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Dying Tarn

[12:35]  Aphris: Tal Lady Alecks
[12:35]  Aphris: we have a dead tarn here
[12:35]  Alecks: Tal Lady Aphris" looks down "I think it is still alive, perhaps we should kill it to ease it's suffering"
[12:35]  Hein looks at Mistress from city
[12:36]  Hein: Greetings Mistress
[12:36]  Aphris: Tal Hein
[12:36]  Alecks watches behind Aphris and notices the kajirus "Tal boy"
[12:36]  Aphris: don't fall in the water
[12:36]  Aphris: there are tharlarions, and they already eat from the tarn
[12:37]  Alecks: so it's a matter of time you say
[12:37]  Aphris: maybe it must be killed indeed
[12:37]  Hein looks at water with some fear on his face
[12:37]  Alecks: The water is so cold it's a miracle it hasn't died of hypothermia
[12:37]  Aphris: its mortally wounded
[12:38]  Aphris: specially a bird, no fat at all
[12:38]  Alecks: What a waste, I could've save it and get myself a tarn to ride
[12:40]  Hein looks at dead tarn
[12:40]  Aphris looks scared "not all can ride a tarn, they often eat the tarnrider, when he is not capable enough, or when they are just hungry"
[12:41]  Alecks pouts "Uhmm maybe I'll just take a hike with an expert then, I don't want to be eaten"
[12:41]  Aphris: no
[12:41]  Aphris: I have once seen a tarn eat a prisoner
[12:41]  Aphris: one mass of blood
[12:41]  Alecks: Uhh morbidly fascinating
[12:42]  Aphris: I wonder how a tarn tastes, with curry
[12:42]  Alecks shakes her head "Perhaps there is an artisti disgusting enough to use blood to paint"
[12:42]  Alecks laughs
[12:42]  Alecks: I've been working on the Ubar portrait all day but I'm afraid another session with him is in order
[12:43]  Aphris: do you recognize who's tarn this is?
[12:43]  Aphris: its tawny
[12:43]  Alecks nods "The only man rich enough to not care for it's property, Darius"
[12:43]  Aphris agrees in that "probably its his tarn then"
[12:44]  Alecks: "I saw him on it several times, so I am pretty sure this is his"
[12:44]  Alecks: Poor thing, not even worthy of being slain
[12:45]  Aphris suddenly remembers something "did you see Darius lately, maybe he is killed when the tarn fell down"
[12:47]  Alecks: uhmm
[12:47]  Alecks: I saw him riding this today
[12:47]  Aphris: on this tarn?
[12:47]  Alecks Qinan: Yes yes
[12:47]  Aphris looks warried over the water
[12:48]  Alecks: If he had fallen he'd be around here the very least
[12:48]  Alecks Qinan: no?
[12:48]  Aphris: he can be dropped in the water and be washed ashore further on
[12:49]  Alecks gulps "But that's... impossible..." looks at the water "... isn't it? I mean... a rarius should be able to survive such things.... right?"
[12:49]  Aphris: yes, he should, they are very skilled, for sure he can swim
[12:52]  Alecks mumbles "Well uhmmm maybe I can ask the greens later if they visited him"
[12:52]  Heinooks at small boat near the bridge
[12:53]  Hein: Someone can use this boat and take care of tarn`s body Mistress
[12:53]  Aphris: i am not sure its dead Hein, if he is alive this is a very dangerous mission
[12:53]  Alecks raises her eyebrows and ponders "Maybe we can kill it defenitly Lady Aphris and eat tarn stew"
[12:54]  Aphris looks around for an outrider with lance, the best weapon to stab the tarn from the bridge
[12:55]  Hein looks at almost dead body and go 2 steps back
[12:56]  Alecks shakes head "Won't stay still I can barely hurt him"
[12:57]  Aphris oders an outrider to stab the tarn
[12:57]  NPC outrider swings his lance from their back into an attack stance.
[12:57]  Tuchuk kailla lance-hand-Gorean meter: lance mode
[12:59]  Heiner Daviau looks with fascinated
[13:00]  Alecks: You will kill it lady Aphris?
[13:00]  Tribal Defender v2.1 (Melee or Throw): Daggerthrowing turned on
[13:00]  Aphris: i try, the outrider failed, maybe a quiva helps just behind the skul
[13:01]  Alecks: Ouch
[13:02]  Aphris: quiva's can't kill it
[13:02]  Alecks Qinan: hard to kill indeed
[13:02]  Alecks Qinan: uhmm

[13:03]  An NPC Outrider takes a bow
[13:03]  TH Firebird War Tarn: Tarn has Light wounds 210
[13:03]  TH Firebird War Tarn: Tarn has Light wounds 205
[13:03]  Aphris: its a tough animal
[13:03]  Alecks: huff
[13:04]  TH Firebird War Tarn: Tarn has Light wounds 200

[13:04]  TH Firebird War Tarn: Tarn is near Death 15
[13:04]  TH Firebird War Tarn: Tarn is near Death 10
[13:04]  TH Firebird War Tarn: Tarn is near Death 5
[13:04]  TH Firebird War Tarn shouts: FATAL SHOT ON TARN
[13:04]  Aphris hears the dead cries of the tarn
[13:04]  Alecks is amazed
[13:04]  Hein steps back
[13:05]  Aphris sees how the tarn dies
[13:06]  Alecks: Poor little thing
[13:06]  Alecks: it may now rest forever
[13:07]  Aphris sees how the river tharlarions jump at the magnificient bird, she rans to the bridge and bends over with her quiva, and manages to cut of some big pieces of tarnbreast meat
[13:08]  Alecks watches Aphris cut the bird and thinks she got her right this time "Uhmmm... maybe we can honor it properly by savouring it?"
[13:09]  Hein looks at meat and smiles, when he thought about eating
[13:09]  Aphris nods at Lady Alecks words, she cuts out some wing meat too, but jumps back because the jaws of a river tharlarion snarl at her, the animal is protecting its prey against the other predator: man
[13:11]  Alecks: It is a great pride hunting for one owns food
[13:12]  Aphris brings the big pieces of tarn meat ashore and gives half of it to Hein to carry, the other half she gives to Lady Alecks
[13:12]  Alecks bows slightly to her upon receiving the meat "Thank you very much"
[13:12]  Hein takes piece of meat and hide it under his tunic
[13:13]  Alecks: Tarn stew it is tonight
[13:14]  Hein is pride of his Mistress
[13:16]  Hein fast chew tarn meat
[13:16]  Alecks looks at the kajiru "But it's raw... you'll get an awful stomach ache"
[13:17]  Hein smiles
[13:18]  Hein: This slave is hungry Mistress, in old times raw meat are normally
[13:18]  Aphris sees the kajirus eating from the meat
[13:18]  Aphris: Did i gave permission to eat?
[13:18]  Hein: No Mistress
[13:18]  Alecks Qinan looks at Aphris a little worried she is not feeding him properly but shuts up not wanting to get in the way of her methods
[13:18]  Hein stop eating and looks at ground
[13:19]  Aphris pokes the tarn goad in his stomach and presses the button
[13:19]  Aphris: "spit it out!"
[13:19]  Hein spit all meat out and steps back slowly
[13:19]  Alecks widens her eyes as she hears Aphris tone rise
[13:19]  Hein: This slave apologise Mistress
[13:19]  Aphris: next time I feed you to a tarn