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Kiana, a Rubesian Earth girl

Her fate: the Gorean collar

Her history: Kamchak spotted her at an earth club, he talked to her and found out she had slave heat, he informed Kutai his uncle. Kutai decided to harvest her at the next slave hunt. So hapened Kiana was lured to a silent meadow and grapped by the musch stronger Kutai, he used Thassa powder to drug her, and brought her into the space ship of Aquistion. The ship brought to Gor where Kutai locked her into the cellars deep under the baths of Turia. But not before making her a kajira, his kajira.



[9:53]  Kutaituchik lands at the surface of Gor with the capped woman, he notices she is still unconcious of the Thassa powder, so he decides to wake her
[9:53]  Kiana feels sweat running over whole body when she opens her eyes
[9:54]  Kiana looks around and decides she must still dream
[9:55]  Kutaituchik has bound her still, so he looks in her eyes, lchecking is she is not suffering of shellshock after the space travel, he nods satisfied and lays her again at his shoulder, bringing her to the big building behind them
[9:55]  Kutaituchik takes her in the cellar area where the labor slaves are kept
[9:56]  Kiana Shinn feels the cold wet air running over her body
[9:56]  Kiana Shinn wakes up some more recognizes the stange man.. w..what have you done.. where am I?
[9:56]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov unbinds her ankles, but keeps the fibers at her pulses so her movements are still very limited, at her hair he leads her to the anvil and lays her head over it
[9:57]  Kutaituchik Kroitschov grabs her hair and forces her head thigh to the iron.
[9:58]  Kiana looks around fully confused.. not able to understand whats going on
[9:58]  Kutaituchik takes a ring of metal of a shelf, a circle of steel in which is written "property of Kutaituchik Haruspex"
[9:59]  Kiana's eyes slowly catch details in the dark.. but what she see is not what she likes
[10:00]  Kutaituchik: "you are at the planet Gor girl, maybe you have heard of it, for sure you have dreamed of it because sluts like you belong in the collar" saying this he lays the steel ring around her neck and twists the key in the lock
[10:02]  Kutaituchik puts the key in a secret pouch in his clothes then he lifts the girls neck and admires the steel and Gorean text on it "from now on you are mine girl, I am your owner, your Master"
[10:02]  Kiana feels the cold metal on her neck.. what do you mean?
[10:02]  Kutaituchik: that you are a slave
[10:02]  Kutaituchik: my slave
[10:03]  Kiana repeats the words with eyes wide open.. your slave
[10:04]  Kutaituchik: yes
[10:04]  Kutaituchik: so kneel before me and call me MASTER
[10:05]  Kiana: yes... m..Master
[10:06]  Kutaituchik takes the switch of leather at his hand and hears her words "a bit more convincing girl!" he slashes her back viciously with the leather switch
[10:06]  Kiana bows her head.. I'm sorry Master
[10:08]  Kutaituchik drags her to a cellar and throws her in