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Reed work

 [01:44] Aphris Myoo sees the kajirus wandering the plains, she walks to him "tal boy, are you lost? "
[01:48] Siren (plymman): "tal Mistress... where is this?
[01:48] Siren (plymman) sees the Woman approaching and drops to his knees , nervously
[01:49] Siren (plymman) watches the Woman studying her
[01:50] Aphris Myoo: "these are the Gorean plains, and I am a woman of the wagon people" she studies the strong build slender boy, who she can't judge where he is from "who are you, are you a slave with an errand that you kneel to me? '
[01:51] Siren (plymman): "my name is temirah.... i am lost.... the slaver who brought me to this world was lost when his vessel was wrecked in a storm Mistress"
[01:51] Siren (plymman): "i have been wandering looking for ways to survive on this world Mistress"
[01:52] Aphris Myoo: "so you are owned slave, lost contact with the slaver"
[01:52] Siren (plymman): 2i think he died in the storm along with the others that were on the ship Mistress"
[01:53] Aphris Myoo: hm, that complicates things, but he must have heirs, on the other hand, he might be an enemy and you are just a prey for us
[01:54] Siren (plymman): 2i do not know if he had any family... i did not see any on the vessel and i do not know if he was an enemy... he did have slaves from various places though Mistress"
[01:54] Aphris Myoo: such is normal if he was a slaver
[01:55] Aphris Myoo: but we will find out, and then we decide what we will do with you
[01:56] Siren (plymman) nods slowly acknowledging the truth of her statement
[01:57] Aphris Myoo: anyway, till we find out, you should work for your food
[01:57] Siren (plymman) looks around studying the area
[01:57] Aphris Myoo: follow me
[01:59] Siren (plymman) hurries along to keep up with the Woman
[01:59] Aphris Myoo stops at the lake "i need fresh reed harvested, our dock house needs a new roof"
[02:00] Siren (plymman): "yes Mistress"
[02:01] Bold Magic is offline.
[02:01] Aphris Myoo gives him a reed cutting sickle
[02:01] Aphris Myoo: cut some bundles of reed for me slave
[02:01] Siren (plymman): yes Mistress
[02:01] Aphris Myoo: be carefull
[02:02] Siren (plymman) starts to cut the reeds stacking them on the grass as he works
[02:02] Aphris Myoo: the water is muddy, and there can be reed under water, which will cut your feet
[02:02] Siren (plymman) takes the sickle and works feeling the heat of the day and the exertion slowly causing him to break out in a slight sweat
[02:02] Siren (plymman): i will be careful Mistress
[02:03] Aphris Myoo watches the slave working it's a bit early to harvest read now but she can't wait for winter because the house needs a new roof now, before autumn storms sweep it
[02:04] Siren (plymman) works quickly but carefully, cutting the reeds and stacking them in bundles
[02:05] Siren (plymman) steps forward into the water his feet feeling for any dangers in the silt
[02:06] Aphris Myoo: be careful, don't cut your fingers at the reed
[02:06] Siren (plymman): yes Mistress
[02:07] Siren (plymman) takes care, careful not to cut himself with the sickle ot the reed
[02:07] Aphris Myoo: it can be very sharp, a small cut is easily made, then you get infection
[02:08] Siren (plymman) works more carefully so as not to cut himself, wishing to avoid an infection
[02:09] Siren (plymman) carries the reeds he has cut and adds them to the bundles on the shore
[02:10] Aphris Myoo notices that the boy is a good hard worker, and careful
[02:10] Siren (plymman) wipes his brow and then returns to cutting th reed
[02:11] Siren (plymman) works hard, flexing his muscles as he does, feeling the heat on his skin from the sun and how hoot he feels even in his simple atire

 [02:11] Aphris Myoo walks to the kitchen shack to get some food for the slave, she does not want him collaps from the bonk while he is working in the hot sun
[02:12] Siren (plymman) moves to the bundles and tidies them tying them to stop them falling apart
[02:13] Aphris Myoo takes some pieces of old bread and cuts of a fatty piece of the tarsk above the roasted fire
[02:14] Siren (plymman) concentrates on his work, enjoying the fact that he is doing something useful other than hiding from people looking for food wherever he can find it
[02:15] Aphris Myoo notices the slave has worked hard and she sees several bundles laying at the shore "come her boy, eat first"
[02:15] Siren (plymman): "yes Mistress"
[02:15] Siren (plymman) lays down another bundle and then steps towards the woman
[02:15] Aphris Myoo: kneel near me
[02:16] Siren (plymman) walks towards the Woman and kneels by her feet
[02:16] Aphris Myoo: come a bit closer, i can't feed you like this
[02:16] Aphris Myoo: open your mouth
[02:16] Siren (plymman) kneels closer and opens his mouth
[02:17] Aphris Myoo puts a small piece of bread in it "eat!"
[02:17] Siren (plymman) closes his lips sucking her finger clean then chewing on the bread
[02:18] Aphris Myoo slaps his face "who said you are allowed to touch the finger of a free woman with your lips"
[02:18] Siren (plymman): forgive me Mistress"
[02:19] Aphris Myoo: open your mouth again
[02:19] Siren (plymman) opens his mouth
[02:19] Aphris Myoo puts in another piece of bread
[02:20] Siren (plymman) keeps his mouth open
[02:21] Aphris Myoo throws in the bread "chew it, and swallow"
[02:21] Siren (plymman) chews the bread and swallows it before opening hism outh again
[02:22] Aphris Myoo takes the tarsk meat, quite a big piece "open your mouth again"
[02:22] Siren (plymman) opens his mouth wide, eyes lighting up at the sight of the chunk of meat
[02:22] Aphris Myoo puts the fatty meat in "eat!"
[02:23] Siren (plymman) closes his mouth and chews slowly, tasting the meat , not minding the fatty texture and then swallows it
[02:23] Aphris Myoo: good boy
[02:23] Aphris Myoo: now finish the work
[02:24] Siren (plymman): yes mistress
[02:24] Siren (plymman) returns to the reed bed and continues to work building the bundles on the shore
[02:26] Aphris Myoo watches how he works with new energy
[02:26] Siren (plymman) works harder, cutting the reeds, the food giving him new strength
[02:27] Aphris Myoo looks satisfied how the staple of bundles grow, she judges if its enough for the roof of the dockhouse
[02:28] Siren (plymman) works harder the bundles soon growing, his body coated in a slight sheen of sweat, muscles aching from the exertion but not painful
[02:30] Aphris Myoo: "it's enough for now slave boy. we let the bundles dry, and bring them later in a wagon to the dok
[02:30] Siren (plymman): "yes Mistress"
[02:31] Siren (plymman) steps out of the reed bed and hands the sickle back to the Woman
[02:32] Aphris Myoo cleans the sickle in the grass, it can be used as a weapon of course, but there are many outriders in the camp. it would be madness for a slave to use it as such
[02:32] Siren (plymman): "i do not seek violence or wish harm to any Mistress"
[02:33] Aphris Myoo: you would not survive
[02:33] Siren (plymman) ponders that
[02:34] Aphris Myoo: you are sweaty, go wash your self in the lake

[10:51] Aphris Myoo: i am fine, i put a kajirus hard at work this afternoon
[10:51] Lady Jordan (jordanflower) nods
[10:52] Aphris Myoo: a guy wandered over the plains, and he appeared a slave of the Barbarian planet, who ship wrecked at the shore, since then he is wandering
[10:52] Lady Jordan (jordanflower): i just came to see how everything is tonight, i am very tired, hard day at work
[10:52] Lady Jordan (jordanflower): and you gave him something to do?
[10:53] Aphris Myoo: yes, i send him in the lake to cut reed
[10:53] Aphris Myoo points at the reed staples
[10:53] Lady Jordan (jordanflower): ha
[10:53] Lady Jordan (jordanflower): smiles
[10:54] Lady Jordan (jordanflower): very good
[10:55] Aphris Myoo: yes, he was a hard worker, and hungry, i promised him food
[10:55] Lady Jordan (jordanflower): a bowl of gruel or something fancy?
[10:56] Aphris Myoo: some dry bread and a dripping piece of fat of the tarsk
[10:56] Lady Jordan (jordanflower): good enough and healthy enough
[10:57] Aphris Myoo: yes
[10:57] Aphris Myoo: he must have an owner somewhere, if not, we collar him as a tarsk
[10:58] Lady Jordan (jordanflower): terrific, we can use a good field worker
[10:59] Aphris Myoo: yes, and he is willing to do that, because the other choice is, wandering unsafe, and one day fal in the hands of a slaver for the galleys or silver mines

[05:49] Aphris Myoo watches the kajirus coming, the one she hired from a panther, the one who was once of the yellow caste "greetings kajius, i guess you are the building oy"
[05:50] ŧrue (true.bonde) smiles and looks around, 'Yes Mistress, I was told to come here for work and do as I was told. They call me True."
[05:51] Aphris Myoo nods while she studies the slave, he is well formed and muscular and seems a hard worker "well met true, my name is Lady Aphris, I am from the Wagonpeople, and our men have no skills for making roofs. Since i have good contacts in the Panther Hills, I spread word for a kajirus to fulfill this task"
[05:53] ŧrue (true.bonde) looks a there and smiles, "I have built many building and done roofs, not all for someone as beautiful as you but if you show me what you would like done I will do anyhting you say."
[05:56] Aphris Myoo looks a bit alert at the too charming remark of the kajirus, but she is a woman, and also likes to be flattered, after all the man was once free and not submissive like some born cattle "We have a reed roof, thats a cheap building material here. I have had it sampled and dried in the sum. Now its ready to replace the old rotten reed at the roof of the dock house. De you have experience with reed roof? "
[05:59] ŧrue (true.bonde) not realizing he is washing over the woman with his eyes, her shapely form filling her clothes nicely. He watches her hair move with he breeze and watches her mouth as she speaks. "I do Miss, what do you use for binding material ?"
[06:03] Aphris Myoo sees the man gazing, but she is safe because thousands of outriders guard the valley. She orders some NPC thralls who she let bring the bundles of reed to the dock house "we have plenty of ropes, made of the long grass of the plains. That is teh best for such roofs, iron bindings we hardly have, we have no blacksmiths at the Plains"
[06:05] ŧrue (true.bonde) nods, "Yes Mistress, natural rope is the best it will work fine."
[06:06] Aphris Myoo: "i have let the bundles placed near the dock house. You can burn the old material, the ass we will use to fertilize the few fields we have"

[06:08] ŧrue (true.bonde) nods "yes Mistress, I will get right to work if you would like. Is there a ladder at the dock too I should bring that up first.
[[06:11] Aphris Myoo points at the corner of the dockhuse there will be building matreial over there, around the corner, knies, hammers, extra role and a ladder
[06:11] ŧrue (true.bonde): walks at the dock area and finds the ladder and sets it up securely on the house.
[06:11] 10m Ladder whispers: Ladder Rezzed!

[06:16] ŧrue (true.bonde) sets the ladder on the house and climbs, he begins to move the old material off and throws it into a pile on the ground.
[06:17] Aphris Myoo lays herself at the dry reed and makes herself comfortable, she orders one of the watching slave girls to get water and foor, for herself and the laborer slave. She knows it's hard work, dangerous on top of the roof, In the burning son working with the heavy material
[06:20] ŧrue (true.bonde) his muscles flex and ripple as he tears the old material off the roof. It is well worn and most of it comes off easily. Beads of sweat build on his brow as he works hard under the hot sun. He occasionally glances back over his shoulder at her and smiles, but quickly returns to his work.
[06:22] Aphris Myoo orders the non skilled kajiri to remove the old rotten reed away from the dock house, toward the shore of the slow flowing rivers. She puts fire in the old stuff which is a pest hole for small bugs and other creatures
[06:25] ŧrue (true.bonde) with he job moving quickly he finishes clearing the old reed away. With a broom he sweeps the rafters of all old material, before returning to the ground to bring up the new reed.
[06:26] Aphris Myoo has already given order to unbundled the new dry reed so the builder don't need to do that work
[06:31] ŧrue (true.bonde) with he new reed on his shoulder the returns to the roof, and begin to lay it down in squares and firmly lathing it to the wood frame of the house, overlapping the squares as his father had taught him. Neatly and effectual he lays out all the bundles to get the best coverage with the material he has to work with.
[06:36] Aphris Myoo watches the builder work, he seems quite skilled. She has seen often reed workers in the rivertown where her father lived, somewhere deep in the Vosk delta. She is pleased that the panthers could deliver a man who knows his work. She orders a slave girl to bring the laborer regular water and food, so he can work on, and does not have to go down extra for getting fed
[06:40] ŧrue (true.bonde): *before moving on to the next square he checks his work and tightens any loose rope and is able ot move quite quickly as this was a fairly easy job,. Stopping only for water and few bites of bread, he is able to make a lot of progress.
[06:42] Aphris Myoo notices that the work makes a steady progress. She smiles to herself thinking the men of her camp all had to admit that they could not do this work, It would be good to let them know at the campfire that a mere thrall was better in this then they the proud outriders
[06:47] ŧrue (true.bonde) he finishes up and carefully make sure each square is in place and fastened securely to the frame. He checks each peices and makes sure it interlock properly itht he others. Seeing everything to be in place he climbs down the ladder and places it because behind the dock once again.
[06:49] Aphris Myoo orders thralls to bring the fast burning fire of the old reed remnants under control. She lets the reed shake loose so what is not ash will be soon enough. The fire flares up for a last time. From her eye corner she notices that laborer is finished
[06:51] ŧrue (true.bonde) looks at her and wipes the sweat from his brow, "there Mistress that should last for awhile, are you happy with the job?"
[06:53] Aphris Myoo looks over the roof and sees no flaws "it look well done, autumn rains will tell if the work is done good" she takes a pot of salt "I give this as payment, it's salt, I know it's precious in the forests and jungles" She hands him the pot with the white salt won in a Tahari salt mine
[06:55] ŧrue (true.bonde) greatly takes the salt for his tribe, "Thank you Mistress this is very nice of you Iw ill carry it back to my camp.