell of them,,
[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a new smaller graver and starts working at the claws at the six paws of the sleen. He wonders if the sleen comes from the Kurii world, since Kurii has also six digits at their claws, but Kutai does not count that amount of sharp nails at the animal in the box before him, so he drops that conclusion
[11:31] Hakimba Oakleaf listens carefully to the words of the hauspex because he is the only learned man at this place
[11:31] Kai (candykai) whisper low " Can i server somethink to drink " as i can´t see a slaver arund
[11:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) makes smaller eyes, not because the sleen sees bad, but more trusts at its scent capabilities then it's vision
[11:32] Hakimba Oakleaf: thank you lady Kai  i dont need anything just now
[11:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): i can use a paga, cold as the heart of a free woman before she is enslaved
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[11:34] Kai (candykai) gasper " aa again you have show you are a artist" senslaved.. * frowns as i mover over the get a paga, wiggles my ass of temper
[11:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has a creative idea, he picks some of the blood of the meat the sleen is eating and paints that at the fags of the engraved sex foot. He then holds the clamp at a short distance , admiring his own work


[11:31] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiles
[11:31] ŐℜİA (0subira): Greetings Master
[11:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Oria, be quiet, I see a Tabuk in the grass, don't chase it away
[11:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) admires the agile animal, swift like an antelope, difficult to catch, but preferred meat for Tarns
[11:35] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked at the animal with amazement and then to the Master. She was not sure what he was about to do, but would be ready to react if necessary.
[11:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) studies the animal which is on his list of engravings, he takes the silver clamp he had taken with him
[11:37] nadi (nara.zsun): Greetings Master
[11:37] nadi (nara.zsun): Tal oria winks
[11:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears Nadi and says softly "be silent, there is a wild Tabuk, don't scare it away by noise"
[11:38] ŐℜİA (0subira) whispers: to nadi, "Greetings nadi, see the tabuk," she almost giggles and points and quiets to not bring attention to their presence for it might spook the creature.
[11:38] nadi (nara.zsun): nods quietly searching for the animal
[11:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) points towards the hot mud pools "there it is, don't scare it i want paint it, and if it scares, it can run away, or worse, run in the cooking soil"
[11:40] nadi (nara.zsun): aahhh breathes in deeply watching the graceful animal as it grazes on the short grass close to the dangerous pools
[11:40] ŐℜİA (0subira) knelt as still as possible and even tried slowing her breathing. Her eyes looked over to watch the Master drawings.
[11:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a burin from his pouch and starts carving in the silver, the agile body of the swift animal, the long but powerful slender legs  with hard hoofs under it. He pays extra care to these hoofs
[11:45] nadi (nara.zsun): leans forward watching with interest the Haruspex"s careful carving and smiles amazed at beautiful picture taking form.
[11:46] ŐℜİA (0subira) looks over to nadi and casts her a smile then back to see the drawing. It was an amazing experience to be in silence as she had come accustomed to it from time to time. She reached down, slowly scratching her knee and then placed her hand back to her lap.
[11:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a knife graver to make the single horn, the masculine symbol of Gor, an unicorn. He heard they see unicorns as sacred fable animals at the Barbarian planet which should not be killed. Kutai laughs about such since in Gor Tabuks are often on the menu. Cooked in stew or grilled above a small fire.
[11:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): There are abundant Tabuks at the Turian Plains, since the main predator, the winged Tarn, is not living in the wild here, only some domestic trained war birds are present, and those mostly are kept in the tarn keeps or the white city Turia
[11:50] ŐℜİA (0subira) listens as the Master laughs as was curious to ask what it was about but remained quiet. She smiled and looked to the tabuk, noting the dangerous mud pond near it.
[11:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) seeks in his bag with engraving tools, he wants to make the color pattern at the Tabuks body clear in his painting, but he seeks the right tool for it, Most gravers are for deep cuts, but for color he needs something different. He take a roulet which can be used for texturing silver metal
[11:55] ŐℜİA (0subira) closed her eyes and then blinked them a few times to clear their dryness up since she had been staring at the tabuk for so long. She looked up to the sky momentarily and then the open plains for larls or thalarians. The tabuk was out in the open; which was easy pickings for a predator.
[11:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees Oria blinking her eyes, seemingly she is not used to hunting and laying in a lair, to ambush animals for hours. Or sit in a trench to guard a military camp for a whole night. He finishes the specially texturing of the tabuk. The black spot at the side, the white belly and the beige back.
[11:57] nadi (nara.zsun): slowly moves her hand to push aside the hair over her ear to listen to the sounds of the plains, the grunts and snorts of the bosk, the chattering of wild birds in the nearby tree.  Wonders if the tabuk are at ease so close to the huge hairy bosk.
[11:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) thinks the tabuk seeks the nearness of other grazers like bosks or verr, since the more animal herbivores there are the bigger the chance at survival in case of an attack by sleen or plains larl. He lays down the roulet graver and takes a curved exemlar, with which he makes a spiraling cut over the horn of the springbok
[12:01] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked at the work the Haruspex was putting into the engraving and then looked to the tabuk, back and forth to see if there was a resemblance. She smiled and nodded as the Master engraved it precisely.
[12:01] nadi (nara.zsun): smiles broadly watching as the carving turns into a perfect picture of the tabuk. The silver clasp seems like little challenge to the Haruspex's hand as he etches the shiny metal
[12:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes his florentine graver which he uses to form the hairs of the plume of the Tabuks tail. He bites his lips in the precise metal working, but then sighs relieved when he is finished and he puts down his tooling
[12:04] ŐℜİA (0subira) hears the Master sigh and perks up as she sees him finish his work and stares at it and smiled while nodding. Though tempted to touch it, she did not.
[12:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) silently stands up, hoping he does not chase away the animal, but in fact thats not important anymore, he has eternalised the animal in his holy engraving
[12:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): /e signals the slave girls to return to the wagon camp, and let the night have the animals of the Plains
[12:06] nadi (nara.zsun): nods and watches the Masters signal are follows obedientally
[12:06] ŐℜİA (0subira) hops up, "Yes Master.. I hope the tabuk will be ok"


[11:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) watches the big black wing of the Ul above his head, long ago in his younger years he had a terrible fight with the original owner of that
[11:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) had used a slave girl to lure the Ul, the wench was bound to a pole and had screamed her lungs out, specially when the gigantic winged predator had landed near her
[11:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) had thrwon a big net over the animal, so it got trapped beneath it, it's wings engulved by the rope, the pterosaurian not able to fly away, but not wounded o Kutai had to finish it with his kaiila lance
[11:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) remembers how the big wings had flapped under the net, in the end it would have broken the ropes. Out of his memory Kuati carves the wings, aided by the one exemplar in his wagon
[11:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the knife graver marks the gigantic beak of the Ul, the beak to avoid because it was a deadly weapon. When he had driven his lance deep in the bat like animal, Kutai had hardly escaped the fangs of the Ul
[11:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): In no way the full wide of the wingspan could be visualized on the small silver clamp, Kutai finishes the animal and then rubs the clamp over de leathered wing at the ceiling to get some Ul DNA in the gaps of the silvery metal


08:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Lady  Kai
[08:29] Kai (candykai) note,, " Have you make more clamps " i ask, "
[08:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, i engraved 2 more
[08:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): a Tabuk
[08:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and an Ul
[08:31] Kai (candykai) smiles " Can i see them Lord " i mover closs to you " forgive me.. i have not been arund ... i did get one of your men to escourt me to the market in the cirty....
[08:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the next is  Gint Fish
[08:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) shows her the silver clamps with the Ul and Tabuk on it
[08:35] Kai (candykai) mover my finger tip over your clamps,, first the Ul.. " Aaa Lord.. your works get better and better,, " then over the Tabuk , i looks you in the eyes " So.. make you LOord good of making body tattoes in the pani way
[08:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Well, the Tabuk i could watch, it was in ur valley, the Ul, i only have my memory and the wing of the one i killed ages ago
[08:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, lets head for the river, i want engrave a gint fish, and maybe we see some
[08:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to the water and start studying the river for fish, specially the gint fish which can live outside the water also
[08:44] Kai (candykai) as you have talk abourt go the the river.. so i grab a basket,, i have make erly today as i have think on go on a picnec,, " aaa * i looks arund as we get to the river.. put down the basket.." aa I have some paga her.. bread and cheeese Lord " then i pull a ruge out on the grasss
[08:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees some fish and looks sharp if its a silvery gint, the animals are about 6 inches long and have bulbous eyes
[08:45] Kai (candykai): aaA ' i says as i am listen to you " have you been a fishing man to
[08:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks up from hi fish hunt and views the basket "well first serve me a paga then, i am thirsty"
[08:47] Kai (candykai) mover my body forover and take the bottles of Paga ,, i open it and hand over to you " It from the Sourth.. i did buy on the marketplace today "
[08:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): " Turian Paga? '' he uses his quiva to open the bottle and then gives the first to the free woman. He then flicks the second open with a snap of the saddle knive
[08:51] Kai (candykai) look a litte dumb in my face , i lips my lips as i am trying to remember that the salgs man call it " aaaa yes.. i think it is Turian Paga " i take the bottles you give me " thanks " i smiles soft to you.. as i looks you in the eyes " The cheeese i have buy of a man from the north.. a friend.. Lord Faulken A
[08:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the cheese from the basket and smells at it, it seems verr cheese, of course, hardly any bosks so far North as Torvaldsland, not because of the cold, but because of the lack of Plains where bosk herds could deploy. The rough landscape with small valleys, and rocks was more suitable for the verr. He cuts of a piece of the cheese and eats it. He then speeds over the river again watching the fish
[08:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) eats and drinks and looks at the silvery fish in the water, a few have flipperlike lateral fins, that must be the gint fish he knows, he starts engraving the animal at the silver clamp, smiling to the free woman who has brought with her the pick nick basket
[09:01] Kai (candykai) giggles and laugth of you " My friends make good verr cheese.. he often let me come with him on his travel.... " then i whisper " He a big as a bear.. but he scard of his wife,,, so he is hameless again Free woman " then i nips carefull to the paga.. . i smiles back.. happy to sist here with you.. enjoing the eveing.. see the sun shine like gold on the river
[09:02] Kai (candykai): Scared )
[09:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) quickly works at the fish, enjoying the evening also, regular he drinks of the paga bottle. Because this is the sixth animal, he gets more skilled in the engraving
[09:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): we Tuchuks are only scarred, never scared
[09:05] Kai (candykai) smiles as i look on your skillled in your work " Aaa Lord .. have you see a experienced a crazy Torvi woman... there scared me.. so rude
[09:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has seen the quarrels between Lady Jessy, the daughter of Ivar, and her former companion Serpent, the infamous Black Caste."yes i have seen that, just duck fast when she starts throwing pots and pans" He contimous his work which is almost finished.
[09:10] Kai (candykai) laugth " Yes.. like A vulo... .. 2 then i take a new nap of the paga as i am not use to drink i beging to feel a litte , litte drunk '


[10:46] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Greetings Master. I prepared a cold paga for you"
[10:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thats very fine Oria
[10:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the cold paga before it warms up in the evening sun
[10:51] ŐℜİA (0subira) leaned back on her heels as she looked up, "Master, I always have a few paga bowls in the cold box for you."
[10:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thats a very good idea, paga is strong enough not to poil when in a bowl, just don't do that with beer or wine
[10:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): beer spoils within 10 minutes
[10:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and wine in a few days
[10:55] ŐℜİA (0subira) makes a mental note, "Yes Master, I will be sure to remember that tip," she stretched out her arms and let them linger in the air before placing them with a 'smack' sound to her thighs.
[10:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the more alcohol in it, the better it is repared
[10:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): so you must drink a bottle of wine within 5 days
[10:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): but a bottle of sherry stays well for weeks
[10:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): same with Port
[10:57] ŐℜİA (0subira) nodded while listening, "Ohh, I am so glad I do not have to drink anymore, well unless ordered to," she thought back on a wild experience.
[10:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, both beverages, Port and Sherry are rare on Gor. They are from specific regions on Earth and only through acquirement raids we can get that
[11:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Lady Kai
[11:01] ŐℜİA (0subira) listened with a smile to his knowledge on wines then turned to see the Mistress,
[11:02] Kai (candykai) moves easily .. as a flower flying in the wind, in a very quiet way.. i stop as i get closs to you 2 ,, i bow " Greeting Lord " then i smiles and note to oria
[11:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) goes sit at the dais and invites the 2 woman, one free, the other slavee
[11:02] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Greetings Mistress, you look lovely today," she said in a kind voice
[11:04] Kai (candykai): Aaye just like you Oria * i bide my lips " aa did you ask your master permision to wask my kimono " the i see Kutai invites uo op.. i note to him and mover over to him
[11:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees taht Lady Kai wears the same platform shoes as high caste women in Ar
[11:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Oria, i want you to bring me and lady Kai 2 horns of light ale, a barrel is in my wagon. I have a special meal to taste and ale is best drink with that
[11:08] ŐℜİA (0subira) thought for a moment then said, "Well, my Master has been on travels so I have not been able to ask him yet...unfortunately Mistress. When he comes back I will," she smiled then nods to the Haruspex, "Yes Master, 2 horns of ale,"
[11:08] Kai (candykai) mover with a litte more trouble as i have my party kimono.. as i have 3 kimonos on ,, the damm high shoes.. we pani.. use to dance and party.. ,,or celebrations,, I mover my finger don my feet... as it hurt ,, i note to Oria " aa just a litte horn "
[11:11] ŐℜİA (0subira) washed her hands then moved to the shelf and saw the ale barrel. She tilted it to the side and filled to wiped out 2 horns with light ale then made her way back to the free people.
[11:12] ŐℜİA (0subira) raised the horn for his grasp, "Master here is your light ale,' she smiled as she had not known he drank that beverage
[11:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the ale from her hands and puts it at the dais, he only starts drinking it after the special meal he had arranged
[11:15] Kai (candykai) watches Kutai get server of Oria " Aa Lord have you wirk on your other clamps " i ask, in the same time i just want to get my shooe of .. looking at oria as she sit down
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[11:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): no last days i had no time, but I will continue after our meal
[11:19] Kai (candykai): aaa lord.. want will you make today.. a verr
[11:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): no, it will not be verr but sorps
[11:23] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) points at the oyster like shellfish which he had in the basket "these are big sorps from the Vosk Delta. As you know i have relatives at the rencers there, since i was once companioned to a rencer woman"
[11:25] Kai (candykai): a sorps ' i am looking a litte dumb in my face ... as i trying to remember .. i laugth as you pount on the baxket " Aa i feel so dumb..... .. you have been companioned.... so do you have childen
[11:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): No, we never decided to have childen
[11:28] Kai (candykai): aa Why.... you have bad bloodlines
[11:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Such will come
[11:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) grabs a sorp and opens the shell like animal with his quiva
[11:33] Kai (candykai): 7me take the hord.. the girl have lift on the floor. i nip to it as i looks on your work, asking a litte quiet " Lord have you heard from my father
[11:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "I have had no message at all, how would he send the letter then, by vulo? " he holds the sorp shell against his mouth and sucks in the content
[11:36] Kai (candykai) laugth " Aaa like all get news... silly man " i take with a nip of my horn " With sending a Scroll with a man.. her to... * look on you
[11:38] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, but when the scrol must be send by ship, to the far islands
[11:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes another sorp and opens it, then he gives it to her "just suck it in as if it;s a slaves heat.. well, forget that last remark"
[11:43] Kai (candykai) giggles my nose " Aaaa slaves heat * i bluch up as i take the Sorp.. sniffe to it... then i carefull lick on it as it was somethink other, the i suck it....gasper as it get down... " Aaaa.. aaaa... i hops a slave heart tast better
[11:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes his engraver and starts copying the sorp shell on a silver clamp "thats why i let Oria bring the ale, you can wash away the after taste of the sorp flesh and fluids"

[12:19] Kai (candykai) see Oria ge happy to get the Empty shell and " You can get my Shell to " then i give her my " aa my morther.. sister to our Shogun.. have a pearl chain .. them white pear shine in the sun .... my father gave to her.. when she gave him a son

[11:46] Kai (candykai) take a big nap of the horn to get the taste away " Thanks Lord " i looks you in the eyes " Why a sorp.. on the clamps
[11:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): because
[11:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): it sometimes has a big pearl
[11:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) laughs "some say it resembles a slaves pussy, and the pearl is her clit. A pity Oria did leave so i could have compared it"
[11:51] Kai (candykai): aa yes. the pearl.. * slap myself on my head " silly me... i know the pearl...... my mother have some pearls ..... you know some men... make puwder out it.. and take it.. to get... aaaa hard
[11:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "get hard, a sexual, must be weal city guys who don't live in nature"
[11:53] Kai (candykai): or a old man.. or a man with to maby slaves ... or concobine
[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yea, i heard guy did same with bosk bull horns
[11:55] Asherah Nexen is online.
[11:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a second sorp oyster shell and opens it, then slurps the content inside his mouth followed by some ale
[11:56] Kai (candykai): bosk bull horn * i laugth more " men are funny... * my eyes get big as tea cups as you take a sorp more " aa you like them
[11:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) wipes the salt bitter sorp fluids from his mouth and drinks more ale "yes, i do, don't you'
[11:58] Kai (candykai) shaking my head " No.. i dont like it Lord
[11:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): then we will not give you more, maybe Hakimba likes it, he is quite a gourmand
[12:00] Kai (candykai) laugth " a gourmand.... .. well he a man.. he like a slave heart " my eyes shine of my bad joke
[12:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): He likes his slave a lot thats true
[12:02] Kai (candykai): seee.. * i take a sorp up.. mover over to your lips " a slave heart for you
[12:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes the sorp painting at the silver clamp
[12:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the slave has returned "Oria does your master allow you to eat a sorp? "
[12:04] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked to the Haruspex, "I am not sure Master, but maybe he might let me try it"
[12:06] Kai (candykai) giggled as a light flush of crimson reaches my cheeks. as kutai talking abourt the sorp.. " lord.. says it taste like a slave heart
[12:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) points at the box before them "there is a basket with sorps, oyster like animals. Your master can open them with his quiva and eat raw. But i advise to drink ale with it" he winks to Lady Kai
[12:09] ŐℜİA (0subira) gulped after hearing the Mistress then looked to the Master as she was assuming it was a joke... "A slave heart... oh...," she nodded and looked over at the box, "yes Master, thank you," she said then moved towards the box

[12:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Sorps one can eat raw,but other shell fush must be cooked
[12:11] ŐℜİA (0subira) lifted the cage door and picked out a small sorp, "This shell looks pretty Master and can be made into earrings," she smiled.
[12:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): and never let sorps stand in the sun long, for their flesh gets spoiled and you don't wanna eat them then. Often bacilli grow rapidly in them "yes it can, specially when they contain a pearl"

[12:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): we have to wait till Scholar comes" he gives Oria an empty shell of one of the sorps he has eaten "you can use this shell to make an earring form
[12:16] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled, "Wow, thank you Master, this will be great. I shall cherish this empty shell," and moved back near the free woman with sorp in hand, cradling it carefully, "A pearl, oh. I have not seen pearls in a long time," she smirked recalling her Earth thievery.
[12:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well, so far i did not find a pearl in these sorps

[12:22] ŐℜİA (0subira) rubs the single shell sorp and placed it into her bra and held to the unopened sorp. She looked up and smiled as the Mistress had given her a shell too. "Thank you very much Mistress. I shall make beautiful earrings from both of these. Oh Master, maybe if we dive deep into the sea then we might find more sorps that might have pearl."


[11:48] Kai (candykai): spiritual energy to learn from the open sky.: i mumbles as Oria mover out of the wagon for geting my yea.. i bide my lips... mover closs to Oria , and ask softly.. " Kutai.. how do you do that
[11:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Such knowledge is not to be shared with women, don't you know women at the wagonpeople ar not allowed to pray
[11:51] ŐℜİA (0subira) glided across the floor to the Mistress then knelt with a hot cup of mint tea with honey added to it, in hand. "Mistress your mint honey tea," she smiled
[11:52] Kai (candykai) gasper , as i am shock " .. you dooooont let allowed to pray " my eyes is dark.. bige as tea cups , locking Oria get in with my tea " aaaa Thanks .. just want i need " i take the cup and snifee to it
[11:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "no, the Open Sky only ants speak with men, women must ask the haruspex as intermediate"
[11:55] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled, "You are welcome Mistress," she said and listened to the conversation for a moment and would give privacy. "Mistress..., may I please be excused?"
[11:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes his clamp, still 3 to go
[11:56] Kai (candykai) taking a nip of my tea " Only speak with men..... ' i just fund the wagon ppl more and more as barbarian , i note to " oria. you can be excused
[11:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at the leem pelts at the wall, and starts copying them at the clamp of silver ware
[11:57] ŐℜİA (0subira) stood with a nod, "Thank you Mistress. Please be well Master and Mistress," she smiled and exited the room
[12:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees that the leem has lots of hair, logical, because those close knit hair makes the pelt waterproof. The haruspex tries to give an impression of the preciousness of the leem fur
[12:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Well Lady Kai, ae women allowed in your temples then? Or allowed to function as priests?
[12:01] Kai (candykai) look on the clamps as you take it forover " Kutai.. want will you make today " io bluch up as i just remeber want happen yestoday... and says with a calm, soft vouse " Lord kutai.. you know i am of nobles.. my mother is sister to our Shogun.... i am not a slave ...
[12:02] Kai (candykai): we are allowed... we dance the free woman fan dance to honnor or gods
[12:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "yes you told me you were of high birth, but I only have your word on that, the letter you send to your father has not returned
[12:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) continues with the clamp, trying to get the agility of the leem in the picture "well, in our so called civilized cities, priests are not even allowed to touch a woman, let be they are allowed activities in the temples at all, apart from being devoted believers and cash cows so the white caste can live in luxury"
[12:08] Kai (candykai) frowns a little as my hand rises; slender fingers twirl around the ringlets of my hair " ,, my words..... Lord..... * i have to find my pani poke face " i am sure my father have send a letter 2 then i dont take for a litte time... i am shock over you.... " I dont know much of religion.. i just do the dance
[12:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Well, you can dance here to, we even allow free woman, as long as the dance is not sexual
[12:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes the clamp and lays his gravers back in the box he stores them in

[12:17] Kai (candykai) mover up " can i see the clamps " i smiles to you
[12:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) shows her the leem clamp he just has made, you can compare it with the pelts at the wall opposite of me

[12:21] Kai (candykai) looks on the clamps then on the wall.. seeing the pelt,,,, " Aaaa.. your work is perfect.. Lord... it that only a man work to " my finger tips mover over your hands as i thoch the clamps
[12:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Silver smiths work can be done at women, after all the clamps were made by a female metal worker in tharna
[12:23] Kai (candykai): Aaaa,,,* slap my head " aa you have toll me that.. forgive me.. i have forget it


[10:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the slave laying in the lake, luckily no Gorean eel are to be found
[10:30] ŐℜİA (0subira) stared at the sky, day dreaming about various things in her life, then becomes alerted after hearing the pop of the fire and turns..
[10:31] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Oh Greetings Master..... I was just umm. ..doing something productive" she smiled then hurried over
[10:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, i already saw you enjoying the water
[10:33] ŐℜİA (0subira) hugs your legs then giggles... "yes Master, it was very nice to lay on it. I was not being lazy though, was letting my muscles relax some before more chores"
[10:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aah, those Kassar let you work hard
[10:34] ŐℜİA (0subira) nods, "Yes Master. I must help out as much as I can so that the other slaves do not become overwhelmed"
[10:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): They do much to much farming those Kassar and get far from the old waysof bosk herding alone
[10:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at the sing bird in the grass "is that a verminium bird?'
[10:36] ŐℜİA (0subira) nodded to his words about the Kassar then looked to the bird, "I do not know Master, but it does sing nice songs," she smiled
[10:37] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): A verminium bird does sing nice song also, I think i will engrave this one, verminium bird or not, it's beautifull and so is it's song. But first i like a cold paga
[10:38] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled, pushing back on her thighs, "Yes Master, one cold paga," she said and looked to the hopping bird
[10:40] ŐℜİA (0subira) cleaned her hands and then looked down near the barrel seeing those pesky urts again but was not afraid of them this time. Turning about, she opened the cold box to get the cold paga bowl
[10:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the paga bowl from her slender hands and starts drinking
[10:43] ŐℜİA (0subira) lifted her arms as a piece of ice fell to her shoulder from the base of the bowl, "Master, your delicious paga. It is cold too"
[10:43] ŐℜİA (0subira) licks off the ice
[10:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): aaah this is cold and refreshing
[10:45] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled wide
[10:46] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Master, I am happy to see you relaxed"
[10:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yes, and when the paga is finished, i will start engraving that little song bird
[10:48] ŐℜİA (0subira) looked over to the creature, "It will be lucky to be on your drum Master. It is like honoring it for many years to come. Who ever sees your drum will also see the memory of the bird"
[10:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): thats wisely said Oria, the animals will bring their spirits and people who ever hears the drum will feel that and experience the power of nature under the Open Sky
[11:04] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled while listening to the Haruspex, "THank you Master"
[11:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a silver clamp and starts drawing the contours of the bird in the silver
[11:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) uses an angle tiner to make the surroundings of the bird, and then the mezzo tinter to immitate the feathers of the animal. Unfortunate he does not know how to get the bright colors of the animal at the silver
[11:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the knife graver to make the beak of the bird, he then holds it half a meter from his face to see how his artwork has managed

[11:23] ŐℜİA (0subira) quietly watched as the Master started the engraving and smiled
[11:25] ŐℜİA (0subira) kept a close eye on the bird while thinking about the other bird she had.
[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) shows her the bird he has maade on the silver
[11:27] ŐℜİA (0subira) leaned over at the engraving while smiling, "That looks just like it Master. On my former planet you would be called an 'Artist"
[11:28] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods "there is a caste of the Artisans in the Gorean cities, a low caste btw"
[11:31] ŐℜİA (0subira) balanced herself while pushing on her thighs. Her elbows locked into place before relaxing as she gazed between him and the bird while nodding. "Low caste artist. hmm sounds like Earth" chuckles
[11:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "aah good, artisans are a sub caste of the craftsmen, toolmakers, metal workers"


[11:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) decides he must make one more engraving for his drum clamps
[11:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the ost
[[11:20] nadi (nara.zsun): oh shrinks back in her Master's arms seeing the huge ost appear
[11:21] Hakimba Oakleaf: ohh take care this beast is dangerous
[11:21] nadi (nara.zsun): yes their bite is deadly.....very few have been saved from their poison
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes a snake from a sack "I have borrowed one of Lady Aphris pets"
[11:23] Hakimba Oakleaf: hee hee Aphris might even cuddle to it in bed
[11:23] nadi (nara.zsun): when I lived in the Kasbah one of our girls was bitten.  I did lance the wound and suck and spit out the poison for several minutes.  The healer did come and medicate her and she did survive luckily
[11:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I knew Aphris has snakes, and poisonous one's, once several Kataii were bitten by it, and she also uses the lesser dangerous exemplars to ensnare other women into slavery
[11:26] Hakimba Oakleaf: such a snake is a threatening weapon
[11:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the silver clamp from his pocket, after he immobilized the snake by putting a forked stake at it's neck, just behind the head so it cannot attack Nadi and Hakimba and bite them with it's terrible fangs "I learned from a tin engraver that using a small hammer makes the work lighter" he shows the hammer the metal worker has given him
[11:29] nadi (nara.zsun): watches closely as the ost wiggles trying to escape then settles down to wait a chance to escape.
[11:29] Hakimba Oakleaf: i hope the stake is strong enough  grins
[11:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the snake open it's bak and he notices the terrible killing teeth. he first wanted to engrave the animal with mouth closed, but changes his mind, the terror of the deadly fangs will be a nice addiction to his drum
[11:30] nadi (nara.zsun): watches the Haruspex pinch his mouth into a line as he concentrates on the piece of shiny metal in his hand, carefully beginning his etching
[11:32] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) clops with his hammer at the curved sharp hard metal graver to make the body of the snake at the clamp, since the work is easier with the small hammer he now gets more 3 dimensional art in it by spiraling the snake around the end of the clamp
[11:34] Hakimba Oakleaf looks with interst at the progress of the engraving
[11:36] Hakimba Oakleaf: ((ahh so the woman will be rescued by the hero of the jungle
[11:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes the body of the snake, small but rather long, now he makes the ticker head doubting if he would mimic the broad neck of a cobra. But decides not too, for he has never seen an ost do that.
[11:38] Hakimba Oakleaf nods  the ost should stay realistic
[11:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) now makes the terrible hooked teeth with some poison dripping off to make it even more horrorlike
[11:42] nadi (nara.zsun): shivers watching as the deadly fangs take shape on the Haruspex's carving
[11:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) for the poison drip he uses some pine tree resin which he let harden before continuing his work
[11:46] nadi (nara.zsun): watches closely smiling at the cleverness of the Haruspex using the nature of Gor for his work
[11:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sharpens the teeth of the metal Ost so one would bleed when touching it "it would be nice to put some real poison on it to punish people who use the drum without knowledge and my permission"
[11:51] nadi (nara.zsun): nods knowing no one would dare to touch the Haruspex's belongings as they are filled with curses and hexes for those who would displease him. Touches her finger to her chin thinking he is almost as fierce as the Tuchuk Torturers
[11:53] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) does not know witchcraft nor magic, but that a slave does not have to know, the rumor enough would bring fear in the hearts of his enemies, and keep trespassers away from is wagon and belongings.
[11:53] ღ Dr. Leda Astraea Timgar ღ (bellateufel.silverblade) is online.
[11:53] Hakimba Oakleaf: i dont know if that would be such a good idea  it could even happen someone is poisoned by only wlaking by to close
[11:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Well, if we catch a thief with poison, who could use his liver for a powerful reading
[11:54] nadi (nara.zsun): OOOO trembles at the thought
[11:55] Hakimba Oakleaf chuckles this omen should be really mighty
[11:56] Hakimba Oakleaf sighs and puts nadi at her feet
[11:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yea, and if it is an enemy we keep him alive till the omen is done and he goes to the cities of dust that his miserable life was at least to some use

[11:57] nadi (nara.zsun): I wish you a good evening Haruspex..... your work is done with great skill, I know you will be well pleased when your drum is finished


[04:45] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to the hollow ebony wooden trunk and rolls it to near the fire, he finally wants making the drum he had been planned to for so long
[04:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) then searches the 2 pelt he had acquired, the kailliuk fur from the barrens and the Kaiila stallion from the Tahari
[04:50] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) starts with the top, he stretches the kailliuk hide and lays it over the opening of wood trunk, then he searches in his pocket and takes the Ost clamp with which he connects the fur to the wooden case
[04:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) he takes 2 other clamps, the Ul and Tarn silvery elements and makes a triangle in between which the fur is stretched, he tickles at the fur to test if the stretching is tense enough to make a good sound
[05:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) hears that the sound of the fur is well and then takes 2 other clamps the Bosk clamp and the Sleen exemplar to make the connection very thigh
[05:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) knows he needs a good thread to make the work complete, but the needed tendons of panther legs he will require later, this is well for now
[05:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) turns around the drum and studies the other hollow side of the black tropical hardwood sound case
[05:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lays the kailla fur over the gap and stretches that in the same way as before, with the clamp engraved with the one horned tabuk he makes the first fitting
[05:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The clamps of the underside are of the smaller less dangerous animals, as is that the kaiila fur is smaller and less thick as the kailliauk pelt, the sound would be very different therefor, and the clamp drawings must fit to the sound
[05:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) stretches a triangle again with help of the watery animals on the clamps, the shellfish Sorp and and the lungfish Gimp. He screws them around the wood and fur
[05:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) does a sound check again and nods satisfied that this sound lighter then the one at the other side
[05:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) adds the two remaining clamps those of leem and verminium bird and lays the almost ready trunk aside for further preparation


[08:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) is about to travel North to Northern Forest to contact known Pantehr girls to get tendons of the forest panthers who roam there and are hunted by the women with the same name
[08:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) he goes in meditation before he will take his travel. During this meditation he enters the spirit world, he almost immediate hears the sound of the growling of a panther, he smiles, this is the animal he is looking for, he knows his travel will be succesfull
[08:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) then tenses, teh sound of the so called panther is heavier then he expected, is the Open Sky giving him new instructions, or is this a warning, is it to be a panther he must acquire for it;s legs or something else, something which sounds heavier, something much bigger and stronger, something more powerful
[08:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) his face gets pale despite that he is not in the real world, his head there turns white, he realizes what he must hunt, and it is something his panther girl friends can not get for him
[08:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "it is a larl, the most dangerous animal on the home stone planet of Gor, living in the dangerous Voltai, and a few other places. He hesitates to enter such hazardous areas
[08:43] Tyişђα  Ɗє ℓα  ℜudǝ ωђitmαη (tyisha.destiny) is offline.
[08:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) he awakens from his dream, still pale his head full of sweat, his sense awakened as if in great danger, sweatng because he can not use the adrenaline in the spiritworld, there he can not fight nor run
[08:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) closes his mind for the spirit world, and concentrates at how in the Open Skies name he must travel deep in the Voltai, again, after his journey to Boswells Pass.
[08:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has still the ears full of the sound of the larl, a low growling filling the complete environment. Such deep contact he has never had before from the spirit world. He opens his eyes, ad see panicked kajirae eyes looking at him
[08:51] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "master, master, a monster in the plains" the girls screwed, full of fear. Also some outriders, pale faced come to him "haruspex, a mountain larl has entered the Plains, our Valley, it's after our bosk"
[08:53] ValaDian TaVar (archiveswatcherof.torvalar) is offline.
[08:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "huh, a larl" te haruspex says "excellent" The outriders look at him in surprise "excellent priest, excellent? A dangerous animal enters our area and you call that excellent?'
[08:55] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "yes excellent, its a sign of the Open Sky" the haruspex, is despite the danger glad, this spares him of a travel to the Voltai "that larl i saw in a dream. It's send by the Open Sky to use, and we should hunt and kill it"

[08:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "a dream sir? ", "yes a dream" Kutai answers "grab your lances and go for hunt, take your swiftest kaiila, for we will need it, but the Open Sky is with us, i saw that in my dream. This larl is the perfect ending of the making of my ceremonial drum"
[08:58] -OK- Kaiila lance of The Grass- R.hand V2: listen channel is: 77. To change channels type /77 chan 'new channel'
[09:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) mounts his kailla and takes a selection f the best 10 outriders with him "it's best I do the first attack, that must be successful, or I am dead, but such is the way, it's my drum, I can not risk your lives for it, the Open Sky will not accept it.

[09:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The hunting party roams the hills around Omen Valley, but their quest is easy, the larl does not try to hide, it does not see a need for that, being the biggest predator on Gor. It's growling fills the air, and makes it practical for the Tuchuk to go to the source of the sound.
[09:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) is the first to see the animal, it is hidden in the grass, the long grass "hmm, lads, this is more dangerous, the grass prevents me from an immediate kill"
[09:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) gives his orders "5 outriders, circle around the larl, keep at 50 meters, and use your arrows to weaken it"
[09:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) keeps him self in waiting for the final dangerous kill, and the other 5 outriders to revenge him, in case he falls

[09:30] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees that the outriders circle the larl and fire arrows like mosquito's at the animal. It can not be killed for it's hide is to thick, but some do hit and by blood loss the larl weakens visible, it become less agile
[09:31] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) haruspex sees the larl no longer swiftly moves and he decides for the main attack he orders the bowmen to retreat so he can lauch the strike
[09:33] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) attacks one the field is clear....clear... the priest sees that he can not aim his dead strike with the lance, the larl is hidden in the grass, and by the swift movement of the kaiila he mounts he is not able to do the end kill
[09:34] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) reigns in his kailla and dismounts, then slaps the animals hind back and sends it back to his waiting reserve troops
[09:36] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the lance from his back and carefully approaches the larl, he knows he has only one chance. If he misses, the larl will kill him, He also sees that the larl is wounded, which makes it more dangerous, but a bit weakened, however not weak enough to do a run and attack Kutai.
[09:36] -OK- Kaiila lance of The Grass- R.hand V2: Stance changed to: lance
[09:40] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sense a tensing in the larl, it's about to strike. Kutai aims the lance above his head and waits, he does not has a shield, such is futile. He must stab, one possibility
[09:41] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The larl comes, with 3-4 enormous jumps it's close to Kutai. it raises high above the Tuchuk holy man, claws ready to strike. This is Kutai's opening, the chest of the larl is unprotected, and he satbs his lance of the plains grass deep in the hart of the animal
[09:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) attack of the larl stops, the animal, freezes as hit by lightning, the lance has pierced it's heart ripped open veins, and makes the final kill. The animal stumbles, then topples down, his eyes break
[09:43] -OK- Kaiila lance of The Grass- R.hand V2: Disarmed
[09:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) redraws his lance, it's not broken, blood spurts out, the larl seems dead. For security the haruspex stabs twice in the belly but no movement anymore "IT'S DEAD!" he shouts
[09:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The remaining outriders come riding to him, cheering, slapping his shoulders for the good kill. Kutai hacks of the legs of the larl, then removes some teeth and the tail, which he can use for amulet making. As last action he takes the eyes, for the same purpose

[09:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) caries back teh legs of the larl, with his quiva e starts working, cutting away skin and meat freeing the tendons, the carefully takes the though strings out of the claws and then starts to braid a long cord, very strong.
[09:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the drum and connects the cord at a long thick hide needle, and starts working. He first sticks the needle through the hide at the top, then goes to the bottom, a 10 inches furher, and sews it through the kaiila hide, then up again another 10 inch further through the kailliak fur, so he spirals around the drum, connecting the furs together by larl string tendons, and giving the drum a considerable strength

[09:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) finishes his work, then goes to his wagon to redress for his ceremony


[10:36] ŐℜİA (0subira) hugs your legs being sure to not wrinkle the cloak robe. She looked to the altar seeing the drum and then to the side of the Haruspex, noting the tabuk as she could only guess what was to happen to it.
[10:45] Kai (candykai) mover carefull and with Respet as i get a feeling it a place for god, i bow deeply to Kutai" Greeting Lord * i says with a low voice " greeing Oria "
[10:47] Hakimba Oakleaf: Tal Haruspex greetings lady kai and Oria
[10:47] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) nods to the welcoming people
[10:48] Kai (candykai) bow as i see Hakimba " Greeting Lord " then looks over to the alter with curious eyes
[10:50] Hakimba Oakleaf is curious for the ceremony coming up
[10:50] nadi (nara.zsun): Greeting Haruspex.
[10:50] nadi (nara.zsun): Tal Mistress
[10:50] nadi (nara.zsun): waves and smiles at oria
[10:50] Kai (candykai): Greetind Nadi
[10:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has placed all the elements of the ceremony near the monolithic altarstone, the drum, the bucket for the blood, the washing basin and of course the sacrifice animal, the agile tabuk
[10:55] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiles and sees everyone, "Greetings Masters and Mistress, and nadi," she said and knelt in the distance to give the Haruspex room, but also to assist if need be
[10:56] nadi (nara.zsun): Smiles at the beautiful drum on the altar the Haruspex so artfully has crafted Sits quietly in strict Kajira stance.  Her back straight, eyes lowered and attention to the Free.
[10:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks to the new pure wtaer basin, he uses it for ritual cleaning. He washes his hands in the clear water which mriacally bubbles by an unknown sources, perhaps it is feeded by volcanic gasses from the region
[10:57] Hakimba Oakleaf: the drum is really a perfect work
[10:59] Hakimba Oakleaf turns round to the huntress who just arrived.. greetings huntress
[10:59] Kai (candykai) eyes follow Kutai with Curiouns shine in my eyes.. as it new from me as i dont know thw wagon ppl way of good , blush as i see the sliver clamps on the drum, i scrambled back to my feet, as i am brushed off my brown kimnon skirts

[10:59] Nareijo Imako: *nods slightly, smiles to every face. her voice sounds soft and low* ... shivar all ... Sa Me Aak visiting ... Man bosk *she points at Kutai* invinting
[10:59] Kai (candykai) look over and see Narejio " greeting "
[11:00] nadi (nara.zsun): turns her eyes to the visiting female nods a silent greeting so as not to interrupt the Haruspex thoughts
[11:00] Nareijo Imako: BaoMao bring greetings Ki-Moon, En Sa Me Aak
[11:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) smiles he has invited Ki Moon and the Sa Me Aak for they have helped him to get the most important part of the drum, the drum case, made of ebony wood from the Taluna jungle "welcome Taluna of the Sa Me Aak"
[11:00] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): "Tal"  lächelt den umstehenden zu, begrüsst kutai mit einem nickt  "danke für diese einladung"
[11:00] zolla349 Resident (Q-Translator g:de->en): \\ "Valley \\" smiles the bystanders to, welcomes Kutai with a non \\ "thank you for this invitation \\"
[11:01] Kai (candykai) note to Angel face " Greeting
[11:01] ŐℜİA (0subira) observes the fierce women of the forests and smiled. "Greetings Huntresses," she stared at their attire and their stance and smiled some more thinking how good it must be to be a free
[11:02] nadi (nara.zsun): nods again a silent greeting to the visiting taluna.
[11:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Welcome BaoMao and Angel
[11:02] Hakimba Oakleaf waves .. welcom huntresses
[11:03] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): looks around, nods and smiles friendly
[11:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) blinks as a panther is arrived, luckily he did not kill one today, instead there lays a dead larl at the fiels now. He continues the ceremony
[11:05] Hakimba Oakleaf looks at this awesome Giani .. it is really an impressing animal
[11:05] ŐℜİA (0subira) eyes opened wider to see more Huntresses arive then gukped as she spotted a large animal, maybe was a larl. She was glad to be far from it.
[11:05] ღ Łɨtɑ ღ (lita.darkwatch) snuggles the tribe giani Anila
[11:05] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349): *shows to the giani, smiles  "our giani, anila"
[11:05] nadi (nara.zsun): slips closer to her Masters leg for protections not knowing is the giani is friendly or not watches closely as the visitors arrive a nods a silent greeting
[11:05] Kai (candykai) gasper as i see all the new comming huntresses, i them smiles " greeting All " looks over Ragnar, and note to him " Greeting thrall
[11:05] HoneyToxit: Tal an alle..
[11:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) has just washed his hands in the ritual water basin and now walks to the monolithic altar, her yanks the wild tabuk he has brought at the leash closer
[11:06] HoneyToxit: nähert sich von hinten Anila, streichelt kurz über ihr fell un dlächelt ihr zu
[11:06] Hakimba Oakleaf as it seems all the huntresses have arrived  greets them again  welcome at Omen valley
[11:07] Nareijo Imako: *looks around herself andnods as all her tribesisters and slaves are present. she tunrs to Kutai and smles. mves her hand in a gesture that he may go on with his ceremony*
[11:07] Giani Anila (narasina): *schnurr*schnurr*schnurr
[11:07] >>> Narasina: * Purring * purring * purring
[11:07] Briana Edring (marischka.mellison): tal Herrschaften
[11:07] >>> Marischka Mellison: tal dominions
[11:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): To all the visitors "I specially welcome the Sa Me Aak, they have helped my find essential parts of the drum case, and Ki Moon herself has dragged me out of the swamp i fell in, so I owed them this ceremony
[11:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Of course taluna believe in different gods the the Open Sky, but Mother Earth is also part of the world of the Open Sky so this ceremony is close to their religion also
[11:09] ღ Łɨtɑ ღ (lita.darkwatch) see her Mistress and runs to her side
[11:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lays the struggling tabuk at the altar "Oria, bring the bucket near. I don't want spill any blood"
[11:10] ŐℜİA (0subira) lifted from the ground, "yes Master," she said and hurried to grab the nearby empty bucket, placing it near the altar.
[11:11] ŐℜİA (0subira): -looks on feeling sad for the animal-
[11:11] Briana Edring (marischka.mellison) fühlt sich nicht ganz wohl und rückt näher an Anila
[11:11] >>> Marischka Mellison: / Me does not feel very well and moves closer to Anila

[11:12] Kai (candykai) glance when Oria get over with bucket, my eyes get big as tea cups as i see that
beautiful animals is on the altar, i take my rigth hand up to my mount
[11:13] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles because of the tender nervs of the females
[11:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) grabs the tabukat the neck and lays the trhoat available, he then draws a ritual quiva, saddle knife and holds it high, shining in the sun of the plains
[11:14] Briana Edring (marischka.mellison) schaut aufmerksam zu
[11:14] >>> Marischka Mellison: / Me looks attentively
[11:15] ŐℜİA (0subira) listened, hearing the breaths of the tabuk as it lay there defeated. At this moment, she was glad to not have been born one of those. She looked away seeing the Master take out his quiva. her hands tremble while holding the bucket steady to catch the soon to be drops of blood.
[11:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sinks the knife and then slits open the throat of the tabuk, he aims the blood stream at the bucket Oria is holding, hs strong other hand keeps the struggling but dying animal helpless against the rune stone
[11:15] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) sieht atemlos und voller spannung der zeremonie zu
[11:15] zolla349 Resident (Q-Translator g:de->en) looks breathless and full voltage of the ceremony to
[11:15] nadi (nara.zsun): sucks in her breath the aroma of hot blood fills the air. Holding her breath not wishing to gag out loud.
[11:17] Ki Moon (sabrjina): she looks very interested to the ceremony
[11:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) dips a finger in he blood stream. While doing that he wonders why he washed his hands first but then uses the finger to paint a a bosk at the upper fur of the drum
[11:17] ŐℜİA (0subira) jumped as some splashes of blood hit her skin almost causing her to vomit, but she kept her head lowered catching the blood in the bucket. Some dripped to the barren ground, but most in the vessel
[11:17] Kai (candykai) don't drop my gaze. Look straight ahead, looking as Kutai cut the Tabuk, smiles as i see Nadi body languages.. as the aroma of the blood fill the air
[11:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) mixes the red blood of the bosk with some bosk dung a slave had collected before to get a more darker texture
[11:18] Hakimba Oakleaf is surrised by this new way to use the blood
[11:18] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes his quiva again after painting 3 similar bosks at the drum case, and admires his art work
[11:19] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Oria, you can bring the blood to Lady Kai, so she can make blood sausage or black pudding from it
[11:19] Ki Moon (sabrjina): sniff the air
[11:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) then slices the belly of the bosk open, and rips the intestines out which he throws at the grass "good nuititious food for kajirae" he thinks
[11:20] ŐℜİA (0subira) kept her eyes focused on a spot on the ground, a few insects had gathered near the blood spills. She waited until she did not hear the creature make a noise before looking up. Hearing the Master she stood, taking the bucket to the Mistress
[11:20] ŐℜİA (0subira): "Yes Master"
[11:21] Briana Edring (marischka.mellison): müssen die das jetzt essen?    *schaut zu ihrer Herrin auf*
[11:21] >>> Marischka Mellison: must eat now? * Looks to her mistress on *
[11:22] Kai (candykai): Aaa " I yelps as if she were surprised that actually happened.. of kutai mixes the red blood of the bosk with bosk dung . i mover my hand over my nose and mouth as i dont like the smell now " me--- Bloos sauages " i look a litte confused as i am a bad cook. hoping i get het halp from one of the other free waomn " Thanks Oria " i says as i take the bucket
[11:22] nadi (nara.zsun): taking a rep cloth pouch from her waistband. Tightens her lips and gathers the intestines thinking they would make good casing for the Mistress's sausage, places them in the sack an tucks it into her waistband
[11:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) searches in the body of the now diseased tabuk, till he finds the liver, cursing himself that he had taken fur sleeves which will now be dirty like hell full of blood and other internal tabuk fluids
[11:22] Hakimba Oakleaf grins  i doubt this mixture is meant to eat
[11:23] Nemaya Wolkentanz (lichtgoettin) streichlet Lita über den kopf und wirkt zufrieden
[11:23] Nemaya Wolkentanz (Lichtgoettin): / Me streichlet Lita over the head and has satisfied
[11:23] Briana Edring (marischka.mellison) krallt sich an Anilas fell und schaut etwas skeptisch
[11:23] >>> Marischka Mellison: / Me clawing fell to Anilas and looking slightly skeptical
[11:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes out the liver and lays it at the monolithic plate before him. He shows the tabuk of the stone at the grass, later slaves can cut meat of it which the taluna can take or Lady Kai to make wild tabuk stew of it
[11:25] ŐℜİA (0subira) stays far enough away from the Mistress' expensive gown, so to not get any blood on her. She stayed still like a statue, not wanting to see what was on her skin. She had a hard time seeing the animal ripped open, but knew she should be accustomed to it.
[11:25] Hakimba Oakleaf swallows to prevent the spit from flowing out of his mouth
[11:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) studies the liver and sees that it has no strange marks, it's a pure animal. This is a good omen he concludes and he closes the ceremony satisfied "and now drink paga to celebrate, the Open Sky has shown his satistaction with my work. I therefor again thank the Sa Me Aak for their help
[11:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) washes his hands again,and tries clean the fur sleeves of his robe
[11:27] Ki Moon (sabrjina): nods to kutai and smile

11:27] ŐℜİA (0subira) claps for the Haruspex, "Really good Omen Master"
[11:28] αηgєℓ ƒαcє (zolla349) senkt den kopf, beeindruckt von der zeremonie
[11:28] zolla349 Resident (Q-Translator g:de->en) lowers his head, impressed by the ceremony
[11:28] Ki Moon (sabrjina): pure animal, i hope it will be a good one and the tabuk will come back on our land to
[11:28] Ki Moon (sabrjina): too
[11:28] Hakimba Oakleaf unbinds his bota from his belt pulls out the stopper   .. let us celebrate this joyfulk event  drinks a big sip
[11:30] Kai (candykai) have see animals are slaughtered before .. but I do not like the smell of it , note as there get to talk abourt Paga .. lookinmg to the NPC thrall " Boy... take the busket with blood to the outside kitchen as i dont want blood on my kimnon
[11:30] ŐℜİA (0subira) turns to the Mistress, "Mistress, may I go clean this blood from me so that I can serve you, the Haruspex and the free?"
[11:30] Hakimba Oakleaf turns to nadi  .. nadi please prepare the furs in the wagon i will follow soon
[11:31] Kai (candykai): Yes oria... * i smiles as i fund that a good idear
[11:31] nadi (nara.zsun): yes My Master

[11:31] ŐℜİA (0subira) smiled then ran off to get cleaned, "Thank you Mistress," she smiled and looked to see if the free were coming into camp to be served food
[11:32] nadi (nara.zsun): Was a very good omen reading Haruspex.  You are the best in all of Gor.  I wish to congratulate the Tribe on their good news. Bows my head and rises scampering to her Masters wagon
[11:32] nadi (nara.zsun): I wish you all well and clear skies with sunshine to light your way.
[11:32] Ki Moon (sabrjina): now she looks around , the waggon , the planes and the big bosk