Omen Valley
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Combat Omen

 [23:58] Nara Zsun: Tal Mistress
[23:58] Nara Zsun: Tal girl
[23:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal Lady green
[23:59] Lady Shaedra (gentleone) turns to CHaos her guard, "we will be here for a while, ty"
[23:59] Lady Shaedra (gentleone): "tal Haruspex"
[23:59] Lady Shaedra (gentleone): "greetings nadi"
[23:59] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): "well, that all we expect" he nods to the guard
[00:00] Sarabi Lionz (sarabi.sapphire) is online.
[00:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): lets go to the plains, i need a vulo nest for the reading
[00:00] Nara Zsun: yes Master
[00:00] Lady Shaedra (gentleone): "heel mine"
[00:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) knows a good nest and walks through the gras to the place the birds are living
[00:01] talara (basimah1) smiles to her Mistress as she looks around
[00:02] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I will make noise which will scare the birds, they will fly up, and i will study what happens, how they fly, and make an interpretation of that
[00:02] Lady Shaedra (gentleone): "Mine you may greet"
[00:02] talara (basimah1): yes my Mistress
[00:03] talara (basimah1) smiles to the Master as she whispers "greetings Master "
[00:03] talara (basimah1): greetings kajira
[00:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): tal little vulo
[00:03] Nara Zsun: sits quietly her lips parted breathing excitedly, her eyes wide on the Haruspex with great expectations
[00:03] Lady Shaedra (gentleone) watches as se wade through the grass, intent upon watchfor the vulo
[00:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) claps in his hands to make the vulo birds fly up
[00:03] Nara Zsun: turns wriggling her fingers to the girl smiling
[00:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees the vulo. shooting around, at random, n all drections, as if in panic
[00:04] Nara Zsun: OOOOOO gasping as the flock of vulo's take flight
[00:04] talara (basimah1) smiles as the vulos lift into the air "very clever Master"
[00:05] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees from his eye corner suddenly a flock of crows, the black birds make a terrible screeching noise and dive upon some of the vu'o flying around in chaos
[00:06] Nara Zsun: squeaks covering her head with her hands....the crows diving at the vulo's shivers
[00:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): an airbattle starts in which the bigger dark crows seem to win, several vulo tumble to the surface of the planet Gor and land in the grass of the Eastern Plains
[00:06] Lady Shaedra (gentleone) shakes as she watches the vulos, and noise wretched to the ear
[00:08] Vulo Nest 1.0: Hunt results (Quantity: Low, Radius: Medium, Altitude: Low, Agitation: High):
Birds flushed: 20, killed: 0
[00:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) sees suddenly another dark cloud racing over the plains, its a troop f ravens, since ravens are holy in Omen Valley, they come probably for help. and Kutai sees indeed the ravens chase at the crows, saving the white vulo"
[00:09] Maren Kimono is online.
[00:10] Nara Zsun: OOO covers her lips with her hands stifling a shriek at the many ravens who suddenly fill the sky like a dark storm
[00:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the fight of the birds ends, the ravens have the overhand and have chased the smaller crow from the sky. Kutai decides to interpret the omen
[00:11] Lady Shaedra (gentleone): /me, stares in awe at the vivid flight of the ravens, knowing the sacred visions they bring
[00:11] Jaz Galea (sahjaza) is online.
[00:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The ravens land at the altar where they often gather, feasting at the corpses of the sacrifice animals
[00:12] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) starts with his predictive omen "there will be turmoil in the coming weeks, slaves will run chaotic over the plains, and being chased by black clothed raiders"
[00:13] Nara Zsun: OOO trembles at the Haruspex words
[00:13] talara (basimah1): winces hearing the Masters words always terrifed of the a man in all black as it is
[00:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): In the end our outriders, like the ravens , will beat the invaders, but for some kajirae that might be too late, they can be capped, or killed, the latter unlikely
[00:14] Lady Shaedra (gentleone) widens her eyes, in slight distress to hear this chaos may bring unrest to the wagons
[00:14] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): for men only fur living slaves
[00:15] Jaz Galea (sahjaza) is offline.
[00:15] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): i can not make it different, our Orali and outriders, are restless in this spring and want attack cities, counter reactions are to be expected from our enemies
[00:16] Nara Zsun: nods knowing the words he speaks to be the truth an great wisdom
[00:17] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Well, all i can advise is that the girls stay close to the big wagon camp, thats safe, it's guarded by 2 thousands of outriders, no raider can take away people from there
[00:18] Nara Zsun: listens her mind racing trying to think of empty barrels where she might hide
[00:18] Lady Shaedra (gentleone) shivers herself, having seen the many Outriders in the days past, nodding her head as she listens to the wisdom
[00:20] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well girls"he says to the slaves, gather the fallen vulo, they are a good add on for our stews, also roasted they taste wonderfully
[00:20] Nara Zsun: yes Master...rising on strong kataii legs starts to look for the bloody bodies of the fallen vulo
[00:21] Lady Shaedra (gentleone) lifts her hand palm up and motions forward
[00:21] talara (basimah1): Yes Master not quiete use to such tasks hoping she would not get her silks dirty being a city slave and not a working farm girl the task was rather interesting as she rises to her feet to go find the vulo for the Master
[00:21] Lady Shaedra (gentleone): "Haruspex, your words are wise, should in the coming days you need assist of the green, please send word" offers
[00:22] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Thats very likely that we need assistance of the green
[00:22] Nara Zsun: spying several bodies...gathers them quickly before the wild sleen catch the scent of vulo blood
[00:23] talara (basimah1) sees all the blood and kinda gets grossed out picking up the bird by its wing holding it away from her "found one Master, what shall i do with it?
00:24] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Take it with you, pluck away the feathers, remove the head , legs and entrails, then roast it at a stick above a small fire as a meal for your mistress
[00:24] Nara Zsun: holds the three vulo she was able to find....drops to her knees to show the Master.
[00:25] talara (basimah1) cringes hearing his words "yes Master "
[00:25] Nara Zsun: I think we got them all Master....
[00:25] Lady Shaedra (gentleone) go with nadi, mine she will show you where the wagon fires burn"
[00:25] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): if you are worried about your silks, undress, their is no law against slaves working naked
[00:26] Nara Zsun: nods yes Mistress....motions to the girl to follow her to the central fire
[00:26] Lady Shaedra (gentleone) catches a feather floating on the breeze of the plains, "I have missed, seeing you Haruspex" says kindly
[00:26] talara (basimah1): yes my Mistress and Master rises to her feet holding the thing away from her the task totally grossing her out never doing such a thing