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Vulo eggs

 [22:41] Kutai: I go check the vulo's
[22:42] Kutai: it's always good to regular see them, and feed them so you can influence the omens
[22:42] Nara Zsun: nods I fed them today an gathered the eggs Master
[22:43] Kutai: i mean the wild vulo's
[22:43] Hakimba OakleafHakimba Oakleaf follows kutai
[22:44] Kutai stops and watches the nest of the plains viulos from a distance
[22:45] Nara Zsun: peeks around her Master wondering who collects their eggs...
[22:45] Hakimba Oakleaf: watches the outbreak of the geyser
[22:46] Kutai knows the geysir burst regular and watches it "I have seen women cooking eggs in the ground near the geysir"
[22:46] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahhh is it such hot
[22:46] Kutai: well 100 degrees celcius
[22:46] Nara Zsun: aaahhh listens curious
[22:46] Kutai: cooking water
[22:47] Kutai: so don't think its a bubble bath
[22:47] Nara Zsun: yes Master....
[22:48] Hakimba Oakleaf: if we would set our wagins closer to the geyser we could heat them wit its hot water
[22:48] KutaiKutai wants the birds fly off, so he can check how many eggs are in the nest
[22:49] Hakimba Oakleaf: mmmmm heee hee a good breakfast
[22:49] Kutai: yes, but if we move them closer, you will smell the suphuric acid scent of the mud too, and you no longer can smell the sweet perfumes of your slaves
[22:50] Nara Zsun: crinkles her nose....listening
[22:50] Hakimba Oakleaf: and the growling of the outbreaks will awake us when sleeping
[22:50] Hakimba Oakleaf: brb
[22:50] Qion Hifeng: With the geyser so's amazing our pond freezes..usually where there are geysers ponds are heated
[22:51] Kutai: if they are close
[22:51] Nara Zsun: nods looking back at ushi
[22:51] Qion Hifeng: Geologically this is close
[22:51] Kutai: but mind that the reservoir of hot water is very deep
[22:52] Kutai: its under pressure, and when it cooks over it spurts out like the semen of an outrider pleased by his slave
[22:52] Qion Hifeng: As my Master says
[22:52] Nara Zsun: grins looking up at her Master
[22:54] KutaiKutai bends to the plains and seeks a small pebble which he can throw to the vulo's so the fly up and he can check the content of the nest
[22:55] Nara Zsun: shifts on her knees....picking up a pebble from under her leg....hands it to the Master.
[22:56] KutaiKutai accepts the peble from Hakimba's slave
[22:57] Kutai: me throws the stone a bit up in his hand weighting it, and judging its flying capabilities "good stone, thanks Nadi"
[22:58] Nara Zsun: yes Master smiles up to him
[22:59] KutaiKutai rubs the raven manes of his slave Ushi
[22:59] Hakimba Oakleaf: be careful Kutai not to damage the eggs
[23:00] Kutai: thats a good point Hakimba, that means i must throw it near the nest but not in the nest
[23:00] Nara Zsun: smiles watching the birds...
[23:02] Kutai: if there are enough eggs, i will take 2 which we can cook and eat
[23:02] Kazuka: greetings Masters
[23:02] Kutai: Tal Kazi
[23:02] Hakimba Oakleaf: yes.. best roasted with stripes of tarsk meat
[23:02] Nara Zsun: tal kazi
[23:03] Hakimba Oakleaf: Greetings kazi
[23:03] Kazuka: tal nadi and ushi
[23:03] KazukaKazuka kneels behind nadi quietly
[23:03] Qion Hifeng: Tal Kazi
[23:03] Kutai: I wonder if the eggs get a sulphuric flavour if we cook it near the geysir
[23:03] Kutai weighs the stone again
[23:04] Kutai aims at a spot haf a metr from the nest
[23:05] Nara Zsun: watches anxiously....her deep lavender eyes wide
[23:06] Kutai thows the stone in a steady flight and sees it land at the spot he choose for it and smiles , satisfied that his aiming capabilities are still strong
[23:06] Hakimba Oakleaf nods.. a good throw.. just at the right spot
[23:07] Qion Hifeng smiles as the birds take off flying
[23:07] Nara Zsun: leans up trying to see if there are eggs in the nest....
[23:08] Kazuka listens carefully to understand the talk of masters and shrinks back as birds suddenly flying over her head
[23:09] Kutai watches the birds and see that they are very lively which nrmally is a signal of a good omen
[23:09] Vulo Nest 1.0: Hunt results (Quantity: Medium, Radius: Medium, Altitude: Medium, Agitation: Medium):
Birds flushed: 40, killed: 0
[23:09] Kutai: he walks to the vulo nest
[23:09] Hakimba Oakleaf listens to the yelling of the flying birds
[23:10] Kutai kneels near the nest and shoves the young birds a bit aside to check the content
[23:10] Kazuka looks about Master watching inside the nest quietly
[23:11] Kutai counts 5 eggs
[23:12] Hakimba Oakleaf: ahhh just one egg for each of us here
[23:12] Nara Zsun: smiles hearing the Haruspex words
[23:13] Kazuka is confused what does it mean
[23:13] Kutai: since when do you share eggs with slave, no we take 2, and the rest i let llay, there must be eggs in the nest when Lady belinda comes, otehrwise i must change my omen for her
[23:13] Nara Zsun: rocks back on her heels watching the geyser spurting smellly water into the air...
[23:14] Kutai: afterall she is going to companion and with eggs in the nest i can make a connection with fertilising her eggs
[23:15] Kutai: aka that she will get children, if there would be no eggs, the omen would be thats she is barren, and that not a good omen at all, so we won't tell such ever
[23:15] Hakimba Oakleaf watches carefully the doing of the harusphex
[23:15] Nara Zsun: nods listening to the wisdom of the Haruspex
[23:15] Kutai covers the 3 remaining eggs again, and stands up
[23:16] Kutai: lets go cooking
[23:16] Kutai: come, i learn you all, specially the girls
[23:17] Hakimba Oakleaf moves a little closer to the Harusphex to understand him better
[23:18] Nara Zsun: watches to see if the haruspex is going to fry the eggs on a stone close to the geyser....
[23:19] Kazuka follows Master and nadi and kneels behind them looking about what Haruspex is doing
[23:19] Nara Zsun: smiles over at kazi
[23:20] Nara Zsun: pats the grass beside her for kazi to come closer
[23:21] Kutai bends to the hot ground and digs a small hole in it "be care full girls, the ground is very warm, don't get burned"
[23:21] Kazuka: smiles back to nadi wincing the heat and sound of geiser, approaches next to nadi
[23:22] Nara Zsun: watches in amazement....
[23:22] Hakimba Oakleaf wonders why our feet dont get burned
[23:22] Kutai takes a repcloth from under his shirt, which he normally would use for sneezing but is clean now
[23:24] Kutai folds the cloth arund the 2 eggs and then lays iit in the hole, after that he covers the eggs with some sand
[23:24] Nara Zsun: wonders if the eggs will take on the sulfur taste when cooked in the boiling stinky water
[23:25] Hakimba Oakleaf: i hope the shell will prevent that
[23:25] Kutai: they are not boiled in water, but in ground. if you laid them in the hot mud they would probably crack
[23:25] Nara Zsun: nods aaahhhh
[23:26] Qion Hifeng: Very neat, Master
[23:26] Kutai: now wait, depending on the time we get hard cooked or soft eggs'
[23:27] Hakimba Oakleaf nods
[23:28] Kutai: Ushi, yu go back to the camp and prepare things there
[23:28] Nara Zsun: starts to count to herself ihn, two ihn...three ihn...four ihn...biting her lip keeps counting in her head
[23:28] Qion Hifeng: Yes, my Master...
[23:29] Hakimba Oakleaf pets his girl for her smartness
[23:29] Nara Zsun: hee hee shaking my head at my beautiful friend
[23:34] Kutai digs up the eggs and takes out the repcloth
[23:35] Kutai gives the repcloth to Nadi "they are hard boiled now, peel them and serve your Master and me each one, together with some tarsk meat and herbs
[23:35] Kazuka looks at Master Haruspex is watching the eggs
[23:35] Nara Zsun: yes Master smiles...
[23:36] Nara Zsun: rises running to the kitchen
[23:36] Kazuka looks at nadi and whispers may i help you something?
[23:37] Kutai follows Nadi