Omen Valley
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The jungles of tasta Torvis and her giant temple of the Priest Kings ahs been hit by the warth of those same Gods. Rumours about Initiates using slave girls has gone around and now the area is flamed, burned and canged in a desert. Morra and the survivors of the local Taluna shelter in the remnants of the fallen temple and hope new people will rebuild the temple. Lady Aphris which is an old friend of Morra and the priestess An'taa, visits the place of destruction. At that moment another Nomad arrives, Tiberius, son of Jarvis a Tuchuk. Tiberius however left he tribes and roams Gor as an outlaw now to revenge his slain father. He gets in a quarrel with the taluna Natali who strucks him from behind, causing almost his death by drowning.


Morra with her beloved snake Tulsa Doom