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The Stallion and the Oralus

"On all fours, you beast" Batar ordered. Bayar listened to the noises of her man busy with the kajira Porky in the sleeping compartment of their huge dome like wagon. The former Tuirian free woman had developed into a perfectly helpless pleasure slave, actually this annoyed Bayar, not for that her husband played with the slave, but that the mere fact that the slave woman seemed to enjoy her present situation.
The revenge on the woman was in the past, after a harsh beginning the girl had adapted to the slavery and reacted helpless at the touch of men. The Kataii free woman was now thinking how she could explore this new situation. After that Batar finished his sports with the kajira, she was chained at the end of the bed while Batar and Bayar sat on it to discuss the day. "You smell nicely, my woman" Batar said. Bayar answered "yes, this is a perfume from a talender I pick near Weathered Rock, when all 3 moons are in the sky of our home stone planet". "aaah yes, you women with your moon images, it seems you are more affected by the 3 moons then by the touch of man". The couple went asleep after that while the slave lay on a simple wooden floor, chained to the bed, incapable of crawling against the man who had just used her. That right was for the free woman who owned her, the slave had to stay on the planks.

It was a time of peace, this annoyed the free woman Bayar of the Kataii, her man was now among the most valued Orli, but thanks to no action he had no opportunities to raise rank. and she wanted him to become an Oralus, not so for her own ambition, but for the situation that Batar had the capabilities of leading a thousand men. She though about alternative ways to get him into that position, she could not decide which would lead to the surest path. Batar knew that she had to consult a haruspex, and so far she knew, the best haruspex was the Tuchuk Kutaituchik in the valley of the omens. She knew the way how to please him, he was a well know Epicurist and gourmand, an enjoyer of the best things of life. She decided to cook some Wagon People specialty for him. She took a broad pan and and let flow milk in a broad cooking pan with a wide surface, she cooked the milk, and each time a thin layer of clothed milk formed. The free woman each time took that milk skin of the boiling liquid below, and let it dry on a plate in the sun. After some time she had gathered enough clothed and dried m ilk and laid them in a small dish and wrapped some repcloth around it. She then took her kajira Porky and leashed her to Moonu, the giant kaiila, and rode off to Omen Valley, the kajira running after the mount.

Bayar arrived among the lofty hills of the holy value. She went straight for the wagon of the famous haruspex and announced her arrival. Kutai knew her, since his sister had companioned a Kataii outrider and allowed her entrance. After some initial welcome ceremony and drinking some spicy tea, he asked her "Dear Lady of the Kataii, patron mother of the holy haruspices, how can I help you?". Bayar explained the situation of her husband and asked the wise and experienced haruspex for a consultation "I don't need an omen, i am prepared to arrange this future path with my own hands, but I need your advise". The haruspex listened and was silent. The free woman finished with the words "In order to get your consultation I have some gifts for you" she handed him the milk layers "this is Kataii yogurt a delicacy of our tribe" the face of the haruspex enlightened "and this is one of the most helpless sluts which i am prepared to offer you for using her for your lusts"."thank you, Lady Bayar, I will consume your last gift immediate so we don't have any delay after my consult for you, and you can travel back to the Kataii wagon camp without waiting for me to explore this beauty" He then dragged the girl Porky to his private quarters and used her well, the  Kataii free woman waiting patiently, after all she was only a woman and knew her place. After some hours he came back, the exhausted girl dragged on a leash behind him. He sat again near the free woman and took some of the yogurt and spoke "lets talk about the Orlu".

The free woman and the haruspex started discussing the several options of how getting promotion for the Orlu. "best way to make promotion would be a war" said the priest "but plotting to start a war, is seen as high treason, and could be a quick path to the collar" he said looking at the free woman in such a way that her slavery would not be unwelcoming to him. Bayar laughed "mind that free women are needed to breed warriors" at which the haruspex countered "you already have given Batar some sons and daughters, so that task is completed, but I much confess, that i like my rest and with a ruthless woman as you in the chains, I would be daily stressed that my food could be poisoned or that needles are hidden in my furs". They continued the discussion "best way is to bribe the other Orali, specially the first Oralus of the Kataii". Bayar nodded "the first Oralus is prepared to help us, but he needs money too, and if someone else offers it to him, we missed again our chance". "yes bribing him, is the surest path, but will be expensive, do you have funds?" the wise one asked. "I have properties, but not enough cash to fund an operation like this' Bayar
looked at Porky "maybe if i sell this slut, she is helpless and will bring some coin". Kutaii remember the kajira from the hours before "she is excellent, but that will only bring you a few silver, she is not worthed more then that". The kajira blushed purple when so openly her value was discussed between a man and a woman. Some where in her was still a remnant of her former existence as a high caste free woman". Kutai saw the reddening of the former Lady Porcia and asked "do you still have family, you blushing one, I suppose you were of high caste" The kajira stuttered "I am..... eeh was of the Merchants, Master"The haruspex growled "baaah, Merchants, they are as greedy as the Paravaci, they would never pay a ransom for you, it probably would even be against their caste code to pay ransom for a free woman, and your brothers would never pay anything for that would pain them double.Paying ransom, and sharing the family property with you". "this girl is sorry, Master" the raven haired girl said".

The haruspex could not free him self however of the ransom though and continued the  girls interrogation "are there any others who might pay ransom, kajira". He grinsed evily "lovers for instance who would love to pay for your freedom". "I had no lovers, Master" the former free woman almost screamed insulted. "haaa, a helpless slut like would surprised me, men smell that you are hot in the furs, come on, give us the names of them, or at least of the ones who you gave the cold shoulder, they might be willing to pay a lot to revenge on you". "noo, Mistress, none of such man, I was a virgin, till you..." she went silent remembering the cruel way she was introduced in the world of serving men. "Mind your tongue slave, and think deep, for the alternative will be selling you to a tavern keeper, he might pay gold for such a paga hot one like you". "oh, please, Mistress, not that" the slave girl became even more stressed by the though of working in the day as a pot girl, and at night serving drunk and stinking men "I.....I have a sister, she is companioned in the red caste, to one of the warriors. She is rich, you could try her, but very well her man would forbid her to pay for me". The haruspex laughed"they will pay, they will pay, if we tell them that the alternative will be selling her at the block at the central market place of Turia and so bring shame to your family, a merchant would not worry such, but a scarlet...". No no, not that" the girl screamed. Bayar started laughing so hard she almost pissed in her robes "ooh haruspex, you are an evil one, hahahaaha, and what they don't know is that she is now as helpless as is possible, so would shame them any way, after she is bought free again".

The Orlu Batar mounted the kaiila stallion Moonu and farewelled his woman "be careful, Orlu of me, those citizens might find honor more important then their love for a sister". "I will not underestimate the Scarlets, the can have honor, after all I fought them often at the Love Wars". And so Batar rode of to Turia the white city to negotiate the about te ransom of the girl Porky, formerly known as Porcia of the Merchants. He went through the gates and rode through the busy streets of the city, people freeing the way out of fear for the giant kailla, afraid for being trampled by the war mount. Batar and Moonu arrived at the gate of a palace, the palace of the first sword of Turia, Albinus. The Kataii hammered with his fist at the gate and when that opened "Give me passage, I have news about the disappeared Lady Porcia, I want speak to her sister the Lady Porcilla". Feared by his overwhelming charisma and the looks of Moonu, the servants opened the gate and led him to the entrance of the palace. He dismounted Moonu and whispered in his ears "stay here my friend, let none lead you away". He then looked at a woman , veiled and in scarlet robes of concealment "Greeting nomad, what are your business here, I heard that you had news of my careless and disappeared sister Porcia".  Batar decided to stay diplomatic and answered her "that's corect Lady of the Scarlets, I am Batar, the present owner of the formerly Lady Porcia". The red woman paled but stayed calm "since you won her already, wagonman, why you come here to pest us?" To enjoy our humiliation that my sister is your slave now?". "I have no reason to humiliate your family dear Lady Porcilla, in fact, your sister is a cold fish, and I am prepared to give her back to you, relative undamaged, for a good price of ransom" he said, not mentioning that Porcia was everything but not a cold fish. The Lady Porcilla frowned at the remark of her sister being cold, she knew her long enough ot to believe such, but she played believing him "Enter then wheel man, and tell me your price".

Batar seated with the Lady Porcilla, which was of a different stature, then her crawling sister. This woman had much te same character threats as his companion Bayar, and he was careful, after all the First Sword of Turia would never companion a woman for her merchant money only, but also as support for his own career. The noticed she was shrewd negotiator and was excellent in laying apart his arguments for a high ransom. The woman was cold as a fish, or played such, and he even started to wonder why she wanted her sister back and free. The free woman saw hs confusion and did not show her real interest but said instead "you see that I don';t really love my sister, now slave, I can be very well, that I keep her in your hands, but I am prepared to pay a certain price" she said, her real interests were indeed not really in the freeing of her sister, but been seen as a generous and loving woman by the crowds of Turia, which will be a political asset in the machinations at the caste councils and  the peoples moot when public offices were divided among the patricians of the city. The negotiation became harsher, the Lady Porcilla refusing to pay ransom at all, and Batar threatening to let her sister work in a Turian brothel which was countered by the Lady Porcilla "if you do that, she will be freed by the guards because you are only a barbarian from the Plains". After 3 hours they agreed a sum, to be brought to the Omen Valley and where the slave would be hand over to her family. He said goodbye and left the room and building, to meet his mount Moonu again which stood at the same spot, no Turian stable men had been brave enough to even approach him. Batar looked at the gate and saw that it was closed,. "Seize him" was called out of a window.

"Seize him" the Lady Porcilla yelled from the window "if he can ask ransom for my sister,we can ask ransom for him instead too, seize him". Batar cursed himself for letting himself tricked by the shrewd free woman, he should have known she would found anything to improve her position. But he had no time to curse at all, for already the first guard attacked him, Batar blocked his sword lash with his shield and stabbed the attacker with his scimitar in the upper leg at which the man stumbled down, a spear he avoided by dodging quickly and throwing a quiva through the thrower's throat. Moonu reacted in support of his friend, it claws slashed away a third attacker while fourth had its throat ripped open by te terrible fangs of the war kaiila. "Seize him" the Lady Porcilla called in more guards "seize that raper of my sister" The attackers were becoming more dangerous now, fired on by the strong free woman "seize him, mutilate him, just keep him alive for my vengeance" Batar quivered a second at the harpy's words, even that she was only a woman, she was a terrible enemy, and he could not even kill her, for then the ransom was completely lost. He managed to mount Moonu and after killing another guard with a quiva a raced with his kailla towards the wall of the palace garden. "aim at the mount, you fools,  he is trying to escape" the Lady instantly saw his intention, but the warriors were to slow, to dependent on walls, thinking that would lock him in. But they had miscalculated Moonu, which simply jumped over the stones, leaving the speechless scarlets behind. The Lady Porcilla turned away from the window, already brooding new plans and opportunities to deal with this matter.

A few days later a woman in rags, dirty and smelly, did glide near the walls of the palace of Albinus, the First Sword. She was a she-urt, not of the docks, but of the slums near the leather workers of the town. She knocked the gate "open it, I have a message for the Lady Porcilla". The guards led her in and stepped behind by the stench from her body and mouth "I have a message about the Lady Porcia" she said. The officer of the guards went to find the Lady Porcilla, leaving the she-urt with his men, the whore immediate tried to earn some extra coin at the men "who wants for a task bit?" One kaiila faced man tossed her the coin, and they went behind the building, 2 minutes later the officer came back "she must come immedi...holy bug, where did she went" But already the sleazy woman came back from her quick job done "sorry, I am only a working girl, I have to earn a living too". "Follow me" the officer growled  The she-urt hurried without cleaning her inner legs behind him to the quarters of Lady Porcilla. The free woman was glad she wore a veil for the stench was disgusting and listened to the slum woman "A man approached me, and gave me a copper tarsk to bring you a message, he said, I would get a copper here too". Lady Porcilla tossed her a copper, which the urt checked between her teeth "he said the deal about the piggy still was valid, and that the ransom must be brought to Omen Valley by one man only. This be done next week". Lady Porcilla frowned at the word "piggy" suspecting  "the message is clear" she said, then turned to the officer "wash that creature in the tharlarion stables, and then throw her on the streets, nobody can say we are not welcoming to our guests and we don'[t offer the or bathing facilities. The she-urt paled but was taking to the stables where soon cries of pain were heard for the tharlarion brushes were not softhaired and used to soft female skin.

The Orlu sat with the Haruspex of the Tuchuks, Kutai, drinking paga at the fire of the holy camp in Omen valley, the spoke about possibilities of raids against some small desert cities at the rim of the Tahari. An outrider approached them "holy harusphex, a man of the Scarlets wants to speak to Batar the Orlu"."Let him near" the priest said "I know of the matter". The warrior, a strong man with a weathered face, a man of many campaigns came to the fire "be welcome and seated" the haruspex said "we see you are an honorful man and we will treat you as such". The scarlet sat at a tree stump and after drinking a refreshment he started "I am Remic, I am here to find Batar, the Kataii Orlu, for bring ransom in exchange for the captured Lady Porcia". Batar answered "I am Batar, hand over the price and the woman is free" he called an outrider to seek Porky in the fields. when the slave returned the red could not believe what he saw, instead of a free woman of stature, he saw a lowly slut, helpless in her expressions, a need grown in her face which was visible for any man "is this the Lady Porcia?" "speak, girl" Batar sauid to the piggy one which  answered with a timid voice "this pig was once known as the Lady Porcia , Master" she said while kneeling in Nadu before Remic. Remic paled, knowing his commander would not be pleased at all. He handed over money which were accepted by Batar who counted them "15 gold, as agreed upon" he gave the collar key of the now Porcia again to Remic "She is free". Remic decided to leave immediate, he freed the woman and gave her some simple robe which he had took with him for the occasion, he then left "farewell Nomads, one day we will meet again at the battle field". The haruspex laughed "sky blessings, and one advise, gag that girl, or she will beg your pants of on the voyage home".

Kutai said to Batar "give the gold to me, I will make the arrangements for getting your commission. Don't be afraid I will cheat on you, I don't want that she-sleen of your companion in my neck. Kutai indeed did his work, he knew exactly which one to bribe, which one to praise and which one to threaten or blackmail to get Batar been appointed to the position of Oralus. Since money breaks every resistance like water erodes every rock, one month later Batar was called before the Ubar and the Orali. The Ubar spoke "you have powerful friends Batar, we know you are a skilled Orlu, and at the nomination to be pointed Oralus in time. But your friend Kutai, managed to convince us that a fast commissioning would be wise for our army needs young fresh officers. Come to me and recieve the regalia of the Oralus. Proudly Batar walked forward and received his commission. He then turned to the army and said "we lately humiliated the Turians by tricking them in paying a 15 gold for the most helpless of sluts" the crowd, most of them knowing the story, and had having use the Lady Porcia in her time at the Kataii, laughed hard. Batar now became more serious "we must however not under estimate these citizens, some of them, particular a certain woman, can and will be tenacious enemies, she will cling like a tick in a bosks skin and infect it through her clawlike fangs with her hideous diseases spreading saliva. We must be alert for the trickeries the Turians will use against us. This time we have the upper hand by outsmarting them, such will be only succeed if we are alert all times, day and night, on the plains, but also in the vermin's lair".

At the same time the Tick, or better known as the Lady Porcilla sat unsatisfied near the fire in her palace, her sister Porcia near her "you behavior is outrageous, you scandalize the family, I have heard that you already copulated with half the guards of the palace, and even went into the she-urt areas to please lowly men almost as a slave. "yes, I admit, dear sister, I am needy, the Kataii lit the fire in my belly, I can't refuse it, the fires in me are too strong". "Such is unacceptable, you are a free woman of the gens Porcii, you dishonor the remembrance of our fore fathers. If it happens again, I lock you in your quarters so no men can come near your needed body". Hearing this Porcia jumped up and ran out of the room, Lady Porcilla thinking she went to her quarters, let her be. But she was disappeared, no track of her was found.
At 3 moons Lady Bayar went with the stallion Moonu to the Weathered Rock for searching talenders, she found some which she could use for her perfume to please Batar her man. Suddenly she heard a sound, she turned around quiva ready. She saw a raven haired woman, dressed in a torn robe of concealment, her already bare legs full of thorn wounds as were her arms and hands, her hair filled of straw, sand and dust. The woman started to strip till only she remained in her silken camisk like underskirt, she then knelt in tower, her hands raised crossed above her head. "porky submits, Mistress" the Lady Porcia said. Bayar nodded and bound a rope around the neck of the Turian woman. She connected the other end of the leash at the kaiila saddle and mounted Moonu, and rode off to the camp. Her slave running tired but not unhappy behind her "let's ride home, let's ride the Plains".