Omen Valley
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Fault Research library study

Lady Aphris studies a tectonic fault near Omen Valley.

[13:41]  Aphris walks the the map closet of the library and seeks between the scrolls, she smiles softly when she finds a map with the mountains and otehr geological phenomennae of the Nortehrn Turian plains an dthe Ta-Thassa mountains.
[13:43]  dream nods lightly. "Aye, they are living in peace and love the city."
[13:43]  Gerben smiles...good to hear....i am sure you are doing a good job in the city
[13:44]  Gerben smiles.....and looks at the vase on the table....trying to avoid her eyes
[13:44]  Gerben looks at his kajira......bring us some ka-la-na whine please
[13:45]  dreami looked over the vase meeting his gaze. "The men here are honorable and they have a strong leadership." she looked to the girl. "water for me, I cant drink."
[13:45]  Gerben looks at the lady....
[13:45]  demro: looks to her Master and smiles to him
[13:45]  Aphris takes the small glass of the builders in pocket form, and goes with it over the map, examining the rifts in the north of the plains. She looks for patterns which could give her insight in the tectonical movements of the plates, because she has not third knowledge she studies the surface from the homestone planet from a scientifical point of view
[13:45]  demro rises and retreats three steps before turning toward the servery,
a bold, wanton grin on her face as her ass sways seductively with each even stride.
[13:46]  Gerben smiles at the lady.....feeling himself more and more comfortable
[13:48]  dream  met his gaze while she watched him closely. "I am widowed and well with child, so I cant drink anything stronger then milk." she chuckled quietly, sounding nervous while she explained.
[13:49]  Gerben feels himself sorry for the loss of her love....trying to feel her pain and sorrows......admires her strength..
[13:50]  Gerben: i see...feeling a bit uncomfortable ....
[13:50]  dream looked over watching the girl for a moment, before shifting her gaze to him once more.
[13:50]  dream: what is it?
[13:50]  Gerben: i hope you can cope it very well
[13:50]  Aphris takes the builders device and studies a crooked line, curious if this is a geological fault, such would surprise her, but in this area one could expect any thing, the long stripe she can howver not explain from her point of knowledge, she can only jedge its has been caused by some gigantic seismic force, greater the her experience have ever showed her
[13:51]  Gerben smiles at the lady....
[13:51]  Gerben : you have become a respectable lady....i admire that
[13:51]  Gerben : you are a fighter sweet lady
[13:52]  Gerben looks inside her eyes for a moment...
[13:52]  dream nodded. "Well strength comes from the fact that in time, I will have another companion, someone that I can share with and I also have my caste and that keeps me busy."
[13:52]  dream  met his gaze, watching the hue of his eyes closely and studying him
[13:53]  demro wraps her lips around the cork, looks up at her Master,
and gently tugs it with her teeth, hearing the pop as it opens.
Carefully, she watches the red liquid stream into the goblet,
the strong rich smell assaulting her senses as she
fills it to just a hair beneath the rim.
[13:53]  Gerben quickly looks at his kajira...wondering what she is doing
[13:53]  demro replaces the cork with her lips, glancing up at her Master,
she slowly pushes it firmly in place with her tongue before setting the bottle aside.
[13:53]  Aphris takes a red pencil and marks the strange crooked line, not being a fault. She decides to study it more in reality and not on basis of maps only. Maybe it can explain the enormous volcanic activity in the region, more activity then can be explained from the terraforming of the Ta-Thassa mountains it self
[13:54]  demro pulls the goblet to her trained slave heat,
that quickly dampens whenever her Master is near,
drawing the goblet tight to her belly feeling it knot with desire,
pulse quickening as she moves the goblet between her breasts,
her blood cursing like fire through her body, as her mind silently
pleads with the Priest Kings for the continued well-being of her Master.
[13:54]  Gerben looks back at the veiled lady....wondering how her lips would be
[13:54]  demro holds the goblet for three pounding heart beats, overwhelmed
with the love, honor and devotion she feels, before
bringing it to her lips, passionately placing kisses below the rim of the goblet,
offering herself fully with each touch of her lips.
[13:55]  demro stretches her arms forward, her head lowered between them and
offers the goblet of Kalana to her Master,
[13:55]  demro: Master, may this drink refresh You this evening and may You find Your slave and her service to You pleasing.
[13:55]  Gerben takes the goblet out of her hand.....smiles at her softly......
[13:55]  dream watching him intensely, she studied his features. "So where did your travels take you? any wild adventures?"
[13:55]  Gerben: thank you
[13:56]  Aphris lips curls when she hears the kajira in the next Inn praying o the Priest KIngs, slightly disturbed she shakes those thoughs away and marks the exact location of the tree city at the map, just south of the Omen Valley
[13:58]  Gerben brings the goblet towards his lips....and drinks the ka-la-na .......he closes his eyes....
[13:58]  Gerben smiles again....hmmm a very good ka-la-na
[13:59]  Aphris sets out a route from the Omen Valley towards the unknown geological feature on the map, probably a dreid river she thinks, but her curiousity forces an internal drive which is in her genes as being a scribes daugther, to explore the area which interestes her
[14:00]  Gerben looks at the lady in front of him.....feeling a bit uncomfortable because of the silence
[14:00]  dream laughed softly. "We have the best whine here as well. made from the best grapes."
[14:00]  Gerben: you have your own home in this city my lady
[14:01]  Gerben: i can taste that....its a very good whine
[14:01]  Gerben takes another nip of the whine
[14:02]  Aphris takes the map from the cartographers table and rolls it up into a longs croll. She scrabbles anote for the librarian scribe that she has taken the precious map with her. With the scrolled map under her arm, she leaves the working chamber of th Turian scribery.