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Catch a fish

[11:33] ŐℜİA made her way into Master Kutai's wagon and grabbed a broom to began the process of cleaning it. First she dusted all of the pillows, and then dusted each rack. Her eyes scanned the map for a few ihns before she moved to the next area to dust.

[11:33] ŐℜİA: *Taking care to not damage the bottles of fine wines and paga, she slowly dusted and wiped them with a rag.
[11:35] ŐℜİA moved around to the next shelf of items and dusted them as well. She was careful to not be nosy of the Master's items.

[11:37] ŐℜİA next went to his grand chair, slowly wiping the furs of the arm and the barrel of rence beer near the leg. Her eyes glowed while viewing the bags of gems and giggled to herself about how exciting it must had been to acquire them.

[11:40] ŐℜİA stepped near the stairs and cleaned the pole thoroughly. After dusting she grabbed a broom and began sweeping the stairs.


[10:37] ŐℜİA felt it would be better to start at the top of the stairs rather than the bottom since the dirt from the top would fall from the top. Softly she walked up and was careful to not disturb the Haruspex since she was not sure if he was awake ir ib a trip.

[10:39] ŐℜİA smiled after looking at all of the art on his wagon walls in his resting room. It was a very roomy space with a large carpet as well as pillows and bedding.

[10:43] ŐℜİA moved around the room, dusting and sweeping. "-coughs....coughs...-" After cleaning the top room she sweep all of the dust down the stairs and then swept each stair carefully before making her way to the bottom floor.

[10:45] ŐℜİA lifted up the greenish carpet and swept all of the dust from there and a sparkle in the dust pile caught her eye. "Ah a silver tarsk," she muttered to herself and laid it on the map table so the Master could find it

[10:51] ŐℜİA leaned over to look at the map after setting down the silver tarsk, "Hmm, I wonder what these points mean," she said to herself while sweeeping.

[10:53] Kutai: Tal Oria

[10:53] ŐℜİA almost jumped out of her skin, "GREETINGS MASTER. Oh you are awake, welcome to your bottom...floor," she muttered but then chuckled

[10:55] Kutai: so you are cleaning my wagon, thats good

[10:55] ŐℜİA smiled, "Yes Master....I was just up in your bedroom not too long ago. I hope I had not disturb your sleeping, but was trying to be very quiet," she nods

[10:56] Kutai: my private quarters, did you see that naked slave/

[10:57] ŐℜİA blush..."Which ones Master? The wall ones?"

[10:58] Kutai: no, the FW i have under punishment

[10:58] ŐℜİA shook her head, "No Master I have not seen anyone here so far but you." ((I just logged on about 20 minutes ago))

[11:01] Kutai: well, you can bring me a bottle of paga

[11:03] ŐℜİA smiled, "Yes Master, right away...Oh also Master, your upstairs is completely cleaned and dusted as well as the downstairs. I did find a silver tarsk under your carpet, but placed it on your map table"