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A slave is sold 

The slave Inas had strained her ankle, but the tribes see such as idleness, and treated her strict and harsh.

[10:43]  Hakimba: that is a good bearing
[10:43]  Sander: their ... pleasure only
 [10:44]  Sande smiles ... ofcourse I like the girls for my pleasure ..... but their pleasure counts as much
[10:44]  Sander: I would buy this girl .... for my brother Dagger who seems to live here in camp
 [10:45]  Nadi: nods looking up to her Master...
 [10:45]  Hakimba: well there is another warrior who has asked for her... i should talk to him first before i give her away to another
[10:46]  Nadi: Master ...this master claims to be the outriders blood brother....
[10:46]  Hakimba: ahh then i think it will not cause any problem when they both talk about the girl
 [10:47]  Sander: I do not claim this girl for myself Sir
 [10:47]  Sander: she should be Daggers girl
[10:48]  Hakimba: yes as he claimed her first... do you know him?
[10:48]  Nadi: if he returns....looking up to her Master...I have not seen him Master
 [10:48]  Sander: I only give her time on our land to recover from her heavily breathing
[10:48]  Sander: you may visit her any time
[10:48]  Nadi: she can do that in his wagon.....
[10:48]  Nadi: this is her home
[10:48]  Sander  smiles warmly
[10:49]  Hakimba: ahhh... do you know where dagger is just now?
 [10:49]  Sander shakes his head..... he must be traveling
 [10:49]  Sander: nomads always travl ... is it
 [10:50]  Hakimba "not always but often.. and we at Omen Valley stay here all the year
[10:50]  Sander: I wish to welcome you on our lands .... beware of the panthers .... when you come in peace they wont harm you
[10:51]  inas takes a deep breath, feeling the bandages tighten,
[10:51]  Sander: aks for Master Thunder .... or my future fc Lx
[10:51]  Sander hand the outrider a scroll with the coordinates
[10:52]  Hakimba: well Sir so you should tell me your name .. and anything to proof you are legitimated by dagger...
[10:53]  Sander shows him a scarf on his right arm ..... ask Dagger to show his .... this is prove of our blood connection
[10:53]  Sander we crossed arms after we cut it with a blade
[10:53]  inas looks to them both as they talk, feeling her heart race all of a sudden them begins to calm herself down
[10:54]  Hakimba ods... so let us sit down and have drink to seal the deal
[10:54]  Sander Quartz nods ... and looks to the sky
[10:54]  Sander Quartz: hopefully it will stop raining soon
[10:54]  Hakimba: but she isnt for free.. we ask for a barrel of paga as payment
 [10:55]  Hakimba: we can go into the wagon
[0:55]  Hakimba Oakleaf invites the outrider with a movement of his hand
 [10:56]  Hakimba Oakleaf: ahhh we may rp the deal in between
[10:56]  Nadi: What May nadi serve you My Master
 [10:57]  Hakimba: i i think we will take a paga.. after finishing the deal
 [10:57]  Sander looks in his equipment
 [10:58]  Hakimba turns to the outrider... do you aceot this price?
[10:58]  Sander: Sir
[10:58]  Nadi Inas come they deal for you....smiles
[10:58]  Sander: paga I cant deliver
[10:58]  Hakimba: ohhh what could you offer to us
[10:58]  Sander: would you allow a crate of bosk meat
[10:58]  inas looks to nadi and nods, as she kneels down carefully
[10:59]  Sander puts a cooled box with meat
[10:59]  Hakimba: well is good also.. we have some but for the coming winter we it will be of use too
 [11:00]  Sander: when you touch the box you get two
[11:00]  Hakimba  happens box and sniffs at the meat it seems to be well prepared.. i think its ok.. so let us drink a paga to confirm the deal
 [11:00]  inas looks to Master talking about the NLS meat after being in the fields
[11:00]  Nara Zsun: do you wish it warmed My Master
[11:01]  Sander nods to the health of all girls
[11:01]  Sander smiles to inas
[11:01]  Sander: you are Daggers now and allowed to visit me as often as you can
[11:01]  Hakimba: i prefer it chilled even in winter.. inas could help you nadi so the outrider can check her skills
[11:02]  inas smiles to Master next to me, Looks to the Master opposite her and smiles, wanting to try her utmost best
[11:02]  Sander: but to heal I will bring you in the house and awarm bath
[11:03]  Sander: please Sir
[11:03]  Nadi: yes My Master chilled paga smiles looking up to the Master's eyes , scoots back three paces from the master ... bows her head in respect rising to her feet turns swiftly on the balls of small feet... with a seductive sway... firm round hips. Walks to the counter
[11:03]  Hakimba turns to the outrider.. inas is a good girl but she is still in traing
[11:03]  inas: "yes Master"
[11:03]  Sander smiles looking to the girl ..... aye Sir
[11:03]  inas looks to Master "How do you like you paga"
[11:03]  Sander Quartz: chilled inas
[11:04]  inas: "Yes Master chilled", carefully rising to her feet and goes to were nadi is
 [11:04]  Hakimba: how hfar will you need to travel from here to your home?
[11:05]  Sander: my house is in tropical area
[11:05]  Nadi eyes beaming through raven lashes...searchs for her Master's horn. Smiles softly back at him... hips give a little wiggle taunting him... turns back to the drinking vessels. Reaches up stretching on the tips of dainty toes...selects a fine horn... pulls it to her belly... long fingers trail along its edges checking for cracks finding none...polishes it with a rep cloth until the light from campfire reflects on it
[11:06]  Hakimba: ohh so far from here
 [11:07]  inas approaches the kitchen seeing nadi, letting her have enough space, glances to the shelving looking for a horn to put his paga in, wraps her delicate fingers around as she takes it down, sees a cloth that nadi used, taking it from her she polishes it to a shine.
[11:07]  Nadi opening cool room door... feels a cool breeze over her body...shivers slightly.... steps in looking for the barrel of paga... opens the spigot watches the rich paga swirl into the horn...closing the spigot... walks quickly from the chilla... shuts the door with a slight push of her hip. Moves to her master's side floating down... thighs spread wide. Holding the horn tightly between her breasts.
[11:09]  Sander takes a piece of meat and cuts it into fair portions
 [11:10]  inas places the horn down, as she follows Nadi "leave it open for me" glances to where the chilled paga is feeling the coldness upon her body, turning the spigot to watch the fruitness paga fill the horn, watching it swish around, turns the spigot off, before making sure it is off properly she stands to her feet making her way out the storage room, glides across the floor to Master holding the horn closely to her body
[11:10]  Nadi lifts the horn from between her breasts...gently kissing the side below the rim... smiles at her Master... extending her arms... lowers her head whispering " May this rich cool paga refresh and please you My this girl hopes her serve has honored You."
[11:11]  Sander loo to the girl approaching
[11:12]  inas kneels down with her thighs wide, lifting the horn to her breasts, then she lifts it up to her lips placing a small kiss as she turns it around offering it to Masters reach, lowering her head "Master may this chilled paga met your needs this day and to please you Master"
[11:15]  Sandersmiles warmly .... watching the girl serving well ..... takes the horn and kiss the rim where she kissed it before .... takes a little nap from the chilled paga ........ to Odin dear daggers girl
[11:16]  Sander: to Odin Sir
[11:16]  inas feels the horn leaving her hands she softly smiles
[11:16]  Sander Quartz: it is a pleasure to trade with you .....
[11:16]  Hakimba miles at nadi... this paga is of a very good aroma.. it smells perfectly even when it is chilled.. takes the horn and takes some sips
 [11:17]  Hakimba: one question i think i missed it when you told me your name
 [11:18]  Sander: my name is Thunder Sir
[11:19]  Hakimba  aah i know to whom i gave inas to take her to dagger
[11:19]  Sander smiles
[11:19]  Sander: Dagger safed my life once .... and so I did his
[11:20]  Nadi smiles letting out a soft sigh...relaxing now feeling the Master really is an honorable man
[11:20]  Sander: we have a strong connection
[11:20]  Sander rubs his right arm ...... a very strong connection he smiles
 [11:20]  Hakimba seeks in the pocket of his cloak and pulls another horn out... tis horn you may give to dagger to confirm the deal as well
 [11:21]  Hakimba hands the paga to Thunder
[11:21]  Sander: thank you Sir ... most kind of you
[11:21]  Nadi smiles at her Master...watching the exchange for the camp girl owned officially
 [11:22]  Hakimba Oakleaf nods... i think dagger got a good girl for this price.. she will be a true slave to him
[11:23]  Sander nods ...... saying: Dagger will be a good master Sir
[11:24]  Hakimba after a good traing she will know all a slave shoud know
[11:24]  Sander smilesI will ask my lady to train the girl further
[11:25]  Sander she how ever did a good serving now
[11:25]  Nadi nods smiling
[11:25]  Sander sips the paga
[11:25]  Hakimba: yes.. she has learned alread y a lot
[11:25]  Sander: if you allow your girl nadi ..... she is welcome to our lands as well Sir
[11:26]  Sander: she will will return safely
[11:26]  Nadi snuggles close to her Master...slipping her arm under his cloak....around his strong arm
[11:27]  Hakimba nods.. thank you Thunder.. would you vouch for her safety?.. I dont want to loose her
[11:27]  Sander: nadi was concerned for inas safety ... a great gift
 [11:27]  Sander: I would grant her safe return ever
[11:28]  Sander: please be invited your self as well
[11:28]  Hakimba: so she is allowed when you are there.. if her chores allow
[11:29]  Sander nods good ...... I will leave you a few birds ... send one when you need to let me know one of you is going to visit
[11:29]  Nadi: nods looking to her Master in silence
[11:30]  Sander now we go and see for my future wife Lx
[11:30]  inas looks to Master
[11:30]  Sander stand and reach a hand to the girl to lift her from the floor
[11:31]  inas takes Masters hand as she stands up
[11:31]  Nadi: her friend prepares to leave on an adventure.
[11:31]  Sander.... great plasure to have met you you Sir
[11:31]  Nadi: I wish you well Master
[11:31]  Hakimba stands up lifts his hand.. be well Thunder.. i wish you a safe travel to your home.. to inas.. serve with fire girl.. you did a giant step in training
[11:32]  Nadi: stay safe inas...keep a clear mind, open eye, an loving heart
[11:32]  Sander safe paths Sir serve with fire nadi
[11:32]  Sander leads the girl kindly to the docks
[11:32]  inas: Yes Master, softly smiles to them, serve with fire nadi
[11:32]  Hakimba: well met Thunder.. you will be welcome when your feet carry you to the valley
[11:32]  Sander takes his cape and wrabs it around her shoulders
[11:33]  Sander smiles and waves while walking away
[11:33]  inas feel the cape being wrapped aroud her shoulders as she walks away