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Omen Kamtuch

Tuchuk Kamtuch gets an omen read for his twin children

 [08:26] Kamtuch: Tal Sir's
[08:26] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Tal sir, i guess you are Kamtuch
[08:26] Kamtuch: aye Sir
[08:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I am Kutai, the haruspex and this is my nephew Hakimba
[08:27] Kamtuch: well met
[08:27] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I heard that ou and your wife got twins
[08:27] Hakimba Oakleaf nods... well met Kamtuch.. i am Hakimba outrider at Omen Valley... i accompany Kutai for assistance
[08:28] Kamtuch: nods
[08:29] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Well, i can do an omen reading, reading a liver and see if the Open Sky is willing to give some insight in the future of the twins
[08:32] Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[08:34] Kamtuch: Sir's this is my Sister Alex
[08:34] Alexandria Valerik: reaches up on her head realizing she has the wrong hat on but smiles
[08:34] Hakimba Oakleaf: Tal Lady
[08:34] Alexandria Valerik: Tal Free Males
[08:34] Hakimba Oakleaf: as i told Kamtuch before i am Hakimba
[08:35] Hakimba Oakleaf: outrider at OmenValley
[08:35] Alexandria Valerik: I am Alexandria of the Tuchuk and Torvie
[08:35] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) looks at the woman approaching, she has a nosering and wear braids, he assumes she is a free woman of his tribe "Tal lady, I am Kutai, the Tuchuk haruspex"
[08:36] Alexandria Valerik: I suppose Brother next time a good warning might be um..good as I could dress properly
[08:36] Kamtuch: sorry Sister
[08:36] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles... doesnt matter lady
[08:36] Alexandria Valerik: do You want Me to change clothing?
[08:37] Alexandria Valerik: Her emerald eyes drift over the Males once more as she felt oddly under dressed and moves behind the wagon
[08:39] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) smiles "does not care how fancy the free woman is dressed, at least she had all things coveed, but he understands that she does not feel comfrtable without the proper attire at strangers"
[08:41] Hakimba Oakleaf nods... females are always special witzh their outfits
[08:41] Kamtuch shouts: Calli come her girl
[08:41] Alexandria Valerik: I am Me no matter the clothing I wear. Some are just easier to not get blood splatter on then others
[08:42] Kamtuch: greetings mine leans over and kisses her forehead
[08:42] Callista (jazmonmariah): Greetings My Master
[08:42] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) watches the now redressed free woman and admires the clothing she wears now, he sees the valuable pelts she uses and knows this is a woman of standing
[08:42] Hakimba Oakleaf looks at the Lady.. .. i aggree thiese clothes nice and matching the situation
[08:43] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): well lets start the ceremony
[08:43] Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[08:44] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): I don't hope this sleen gets wild if it smells fresh bllod?
[08:46] Hakimba Oakleaf: well we will keep an eye at it
[08:46] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): i need the kajira at the bucket, when i slit the verrs throat she must catch the blood of the animal
[08:47] Hakimba Oakleaf smiles... this is a very important job
[08:47] Alexandria Valerik: reaches up with her long fingers and turns the nose ring about as she watches the Males
[08:48] Kamtuch: mine go help Katai
[08:48] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): yea, because a good cook can make blood sausage of it, which is good fat food in winter
[08:48] Alexandria Valerik: I could use a loverly drink of the warm blood Myself
[08:49] Hakimba Oakleaf: hmmmm... i prefer it as a sausage
[08:49] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): if you have a horn of goblet. Then the slave can catch some in it.
[08:50] Callista (jazmonmariah): get up and stands were she thinks is the right spot
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[08:52] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes his ceremonial quiva and holds it against the sun, he has not used this exemplar very often since he acuired it from a steel merchant at ort Kargash near the Southern Thassa
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[08:54] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) walks slowly to the bound male verr, slowly because he does not want to disturb the animal which is about the die for the greater good
[08:55] Callista (jazmonmariah): moves in closer and puts my hands on the blowl grasping it ready to catch the blood of the animal
[08:56] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) takes the bucket and gives it to the kajira called Calli "hold the bucket close to the animals neck, slave girl. And watch out you don't get splashed by the blood, your master might not like it"
[08:56] Callista (jazmonmariah): leans down witht he bucket and put it near the animals neck not moving so the animal can no sense anything
[08:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) grabs the verr at the neck and holds it so that he strong animal cannot use its horns to defend, he holds the sharp quiva close to the beasts neck, and watches wehre he can find the major vein
[08:57] Callista (jazmonmariah): he can give me a bath latter
[08:57] Callista (jazmonmariah): giggles
[08:57] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): or lick the warm blood of you
[08:57] Callista (jazmonmariah): that too Sir
[08:58] Hakimba Oakleaf grins... a special pleasure
[08:58] Alexandria Valerik: excuse Me Males please get on with this
[08:58] Callista (jazmonmariah): moves the bucket slightly as i see you look for a vaien on the other side of weear i am
[08:58] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) plunges the quiva in the head vein of the verr, and sees the blood surting out, he aims at the bucket so now blood is lost. He watches the verr dying, the light in its eyes slowly fades away
[08:59] Callista (jazmonmariah): put the bucket under the vein as catches as much blood as she can so none is lost. some of it splash up and hits my chest and is nice and warm
[09:00] Hakimba Oakleaf: take care .. dont loose a drop girl
[09:00] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) let the last drops fall in the bucket, then gives asignal to the kajira to take some paces back
[09:01] Callista (jazmonmariah): holds the bucket out steadyly not moving
[09:01] Callista (jazmonmariah): hearing the Mans words i move back bucket in hand
[09:01] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) lays the now daed verr ai its back and cuts open the belly, ripping the intestines out which he drops in the grass
[09:03] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) searches in the dead body for the liver and after a few tries he feels the sitll warm organ and takes it out carefully. He lays the darkblooded brownish organ at the altar
[09:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) studies the liver , which now lays at the monolithic stone altar and looks for secific marks, he sees some red stipes, bloodred
[09:04] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): stripes*
[09:06] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) also sees some green spots, he wonders if they are in the liver or are chewed grass pieces from the verr's stomach. Probably the atter, but he cant ignore this, the Open Sky must have caused the grass to lay at the liver, it must have a meaning
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[09:07] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) studies further and sees 2 circular forms in the organ, he wonders what the Sky means with that, He thinks deeply aout the hidden meaning of this
[09:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov) smiles when he has the insight and looks at Kamtuch the men who fathered to twins
[09:08] Hakimba Oakleaf nods ... this is an impressing sign
[09:08] Alexandria Valerik: bites down on her lower lip
[09:08] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Both children will grow good into adulthood, but their live will not go without internal struggle
[09:09] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): the bloodred and greengrass means that they must once make the choice for warrior or healer, maybe there is not even such choice, future will tell, but the omen syas they can prepare for this
[09:10] Alexandria Valerik: told Ya so Brother!
[09:10] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The boy must be trained in arms first as any Tuchuk, and earn his scar, for without he is not even a man. Next to that, he can learn the skills of the healer
[09:11] Kamtuch: nods
[09:11] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): But a Tuchuk is warrior first, even I the haruspex, have first learned the weapons. He touches his scimitar and only later found a connection to the Open Sky
[09:12] Hakimba Oakleaf nods in agreement
[09:12] Kamtuch: nods as iI was
[09:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): Teh daugther is mother first, because the tribe needs sons, and daugthers to grow and prosper, she can e be learned the skills of a healer, but the circles, like the twin bracelets of a physician, shws, she will deliver children, your grandchildren
[09:13] Kutai (kutaituchik.kroitschov): The Sky has spoken, the omen is read
[09:14] Alexandria Valerik: Brother now that the Sky has spoken..and My head hurts badly from telling You earlier of what would be or not be..I m ay need to rest
[09:14] Kamtuch: Thank you Sir for the reading
[09:14] Hakimba Oakleaf nods... i think this is an omen which signs a good future for the twins
[09:14] Kamtuch: yes Sister sky blessings