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Isle of Thanita, a Thassa island



[10:37] Atraya: Greeetings Master
[10:37] Atraya: Greetings Mistress...*smiles softly to the lady*
[10:37] Atraya: Welcome to Thanita
[10:39] Atraya tilts her head slightly and takes in their attire as she sits quietly waiting to be noticed
[10:39] Kutaituchik looks around over the docks, the galley, the harbor and over the kajira dressed in red silks
[10:40] Atraya: May i offer you a tour?
[10:40] Kutaituchik I wait for a friend
[10:41] Kutaituchik: i think he comes with the next ship
[10:41] Atraya smiles softly and nods.... "I will wait if Master wishes."
[10:41] Kutaituchik: Till then i like to drink apaga, is that possible in the harbour?
[10:42] Atraya: Of course Master, do you wish me to bring it here or shall you go to the tavern?"....glances to the Mistress with a smile not knowing if they are together
[10:43] Kutaituchik: "I prefer the tavern" he looks over his shoulder to the strange woman , but then concentrates on the beautifull slave again
[10:43] Atraya Spire smiles... "Of course, this way please Master."..slips back to her feet and moves up the docks
[10:44] Kutaituchik: aah a tavern with sea view
[10:44] Atraya: I will bring your paga right away Master
[10:46] Atraya searches the top shelves, the finest of vessels places here for visitors, she tips a large horn into her hands....checking it over carefully...running the brim to her arm she finds no damage.
[10:47] Atraya smiles softly as she starts to hum a firmilar tune...dipping beneath the counter for a cloth.... she runs it along the finly carved vessel glancing back to the Master.... "Do you wish the paga chilled or warmed Master?"..knowing journey was a lengthy one.
[10:48] Kutaituchik: i prefer the paga chilled, sweet tasta
[10:49] Kutaituchik: Tal Hakimba
[10:49] Hakimba: Tal Kutai
[10:50] Atraya smiles softly and moves to the small cold storage....shifting a few things aside she shivers slightly as she stretches to the back.... lifting a paga from the back shelves she rests the horn to her thighs... uncorking the bota with her teeth she quickly fills the vessel.
[10:50] Hakimba: greetings girl
[10:50] Kutaituchik: I am getting served by this nice slave girl
[10:50] Atraya glances breifly to the other whom arrives, she corks the bota and tosses it back in the box,shifting the door closed she slips back to her feet and moves to the Masters side
[10:51] Hakimba: so i will ask for drink when she finished derving you
[10:52] Atraya Spire smiling softly to both Masters she slips back to her knees, first offering a small prayer for Masters health and home she lifts the horn above her head... letting her eyes drop to the floor she raises her chin proudly... "Your Paga Master, may it refresh you from your journey and offer you sweetness from the salt air."
[10:52] Hakimba: aah you got a Paga Kutai
[10:53] Hakimba: that i would need too this moment
[10:53] Kutaituchik looks at the girl and sees she is praying, he frowns a bit in annoyance, then he remembers that he is now not on the plains where women are not alowed to pray, but in a ciy with other habits. He reaches for the girls hands and takes the paga from her "thank you, kajira"
[10:55] Atraya smiles softly and lets her hands slip back behind her, looking back to the visiting Master.... "May I serve your friend Master?"..knowing she is not permited to leave until Master permits such
[10:55] Hakimba: do you enjoy the paga Kutai?
[10:57] Kutaituchik Kroitschov: "hm, will I le you leave my presence, I could reserve you for my own pleasures since you serve in a tavern, but I think I will not do that, and let my young nephew enjoy some paga too: he nods to her "you may serve him, kajira"
[10:58] Hakimba Oakleaf: thank you Kutai i only want a chilled paga like you. After the girl will be at your serve again
[10:58] Atraya tilts her head slightly and listens to the Masters words... knowing her serve would have to be requested by her Master, as she is not a paga girl, meerly serving in the tavern at the moment...she smiles and slips back on her heels....pausing at the Masters words she offers... "Yes Master, chilled paga." turning and moving back to the kitchen
[11:01] Atraya eyes shift again along the shelves...falling upon another horn that shows the Thanita emblem engraved across its bridge....she checks it to her arm and repeat the process of cleaning inside and out with a fresh cloth
[11:02] Hakimba observes the girl with her work and enjoys her good serve
[11:02] cold box door: Atraya is at the door.
[11:02] Atraya drawing her silks in against her thighs she slips to her knees, now knowing where the bota lies she quickly opens the cold storage, draging the chilled liquid into her arms, filling the horn, before recorking and droping back to the storage
[11:04] Atraya gathering the horn back to her hands she slips to the Masters side, resting gently to her knees she smiles slightly..
[11:05] Atraya lifting the vessel above her head, she drops her eyes to the floor.... "Your paga Master, may it cool your throat and replensh you from your journey."
[11:05] Kutaituchik notices the slave girl most be very well trained, in the way she walks, she kneels and stands, he doubts if she isa mere tavern gril, but some hos such high trained girls end in tavern, like Vella, lead by the whimps of Gorean masteers or just fate
[11:06] Hakimba turns to the girl, smiles and takes the horn with paga from her hands, drinks a first sip and is surprised with the good flavour. "thank you girl, now you may serve Kuatai again
[11:08] Atraya smiles softly and moves in veiw of both Masters, not back as she does not interupt their conversations.... "If Masters wish, when your paga is finished, i would be happy to offer you a tour of our City."
[11:08] Kutaituchik smells the scent of fresh baked fish, something to be expected in a harbor of an island ubarate "I like to taste some of those sea fruits at the fire, if thats possible, luscious one"
[11:08] Atraya grins softly and nods again... "Of course Master, right away."
[11:10] Atraya slipping back to her feet she moves to the kitchen, fetching a large tray, and two plates...a small bowl and utensils...shifting the tray to her hip she dancing gently back to the firepit waiting on the balcony
[11:13] Atraya eyeing the fish for a moment, fliping them each in turn...she tosses a few pieces of wingfish, a few thassa and a large eel to the plate....tossing the pans contents, she drops them to the other plate as well
[11:14] Atraya Spire stirring a smaller pan she spoons the contents into a bowl, letting a bit spill over the fish....smiling to herself as she looks over the plates she nods satified and moves back to the Masters side
[11:17] Hakimba Oakleaf sniffs the flavour but hmmm as i am from the plains i would prefer some roast bosk or vulo to this fish. But for now i am not hungry
[11:18] Atraya sighs softly as the winds appear to have different plans for where she is to go...she settles to her knees, resting the tray across her thighs...a rich golden honey rests within the bowl for Master to dip the fish in should he prefer...she first lifts the plate of fish..."Finest fish in Thanita Master, may it warm your bones from the sea and bring a smile to your lips from its flavors."..she lifts the plate above her head, once again lowering her gaze to the floor
[11:18] Kutaituchik sees that the kajira has finished preparing the delicious fish, he loves fish but eats it seldom since he comes from the plains and only river fish is available there
[11:19] Kutaituchik takes some fish, not to much from the plate the woman is serving and puts it in his mouth, he sighs satisfied "excellent kajira, you are spoiling me, you rserving me fish is very pleasing"
[11:21] Hakimba: when all the girls here a so busy and lovely. i congrat the warriors here
[11:21] Atrayas miles softly and rests the plate to the table, setting the bowl of honey to its left..."I have also brought you suls with cheese Master, *smiles* it is my learning, that a Master does not live in fish ...or meat...alone. There must be more to what he eats."...slips the second plate into place
[11:22] Kutaituchik eyes become big when he sees the second plate with food, after the long sea travel, he is hungry, his finers take some of he delcicious food and he slowly eats of it, enjoying every bite.
[11:24] Hakimba: Kutai you are really hungry today
[11:24] joseph nods "Greetings mins"
[11:24] Hakimba: Tal Sir
[11:24] joseph: Tal Free
[11:25] Atraya slips from the Master side, resting the tray to the pillow beside them, and moves to her Masters boot
[11:26] Hakimba: we are peased with the skills of your slave in serving paga and a meal
[11:26] joseph: i hope you are enjoying our city hospitality
[11:26] Kutaituchik: "Tal, sir" he says to the newcomer "I am Kutai"
[11:26] Atraya blushes softly and presses into her Master leg
[11:26] Hakimba: my name is Hakimba
[11:26] joseph nods "I am Joseph, the Admin here"
[11:27] Hakimba: we are from the plains and we live at the Omen valley
[11:27] joseph nods "Interesting"
[11:28] Atraya: What brings you to our city Masters?
[11:28] Kutaituchik: "well met Josp, and thank you for the warm welcome at your kjiara here"he says while putting some baked fish in his hngry mouth
[11:28] Hakimba Oakleaf: we are travelling all around Gor to see many cities and other tribes
[11:29] Atraya grins
[11:30] Kutaituchik: I visited the North, at invitation to the life stock fair in Skjern, now I am on my way back to the south, and this nice islabd harbor is a welcome change to the rolling of a ships deck"
[11:30] joseph: i see
[11:31] joseph: well, dont let me interupt your eating
[11:31] Hakimba: thank you for the friendly welcome
[11:32] Kutaituchik smacks a bit "good Goreans never interupt, not while eating, maybe only at other sports" he says with a twinkle in his eye
[11:32] Atraya laughs softly and glances to her Master.
[11:32] Hakimba smiles
[11:34] Atraya: shall i repair the stairs now my Master?
[11:34] joseph nods "Of course mine"
[11:34] Kutaituchik drinks some aga the wash the fish away through his stomach "these Thassa fish, taste much different then our sweet water river fish which flow in the Southern Plains"
[11:36] Hakimba drinks one more big sip of his paga and wipes his mouth
[11:38] Kutaituchik: "well, nephew, time to go back to the ship, the captain is an impatient one"
[11:40] Kutaituchik: come lets go
[11:41] Kutaituchik says to the Admin "thank you for the hospitality of your wonderfull island, I think i will come back and acquire myself some crates of fish next time"
[11:41] Hakimba: thank you for your hospitality
[11:41] joseph nods
[11:41] joseph: i wish you both well
[11:42] Kutaituchik: I wish you well